"My Passions"

      by Bramble2

      (ff-fm-fmmm -zoo-mf)

Hi I am going to tell you about my life growing up from the age of twelve years old to present time.

My family consists of my father and mother and a sister who was four years older. We shared the same bedroom so had very few secrets between us. Her name was Susan but every one called her Sue.

I didn't know much about sex until I had my first period and my mother told me about the birds and the bees and to be careful around boys as they would want to screw me.

A few weeks after my first perion I came home from school early one afternoon and my mother was not home and as I was about to enter my bedroom I noticed thru the crack in the door and stopped and was surprised to see Sue laying on her bed with her legs pulled up and spread wide apart and she was moving a candle in and out of her slit. I was so surprised and just stood there watching her until she started raising her hips and was pushing the candle farther and farther in to her slit and then she sort of shuddered and shook and then lay there resting and then she pulled the candle out of he slit.

I didn't want her to know that I had seen her pleasure herself so quietly went into the bathroom and shut the door. I waited a few minutes and then came out and went into the bedroom where my sistr was changing clothes. I didn't tell her I had seen her pleasuring herself.

After Sue left I found the candle she had used to stick in her slit and took off my panties and lay on my bed and started shoving the candle in to my slit. After I had about an inch into my slit it hurt and wondered how Sue could have gotten so much in her slit. I kept working the candle in and out of my slit and it felt very good and I guess I got too excited and shoved too much of the cnadle into my slit and I hurt my self and pulled the candle out nd there was blood on it. I was scared that I had injured my self but was too ashamed to ask my mother or Sue.

It was a few weeks before Sue and I were in our room watching the TV when I asked her about sex. Sue said are you sure you want to know. I told her yes and she got in a drawer and under her clothes she handed me a book and said read this and you will know all you need to know about sex.

I started reading the book and it explained all about sex and the diseases and child birth. Well I guess I got a little excited and started rubbing my slit thru my panties. Sue noticed me rubbing my slit and said why don't you take your panties off and I will show you how good it feels.

I removed my panties and Sue told me to be very quiet so we would not have mom up here wanting to know why we were mAking so much noise. Sue rubbed the inside of my thigh and soon had her hand rubbing my slit and then she pushed one finger up inside my slit and found a place where it felt wonderful. Sue asked me if it felt good and I told her it was a good feeling. She then told taht it felt a lot better when a guy had his cock working in and out. It took Sue a while before she made me climax and when she finished she said she was going to do herself as she was hot..

I started dating a boy I went to school with and his name was Joe one evening when we were in the movie he put his arm around me and I turned my head at just the right time and he kissed me. He then put his arm around my shoulders and let his hand fall down on my small boob. He rubbed my boob nipple till it was standing up. I knew what he was after and I slid down in my seat and he moved his other arm and had his hand up under my skirt. I had a light jacket on and slipped it off and laid it over my lap and spread my legs as his hand kept rubbing the insides of my thighs and was moving closer and closer to my slit.

Joe's hand on the inside of y thigh was feeling good and he slipped his fingers under my panties and then his finger slipped into my slit. I knew that my slit was wet and Joe's finger slipped in to my slit. Joe kept fingering my slit and I could not keep my mind on the movie an I whispered to him and asked him if we could leave..

We left the movie and walked to a nearby park where there was a lot of big bushes. Joe led me to a big bush and he pushed a few of the banches apart and in the middle of the bush it was empty and a big piece of card board was laying there. Joe and I lay down side by side and he helped me slip my panties off.. Joe kissed me and unbuttoned my blouse and slipped his hand up under my bra and kissed my nipple and then started sucking on it.. I could feel my slit getting wetter and wetter and Joe must have known it also as he slipped his pants off and got between my legs and put what felt like his cock head up in between my slit and pushed. I was so hot and wanted Joe to get all of his cok into my slit and see if it felt as good as Sue had told me it would be. Joe screwed me for only a short while before I could felt him stiffen an shove all of his cock up in to my slit. Joe pulled his cock out of my slit and I told him I wanted some more and he told me it would be a little while before he could get it hard again..

I wanted more now and I begged Joe to hurry and get his cock hard so we could do it again. Well Joe couldn't get his cock hard again and he asked me if I would like to have some other guys to come and screw me. I said YES as I wanted some thing more in my slit.. Joe told me to wait just a few minutes and he would seeif he could find some one else. Joe left and soon there was some one coming thru the bushes. I didn't know him but I needed some more screwing. This guy was a lot taller and bigger than Joe and he slipped his pants off and got between my spread legs and started to put his big cock head innto my slit..

I could feel that his cock was bigger than Joes and he was not taking his time as he just shoved all of his cock into my slit in one big push. I told him he was hurting me and to take it easy. He pulled some of his big cock out of my slit and started scrwing me so good.. I felt like I never wanted this to stop. He screwed me for a long time before he squirted his cum up inside my pussy and pulled his cock out of my slit and stood up and put his pants on and left and when he went out of the bushes I could hear some one else coming thru the bushes. I guess Joe had found some guys who would like to screw me.

This guy was even bigger than the last guy and when he spoke to me he said, "little lady you is goin to get the fuck of your life>" I knew then that he was the colored man Jake that mowed lawns around town.

Jake pulled his pants down and stepped out of them and he had no shorts on and even in the dim light inside the bush I could see that his cock was like a big sausage. Jake squatted down by my head and said, "suck it!" I told him NO and if he wanted to screw me ok but none of that sucking. Jake moved over where he was between my spread legs and took my legs and put them up where my knees were touching my shoulders and put the head of his big black cock into my pussy. Oh it felt big and I wondered if my slit could take all of his big cock. Jake took it very slow as I guess he knew that I was new to this. Jake must have screwed me for almost an hour before and my slit soon was taking all of his big cock. Jake must have screwed me for about an hour before he squirted his cum up in my well screwed pussy. I can't remember if I had any climaxes or not but my pussy felt wonderful.

I wiped my slit on my handkerchief and left it in the bushes and went out and there was Joe setting on a park bench waiting for me. Joe asked me how it felt? and I told himit was wonderful and wanted to know when we could do it again? Joe said he didn't know but would see if the guys would meet us tomorrow night. Joe walked me home and kissed me good night and I went up to my bedroom and then to the bathroom as my slit was leaking cum.. I peed and took a shower and was getting into bed when Sue came in.

I asked Sue if we could talk and she said as soon as she had a shower.

Sue came into the bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed and I told her I had screwed 3 guys and one was a black man and he had the biggest cock and it felt so good in my slit. Sue asked me if I was taking my birth control pills and I told her Yes every day. Sue said you better as we sure as heck don't need any black babies around here as dad would kill you. I told Sue that Joe was going to see if he could get Jake to come out to the old barn that was about 5 blocks west of here and was just used for storing hay.

Sue started fidgeting and I knew that she must be thinking about the bigf cock on Jake..Sue finally said, "well if you can get 5-6 guys and Jake I might go with you.

It was over a week before I saw Joe and told him that Sue might come with me and he told me that he had a job and was working but would be off this saturday night and he would see if he could find the guys. I told him to make sure Jake taht Jake was with him.

I guess that I am just one horny chick because all I want to do is screw and feel a big cock between my legs in my slit. All I have to do is see a guy with tight pants on and showing his cock thru the cloth and I start getting wet..

Joe called me on friday night and said that every thing was all lined up and to make sure I brought Sue.. I told him alright and I would be ready to go the movie saturday evening.

Saturday evening and Joe came after me in his father's car and Sue askex him if she could ride with us to the mall as she had some shopping to do. We left towards the theater but after a couple blocks Joe turned and we drove to the old barn.. There was 5 guys and Jake. They all said hi and we entered the old barn. Jake pulled some bales together in one stall and then pulled some more into another stall and they were to be our make shift bed.

I went to Jake and told him I wanted him first and the other guys were disappointed but they went back out side like Sue had told them. Sue had picked the guy she wanted and she locked the door. Soon I could hear Sue moaning ad telling the guy how good it was and then her having a climax and then another and another, but I lost count as Jake was licking my slit and running his tongue up inside and sucking on my button. I couldn't take much of that so told him I wanted him.. Jake had no trouble getting the head of his big black cock in to my slit but he had to take his time working the rest of it into my slit. HavIng Jake screw me was so good and I didn't want it to quit but Jake finaly squirted his cum up inside my slit. When Jake pulled his big black shrunken cock out of my slit my slit felt empty except for the cum Jake had left up inside me..

I got up and went and peed in a corner and unlocked the door and told another guy to come in.. I didn't know this guy but he was big and he told me that he was working on the new bank building. He sat down and slipped his pants off and I could see that I was not going to be disappointed as his cock was not as long as Jakes but was a lot bigger around. He told me his name was Earl.

Earl got between my spread legs and got his big cock head in my slit an started slowly to push and with draw and kept this up until my slit opened up and the head of his big cock popped inside my pussy. His cock hed was almost as big as a tennis ball and it felt like he was going to split me apart Earl was very gentle and liked to fondle my boobs and he squeezed them and it musthave made my pussy relax and Earl's big cock started going in and out smoothly.Earl sure knew how to to use his big cock to make a girl feel good..

Like all good things they have to come to and end and Earl squirted his cum up into my pussy. Earl gave me his handkerchief to wipe my self and put on his pants and before he left I told him to send in another guy.

My slit felt like it could go on all night as I liked the feeling of a big cock in my slit. I guess I was on my way to being a hot horny slut because I just couldn't get enough sex to really satisfy me and the bigger the cock the better.

I had not heard from Susan but guess she was enjoying her self.

The third guy came into the stall and sat down and took his pants off and his cock was also big and long. He said, "I hope I don't hurt you as there are not many women who can take it all. I asked him his name and he told me Fred and he was working on the new bank building.

I will never forget Fred as his cock head was bigger than Earls and it took some time before Fred could get just the head into my slick pussy, but when it finally did slip in my slit I never knew what hurt was until then. Fred had my legs spread as wide as they would go and was holding my ankles out to his side and he started shoving his big cock into my slick slit. I was doing my best to relax and let Fred's big cock slide into my slit..Fred was taking it slow and mt slit was opening up slowly. It must have taken 10 minutes before Fred could start screwing me with about half of his big cock. Fred kept telling me how good my pussy felt and told me he was going to fuck me until he had all of his big cock in side my slit...His big cock did feel good up to a point but then it started hurting. It took Fred a long time before he finally squirted his cum up in my well screwed pussy. When he had his climax I could feel his big cock swell up more.

Fred pulled his big cock out with a pop and my belly felt empty. I wiped my self as Fred was putting on his pants. Fred asked me when he could meet me again and I told him I didn't know and he left.

I went to see how Susan was doing and she was on her hands and knees and Jake was poundng her with his big black cock and making slurping sounds every tme he shoved his big black cock into her. I tried to ask Susan how it felt when she was in that position and she could only nod her head... I told Susan I would wait for her out side.

I went out side the barn and Joe was waiting for me. He asked how it went and I told him fairly well but Fred was just to much. Joe smiled and said that if I ever got with Fred again I would enjoy it more if we had some oil. I told him well maybe.

Susan came out of the barn followed by Jake. We got in Joe's car and he drove us home where we both showered and douched and went to bed Susan asked me if I had enjoyed my self and I told her yes, all except Fred as his cock was just too dam big. Susan wanted to know more about Fred's big cock and I told her it was too damn big...Susan smiled and turned over and we went to sleep.

It was a few nights later when Susan came home and told me that Fred's cock was bigger than she had thought but she had managed to take it all and she was going to meet him tomorrow night. Susan kept seeing Fred and I saw Jake once in a while on the sly because if my father knew about me seeing him he would kill me..

Joe and I screwed when ever he wanted but I still liked the feeling of a big cock in my slit.

One night when Joe came after me he had a big dog with him and we drove out to the old barn and went in. I asked Joe why he had brought the dog in and he told me to just wait and he would show me. Joe gave me a good screwing and I must have had 3-4 climaxes. Joe pulled his nw shrinking cock out of my slit and told me to get on my hands and knees and he would show me what the dog could do. I got on my hands and knees and the big dog came over and smelled my slit and started licking me from my slit up over my bum. It felt a little weird until I got used to the feeling and soon the big dog had his tongue swirling up inside my slit.

I was getting turned on and asked Joe to screw me again but he told me to wait and see what the dog would do. Soon the big dog raised up and wrappd his front legs around my hips and started humping my butt. i could feel his cock hitting all around my slit and just as I was about to tell Joe to get him off my back his cock slipped into my slit. I was scared as he shoved a lot of his cock into my slit and started to screw me faster and faster and his cock started getting bigger and bigger and he was squirting my slit full of his cum. All of a sudden he stopped screwing me and I could feel his cock getting bigger just inside my slit, and he was still squirting his hot seed up into my slit. I thought he would pull his big dog cock out of my slit but it was too big to slip out. Joe told me to wait a little while and his knot would go down and his cock would come out. It was about 10 minutes before the big dogs cock slipped out of my slit along with a lot of my and his juices.

I got up and went over in the corner and peed and when I came back Joe asked me how it had felt. I told him it was different but i liked it. We satand talked for a while and then the big dog came over in front of me and tried to get his nose in between my legs. Joe said, "he must want some more." I opened my legs and the big dog started licking my slit and I still had some fluids leaking out but he licked me clean. Joe said, "I think he wants some more." I got on my hands and knees and the big dog screwed me again and it felt very good and his big knot made me feel like my slit was full. We were not tied together very long and the big dogs big red cock slipped out of my pussy along with our juices. I took a pee and put my skirt on and Joe drove me home.

About a month later i ran into Fred at the mall and he asked me how I was and if we could meet again soon. I told him yes if he brought a lot of oil I'd meet him tonight about 8:pm at the old bsrn.

Fred and I met at the old barn and he screwed me twice and he finally did get all of his big cock into my slit. I kept seeing Fred until I finished school and then we were married. I now have a big cock all too my self and Fred likes to screw me dog fashion. He can pound his big cock all the way in and not hurt me any more as my pussy has stretched from Fred screwing me at lest once a day and some times twice a day.

- The End -

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