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Illustrated Sex Stories

Welcome to Patricia's XTC Illustrated Sex Stories. Here you'll read about the first time she had sex, about having groupsex as a babysitter, about bachelor party gangbangs, shopping mall sex, adult bookstore adventures, adult movie house parties, sex club parties and New Year's Eve fuckfests. Patricia likes men, a lot, and has a very special place for women too. Her stories are about underage sex, heterosexual sex, lesbian sex, interracial sex, oral sex, anal sex, exhibitionism, masturbation, incest, cheating wives, cuckolded husbands, groupsex, orgies and more. If those are the kinds of stories you like then come read and enjoy some of these.

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Patricia on the floor in garters and stockings Patricia's XTC
Illustrated Sex Stories

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Content Warning...

If you're offended by tales of oralsex, analsex, lesbian sex, group sex, incest, teensex and similar acts, or by photos of such acts, then please do not click any of the story links below (instead you should click here to go back to the main stories index page now).

"Patricia's XTC Bio and Introduction" ... (MM~F voy oral)
Hi, my name is Patricia. I am a 38 year old housewife (Domestic Goddess). I'm originally from Pennsylvania, but I now live in Southern California's high desert town of Lancaster. I am a bisexual exhibitionist who loves to go to clubs, billiard rooms, X-rated movies and stores dressed very sexily. I usually wear a revealing dress, garter belt and stockings or my crotch-less panty hose and cum-fuck-me pumps. I love exposing myself to men while my husband watches. I love to see the looks on their faces and if they're nice I love to make their fantasy cum true. I get off giving head and being fucked in public. I find it incredibly exciting to think that I might get caught or that someone is watching. I love to give head sometimes more than fucking. I've been told that I give the best, wettest blow jobs around. My mouth literally flows and my pussy gets soaking wet looking at a cock and feeling it throbbing in my hot wet mouth... [continues]

"Adventures in Babysitting" ... part one ... (F mmmmm oral voy slow)
As I stepped out of the pool and turned around and asked the boys if they were hungry for lunch now I suddenly realized that I may have made a bad choice in bathing suits. The one I was wearing was a thin white material that when wet exposed every inch of my body especially my pussy hair. I had a thin trimmed patch of black hair clearly visible thru my bottoms and two horny boys and nowhere to hide. They were finally speechless. I did my best by acting like nothing was wrong by saying I guess not and turned around I laid down a towel on the ground and began applying baby oil to my legs, arms and stomach... [continues]

"Adventures in Babysitting" ... part two ... (Fmmmmm oral voy)
I looked at Tony and said "OK, truth or dare." He looked at me and said dare. I told him to take his cock out and stroke it. He told me that he would do it for me in private. I told him no that he had to do it here. I told me that he would only if I would suck his cock. I laughed and told him lets see you do it first. Tony quickly pulled his semi-hard cock out of his boxers and began stroking it. He told me "OK, now suck it." I couldnt believe how sexually forward he was about all of this. I told him that I never said I would. He stopped and called me a prick tease. Now these were fighting words to me. I never considered myself a prick tease. He told me all right, truth or dare. I said dare... [continues]

"My Trip To An Adult Book Store" ... part one ... (FM exhib voy)
As we drove to Hollywood, my boyfriend did his best to find out what I had in store for him. I put my hand on his inner thigh and as I rubbed his cock through his pants, I told him to relax and not ruin the surprise. I moved my other hand to my legs and I ran my hands over them slowly. I inched my fingers up to my pussy and I began to finger myself. I continued to rub his now hard cock in his pants. He moved his hand over and he began moving his hand over my nylons and then to the bare skin of my legs. As he moved his hand toward my hot pussy. I stopped him and told him to keep his eye on the road. He looked like a poor puppy dog, but I assured him that he wouldn't be disappointed later. I continued to play with myself bringing me to orgasm as he watched me out of the corner of his eye...[continues]

"My Trip To An Adult Book Store" ... part two ... (MF interr voy oral gloryhole)
I continued to rub his cock as he watched the scene in front of him. I unzipped his pants and took his hard cock out. I stroked him as I asked if he'd like me to be that girl getting fucked by all of those guys. He let out a slow yes. I put my mouth on his cock and bathed it with my tongue. His breathing increased as I licked the side of his shaft. He didn't know it, but as I stroked his cock in my hand I could smell and taste the other man's still sticky cum in my hand. This drove me even hotter; tasting another man's seed with the smell of my man's aroma. I engulfed his cock into my hot mouth and went to work on him. He had to grab the wall to steady himself as I sucked hard on him. I made loud slurping sounds and I sucked so hard that I had to release him to catch my breath. When I did I let out a gasp for air. He laughed and said, 'Sshhhhh your gonna get us busted.' I didn't care who heard us....[continues]

"A Double Feature Movie" ... (FM voy interr oral)
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"Nasty Sex Club Fun - Me and My Girlfriends" ...
        [this story will be added here soon]

"Mall Flashing" ...
        [this story will be added here soon]

"Bringing in the New Years" ...
        [this story will be added here soon]


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