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Little Miss Blair's Sex Stories

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"The Slut" ... (F+F force oral anal sm socks) new
Well, this was a first for me. My neighbor, Beverly Johnson, had talked me into a 10 day vacation in Las Vegas without our spouses. I was reluctant to even bring it up to my husband Bill since we've never went on a vacation apart in our 10 year marriage. I didn't think he would be very receptive to the idea. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't object and more amazed when he suggested it may help our marriage. Not that anything was wrong in our relationship but, in 10 years, we had never missed each other because we had never been apart...

"Lisa's Degradation" ... (fF+ oral)
My name is Lisa. There was a time, not too long ago when I was a very innocent and naive girl. I'm in high school, straight A student and involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities. I'm on the debate team, president of my Junior class and a cheerleader.
Everyone tells me how pretty I am. I've always been aware of my own body. I know I have soft round breasts, a nice firm ass and small waist. Boys are always asking me out, but I'm so busy with school and other activities that I don't have much time for dating.
It all started innocently enough. My fellow cheerleaders and I were going to our first game of the season. My friend Jenny and I were sitting in the van waiting for our driver. It was usually a volunteer parent...

"Watch Me Please" ... (MMF FF public fisting)
It was my third day home from work and I still hadn't recovered from the terrible incident that happened to me on Monday. I'm a branch manager for First National Bank in a small town in Ohio. It happened Monday. Two armed robbers attempted to hold us up and, because of a quick thinking teller, they were trapped in the bank by the police. She had set off the silent alarm that is hooked up directly to the police station. Before the robbers could make their escape the police had surrounded the building. There were 10 customers and 14 employees in the bank when the robbery took place. As the police surrounded the building the two robbers, not without some sense of reason, knew they were caught. And to make the most of their situation, they decided, to my great dismay, to, as they put it, fuck the prettiest girl in the bank before they gave themselves up.

"Hung Yearnings" ... parts 1, 2, 3 (MF cuck 1st size(M))
The entry read: "There are moments, like today, that a sluttishness wells up inside me. A time when I want to know what it would feel like to be fulfilled sexually. To have my womb tickled by the head of a huge cock, my imaginary G-spot probed, my total cunt cavity filled to capacity." That was the entry in my diary. You can see how this would certainly concern a husband who thought everything was all right in his marriage. And they were all right as far as I was concerned. Only when these occasional longings arose did I question my happiness. But everyone has their own therapy in life. Mine was to masturbate once, twice or several times till this feeling went away.

"The Seduction of a
Mother and Daughter"
... (F~Ff reluc 1st incest daughter mother)
It was Friday night and Sarah was relaxing after a long week at the office. Her daughter Tiffany was spending the night with a friend and she had the whole apartment to herself. The phone was ringing. "Hello," Sarah answered. "Mrs. Carson?" a woman asked. "Yes, this is Mrs Carson," Sarah said. "You don't know me," the woman said, "I see you every morning when you go to work. I just want to tell you that I think your the sexiest woman I've ever seen. In fact my panties are getting wet just thinking about you now." "Who is this? Sarah demanded. "Is this a joke?" "This is no joke Sarah. Like this morning. You were wearing that tight red sweater and short blue skirt. I love the way your tits fill out that sweater. God your tits must be lovely." "I'm going to hang up and don't you ever call here again!" Sarah shouted as she slammed down the phone. My god, what a pervert, she thought...

"Mother Dearest" ... (Ff incest young lesbian)
"Mom can I sleep with you?" Teresa woke from her sleep. "Whats wrong honey?" Teresa asked of her 13 year old daughter Paige. "It's thundering and lightening outside and I don't want to sleep alone," Paige said. "Ok," Teresa said, as she pulled back the covers for her daughter to climb in bed with her, "Now go to sleep. We have to get up early in the morning." "Ok," Paige replied. Now Teresa was awake. She felt her daughter snuggle up to her and felt her a firm little tits and nipples pressing against her back. She shuddered when she felt a sudden heat between her legs. What the hell is wrong with me, she thought as a wave of perverseness swept over her. Her hand dropped down to her pussy. I can't do this with my daughter in bed with me, she said to herself...

"The Subjugation of Melanie" ... (FFFFFF~F 1st forced lesbian bd)
...This Carol's address was in a part of the city that I wasn't familiar. I decided to splurge and took a cab to the address she gave me. It was a huge warehouse with about a third of it in office space. I asked for Carol. About 15 minutes Carol comes to the front office and greets me. I follow her upstairs to the 4th floor and down a long hallway. She put me in a room that was painted bright red. The only piece of furniture in the room was one chair. She told me to wait there and she would come back and get me. About 10 minutes later 2 young girls came in carrying a ladder. One of them climbed the ladder and hooked two ropes to two rings in the ceiling. Suddenly they grabbed me and slipped a rope around each of my wrists. I was screaming and kicking to no avail. The left me there with my arms in the air secured by the two ropes. I finally stopped screaming when I saw it wasn't doing any good...

"Bound to Please" ... (FFFF 1st reluc lesbian bd)
...As we were leaving the dining room Susan, or I think it was Susan, asked me if I was staying at the hotel. I told her I was and she asked if I wanted to join them for a drink later. "Sure, I told her. Anything to get me out of my hotel room." She then ask me my room number so they could call me when they got ready to go to the bar. I gave her my room number. About an hour later there was a knock on my door. It was the three women I had dined with. I invited them in, told them I would like to change before going to the bar. "Ok, Susan replied. We'll wait for you." I was a little uncomfortable about removing my clothes in front of them. I have a very nice body and nothing to be ashamed of. I guess it was because they were strangers. I removed my jacked, blouse and skirt when I heard Megan say, "Why don't we stay here. She looks like she would be fun." The next thing I know two of them have me by my arms and throw me on the bed. "What are you doing,' I cried out. I didn't get an answer. I started to scream but one of them stuffed something in my mouth...

"A Golden Moment" ... (Ff lesbian 1st piss ws)
Amber was sitting on the subway train going into the city. All seats were taken and some passengers were standing. Amber saw a young business woman, about 30 years old, standing about 8 feet away facing in Amber's direction. What a stunning woman, thought Amber. She was dressed in a dark grey suit that couldn't hide the shapely body beneath it. I hope I still look that good when I'm 30, Amber thought proudly. Amber was 18 and a senior in high school. She was familiar with shapely bodies because she was blessed with one. She knew she turned heads when she walked down the street. The woman looked directly at Amber and smiled. Suddenly she noticed water running down the woman's long, nylon clad legs. "What the hell," Amber muttered. A big wet spot began appearing on the front of the womans skirt. Amber looked up at the woman's face. She was staring at Amber with glazed eyes. My god, she's pissing in her pants. Piss was running down into her high heel shoes. She saw the woman's body go tense, then shudder wickedly...

"A Mother's Love Juice" ... (FF lesbian milk)
My name is Rita. At present I'm 40 minutes out of Seattle on a big Delta jumbo jet. It's been a long flight from Chicago and I'll be glad to get off this plane. I won't go into my life history or why I'm going to Seattle. Suffice to say I'm an attractive 32 year old that's engaged to get married. I'm also bi-sexual but, with very little experience.. I've only been with a few woman in my life. I've been very selective. My future husband doesn't know about this side of me and I'm not going to tell him. It would only be a matter of months after our upcoming marriage and he would be wanting me to make it with some woman so he could watch. I like men but they are sort of pigs when it comes to things like that...

"Her Mother's Date" ... (fF lesbian daughter 1st incest mother)
...That night while laying in bed Gloria's thoughts turned to her mother again. I wonder if she masturbates. I wonder if she's masturbating right now. Gloria thought of her mother laying in bed fingering herself. Gloria lowered her hand down to her pussy and caressed her clit. She was picturing her mother fingering herself and it was getting her hot. Her fingers were moving more rapidly. Oh god, I'm fingering myself thinking about my mother. She was past the stopping point. Her fingers were now slipping into her wet pussy. Faster and faster, picturing her mother in rhythm with her. She felt her orgasm swell up in her. Her hips were bucking the air...

"The Golden Awakening" ... (FF lesbian 1st piss ws)
..."Bonnie," Michelle said, "I have one more thing to tell you. You may want to pack and leave after I tell you but its only fair that you know." "What's that?" Bonnie asked curiously. "How bad can it be?" "Well I have to set my alarm clock for 2:30 every night to get up and pee. If I don't I almost alway wet the bed. Bonnie laughed. "Is that all? That's not a problem. I probably won't even hear it that time of the night. I'm a pretty sound sleeper." They both giggled as they hauled the last of Bonnie's clothes from her car. It was their 7th night together as roommates. They had ordered a pizza and had a few beers.. Michelle's alarm went off but she didn't hear it. Bonnie awoke with a strange odor coming from under the covers. She turned in the bed and felt the warm wetness squishing her leg. She lifted the covers and smelled the strong aroma of piss. She didn't know why but it overwhelmed her. She saw Michelle's firm, round ass cheeks and her panties glued to the crack of her ass from the wetness. Before Bonnie's fingers could even reach her pussy she came...



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