"I Anwsered an Ad-Part 2"

      by Bramble2


I was a mess and smelled bad when I woke up. Took a long hot shower and cleaned my sore stinkin pussy dressed and went to the kitchen where Ann gave me a cup of strong coffee and a plate with 3 eggs- toast- and a big piece of ham. Ann asked me how I was feeling and I told her I felt fine but my pussy was sore. Ann then told me that Nig had told Jerry that he was coming over tonight and he wanted me. I shuddered at the thought of having to let him fuck me again tonight with his giant cock.

Lunch was over and Jerry told me that Nig was coming over tonight and wanted me. I told Jerry that I was just too sore to let him fuck me tonight. Jerry said well we can fix that and reached up into the high cupboard and got the pint bottle of yellow liquid and poured a little in a glass and filled it with soda and put it in the fridge and told me to drink it at 4;30..

We all sat around in the big room and talked and some one asked Ann if she had ever got it on with a woman and she said no and then they asked me and my answer was no. They said well one of these days you will have a chance to try it.

At 4;30 I drank the glass of soda and Ann went with me into Jerry's bedroom and opened a dresser drawer and pulled out the large vibrator and left the room. I undressed and lay down on the bed and started the vibrator running it over my sore slit. It was only a short time before my cunt was on fire and I started working the big vibrator up inside my cunt I had an itch I couldn't scratch. The vibrator was helping a little but my cunt felt like it needed a big cock plowing in and out.

I wasd glad to see Nig arrive. He dropped his pants and sat on the edge of the bed and squeezed my tits. I told him I needed him bad as I was on fire. Nig got the lubricant out of the drawer and shoved the end of the tube up inside my cunt and gave it a good squeeze and then smeared some on his gaint cock. I lay back and pulled my legs up and Nig shoved his big giant cock into my steaming cunt and fucked me for a long time and got the itch taken care of. I went to pee and when I came back Nig's cock was as hard as it had been so I laid down and he fucked me again and when he was thru and he had his climax and filled my cunt with his cum and had pulled his giant cock out of my sore cunt. He asked me if I would like to work for him? I told him No as I was too sore after he finished fuckikng me and could not even think about him fucking me every day. We cleaned up and went out in the big room.

Mike and Ann were not there so thought they must be fucking and Bill brought us drinks and we sat and talked for a while and then Bill said we got some new movies today and he got up and slipped one into the vcr. It was a large black guy getting his big cock sucked by a pretty blond and then he started fucking her doggie style. She seemed to be enjoying it as she smiled at the camera.

Mike and Ann came into the big room and sat down. Nig looked at Ann and I could tell she was avoiding his look. Nig kept looking at Ann and finally she looked at him and got up and went towards a bedroom with Nig following her.

I didn't see Ann until the following morning and as I was eating breakfast Ann said what do you think about leaving here and go to Nevada and work in a whore house? I said I didn't know but I thought that all of the guys didn't have big cocks and it might be enjoyable to fuck some one with a smaller cock and get paid more money than we were making here.

Ann and I left the following saturday morning while the guys were in town. We were lucky that another farmer came by and picked us up and took us to town to the bus station.

- The End -

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