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Writer Mike's Manic Musing's

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"The Inter View Ch. 3" ... (FF, MF, FFM, Fdom, Wife, anal, oral, voy, ws, mc, diapers, slow, toy)new  
Rachel trembled from the panic seeping into her mind, as her owner talked of his wife and his love for her while he circled looking her over sizing her up. His voice was calming. After her eyes adjusted to the light after the blindfold was removed she could see that he was handsome, and that he did not look like a sick pervert. He had neatly combed black hair and stubble that was just long enough to be soft; he stood more than six feet tall and was dressed in dark blue sweats that had florescent stripes running the length of his legs and arms. It was obvious to Rachel that Dave spent time in the gym judging by the fullness of his shoulders, arms, and legs. She felt small, as he was over a head taller, his arms and legs were not only longer but bigger around as well. The baby fat she had gave her a nice shape; at five foot eight she weight only one thirty, he was lean looking not a bit of fat not even in his face and probably weighed one eighty maybe one ninety. Dave’s neck muscles were thick like the ones on his arms. Rachel surveyed Dave’s hunky body and tried to catch a glimpse of his penis but the bagginess of his sweats pants hid it from sight.

"The Inter View Ch. 2" ... (FF, MF, FFM, Fdom, Wife, anal, oral, voy, ws, mc, diapers, slow, toy)new  
Rachel was staring down ward at the floor, through the fake window looking into the movie set thinking, “This is where I will be revealing myself as well as my private parts for people ‘strangers…’ to look at. Fondling another woman and being fondled by another woman are experiences I have never really thought about, and now my god I will be doing both in front of a group, maybe hundreds of people looking on and bidding as if I were a car, or a house, or a piece of meat on the butchers block up for grabs.” A shudder raced through her as Starr walked around the corner with some papers in her hand.

"The Inter View Ch. 1" ... (FF, MF, FFM, Fdom, Wife, anal, oral, voy, ws, mc, diapers, slow, toy)new  
“I don’t know what I’m doing here. This Crag, Mr. Leon Crag wants to ‘give…’ me an interview. Shit. I’m so nervous I’m shaking; I’ll bet I’m white as a sheet, I can’t even open the door. Three hundred dollars a day; it has to be illegal. I can still here Mom’s words screaming from her bed room, “He’s either going to rape and murder you or sale you to the black marketers, you’ll be gone and I’ll never see you again. I remember shouting back as I ran out the door; “He called ‘me’ in for the interview I’ll be safe I’ll make the cabby watch me go in. I ‘need!’ work!” Hell, I still hear the echoes of the slamming door after mom and I fought. My mom is sick; my little brother isn’t old enough to work, and they need somewhere to live, and mom’s disability isn’t enough to starve on much less pay the rent. I ‘want…’ them to have more than that. I want my Mom to have her medicine, a good doctor, and my brother Jeff to have his computer, games, and a college education. Mostly I want away from the dead end café jobs, and three hundred dollars is a start. Well here goes.”

"The Gambler’s Debt-Part 2" ... (Nc, Mf, Ff, ff, inc, grp, best, viol?, wife, anal, exhib, oral, size stroke)new  
The lights in the living room were bright and made Linda squint her eyes as she walked into the room and staggered when Jimmy the Shark took hold of the leather bag that held the leash attached to her choke collar.

"The Gambler’s Debt" ... (Nc, Mf, Ff, ff, inc, grp, best, viol?, wife, anal, exhib, oral, size stroke)new  
Clint Walleti parked his hog in front of the run the down mobile home, flipped his half burned buttless smoke into the garbage strewn yard, and entered the cluttered kitchen-dining room area of the twenty five year old trailer. Many of the cupboard doors hung open and all of them had their veneer peeling out at the corners. The sink was full of dishes and trash mixed with organic refuse spilled onto the floor from the trashcan as a swarm of flies circled in the middle of the room. The counter top room divider was cluttered with wrinkled beer cans candy wrappers and more dirty dishes covered with old dried food scraps.

"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal-Part 3" - Revised and Complete ... (Mdom, MF, Mf, Mm, FF, Ff, stroke, rape, best, oral, anal, drug, grp, orgy, rough, mc, voy)new  
Greg Mineras lay motionless in his hospital bed his pasty white skin and pale lips coupled with his glazed eyes gave the appearance he was one step away from death. The nurse taking his stats looking into his eyes had on the back of her nighty looking scrub top the images of an eye, a heart, and the word ewe. The translation did not require a degree in code breaking to read “I love you.”

"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal-Part 2" - Revised and Complete ... (Mdom, MF, Mf, Mm, FF, Ff, stroke, rape, best, oral, anal, drug, grp, orgy, rough, mc, voy)new  
Greg Mineras stared at the door handle as the police jiggled it working their pick into the lock, a knot formed in his throat and grew larger with every clank and twist and as his conviction exploded in his mind Greg shouted, “You can’t just barge into my house; I didn’t call you and I know you do not have probable cause for entry! I am calling my attorney as we speak and I have his home phone!” he paused and listened for the sounds that they were leaving.

"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal" - Revised and Complete ... (Mdom, MF, Mf, Mm, FF, Ff, stroke, rape, best, oral, anal, drug, grp, orgy, rough, mc, voy)new  
“I’m home Lincy honey.” Greg Mineras called out as he entered their house and hung his coat on the tree, the returning silence sent a chill running through his spine urging him to call out again, “I’m home honey…” his voice trailed off as he entered the living room to find the coffee table turned over, the light tree knocked to the floor, in the middle of the room a torn shirt and one shoe…

"The Twins" - Revised and Complete ... (FF, rom, size, coll, fdom)new   January 31st 2006
I met Karen and Leanne at one of my photo exhibits during my first year of college. I was showing some candid shots of people in odd circumstances. Their beauty took me aback, and like everyone else, I thought they were identical twins. The only people that knew different were the administration clerks or people trained in identification. I made no effort at all to acknowledge their beauty though they were breath taking. Certainly not playboy models, or women one might see on vogue but quite beautiful in a down to earth way. I was certain that they were tired of being told; how beautiful, or how cute, or how much they look-a-like, and didn't care to here any of that from me. I later learned much to my astonishment that there were two years, two states, and two sets of parents between them.

"Betty's Animal Farm" part 5 of 5 ... (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)new   January 18th 2006
Squeaking noises sounded as the adults started wrestling on top of the bed while the girls slept. Quiet laughing moans could be heard filtering from the girl's room; they were both actively dreaming as they slept. Betty had slipped between Stacy's open legs and was moving like she was having sex with her and both of them were mumbling and giggling as they slept.

"Betty's Animal Farm" part 4 of 5 ... (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)new   January 4th 2006
"I guess I want to get home I feel really horney!" Betty admitted, adding, "I got really, really hot when you and ole Sparky got hung up!" She paused as both girls impishly laughed and gigglingly added, "The way your eyes rolled back into your head and the way your face wrinkled every time he yanked at his cock and jerking you around trying to pull it out just got me so close to cumming that when Lana put her fingers in my cunt I creamed all over her hand and then started pissing."

"Betty's Animal Farm" part 3 of 5 ... (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)new   January 2nd 2006
Stacy lay in Betty's arms for several minutes, head between her breasts and Betty tenderly petting the side of her face across her ear and into her hair with a dreamy smile on her face as if she was the one that had the orgasm. Soon Stacy lifted her head her eyes half closed face still sweated and red and a weak smile across her lips slithered into bed next to her new friend.

"Betty's Animal Farm" part 2 of 5 ... (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)new   January 2nd 2006
Stacy found her way through the dimly lit house to her bedroom as she passed her parents she could see they were sleeping so the coast was clear and a feeling of relief swept over her as she slinked into her room stripped out of her wet pants and panties then slipped into her flannel nightie and then slipped into bed opting to shower in the morning rather than chance waking mom and dad, but mostly she wanted to savor her new tastes and smells as she held the glazed wetness on her panties next to her nose.

"Betty's Animal Farm" part 1 of 5 ... (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)new   December 30th 2005
"It won't be long now Stacy." Betty assured continuing, "Soon you'll see that adults, or people in general, tend to behave pretty much the same with their clothes off. I get horny just trying to guess what kind of action I'm going to see. Maybe a couple of women will go at it in the bedroom. I like to watch the wives engaging in Lesbianism, sometimes one or both will gush on other's face. I like to watch hot fucking and sucking session's period; 'Girl on girl, boy on girl, girl with a dog.'"

"Six Ways To Sunday" part 1 of 3 ... (FF, best, stroke)new   November 21st 2005
Steve and I arrived, at our friends' house, in the late morning. The boat trip is always long; today it was hot, muggy, and windless. The drone of the engine was mesmerizing. Between the hot sun and the drone of the engine it was easy to drift back to the mad rushing of this morning and last night as we put the trip together. It has been so long since we have gotten together. Three years, more or less, the time just slipped away. Our jobs have gotten in the way of the visits. Their moving onto Joyce's island after her surprise retirement, four years ago made it even harder. Here I am at last, on an extended vacation most likely terminal leave, the time 'perfect.' I could spend some quality time with my closest friend.

"Six Ways To Sunday" part 2 of 3 ... (FF, best, stroke)new   November 21st 2005
"Well Jake had been here for a several months when John and I started scrapping back and forth" Joyce started to relate as she poured Alice more tea, "so we hadn't been having quality sex for a while, and when he left for a surprise job there was only time for a short kiss, and a 'hurry back' and he was gone. It was a welcome brake; we were having the long-term itches." Joyce paused sipping her tea as a grin beamed from her face a long sigh as she gazed at Alice and began again, "I just finished roughhousing with Jake and walking him around. I bathed him brushed him, and put food out for him; I love taking care of him, Jake is like the child I never had." Joyce took a sip and gazed into her cup musing.

"Six Ways To Sunday" part 3 of 3 ... (FF, best, stroke)new   November 21st 2005
Dinner was going to be a magical event the aroma of the thick marinated porters, mushrooms, and garlic bread, wafted from the grill filling the countryside, whetting our appetites. John and Steve are BBQ masters working the grill and Joyce was stir-frying the fresh sliced leaks, broccoli, shallots, snow peas, more mushrooms, celery, and carets. The aroma of garlic, ginger, chilies, pepper, and soy sauce, mingled with the BBQ filling the whole house and yard with a delightful smell. I was tossing the salad; mixing the red wine, oil, and garlic dressing, setting the table, decanting the wine, and lighting the candles; it was so delightful to see the four of us working together again. The boys toiling over the grill, laughing over something, Joyce, and I singing while working the kitchen, and the dining room. Dinner was coming together; before we could look at the clock the food was on the table and we were seated.

"The forest" ... (Ff, Trans, Hirs, cons)new   November 21st 2005
The drive was long and tiring, yet relaxing. The day was so hot, and started on such a bad note. Bob just being Bob giving me one of his, 'I'm in a hurry to get to work fucks,' jumping up and running to the shower, to the coffee, to the car, and speeding out of sight. Only this morning it seemed not just disappointing, but aggravatingly thoughtless. I just grabbed a plane dress, the last of the coffee, my bag, keys, and hit the road for a therapeutic drive.

"A Friend In Deed" ... (Ff, toy, cons)new   November 21st 2005
The two friends sat quietly, for a few minutes drinking their coffee, and molly nibbling away at the sweet roll, quaking from the last few shuddery chills, as the warmth seeped in and relaxed the stiffness from the cold door-to-door dash. April was the first to break the silence, "I haven't felt it get this cold in a while." "Yea its gonna freeze hard tonight." Molly agreed smiling then a frown came across her face. "What is it?" April pried." I don't know what else to do; I keep the house sort of cleaned up, I'm sort of a good cook, and give him plenty of space to unwind from work, Yet he pays less and less attention to me." Molly whined.

"Exposure" Ch. 1 ... (Ff, fist, Fdom, hirs, cons)new   November 20th 2005
Aurora raised her hand to silence the outburst and went on, "That's okay, honey, around here we almost always refer to the girls genitals as pussies, vaginas, or even home plate, what ever we feel like using at the time. We discourage using the derogatory terms such as cunt or gash. Of course with the boys we use cock, dick, penis, or bat even tool and rod. It seems that the negative terms are not as numerous for men. Again it's what ever we feel comfortable with."

"Bathed and Relaxed" ... (FM, Hirs)new   November 20th 2005
Roni rolled her shoulders in a vain attempt to ease the pain of her wide bra straps cutting into her skin; no matter how hard she tried the pain in her shoulders, back and the burn in her skin was persistent, especially at the end of a long hard day like today. Most of the cases she tries are couples that'should have never been couples; but this week the woman's plight hit close to home for Veronica, and so the normally ignored discomfort caused by her tight fitting bra felt especially acute, and the ache in her shoulders and back was not from her well endowed chest but anxiety of not having another human being to want and to be wanted by.

"Lost Love's Surprise" - Part 1 of 2 ... (FM, TG)new   November 20th 2005
My fingers were six inches away from my pillow nestled inside my lover's hand as we rested. Her hot breath blew across my neck and down my back as I stared out the window. While I gazed at the night sky I saw it turn gray, and as the shades of red filtered in, the reasons for the choices I made over the last six months became clear. My new girlfriend was never teasing me, never tried to lead me along, or take me from the girlfriend I was seeing when we first met. I know now that it was suppose to be, that she is the one I am to love.

"Lost Love's Surprise" - Part 2 of 2 ... (FM, TG)new   November 20th 2005
Lighting their rough edges and giving a reddish hue to their awesome darkness. It is going to rain today I thought as I slid my hand to her elbow, and drifted to sleep again feeling her stir, moving her hot body closer again; matching her thighs to mine, the arc of her body matched mine. As my eyes started to close I felt so warm and safe wrapped in her embrace it felt like we were one body. "You have some nice towels." She commented as she entered the living room, "You need to go?" "Yes the wine and your arousing kiss caused the pressure to build." I remember standing there for what seemed a lifetime before the toilet made a quiet involuntary flush and then I started to pee. I guess the sound of the water triggered my flow. As I walked through the door I saw Michele sitting on the footstool patting the chair and smiling at me. She asked as I sat, "Do you need to do a lot of kissing first to enjoy sex?"

"Safety Net? What Safety Net?" ... (M+F, FF, cons, stroke, group, orgy, hirs, toy, best, oral, anal)new   November 13th 2005
I hadn't seen Thom in a while; shit, his parties in college were wild beyond description to be mild. I am looking forward to 'this.!' party. With Jenny out tonight with her friend Tina; the timing couldn't be better, I need to find someone to watch the kids. I call mom, she'll agree to keep the kids maybe even overnight. "Mom," always there, ready to help; hell since it was Friday she even agreed to keep them into the afternoon as she put it, 'just in case you two are hung over.' With that settled I began to imagine what this bachelor party might be like a wild character like Thom I expect that he will have a pretty wild bachelor party planed.

"Susie Q" ... (MM, MF, Fdom, rough, span, anal, best, copr, enem, mc, oral, toys, ws, bi, hirs, stroke, bd, drugs, nc)new   November 13th 2005
I keep thinking that there was something else in my life; I just can't remember what or when. I woke up yesterday and Susanna my Goddess was talking to me; I love just listening to her nothing else matters. I was physically week but compelled to listen to every word and the way it sounded; and do every little thing she asked. Until this morning that was all I could remember and when I asked her how long I had been here; she whipped me till I had whelps on whelps and passed out. I came to in her arms crying promising I wouldn't forget, promising to do every little thing she asked. Her warnings echoed, "don't make me whip you again; I don't want to hurt you, "it's your fault for not being my god little boy." They rang like an unanswered phone.



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