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PurpleCat's Sex Stories

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"Angela" ... (M+F mc reluc m+F inc F+F oral anal cons) new
Dr. Frederick Nelsen leaned back in his chair and looked at his patient. Angela Simmons was a beautiful woman. He looked at her legs. They were long and her tapered skirt was just above her knees. Her large breasts were bouncing up and down as she sobbed. She was lying on his couch crying. Angela had been coming to him for a year and he wasn't sure he could ever help her. In fact, he wasn't sure he wanted to. She came in less than five minutes ago and after she lay down she started crying. "What's the matter?" he asked. "I woke up this morning in a motel room in bed with two black men," she sobbed. "What did you do?" "I don't remember. Doctor what am I going to do? These women are driving me crazy." "Let me talk to Susan," he said. Angela stopped crying and started smiling, her face changed and she looked like a different woman. Susan pulled her skirt up until he could see her panty-clad pussy. Then she unbuttoned two buttons at the top of her blouse, showing plenty of cleavage...

"Lana" ... (BMWf Mf ff cons oral anal interr fist size)
Lana Petrie sat at her computer. She watched with excitement as the long black cock slid in and out of the young girls mouth. She was downloading a mpeg, it was almost half finished and she was running it over and over again. She could hardly wait until the big cock started shooting cum on the girls face and in her mouth. Lana loved mpegs that showed young girls having their faces blasted with cum. She had a file on her hard drive that was filled with them. She had some of people fucking too but her favorites were of cocks being blown and squirting cum everywhere, and she especially liked it when the girl was a white teenager and the cock was black. She also liked seeing several men shoot on a girls face. She had one where five men two were black emptied their balls on a girl that looked to be about thirteen, which was Lana's age.

"Marci" ... (mF homeless rape bondage spanking pain cuckold)
Marcie's face was a bright pink; it always got like that when she was excited, and she was excited. A man standing behind her had his hard cock between her ass cheeks. Marci knew that both of their clothes were between them, but it still felt as if it was on fire. She pushed her ass back against him, and he gently swayed from side to side.

"Martha" ... (incest mF retarded FFF MF cuckold swingers)
Janet was awe struck; she just stood there and watched. He was stroking both hands up and down his long pole. His balls were a perfect match for his cock. They were huge. Suddenly he threw back his head and groaned. His cock went off like a loaded gun. Even though she was standing four feet away the first squirt hit her chin and strung down over her neck the second hit her between her breasts and the third landed just above her navel, two more hit her thighs then it just rolled out of his cock and dripped on the floor. Janet never saw so much cum at one time. Jamie kept stroking and his cock was still hard as ever.

"Terri and Katy" ... (ff beast fist FF)
Katy gently pushed her onto her back and sucked her nipples, kneading tit flesh in her hands. She kissed and licked her way down Terri's stomach and put her tongue in her navel. Terri moaned and giggled. Katy continued downward until her lips were in Terri's cunt hairs. She worked her tongue through the hairs and found her clit. Terri's loud moan made her want more, so she quickly moved between Terri's legs and gently pushed them wider apart. She parted her cunt lips with her fingers and tasted the inside of Terri's pussy. She softly and slowly ran her tongue through her hole up to her clit and back again putting it in as deep as she could. She could feel the thin membrane of Terri's hymen. The soft flesh of Terri's pussy was delicious; she licked and sucked every inch of it.

"Xantha" ... (incest scfi g solo gg Mg oral Fg)
She lived with the other astronauts, there were seven men and two other women. She had sex with all of them sometimes one on one and sometimes in groups. Only last week they all got together for an orgy. She had a ball. The only thing she liked better than flying something was fucking...

"Lori" ... (rape interracial MMMMFF FF cuckold)
During the night she was shocked from a deep sleep by something covering her mouth, her hands went to her face and grasped a thick wrist. Then a large hand seized her wrists, she tried to kick out with her feet but they became tangled in the covers. The man straddled her and she was completely immobilized. "OK sweet thing, I'm going to fuck you, and nothing you do can change that. I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have too. I'm going to take my hand from your mouth. If you scream I'll punch you out and fuck you while you're unconscious," he whispered...

"Ellie" ... (MF incest beastiality (dogs & horse) prostitute)
Jeb said nothing. Her tongue lashing his cock made him speechless his head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. He felt her mouth release him and raised his head to protest, he looked down just in time to see his cock head disappear into her pussy. She eased herself down on it taking in about half, then she started rising and falling on it taking a little more on each down stroke. Jeb couldn't stand it any longer he stood with her still impaled on his hard cock then he lay her on the couch and fell between her legs, he slammed into her with all his might and felt her pussy start to spasm. He fucked her hard through her first orgasm and then through another. Her screams and cries were loud and incomprehensible...

"Becky" ... (MF MF MF MF interr)
Becky Adams wasn't a happy camper. She sat at the table alone and listened to the sounds the band called music. Her friend Doris was on the dance floor. She danced every dance since they came in. Doris was a pretty girl, she was slim and well built and the men flocked around her. Doris begged Becky to come with her after work. She knew she shouldn't have come, but she thought things might be different this time. They weren't. None of the men paid the slightest bit of attention to her. She was used to men ignoring her but it still hurt. When Doris came back to the table, she was excited.

"Alexis" ... (F-solo interr exhib F~m M~F MM~F MMM~F FF~F)
"Now give me your hand Alex." He took her hand in his and folded all but her middle finger into her palm, then he placed her finger on her clit and moved it from side to side and up and down over her little nub. "Ooooh That feels really good," she squealed. "Just keep doing that honey and you'll be cumming in no time." Alex rubbed her pussy and soon she felt something happening that she had never felt before. "Oh Jeff what's happening to me. OOOOOH AGGGGG," she screamed. Bucking her hips up against her hand, which was now just a blur. When the contractions in her pussy stopped and her body relaxed, she looked at Jeff. "That was so wonderful darling. Thank you so much for teaching me to do that. What did you call it? Masturbate?" "Yes dear and you can do that as often as you like." "Can I do it again right now?" She asked. "Of course, do it anytime you want. I'm going to sleep" Jeff said and rolled over and pulled the sheet up over his shoulders. Jeff woke up during the night and Alex was doing it again, he smiled and went back to sleep.

"Ann" ... (F~m incest F~F M~M M+F+ orgy)
Ann McClain was excited. Her lovers, Bobby and his wife Sherry, were coming to visit. She hadn't seen them in almost four months, and that was a long time to go without having a hard cock. Bobby was like a son to her. She had almost raised him. His mother, Louise, was Ann's best friend in high school. She had Bobby when she was sixteen. Louise was an orphan and lived with an uncle and aunt. When Bobby was six, Louise found a man that wanted to marry her but he didn't want the boy, Her uncle and aunt were moving to Florida to retire, and they didn't want him either. Louise called Ann and begged her to take care of him for a couple of weeks. Ann agreed. It was almost two years before Ann heard from her again. Then one day when Bobby was eight, she showed up and told Ann she was taking him back. Two years later she dropped him off in front of Ann's house with his bags and a note saying she would be back for him in a week or two. Ann never heard from her again.

"Beth" ... (interracial MFF)
Beth Adams arched her back and threw her cunt up onto the hard black cock that was fucking in and out of her dripping cunt. She was working on her third orgasm and he showed no signs of either cumming or tiring. Occasionally he would slow his fucking and move his ass in little circles as he stroked, deliciously stirring her cunt with his long pole. Beth opened her eyes and looked at his face, he smiled back at her showing the gaps between his teeth, the missing teeth made him even more unattractive. God! This was one ugly son- of-a-bitch, but he was giving Beth her best fuck ever. She pounded up at him harder when she felt her third orgasm take possession of not only her cunt but whole body as well. She screamed at the top of her lungs, knowing her neighbors would probably hear, but she really didn't give a fuck, they all knew she was a slut anyway...

"Mandy" ... part one ... (incest pedophilia groupsex)
Amanda Blake was alone and bored. She wasn't supposed to be alone but her big Brother Timmy who was supposed to be her sitter was across the street at the park, playing ball with his friends. Her Mom and Dad were visiting her Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jerry Barrett. They visited them one or two times a month and spent the whole weekend with them. They were very close, Aunt Cindy was her Dad's sister and Uncle Jerry was her Mom's Brother, They were married in a double wedding and honeymooned together. She wished her best friend Janie was here. Janie was ten the same age as Amanda and she had a sister named Carol who was 13 the same age as Timmy. Janie's Parents picked her up from school and they weren't returning until late Saturday. Amanda knew she would probably be alone all this afternoon and tomorrow. She was lying on her bed watching cartoons, which she had already seen a thousand times...

   "Mandy" ... part two
   "Mandy" ... part three
   "Mandy" ... part four



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