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A. G. Thomas Sex Stories

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"The School Librarian" ... (MF, Teen, Oral Interr.) new  
Darn my parents anyway. Why did they have to go and get divorced. I mean it wasn't as if I hadn't gotten used to their constant snipping at each other. But their incessant snipping was as child's play compared to the arguments they had after new years eve six months ago. That was the night when completely unexpected and after having worked late Mother and her boss had walked into the house. To say that we were surprised to see her boss close on mothers heels when she finally walked in would have been an understatement. After an uncomfortable minute of silence I had expected her and dad to start yelling at each other, but to my surprise they didn't. Instead mother, with but the slightest of hesitation, acted the perfect hostess, As mother fixed their drinks and me a soda father and I along with moms boss retired to the living room.

"Consequences" ... (M+F+, Mother/Daughter, Interr.) new  
As I sat going over the list of new books for the library that the Principle had asked my opinion on, a soft persistent urging teased at my brain. Slowly my head rose and my eyes darted over the twenty some students before fastening on one sitting directly in front and below me. A soft ohhh spilled from my lips as our eyes met, and despite my willing it not to happen a tingling as if from a mild electrical charge shot through my nipples and a dampness manifested itself between my legs.

"Realization" ... (MF, Cheat, Interr, 1st) new  
Marisa nervously eyed the crowd about her as she lightly stomped one small foot then the other in an effort to keep some measure of feeling and warmth not only in her feet but her long shapely legs as well. Most of the time she hated crowds, hated having her personal space infringed upon. But today she was thankful for the nearness of the people clustered about her on the platform. Their number did take some of the brunt of the wind from her, not much, but some.

"Willingness and Beyond-Part Two of Sherri's Willingness" ... (MM+F, Wife, Interr, Rough) new  
As I looked stupidly at the young negro holding the door so I could slid behind the wheel I shivered visibly. What the hell was going on? His words that it had only been a battery cable didn't make sense, didn't jibe with what I was certain had taken place. Twirling about I starred into the deep shadows searching for the others I was certain were still there. Yet with the exception of the young negro and myself the parking garage was empty, and there was no indication it had been otherwise. At least not since the other employees had left work hours earlier.

"Jail Break" ... (M+F inter. group oral anal) new  
As I opened the door and stepped into the house my head exploded and darkness engulfed me. Later, I don't know how much later the blackness slowly, ever so slowly became a hazy gray and as if from far away I heard muted voices. The throbbing in my skull made it extremely hard for me to concentrate on what was being said but I tried. With great difficulty I managed to somehow tone down the pounding in my head and the ringing in my ears. At first the words made no sense but slowly what at first had sounded as if a hundred voices were all talking at once they gradually solidified into perhaps three individuals. As their words began to make sense and despite the fear clutching at my heart as concerned my own safety my thoughts flew to my wife. Where was she? Had these persons done to her the same that they had done to me? God I hoped not.

"Teachers Potential" ... (M+F inter. teacher) new  
As Kareem Weathers pushed his cart through the hall he glanced down at his watch, 6:23. One more classroom and he would be out of there and hitting on that new barmaid at Jelly Rolls by 6:45, 7:00 at the latest. Not that the young thing ever paid him any attention. Still though he enjoyed the challenge and who knew, maybe, just maybe, one of these days he would get in her pants. Pushing open the door he stopped dead in his tracks. What the hell was she still doing here he wondered. Ms Reynolds, actually Mrs. Regina Reynolds never stayed this late. As he stepped quietly into the room and began pushing his dust mop over the floor her head never rose from the papers cluttering her desk.

"What Now" ... (M+F, Inter., Group sex) new  
The deep bass throb of gangster rap as well as bright light washed over me as the boy that had moments earlier climbed from atop me swaggered from the room. As the door closed behind him muffling but not quite stifling the sounds of joviality and music my room was once more one of deep shadows and near silence.

"Sherri's Willingness" ... (MM+F, Wife, Solo, Interr, Rough) new   March 13th 2005
For almost six months I had listened to Phillips persistent whining about seeing me teasingly flaunt my womanly charms before groups of men while scantly clothed. That in itself was bad enough but his sick fantasies of letting strange men use me for assorted sexual acts both disgusted and made me feel for the most part unappreciated and unloved. Never the less after months of listening to him belittle every thing from my clothes to my appearance in general l reluctantly relented. But in doing so I carried my acceptance to his sick request to the extreme.

"New Bride" ... (MM+F, Wife, Solo, Interr, Rough) new   October 13th 2005
Indifferent to the occasion and as to where we were he pushed me against the sink grinding his pelvis into my buttocks. Together with his hands slipping around me grabbing my breast his lips trailed over the back and side of my neck to my ear. I tried to maintain my composer while endeavoring to slid from beneath him but the hands fondling my breast as well as the lips trailing over my throat were almost enough to turn me to jelly. My body began to betray me as his teeth nibbled my ear lobe and his hot breath scorched the inside of my ear. My buttocks as if with a mind of its own pushed back at him as a soft rumbling purr vibrated in my throat. I tried to think, tried to phantom the reason as to why the best man at my wedding was behaving so but my senses were to rattled. What brought an even more heightened sense of confusion to my addled brain was my inability to understand why I wasn't struggling or telling him to stop.

"The Colonel's Wife" ... (MF, Wife, Solo, Interr, Rough) new   October 11th 2005
Miriam hated this country! Hated it worse then any she had obediently followed her husband to in his career as a military officer. Not that she had been to all that many posting really, but of those that she'd followed him to since their marriage this one was undoubtedly the worst. It was stifling hot, and its people, if you could call them that, were savages in the truest sense of the word. Why she had even seen some of them carrying spears, can you believe it, spears.

"The Telling" ... (MMF, Cheat, Interr, Wife, Oral, Anal) new
My head which had started to droop snapped up and with words slurred from drink I angrily fumed did they want to hear what I'd witnessed with my own two eyes. Huh, huh did they? Did they want to hear the sordid details of what I had discovered that same afternoon two weeks ago when for some reason I couldn't explain I decided to swing by the school instead of going directly home?

"A Mother's Love" ... (mF incest oral anal 6mFf bondage) new
Mom worked out at least three times a week and though she was 32 years old, her slim girlish figure and beautiful face made the women in the magazine look ugly by comparison. At that moment, as her pretty face danced in my minds eye, I began comparing her to the women in the magazine. As the vision of her lightly freckled smiling face surrounded by her long reddish blond hair and her trim figure danced before me I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there wasn't another woman on the face of the earth that could hold a candle to her. Moms tits were what us boys called a mouth full, but to me they were more appealing then the big hooters the women in the magazine had, and when combined with her narrow waist which flared out to hips and buttocks that I unquestionably knew to be perfectly proportioned there was just no reason to wish differently. And as I pictured Mom's curvaceous figure, I felt my dick get so hard that my balls hurt...

"Entrapment" ... (M+F force oral public cuck wife)
Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a group of servicemen whispering and snickering amongst themselves while occasionally glancing my way, and for a second I wondered why the hell they were standing there staring at me. Not that I wasn't something to stare at, what with me dressed in a naughty school girl outfit, complete in every detail right down to the three inch high thick heel black shoes. It was one of Robert's favorites and for this occasion, since it was quite possible, even though he wasn't aware of the fact, the last time he might see me, I had chosen to wear it. You can imagine his surprise and pleasure at my choice of outfits to see him off and on the ride to the airport he couldn't keep his hands off me. As a further going away present I gave him a blow job as he navigated through traffic, another favorite of his. So yes I was really something to look at dressed in a loose fitting white blouse tied just beneath my bra-less 34C breasts, a pleated, green and black checked micro mini with thigh high white stockings including the little ribbon bow which acted like a garter and...

"Natalie" ... (MF interr cuck reluc oral anal)
Henry had been the first boy, well not just the first boy but the first negro she had kissed, and the first negro whose dick she had sucked, but after him there had been others, dozens of others. After Henry, but before all the others though there had been Treat and Lester. As the memory of the two boys swam before her closed eyes her fingers glided down over her flat smooth stomach and between her legs to slip between her moist pussy lips. Slowly at first and then faster her fingers began to rhythmically saw in and out as she recalled how with the apprehensive but yet willing surrender of her body to them she had become the slut of every black boy in school.

"The Awful Truth" ... (M+F cuck voy oral anal inter)
Well all I can say is that I brought it on myself. It started off innocently enough about a week after our marriage, when as she lay snuggled against me after we'd made love I began telling her of a dream, really a fantasy of mine. I told her how in my dream/fantasy I'd been watching TV and she came into the living room wearing a really short pleated skirt and a skimpy little top without any buttons that she'd tied just beneath her breasts, you know kinda like a gypsy, and then with hands on hips she smiles impishly telling me she wants to go out. I jokingly reply that dressed like that the only place we should go was maybe our neighborhood tavern, or perhaps the pool hall, places were strangers could gawk at her scantly clad body and maybe even try to pick her up...

"Chocolate Treat" ... (MF reluc interr oral)
Denise Maxwell had been teaching high school in Boston since her graduation two years earlier but she wasn't happy. There was no real challenge because all the students were like Ken and Barbies, seemingly perfect in every way. She longed for something different so when she saw the notice for a position in a small town in southern Georgia she became excited. The fact that it was an all black school in a depressed area of the inner city only wetted her appetite. This was just what she was looking for, a real challenge. But what peaked her interest the most was that in order to off-set the low pay, a small two bedroom bungalow was available rent free as long as the teacher choose to remain. So with the reasoning that even in the poorest of neighborhoods an education was important, she applied and was accepted. But she wasn't prepared for reality...

"Chocolate Treat" II ... (M+F interr rough oral anal voy) new
For at least the fourth time in only 10 minutes Denise glanced at the clock and then back into her mirror, hardly believing that she was going through with it. The reflection staring back at her betrayed not the slightest the terrible inner struggle she'd gone through over the weekend, but now that she'd made up her mind she might as well make the best of the situation. Self consciously she gave her skimpy red and black checked pleated skirt a tug, very aware that beneath it she was without panties...

"The Long Night" ... (M+F caution reluc interr group oral anal)
Horace sat nursing his beer and fuming. Fuming because his sister had not asked him to stay at her home and watch the children while she and her husband went on one of his many business trips. He had known about their going out of town for about two weeks and had been eagerly waiting for them to ask him to house sit and watch the kids, especially the daughter. Oh yeah, sweet Natalie, he couldn't wait to get the young thing in bed again after an abstinence of what seemed like years, but was really only months. He was horny as hell and could hardly wait to pick up where he'd been so rudely interrupted two months earlier. He remembered all too well that day and how he'd damn near been caught...

"Chocolate Candy" ... (MF nc interr oral)
A blissful almost unbearable feeling of lightness and arousal overcame her so that as she was being led from the dance floor she hardly protested as the fraternity boys groped and felt of her almost to the point of undressing her. A tingling pleasant sensation coursed through her as with every step strange lips either nuzzled her neck or nipped her ears while what felt like a multitude of hands roamed freely over her slim body. In the state of unaccustomed arousal she was in, she paid little heed to the disjointed speech of the boys as they talked about what they were going to do to her because to her addled brain none of it made any sense. She was intoxicated with the attention. All that she knew was that an uncontrollable urge to not only pleasure these boys she was with but any others that might hope to join their private party...

"Chocolate Candy" II ... (Mdom M+F oral rough anal caution va)
The memory of how she'd reacted when he'd called her a nigger whore while telling her to get on her fucking knees and suck her master's cock like a good little slut brought an evil smile to his pursed lips. He still remembered his final words before she gave a visible shudder and then with downcast eyes obediently slipped to her knees crawling to him. "Get over here you black slut. Get over here and suck your white master's cock. Do it, you fucking nigger bitch. Do it now!" And she had done it. She had crawled to him and then before taking his cock between those full painted lips of hers, she had looked into his eyes smiling. But the best part had been a moment later...

"Goddess" ... (MF interr cuck oral)
As I watched George's wife from the corner of my eye I wished; oh to hell with what I wished, cause there was no way it was going to happen. But damn it she was one fine looking woman, and negro or not, living in the south or not, if somehow I could get her in bed I wouldn't give a shit what any of my redneck inbred fucking friends said. But my chances of that happening were slim to none as I was white; well not just white but ugly as well...

"Angela and Mother" ... (M+Ff rape oral anal group)
...as the daughter's scream rent the chill winter air of that dark alley the old guy pivoted like a ballet dancer and lunged at John. John had backed the daughter against the building and had opened her mink, thinking he'd grab a quick feel. The old man, screaming obscenities, grabbed John's arm trying to pull him from his daughter, but in so doing he had literally ripped the upper half of his daughter's dress from her body exposing her breasts. The daintiest frilly bra I had ever seen stood out like a beacon in that dim light and her nipples could be plainly seen pushing at the thin translucent material...

"Angela and Mother II (Elizabeth's Story)" ... (M+Ff interr oral anal)
With the thought that nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see these two young thieves and rapists dead running through my head, it was all I could do to restrain myself as I listened to John and Mike's smug ranting. Yet a part of me, may God forgive me, wished I had been there to witness my daughter's debasement in the very same skid row bar where I had been gang fucked. I could vividly see her 34x21x33 body and angelic good looks surrounded by a halo of reddish blond hair as she was being used repeatedly by almost two dozen wino's and black gang members. Heaven help me as I sat like a stone idol benignly smiling while listening to their story. I had an orgasm visualizing my daughter's gang fuck...

"Angela and Mother III (Angela's Story)" ... (FF voy M+F oral)
As Jeannie helped me bathe, the hot water as well as her tender touch helped ease the soreness from my tired body. I don't know when or even why she took me under her wing but I was grateful. Her brother Melcolm was the leader of the Kingsmen but she was as different from him as night is from day, and in answer to my softly whispered question she told me I had been with the Kingsmen for almost two weeks. With a gentle smile playing across her delicate lips her hands glided over my body touching every curve and swell, magically easing my sore and cramped muscles and I sank deeper into the hot water feeling protected and safe. A warm glow surrounded me as her hand touched my thigh and my legs parted allowing her long gentle fingers to slip between my legs to rest almost feather-like on my pussy. A whispered sigh came from my lips as her other hand lightly caressed my cheek turning my face to hers as she knelt beside the tub and then she leaned forward placing her lips to mine...

"Dirty Pictures" ... (interr reluc oral anal voy)
For the past thirty-some minutes Reverend Thomas Peterson had been looking in astonishment at the latest packet of pictures of his wife with someone else. But unlike the ones earlier where she had been on a filthy mattress in what appeared to be a skid row bar surrounded by a group of seven black men, this setting was different. A living room, looking very much like his own and this time only two Negroes were with her. His cock was so hard it hurt and he was unable to stop the feelings of arousal that these pictures, just as the ones before had awakened in him, after all, Preacher or not, he was a man...

"Desert Heat" ... (M+F rape oral anal sad voy)
Stupid! That's exactly what I am and why I'm stumbling, half mad from thirst, across this arid wasteland toward the small town we passed in the night almost two days ago in search of help. It's because of me that my wife is in the clutches of men who have twisted her mind and very soul, bending her to their will to appease and satisfy their perverted sexual depravity. God it's hard to believe that only seven days (or has it been eight...?) have passed since Sharon and I stood in front of a Minister, exchanging vows.

"Desert Heat" II ... (M+F reluc interr oral group best)
As I sit looking down on the Hacienda, I think back to my young bride and our last night together. The story she told me would forever be burned into my memory. I write her words as best as I recall, as well as the events that followed, to the best of my recollection, in case something should happen so that someone, somewhere will know what happened to my wife and I...

"The Bankers Daughter" ... (M+f group inter oral anal exhib)
All of the boys' wanted to date her including the nerds. Who could blame them, she was not only beautiful, but her father was one of the richest men in town. Her left hand glided down over her flat stomach as the fingers of her other hand gently rolled and pinched the nipples of her breasts. Smiling again she thought about how hot and horny she had made Ronnie last night. She had worked the poor boy into a sexual frenzy as they had made out in his car. But just like all the others before him, she would not let him fuck her. Instead she had crawled between his legs as he had pulled his pants down and then while looking into his eyes she had sucked his cock. She loved the power she held over the boys, making them want her so bad and then not letting them fuck her. She had been doing that for three years now, teasing them and then just sucking their dicks.

"Paying Gambling Debts" ... (Mdom M+Ff 1st inc oral anal)
As Tim watched through the partially opened door he became more excited than when his girlfriend had given him a blow job at the movie theater last night. His mother was laying across the bed running her hands over her body, moaning softly as she pulled on her nipples and squeezed her breasts through her open negligee. His father had been dead for almost two years now, but he had never thought of his parents as having a sex life because they were old. But there his mother was, feeling herself and becoming more aroused and excited by the minute. Her moans of pleasure increased, and then he heard her whispering his dead father's name as one of her hands slipped under her negligee caressing her pussy.

"Paying Gambling Debts" II ... (M+F+ group oral anal exhib)
Picking his mother up from work he embraced and kissed her passionately while a few of her co-workers from the bank looked on. As he kissed her his hands fondled her cute little ass through her skimpy miniskirt and he smiled inwardly as he heard the snide remarks of her co-workers as they whispered amongst themselves. "Look at her, not only does she dress like a slut by wearing those skimpy skirts, but now she's acting like one with someone half her age. Doesn't she have any pride?" Breaking the kiss he opened the car door, making sure she showed plenty of leg as she slid into the seat. He then informed her, just loud enough so that her nearest co-workers could hear, that he was taking her shopping for some new miniskirts as well as a micro-mini or two before going out for a couple of beers.

"Swamp Fever" ... (MMM+FF reluc rape oral anal best)
Regina kept telling herself she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her struggle or whimper, so with her eyes tightly closed she never saw them approach. Their rough, calloused hands roamed over her and then she felt her bra being loosened and fingers squeeze her quivering breasts. Opening her eyes for a second she saw the knife as it slipped beneath the loose pink material of her bra, cutting it apart and allowing them to toss it aside. Squeezing her eyes shut again as hands traveled down her trembling sides, she forgot about her vow and screamed into her gag when the thin material of her bikini panties ripped. She wasn't aware all three were lowering their smiling faces to her twisting body until she felt their hot breaths, and as goose pimples appeared and her body shivered two of the mens lips closed about her nipples sucking and nibbling gently as the third lowered his face between her legs, blowing softly into her crotch. Her hips jerked as the man's mouth made contact with her pussy lips and her mind screamed in agony...

"Viet Cong Captive" ... (kidnap nc rape drugged oral anal torture multiple beast)
As she slowly regained consciousness she heard the laughter of the enemy solders and the whimpering sobs of a tortured soul. In trying to stand she found that her arms and legs were stretched widely apart, each member fastened to four stakes that had been driven into the ground. In panic she turned her head seeking her fellow nurse that had just three days earlier entered country. She saw the naked body of the blond nurse surrounded by several of their VC captors. A fleeting glimpse before the bodies of the enemy gathered tighter about what was happening had been enough to freeze Regina's heart. Ropes stretched from each of the blond girls hands and feet and tied high into four widely separated trees. Her fellow American was suspended face down three feet off the ground in a spread eagle fashion and two pajama clad Viet Cong were using her simultaneously...

"Invasion" ... (caution scfi snuff nc rape preg oral anal)
...what looked like a cockroach as big as a dog, or a praying mantis as large as a man. With clicks and screeches they herded the women onto the battle bridge and then tore their uniforms away as their antenna and feather-like tongues played freely over the women's bodies. I watched as several were pulled from the crowd and pushed into the mass of dog sized bugs and heard their screams as several insects swarmed over each human female. Among the first group was my watch commander and as the bugs swarmed over her, pushing her to the floor with their weight, protrusions from their lower bodies left trails of slime trailing across her naked flesh...

"Teacher's Winter Vacation" ... (56MF forced bondage oral anal interr)
She was now naked, totally and utterly naked before she could only guess how many boys. She heard their awed voices as they gazed at her petite girlish figure. With a wave of his arm Phillip motioned two boys from the shadows and before she could think or even react they lowered their faces to her breasts and began licking and biting at her nipples. As their lips and teeth worked her breasts and nipples to unbidden hardness Phillip twisted his fingers in her long auburn hair turning her head to the TV. She gave a muffled gasp from the pain caused by his rough treatment and then another unbidden gasp as one of the men on the TV pulled the girls legs apart lowering his head to her crotch licking her distended pussy lips before pushing his tongue into her. Teeth pulled and bit at her own breasts and nipples making them tingle with desire in spite of her attempt to control the feelings racing through her body...

"The Domination of Brenda" ... (MMMMF noncon rape oral anal interr Ds)
As he continued to talk I was in a panic, I knew some how I had to prove him wrong but as I tried to think I suddenly felt his hand softly touch my thigh and begin traveling up my leg. I leaned against my desk in panic but this only caused my pleated miniskirt to rise higher and then I felt his fingers slip under my miniskirt and touch my panties as he bent forward to kiss me. My body shook with fear as he touched my breast with his other hand while his fingers slid under my panties. I felt his fingers as they probed between my pussy lips and as I tried to raise my hands to push him away he broke the kiss and backed away. Smiling at me he brought his fingers to his nose telling me I had a sweet smelling cunt, and wet too...

"The Domination of Brenda" II ... (MMMMF noncon rape oral anal interr Ds)
As I dropped to my knees I couldn't believe how easily I accepted the fact that I was the play thing for Hank and his football team, or that I was kneeling on the floor of the teams locker room surrounded by almost thirty smelly teenage boys waiting to see me suck the cocks of the first three team members who had won me. As the first boy stepped forward I looked up into his eager young face and then down at his dark pulsing cock. When he pushed his dick forward past my lips and into my waiting mouth my teeth lightly scraped along the first few inches of his fat cock bringing a gasp of pleasure from him. As my lips encircled the knob of his eight inch dick he grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth like a cunt...

"The Domination of Brenda" III ... (hs interr mmmmm+F oral anal exhib Ds)new story
I had just begun to think that Hank's threat to have at least a trio fuck me nightly had been so much hot air the boys appeared out of nowhere. As a boys arm encircled my waist and his hand cupped my buttocks the others laughed and joked about how they were going to fuck me senseless. As I opened the car door the boy with his arm about me took the keys saying he would drive and then I was pushed into the back seat with a boy on either side of me. On the ride home the two boys took turns fondling my tits and kissing me. I tried not to respond but when they opened my blouse and began kissing and sucking my nipples and even finger fuck me it was hopeless. By the time we reached my house the boys had me so hot that within minutes of entering my home I was stripped naked and on my knees eagerly sucking my first cock of the day. By the time Philip arrived home I had not only sucked each of the boy's cocks but had fucked them as well.

"Dad's Sex Toy" ... (nc, sad, 3Mf, cuckold, servant, 10Mf interr)
Kneeling before him and licking the juices of our love making from the length of his cock before taking him between my lips and sucking his semi-hard cock he told me the Vietnamese whores never wore panties or a bra and then he whispered that the first thing I should do upon entering his house was to find him and suck his dick. I was his slave, a fuck toy that he could do whatever he wanted with and I found this somehow thrilling. But when I entered the house the next day, minus the bra and panties as instructed I couldn't find him anywhere and then I went out to the garage. There were three men with him and as I stepped to him and stood on my tiptoes to kiss him the look in his eyes stopped me cold...

"The Secretary" ... (cuckold coersion blackmail oral anal 8MF)
As he pushed on her shoulders she dropped to her knees, knowing instinctively what he wanted and began undoing his belt, letting his pants fall around his feet. Her hand reached into his underwear freeing his limp penis and began rubbing it over her firm little tits watching it harden and then licking along its length before taking it into her mouth and lovingly sucking it. His hands brushed through her hair as she sucked and nibbled on his pecker and when she touched his nuts he felt them harden and release the pent up load of cum into her willing mouth...

"Julia's Fantasies" ... (cuckold Daddy/girl 31MF oral anal group)
As he stood beside the bed looking at his wife in disbelief, her words continued to burn into his brain. She told him how in her fantasy he would call her into his office and have her lift her skirt showing him her panties, before having her slowly remove them. Then she would unbutton her blouse and remove her bra. Listening to her tell how he would then make her get on her knees and suck his dick until he shot his cum down her throat while telling her what a great cock sucker she was. It was almost like it had happened already and that she was telling him that she was fucking someone else besides him...

"Sisterly Love" ... (incest mf)
From the corner of his eye Mike watched his sister, thinking that she was really starting to grow up. Her tits were the size of tea cups and combined with her slim waist and full hips, looked fantastic. But her tight firm buttocks really got to him. To him the best comparison, believe it or not, was the cartoon sex kitten Betty Boop, only with a beautiful girlish face. He had trouble hiding his hard-ons when she wore those skin tight hip-hugger style pants but it was really bad when she wore miniskirts. Picture a woman/girl with legs to her arm pits, with a figure like an hour glass, that was his sister Kimmy. Jesus, what the hell was wrong with him, she was just 15, a sophomore and damn it, his sister to boot...

"Sisterly Love II" ... (incest Mf oral interracial blackmail MMf)
His hands caressed her body softly as her lips worked from his throat and across his chest, nipping at his nipples and then down his stomach until finally closing around the head of his cock. Slowly her lips glided along her brothers cock as she sucked him into her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the lust engorged knob of his dick and down its length, her head bobbing slowly as she engulfed inch after inch until all seven inches of his cock was in her mouth and throat. Grasping her brothers buttocks she rolled off him pulling him with her until his body covered hers. His hips moved slowly up and down as he fucked into his sisters hot sucking mouth and fighting back the building need to cum as his testicles quivered he thought about football, baseball, school...

"Young Boys' Plaything" ... (interracial 13MF oral anal fisting drugs kidnapping)
Kneeling on a bed naked except for my garter belt and stockings with my lips around a young boy's cock as another boy knelt behind me, pumping his dick into my cunt, was not how I had planned on spending this weekend. As my lips moved down the five inch length of the young boy's dick, I thought back to how this had all started. Damn Jim anyway, just because he was having problems with my sister didn't mean that he could do what he had done. The son-of-a-bitch had given me to a dope dealer, just so the guy would forget about the money Jim owed him. I could still hear that fucker's words as we were in the car...

"Little Rich Girl" ... (30M+F virg bd rough rape reluc best interr piss fist)
... in a panic she jumped up and ran toward the door, but hands grabbed her and pulled her back. With tears streaming down her cheeks she begged them to let her go, she had money, she would give it to them if they just let her go. And if that wasn't enough her father was rich, he would pay whatever they asked. Dragging her toward the back of the barn they lifted her arms and chained her to one of the stalls stretching her arms high into the air till she stood on her tip toes. As Lillian cried and begged them to let her go, their hands roamed over her trembling body and pinched and probed between her legs and cruelly pinched her nipples through her blouse and bra. Desperately she begged them to call her father, but they laughed and told her that she was just perfect for the staring role in their new porno movie. And without thinking she screamed out that she was a virgin...

"Social Worker" ... (20M+F reluc rough anal interr mc best)
As she drove she thought back on her day and the unkempt smelly man that had to be thrown from her office after he had tried to put his dirty hands under her skirt asking her if she would give him a blow job. Calling the security guard as the man followed her from her office there had been a struggle and the man was arrested. But that was only the beginning , her day had steadily gone from bad to worse as two of her coworkers had trapped her in the supply room and running their hands over her firm petite body began telling her that they sure would like to crawl between her legs and show her what it would feel like to have a real man. As they had continued to run their hands over her body one of them had grabbed her ass saying that the way she shook her tight ass around teasing all the men maybe they should come over to her house and spend the night. Telling them she was happily married they began laughing saying they would be glad to show her husband how to fuck a fine looking piece of ass like her...

"The Servile Housewife" ... (20M+F reluc wife rough interr)
Fixing her husbands breakfast Tammy's mind drifted back to last night and the dinner and movie. The dinner had been a big surprise when Tom had mentioned it, because in the five years they had been married he had only taken her out three other times. She would just as soon forget the movie though. He had taken her to one of those theaters that stayed open all night showing sex films. The place was dark and musty and had smelled like sex. Very few people were there, and whenever she had glanced around in her nervousness they seemed to be looking at her more then the screen. Tom had seemed not to notice the men staring at her, his eyes were glued to the screen and what to her was something that should be left in the bedroom. No plot, bad acting and mostly sex scenes by what could only be considered dumb blondes. As she had looked around two or three men had changed seats, moving closer to her and Tom until one of them had sat down next to her. She had been so shocked when the mans arm went around her shoulder pulling her close to him that she didn't know what to do. As his other hand had touched her thigh...

"Wife's Humiliation" ... (15M+F rape rough fist interr)
Angela hung up the phone and slowly walked to her car feeling like some cheap whore, she couldn't believe that she was going to met Warren again. Warren had seemed like such a nice young black boy at the church functions and when he had called asking for help she had not thought twice about meeting him. A chill ran through her as a gust of wind blew under the short mini skirt she wore making her all the more aware that she only had a garter belt under her skirt. The thin translucent blouse covering her breast made it all to clear that she wasn't wearing a bra and the material rubbing across her nipples caused them to stiffen and tingle. She still couldn't believe that Warren had drugged her and then let several of his friends use her sexually. She had fucked or sucked at least seven of his friends unable to do anything but obey as Warren commanded her every action...

"Rookie Cop" ... (12M+F rape rough fist interr)
As Sandra Mitchell ran through the alley after the two Hispanic men, she hoped her partner would be able to cut them off before they slipped into some building and made a clean break. Damn, it sure was dark she thought just as she tripped and fell head first into some trash cans. Dazed she looked up into the night sky and suddenly a huge figure loomed over her. Someone grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head before she could reach for her gun. In a panic she opened her mouth to scream but it was cut off as someone punched her in the mouth almost making her bite her tongue. Shaking her head to clear the spider webs she kicked out hoping to make contact with one of her attackers, But instead her uniform skirt rode up exposing her panties...

"Car Trouble" ... (5Mm+F wife cuckold group rough reluc anal fist)
...And then turning around he looked over the car watching his friend as he continued to kiss and fondle my wife. Whistling softly I heard him tell the others that I had one hell of a hot sexy woman that wanted to get fucked real bad. In horror I saw the teenager slowly removing her blouse, and then as one of his hands slid between her legs and began fingering her cunt he brought his lips to one of her nipples and began sucking and nibbling like a newborn baby. I couldn't believe it when she reached up and grabbed his head and pulled his face tighter to her lust hardened tits and moaned softly while her ass bounced up and down matching his deep thrusting fingers that were buried in her pussy.



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