Guidelines for Writers

Hello Fellow Writers,

On this page we'll present some guidelines which, if you follow them, will help ensure that your stories can appear on this website in the shortest possible turnaround time. Basically what that means is that if we don't have to do much editing work on the text itself then we can spend that time creating the web pages for your stories instead. And of course if we'd have to do too much editing work it's easier to just dump a story in the rejects pool and forget about it. Or maybe worse, publish it as is as an example of what not to send us. If you don't want that to happen to your work please be sure to follow the guidelines we'll outline here.

We're looking forward to getting your stories and if you help us by doing a few things on your end then we can do our part in getting your stories on the website as quickly as possible.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

NOTE: This page contains our basic submission guidelines for those interested in having their writing appear in the GoSexStories Archives. If that's not what you're looking for you can click this Main Stories Index Page link to select which section of our site you'd like to visit.

Note about exposure and promotion

Since as a free site we don't pay authors for the stories you see here, what we do offer is exposure to a large and growing audience for well-written sex stories. Currently we average over 20,000 unique user sessions a day and serve better than 110,000 pages a day to our readers. An audience which reads 4-7 stories per visit is one where you can be sure than many people will be reading your work. We also submit each new story page to the major search engines and we post stories to the newsgroups in order to draw more positive attention to them.

Guidelines for the text of the story

What we ask is simply that you write in the manner you can see in most published books containing works of fiction today. Please use normally constructed sentences and paragraphs, and standard spelling, grammar and punctuation. Don't send us stories in ALL CAPS or that use them FOR EMPHASIS and don't send us stories that are completely in lowercase or that run on and on and on with little or no punctuation. If you need to use an elipsis now and then, keep in mind that it's exactly three dots...and no more.

In general, if your story looks like you understand what we want it'll move right along in the editing and coding process. If it ignores these guidelines it'll usually go right in the hold file to wait for a slow day months from now when someone feels like looking at it again instead of going home. Please contact us if you think you have a valid reason to use a non-standard writing style, but be aware that exceptions will only be made for truly exceptional work.

Important: Don't bother trying to style or format your text. Any and all font, style and format coding will have to be stripped from the file before you send it to us so we don't wind up with a corrupted and unreadable file. However the one thing you *should* do is hard-wrap your story text so that the lines break at 55-60 characters maximum. No matter which way you choose to send your story to us using hard-wrapped lines will help ensure that none of the text gets chopped off.

Spelling is important...

Please check your own spelling before you send us your stories. No writer should be without good spelling checker software so please take a few minutes to use it and to re-read and proof your story before sending it to us. Besides the things your spelling checker can find, be aware that it won't point out words that are spelled correctly but used in the wrong context. For instance, "there" and "their" are both spelled correctly, as are "your" and "you're" and "it's and its"...but in each case only one of the spellings is correct in any particular instance. If you send us a story with lots of spelling errors we're not likely to make getting it ready for the website a very high priority.

Contact Information

You can tell us your real name and email address if you want and we'll keep those details completely confidential if you like. Either way, we'd like to have a reliable way to contact you regarding your work, and in general we'd rather begin a private email to a writer with "Dear Sam" rather than "Dear Eroticus, Master of Sluts" a real name is appreciated too. Of course it's up to you, but if you don't want us to have a way to contact you please be sure to include a statement with your story telling us that we have the right to publish your work...or we won't publish it here.

Author Information

Be sure to tell us what name you want us to include as the author of your story. You can use your real name if you want, or a pen name or alias if you prefer. We can also list the story as anonymous or "author's name withheld" if you like. Either way, please tell us what you want to do about publishing an author name and also if you want to have us include one of your email addresses for readers who may want to send you feedback on your story. If you don't tell us these things we'll have to send you an email and ask you about them...and your story will sit at the bottom of the hold file until you reply.

Methods for submitting stories

There are two basic ways to send us a story. One is to use the online Story Submission Form described below. The other is to paste the text of your story into the body of an email message and send it to us that way. Do *not* send us a story as an attached document, we will only delete it. The only attachments we'll accept are photographs, drawings or other art. If you use the online form there are fields where you can fill in the information we need. If you use the email method then be sure to include all the information we ask for.

Story Submission Form

We have an online form you can use to send us your stories. On the submission page there are fields where you can enter the information we need instead of using the email method below. You can use this link to open the Story Submission Form in this window or this link to open the Story Submission Form in a new window instead.

Email submission method

In your email please be sure to include the information we need to be able to publish your story. Your story will get better treatment, and move faster through our system, if you follow these directions for email submissions:

Send the email to ""

Use as a Subject Line: "your story title" and relevant story codes (popup list here)

In the body of your message please include these things...

Your name for our files and private contact only
Your email address for our files and our use only
Statement saying you want us to publish your work.
The title you want us to use for your story (same as subject line above)
Author name or alias to include with your story
Email address, if any, to include with your story
Word Count so we know if we got all of it
The best general category for your story (popup category list here)
The story codes for the content of your story (popup codes list here)
The story itself, hard-wrapped at 55-60 characters,
     then copied and pasted into the body of the message.
       (Reminder: do NOT send your story as an attached document.)

Copyright Information

Of course all copyright for your work will belong to you as the author. That's why we ask you to include a statement saying you give us the right to publish your work in our online archive. Unless you tell us otherwise we may also submit the address of the page where we have your story to some of the major search engines or post it to some of the story newsgroups as a way to draw additional attention to your story. None of our promotional efforts ever state that the copyright of a story belongs to anyone except the original author.

Please do not send us work that is not your own. You can not give us permission to publish someone else's work and we don't have the time or resources to spend trying to identify and contact the actual author to ask permission.

If you are the author of a story that we've published here without your permission please contact us so that we can either remove the story immediately or leave it where it is based on getting your permission to do so.

Timeframe for story appearance

Most of the time we have about 3-4 weeks worth of stories in the editing and coding process ahead of yours. We generally work through them in the order we received them, but some will get spiked for one problem or another so sometimes things happen a bit faster. I think you can tell from our guidelines that the stories which need the least work on our end will always appear much faster than ones that arrived earlier but need more attention. Once we've put the page with your story online we'll send you a note with the URL so you can come see it.

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