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Libertine's Sex Stories

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"Gwen" (MF, Fant) new   October 14th 2005
"Oh, oh, that's wonderful," said John, "but I don't want to waste my seed. Let me fuck you, now." Wordlessly, she hopped astride him, placing his hands over her boobies while she lowered herself onto his erect member. She thought of all the times she had sat on phallus-shaped objects at home. This was better. She moved her hips and squeezed with her internal muscles, bouncing a bit on his thighs, so the hard rod went in and out of her clinging cunt. John dropped her breasts and grabbed her hips, forcing her to ride him harder and faster. "Oh, yes. Oh, that's wonderful. I'm, I'm coming!" With a few hard thrusts of his pelvis, he shot his load deep inside her. Her vaginal muscles clenched and squeezed him out.

"Jane's Halloween" (MF, Fant) new   October 14th 2005
"There's a haunted house," said Jane, indicating a large brick commercial building that hadn't housed a business in years. "Admission free with a ten dollar donation to the evacuees from Katrina. Let's go in, Gwen." Gwen agreed, as she always did when Jane suggested something. Jane was the dominant one, over six feet tall, barefoot, and she usually wore high heels. She favored pants suits and mannish shirts, no bra, for she didn't need one. Jane worked out, mostly dance routines, to assure there was no spare fat on her body. Gwen, in contrast, was inches shorter and weighed a few pounds more, with a more feminine bust and hips.

"Ladle Rat Rotten Hut" (MF, Fant) new   October 14th 2005
It is still October 31. The sun had set, leaving a raspberry glow on the horizon, and the big, yellow, full moon was visible though the trees to the east. The smells of autumn were in the air, though it was still pleasantly warm. I had found a good place of concealment, far from lights and surveillance cameras but still near a path, a short cut, often traveled by students. There were three good escape routes, just in case. I quivered in anticipation; I could smell one coming. My sensitive ears tracked every footfall. She was wearing tennis shoes.

"Rachel" 01/04 ... (MFdom/f force anal oral) new
I had only been home a couple of times since Mom's funeral, on leave from the Army. When I was discharged, I bummed around a few weeks. Then I hitch-hiked home. It was dark when I went up the front steps of the house. I was surprised to find the door locked. I was even more surprised when a tall, dark-haired woman answered the door. She was full-figured, dressed in a tailored suit that showed off her curves. She looked thirty-five, maybe forty. I didn't know what to say, but she said, "You must be Howard Jr. I recognize you from your picture. Please, call me Mother." I guess I just stood there with my mouth open. "Oh, you didn't know your father remarried, did you? We wrote to your last known address, but the letter was returned, undeliverable, no forwarding address. Well, come on in..."

"The Lakeside Picnic" ... (F+F oral)
As soon as she arrived at her host family's log home in the mountains, Marie began to realize that America was not at all as she had expected it would be. She had been told that, as an exchange student, her behavior must be beyond reproach. She must take her lead from her host family. She must dress as Americans dress, behave as they behave, and, of course, follow the rules at the university in the fall. She was told that all American girls wear brasiers, and they certainly seemed to in the movies and TV she had seen, so she had bought three before leaving for America. But then Louise, her eldest host "sister" told her no, there was no need to wear a bra. She had brought pajamas and a night dress, not sure which would be correct, but Arlene, the second oldest, told her all three sisters slept naked, and she should too. And then, as they were getting ready to go to sleep, together in the "bunk room" loft of the log house, they had insisted that Marie must shave her legs and arm pits and pubic area. Louise had helped, "down there," as Marie had never shaved before. It was all very strange, here in America.

"Robin and The Doctor" ... (FF reluc forced oral anal best bdsm)
The doctor brought up a box of plaster and such and then a low bench, like a piano bench, and a padded board. She led Robin into the bathroom and had her kneel down on the padded board in front of the bench. "There, now just put your head on the seat of the bench, so your beautiful breasts can hang free. Now, you can't move while the plaster is setting, so you won't mind if I just make sure." Robin found her arms strapped to the bench with "Velcro" and her knees similarly fastened two feet apart to the padded board, so she really couldn't move much. "Now, we'll have to oil your skin, so the plaster doesn't stick." Reaching around Robin's slender body, the doctor used her hands to rub baby oil over Robin's breasts. The nipples hardened, and the doctor seemed to pay particular attention to them. "There, that didn't hurt, did it?" "Not at all." "You rather liked it, didn't you, Robin." "Yes." "Now, breathe in shallow breaths, so your ribs don't move." Robin tried. The doctor took surgical gauze and soaked it in plaster. She wound the gauze around Robin's upper body, from her arm pits to her floating ribs, enclosing her breasts in thick plaster. The plaster, as it set, generated considerable heat, which Robin found rather exciting, as it "cooked" her breasts. The doctor talked softly to her as the plaster set, and the doctor's finger tips roamed over the bare skin of Robin's body, over her rump and down the insides of her thighs...

"Broken Crystal" ... (M+F+ rape anal oral vegs bondage force elec)
A light came on. "Surprise party, Crystal," said a chorus of voices. She saw Bryan, of course, and Harry and Bill and Kyle and Avery, all boys she had dated once or twice. With the boys were April, Celeste, Martina, and Gayle, the other four cheer leaders. There were pizza boxes and a cooler of drinks, plus some hard stuff. "Call you mother and tell her you won't be home tonight." April handed her a cell phone. Crystal left a brief message on her mother's answering machine. It wasn't unusual for her mother to stay out all night, or even all weekend. "You are the guest of honor," said Avery. "Gee, I'm flattered. Why me?" "Because you are a prick-teasing bitch who ruined things for us, and you need to learn your lesson!" snarled Gayle. While Bryan straddled the motorcycle, the eight of them surrounded Crystal and moved closer. They dragged her off the bike and glared at her. "Strip!"

"Three Ponies" ... (F pony anal best)
The cart was metal, a bench seat for two with a foot rest and wire-spoked wheels, like a motorcycle's. A tubular shaft went forward to a crossbar, where the ponies were hitched. The surprise was that the ponies, three of them, were women! They wore leather helmets which also covered the upper part of the face, with only a sort of oval tube in front of the eyes, which would allow the "pony" to see directly ahead and down. The helmets were decorated with plumes, red, blue, and green, the names of the ponies. The helmets also had bridles, with an iron bit in the mouth. Each woman wore a wide, tight black belt around her waist. Her wrists had leather cuffs which attached to the belt above each hip, so her arms were useless. Her lower legs were enclosed in black boots of a strange style...

"Men Are By Nature" ... (FFF no sex bdsm)
Dr. Frieda Strauss, Chairperson of the Department of Women's Studies, looked up at her visitor with a sense of disgust. Bambi -- what a name! -- Bartoldi was so many things which Frieda was not. Frieda was tall and taut, physically fit, with icy blue eyes and short blonde hair. Bambi was short, curvaceous, and had dark eyes and cascades of wavy black hair. Frieda often wondered if Bambi wasn't some sort of racial mongrel, with her dark complexion and full lips...

"6409" - part 1 ... (M+F+ force oral anal voy toys enema bd sm tort)
"Welcome to womanhood." The words and endorphins in her brain, the fading effects of tortured tits and intense orgasms, convinced her she would never be the same. It was not her wedding night, the way she had supposed it would be. She was strapped to a table in a dungeon, yet she felt strangely happy. How had it come to this? She tried to remember. It was only weeks ago. She had gone through a door and...

"6409" - part 2 ... (M+F+ force oral anal voy toys enema bd sm tort)
At one point, the captain stepped to a microphone and called for attention. "Will Cadet 6403 please come to the stage?" The big girl excused herself from the man she had been dancing with and almost eagerly went up to the stage. "We have some additional entertainment, tonight." She gestured, and a young man and the woman 6409 had danced with stepped up behind 6403. "6403 has accumulated too many punishment points, so she is going to entertain you for while." The two clients grabbed 6403's arms and held her, so she couldn't move. The captain reached behind 6403 and released the bow knots of her halter straps. The black cloth fell away, revealing her large, pink areolas and prominent nipples...

"6409" - part 3 ... (M+F+ force oral anal voy toys enema bd sm tort) new
After her dramatic deflowering, the captain gave 6409 the rest of the weekend off, supposing her twat must be sore. Business was slow during the week, so 6409 worked only alternate nights, and there were no auctions. Three times she was sent to a client's hotel room, to give him what his wife wouldn't, a blow job. One client wanted her to squat and urinate on his face; after several cups of coffee she managed to satisfy him. None had any interest in her newly opened vagina. 6411, bored waiting for paying guests, volunteered to service a dozen male cadets who had earned hotel privileges as a reward for good work...

"Alice" ... (M+FF nc 1st med-tort rape)
The men buckled padded leather cuffs on Alice's wrists and ankles. Motors whirred and cables came down from the ceiling, which the men attached to the cuffs. Alice was really frightened now, but she would not betray Juan. She watched as the woman pressed more buttons. The motors whirred, and Alice hung from her wrists. More whirring, and her feet were raised shoulder high and pulled apart until Alice felt as if her hips would dislocate. The TV camera was staring right at her exposed vulva. The woman picked up a black strap and showed it to the camera. Then, like a striking snake, it whipped down on Alice's upturned labia. Alice shrieked in pain. "Are you going to cooperate..?"

"Selling Circuits in Sausalito" ... (Ds mind scfi)
Yes, I suppose I am famous, now. My picture has been in Time, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and a lot of other places, always with some comment about how I took Bearfinder, Inc., an obscure little company that made radar detectors, and made it the fastest growing electronics company in North America. What they don't tell is how I did it. You might say I owe it all to my winning ways with beautiful women. Well, there's more to it than that...

"Runaway" ... (MMF nc anal)
Luke Shank saw the headlights, heard the pickup stop by the house. By the time he got the door open, his brothers, Matthew and Mark, were standing on the porch. Between them was Luke's wife, Lucy. Matthew held her right arm, Mark her left. "You found her. Thanks," said Luke. "She was waiting for the bus. Runaway for sure," said Matthew. "You best see she don't do that again, brother." "I can't keep her chained to the kitchen sink, Matthew. A woman's work is never done, as they say." "Luke, you've got to train her to be good. What did out Pa do when we was bad?" said Matthew. "Whupped us good, with a strap." "Well, you got to show Lucy who's boss. Teach her a good wife don't run away like that. Give her a whuppin' she won't forget." suggested Mark. He put Lucy's purse on the kitchen counter. "She's got $57 in there, Luke. She stole from you..."

"The Long Winter" ... (FFM tort bd oral)
It was rather warm, and the woman -- I didn't know her name but I thought of her as Bitch -- began to take off her clothes. Not just her coat and boots, everything, standing there right in front of me, with the candle light gleaming on her perspiration. She was really a looker with her clothes off. She stood there, stiff-legged, her feet apart, pelvis thrust forward, stood there stark naked, holding that .44 magnum. I'd guess she was 25, 35 at the max, Earth years, and she was star material, with bulging breasts, a flat tummy, curving hips, and a nice thatch of pubic hair, there between long, shapely legs -- red, like the hair of her head and arm pits. Wild fantasies reeled through my brain, all of them involving burying my prod in that luscious russet thatch...

"Jasper" ... (m+f 1st voy beast)
Jenny saw Carly's old pick-up and guessed he might be skinny dipping in the river. She was on the way home from the grocery store, but, somehow, she just had to stop. Quietly, she let the car coast to a stop not far from the truck. She left the door open, to avoid the noise of closing it and to keep the car from becoming an oven in the hot summer sun. It wouldn't hurt the groceries to sit on the seat a while. Jenny tiptoed down the trail to the river. She could hear a bunch of boys, splashing and yelling. "Hot damn! This is great, the gang of us skinny dippin' in the crick. This is the life." said Frank, who was her younger brother. Jenny crouched in the bushes and watched, entranced. She watched Frank climb up on the opposite bank and grab a rope which hung from a big old tree. He was stark naked, and she could see his balls and prick. She hadn't seen her brother naked since he was out of diapers. My, how he had grown...

"Fantasy Fulfilled" ... (MF tort snuff necro oral anal)
Horace was last off the helicopter, there in the waste of the desert. There were a zillion stars, but there was no glow in the sky from the lights of Las Vegas; they must be miles from anywhere. The cabin attendant, a sexy blonde who had served drinks, led them across the sand for a hundred yards or so, to what looked like an outcropping of rock. In fact, there was a concealed door, and an elevator. In the reception lounge, far underground, Horace waited his turn to process in, enjoying another scotch and watching the others -- two Japanese businessmen, a woman who might be a bull dyke, a yuppie, and a teen-ager, who confided to Horace that this trip was a graduation present from his divorced father...

"Viking" ... (MF BDSM nc anal caution cast)
Aeffe was intently hoeing the little field, preparing for planting. Too late, she heard the hooves of a galloping horse, turned, and saw the Dane almost upon her. She raised the hoe before her, but the huge, mail-clad warrior snatched it from her grasp, wheeled his mount, and, with the strength of one mighty arm, lifted her off her feet. For an instant, she hung by her braided, blonde hair, and then she found herself thrown face down over the horse's shoulders, in front of the rider, who rode bareback. As the horse galloped away, taking her away from home and family, she could not even cry out, for she could hardly breathe. Her ribs and belly were compressed with every stride...

"Noblesse Oblige" ... (Mdom F tort oral anal)
Old Shedeur, my father's trusted advisor, reminded me: "My Lord Harald, tonight you must exercise your droit de seigneur; you must deflower a bride." I was aware that lords do that, but I had been serving my uncle, Sir Einar, as squire, so I had never seen it done. When we learned of my father's untimely death, it was necessary that I cut short my training in courtly ways and return home, to take my father's place as Lord. It was all rather overwhelming, being responsible for the castle, and the villages and estates, which are worked by hundreds of villeins, bordars, cottars, burs, and serfs. I replied to Shedeur: "I'm bone weary. I've been in the saddle most the day, and I am ready for rest. I suppose she must be sent to my bed chamber. Make it soon. I need a good night's sleep..."

"Dreams" ... (rape murder vampire)
Monday night, Ruth had one of those nightmares that psychoanalysts love to make a big deal out of. She dreamt that she, it wasn't she. She dreamt that she was someone else, and she was naked in a public place, with everyone staring and pointing and making noise. She had some books, and a large notebook, and she tried to cover her breasts and crotch, but she dropped them, and people laughed when she couldn't cover herself with her hands. It was a frightening dream. It was just a fragment, really. Ruth figured that everyone has a dream like that sometime...

"Gail's Halloween" ... (M+F+F caution nc rape veg oral anal tort snuff)
Any night, after dark, Bourbon Street is a crush of party goers, and this night was more crowded than usual, with jazz blaring from half a dozen bars. A dozen guys offered to buy her a drink or take her for a ride, and few groped her, which she found sort of flattering at first but then a bit frightening when one guy wouldn't take no for an answer. "Listen, if it dresses like a whore and it struts like a whore, then it must be a whore. You're asking for it." She was about to explain that she wasn't old enough for that sort of thing when a husky female voice said, "Back off, Buster..."

"Heaven is in the Attic" ... (MF spooky)
It took me a moment to adapt to the dark, to focus and convince myself of what I saw, which at first was mostly a pale face and a white bib apron. It was a girl, a woman, just standing there in the otherwise empty alcove. She was wearing a black wool dress which covered her from neck to mid calf, and she had her light brown hair pinned up behind her head, with a little sort of doily for a hat. She smiled at me, a friendly, provocative smile. She might have been any age from 16 to 26, but she had the strangest look, a mixture of childish innocence and seductive sensuousness. She wore no make-up, but she struck me as being very pretty. What does one say when confronted by a pretty woman, when one is naked, save for a handful of clothing held in front of one's privates..?

"The Archer" ... (spooky nc)
Slowly, she drew the hem of her nightshirt up, up around her waist. Her left hand cupped her left breast, while her right hand slipped across her stomach, stroking the skin, finding the short, curly hairs. She pressed her hand against her labia, rocking it back and forth, feeling pleased that they were swelling and growing sensitive. She tried to imagine what it would be like having a man touching her. No man ever had, not there. A little groping at the breasts, at a dance or something, but never there, her most private place...

"MC" ... (Mdom F rom span anal)
"Leave us a moment." I said, as she ushered the woman into the room. Marie-Cecile had greatly improved in her appearance. Her face was clean, her hair combed and pinned up. I had meant to give her a shilling and send her on her way, but I could not bring myself to give up looking at her. For all that she was fully mature, her thinness and frailty gave her a childlike appearance. Her small breasts, hardly filling the bodice of her simple dress, would not have been out of place on a girl of sixteen who had not yet begun her menses, which, as I understand, is usually at seventeen or eighteen, in these parts. I've no idea how long I stared, but at last I said, "Won't you sit down, Marie- Cecile?" She sat gracefully, sitting primly on the edge of the chair...

"Anne" ... (MF bdsm nc no sex fetish)
Melting snow mixed with her tears as Thomas said his last words to Anne. "My dear, you are in the best possible hands. For as long as you live, my bank will send money for your maintenance. You will be well cared for. The Aston Asylum is one of the finest and most progressive in all of Britain. Dr. Aston is both a doctor of divinity and a physician, a noted alienist who assures me you will have the best treatments known to medical science. Good bye, now. Most probably we will never see each other again, but rest assured that I will always have a place for you in my heart." With that, the door closed, and Matron led Anne toward the women's wing...

"You Visit L.A." ... (3M+F interr rape nc tort caution)
You are unfamiliar with the L.A. streets and somewhere south and east of the airport, you find yourself lost in the dark in a very questionable neighborhood, run down, full of signs in languages you can't read. Suddenly, an old van with a big wooden bumper rear-ends your rented Toyota, driving it up over a curb. When you recover from the shock of the collision, you reach for the door handle, to get out and look at the damage. As soon as you get out, someone grabs you from behind. A coarse sack, burlap or jute, is pulled down over your head, and your arm is twisted behind you, by someone you can't see. "Don't make a noise, Anglo bitch, or you are dead right now." says a voice which sounds as if the teeth are clenched. In seconds, you are dragged into the van and pushed to the floor. You can feel it back up, stop with a lurch, and then move forward...

"The Witch" ... (kinky poetry)
On Fisherman's Wharf was a tourist trap
With sadistic tableaux, the chain and the strap,
And scenes of senseless suffering and pain.
I only went in to get out of the rain...



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