"My Girlfriend's Surprise"

      by Scott

      (beast best dog rotwieller)

When I first started dating Eden Carpenter I knew she was a hot one. She was about 5' 2", 100 pounds, had a nice set of tits, a small waist, nice hips and the best ass I had ever seen. She had the nicest blonde hair ever and was the nicest woman I had ever met. The first time we went out I got her in the sack and she was wild and very loud! I wanted to do many things with her and I loved doing it doggy style. As we dated more and more she would dress up for me and do other things. One day I asked her if I could tie her up, she said maybe.

Now, I need to tell you that I have a Rotwieller, Mr. Big, and he is huge. I would say he is about 205 pounds and very friendly and horny. MR. Big was always coming around and trying to hump on people and it would drive Eden crazy. One day while she was giving me a blow job, Mr. Big was nosing around. I was on the couch and she was on her knees bending over me. Mr. Big came over and mounted her, she went nuts. She said "your stupid dog is trying to fuck me!" I said "I don't blame him one bit." Right them I got the greatest erotica idea and I blasted off in her face! I had to see MR. Big fuck Eden, but how?!!

I thought about it for a while and came up with a plan. She had finally agreed to let me tie her up. I was going to do it and get Mr. Big to fuck her. She agreed to do this the week before my birthday as a special treat. We were in my house and I took her into the basement. I had her put on a nice, new corset I had gotten her with matching garters and hose. I told her to leave the panties off! I then tied her hands together and through the rails of a day bed I had. Now she couldn't move! I told her I had another surprise and I put a blindfold on her. She actually liked that and said it was kinky. I turned on some music and I closed the door so Mr. Big could bother us.

I had a setting on my cellular phone so I could make it ring. I told her I was expecting a call and it would be short. We started and I made the phone ring. I told her I would be right back. When I went through the door I left it open just a little. When I got out there I acted like I was answering the phone. I got on the cell phone and acted like I was taking and went into the next room. I went up to Mr. Big and I started to massage his cock at the base. It started to come out of it's sheath and Mr. Big tried to mount me. I stopped massaging him.

Now, when a dog's cock first gets hard it is very thin and long and very sharp. It will easily penetrate a woman. It is best to penetrate the woman quickly before it gets too big. The knot is also very small at this point. I told Eden I had to get something out of my car. Then I brought Mr. Big into the room and he was really excited. I brought him over to Eden and got him to mount her. She yelled immediately. I ran out of the room and then back in and said, "what the hell!" She said: "get this stupid dog off of me!"

I put my had on Mr. Big's back and told him to stop while I kinda pushed him on her. I told her to stay on her elbows and not to move down any. She was wiggling around and I said that she was helping him and to stop. She just kept saying, "get him off of me!" I said, "he just tried to bite me." I told her I would be getting his leash and I started out. Only I didn't leave. I came over and help get the tip of his cock into her pussy. I started massaging the base of his cock and he started to hump. Eden screamed, "stop him!"



I acted as if I had come back in and said, "what's wrong?" She said, "he's fucking me, stop him!" I said I would and reached down and I grabbed his cock. I could see his knot was about the size of a plum and right them Eden bounced her ass a couple of times. This caused MR. Big to hump and slid all the way into her. She said, "what was that bump?" I said, "I don't know unless..." She said, "unless what?" I told her that a dog has a large knot at the base of his cock. It swells up inside of the vagina to hold him to his bitch while they mate.

Eden asked if it was large enough to hold him to her. I said, "I don't know?" However, I knew this dog was huge and she was a very tiny girl. She then told me that he was getting, larger, no enormous inside of her. "He feels like a softball inside of me, but it's different!" I asked her what she meant. "He feels huge, but kinda like a door knob. He's kinda barbed and feels like it wants to keep going deeper in me. I feel hung up on him! When will he stop?"

I told Eden I didn't know. My only experience was watching my cousin's dogs. She asked how long they stayed stuck. I said once, a big Mastiff stayed stuck on a smaller Mastiff for about three and a half hours! She started to cry. I said not to worry. Mr. Big had been fucking her for about ten minutes when he stopped humping. She asked me to pull him off. I started to and she cried, "stop, it hurts too much!"

She said, "his knot is too big. It feels like one of those small basketballs its so huge. I don't think it will ever come out. Mr. Big was getting restless and Eden kept moving around. I told her to stay still and he would shrink faster. She wouldn't listen. She just kept moving around. Then Mr. Big started to get up and turned around. Now they were butt to butt! He was taller than she and the angle put a lot of pressure on his knot. We later learned this kept the blood from flowing out of his knot and kept him harder longer!

After an hour she was pissed. "When will he get off me?" she said. After two hours she was upset and crying that it would never end. When we hit three hours I started to get worried. Finally, after three hours and forty-eight minutes his cock came free. Eden was so swollen she was sure he damaged her. She didn't break up with me, however, we couldn't have sex for about three weeks.

Eden was the first of seven women I got to have sex with Mr. Big. Five of my girlfriends, my ex-wife and my ex-wife's sister all fucked Mr. Big over a ten-year period. Since then Mr. Big died. I have a German Shepherd named Biggie. So far he has fucked three girlfriends of mine!

- The End -

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