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NiteWriter's Sex Stories

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"Adriana" ... (MF cons fetish anal oral) new
Let me tell about what happened to me a few weeks ago. It all involved this young woman named Adriana. We met several times over the past couple months when she visited the office I worked at. I never really paid too much attention due to the short time she was there, although I did notice how incredibly beautiful she was. A few weeks ago my company decided to open a new office on the other side of the state and I was put in charge of getting it ready and set up. The process, which I had done before, took several weeks to complete. Since it was quite a distance from my home I had decided to stay all week at a hotel and just go home on weekends. Well, in the course of setting up the office Adriana stopped in to help out, which is part of her job for the company she works for...

"The Night That Changed Kelly" 01/03 ... (MF inter nc reluc anal oral)
It was Friday night and Kelly was just finishing up the last table decorations for tomorrow's dinner dance. Kelly was always willing to help out at the local town hall to set up tables and decorate for the many festivities that took place. Tomorrow was the annual Valentine dance and everything had to be perfect. Kelly always was the last to leave to make certain nothing was missed. Tonight was no different. It was already 10pm and only Kelly and George remained. George was the new maintenance man who did all the odd jobs of fixing, repairing and did all the janitor type work. He was a pretty muscular black man about six feet tall. Kelly met him a few times before and he seemed like a pretty nice man.

"Kelly's Panties" 02/03 ... (MF inter oral va cheat)
"Kelly's Ultimate Humiliation" 03/03 ... (MF inter oral anal va wife dream)

"My Secretary Jennifer" - the beginning ... (F job solo MF cheat reluc oral anal)
Well, it all started one Saturday morning. Jennifer is the only one that works on Saturday. The other girls are off. I needed to leave the office for while to run to the store. I figured I'd be gone a half hour or so and told Jenn I'd be back shortly. I got to my car and realized I had forgotten the list of things I needed to pick up. So back I went upstairs to the office. As I was ready to enter the door, I looked in through the small window and saw Jennifer sitting at her desk with eyes closed and her hand between her legs. From the side view I had, Jennifer's dress was up to her waist and she was masturbating herself quite intensely...

"My Secretary Jennifer" - part 2 ... (MF job cheat 1st anal oral)
"My Secretary Jennifer" - part 3 ... (MF job cheat veg anal oral)

"Raping The Office Tease"

"Raping The Office Tease" - part 2

"Marlee - Teenage Maid Service"

"Marlee - The Teenage Maid Returns"

"Jennifer's Initiation"

"Kathie - The Teenage Neighbor"

"Lisa's Fantasy Comes True"

"The Sadistic Rape of Michelle"

"Tiffany - Raped In Jail"

"Cindy's Best Friend"

"Angie - Not So Innocent After All"

"Angie - Not So Innocent After All" - part 2
"Angie - Not So Innocent After All" - Part 3

"Angie - Her First Foursome"

"Angie - Her First Foursome" - part 2

"Raping The New Cheerleader"

"Raping the New Cheerleader" - part 2
"Raping the New Cheerleader" - part 3
"Raping the New Cheerleader" - part 4

"Barbara: Model Turns Slut"

"Barbara: Model Turns Slut" - part 2
"Barbara: Model Turns Slut" - part 3

"Barbara's Porn Interview"

"Barbara: The Kidnapping" ... (MMF inter rape oral anal fist) new

"Barbara: The Prison Farm" part 1 new

"Barbara: The Prison Farm" part 2

"Barbara's First Porn Film"

"Barbara: The Adult Book Store"

"Barbara: The Taxi Driver"

"Barbara: The Pool Hall Gangbang"

"Barbara: The Pool Hall Gangbang" - part 2

"Barbara: Slut For Sale" part 1

"Barbara: Slut For Sale" part 2

"Barbara: The Bachelor Party" part one

"Barbara: The Bachelor Party" part 2
"Barbara: The Bachelor Party" part 3



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