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"The New Job"


      (ff, best, real)

This is a story of a sexy gorgeous 28-year-old woman named Samantha (Sam). She is tall about 1.8meters, well built and beautiful toned body and is very athletic as she works out everyday. Her skin has a light tan and she has blonde hair styled in a bob, her eyes are deep blue and she has a six-pack that every woman would kill for. Sam lived in a small house that was in a way big enough for her and her two male Dobermans, Rex and Duke and a python named Slick.

One morning, while sipping her coffee and going through the paper looking for a job, Duke sat under the table with his head on the chair between Sam’s sexy legs, she wore only a t-shirt and had no underwear on and her pussy was clean shaved. As she leaned forward to grab the pen, her pussy touched Duke’s cold nose and he began to lick her sweet pussy. ‘Mmmm, aahh Duuuke you good boy, oooh I missed this,’ she moaned while Duke kept on licking her making her pussy wet. Sam then moved back and spread her legs and removed her top giving Duke more space to lick her and make her cum. ‘Uh uh uh uh unnnnn mmmmm yesss aaaaahhh,’ she screamed as she reached her first orgasm and then she got up and went to her bed room where Rex was sitting as Duke followed while cum ran down her thighs. Sam then got down on all four’s and both her dogs knew what needed to be done, Duke stood behind her licking her butt and pussy and then he placed his front paws on her back and his cock entered her pussy and he began fucking his mistress while Rex sat in front of her that she could get her head between his legs and suck his cock,as Sam wrapped her lips around Rex’s cock, he immediately placed his front paws on her back and began to hump his rear slowly into his mistress’s mouth.

Both dogs began fucking her in a synchronized manner and Sam was enjoying as she moaned,’Mmmm sluuuurrpp unnnn mmmmm sluuurrrp.’ Duked fucked her pussy hard and got his knot in her and then he turned and they were tied butt to butt while Sam sucked hard on Rex jerking her hand up and down his slimy cock wanting him to cum. Rex kept on humping her face and then he let out a small yelp and sprayed his doggy cum in Sam’s mouth as she swallowed every drop and also sucked his cock clean and as she let him slip out of her mouth, she felt Duke spraying his doggy cum deep in her pussy filling her womb making her cum, ‘Aaaaaagh, ummmmmm yesss yessss ooooohhh you boys know how to keep mummy happy,’ she screamed as her cum mixed with Duke’s. When Duke came free, Sam went in for a shower and then got dressed in a jean and shirt with a denim jacket and went down to the kitchen to get the paper for an add she saw about part time work.

She dialed the number and when the person on the other end picked up: ‘Hello, city Zoo, how may I direct your call?’ came the voice from the other end. ‘Uhm, yes, I am calling about the add in the paper for the part time job.’ ‘Sure, ma’am, please hold while I put you through to the zoo director, Mr. Jameson.’ ‘Jameson, speaking, how may I assist you?’ ‘Hello, Mr. Jameson, my name is Samantha and I am calling about the part time job.’ ‘Ah, yes, Samantha, would it be possible to come in today for an interview?’ ‘Sure, not a problem, Mr. Jameson, I will be there in about ten minutes.’ ‘Excellent, just go to the reception and say that you coming to see me, I will inform them, bye.’ ‘Bye.’ Samantha was so excited that she rushed out the house and headed for the Zoo, which was three blocks down the road from her house. When she got to the reception area, she had to complete an application form while she waited for Mr. Jameson. After completing the form, the woman at the desk directed to his office at the end of the hallway, ‘Good morning, Samantha is it?’ said Mr. Jameson. ‘Yes, Good morning, you can call me Sam for short,’ she replied. Sam sat in the chair in front of Mr. Jameson’s desk as he explained to her what the job entailed, ‘You see, Sam, we run quite a small City Zoo and there is not much security and because this is a safe neighborhood we are looking for a young energetic individual that is willing to work the night shift from six in the evening to six in the morning and also to just walk around the enclosures every two hours to check on the animals, you think you could handle that, we will pay you $250 per week.’ ‘Sure, not a problem, I think I can handle that, when do I start?’ Sam said excitedly. ‘Great, you can start tonight, enjoy your day and get some rest, you will need it for tonight,’ Mr. Jameson told her and then he walked her out the office and Sam headed back home and was all excited about her new job.

When she got home, she made her self some lunch, headed to her room, and took Slick out of his aquarium and she played with him on her bed after feeding him as well. Slick was a 6-foot Amazon python that Sam got as a present from her Grand dad. Sam then stripped and got into bed as she loved to sleep naked, while slick slithered all around her bed and then went under the covers and slithered on her naked body arousing her and Sam could feel her pussy getting wet and Slick could pick up her scent and slid down her body to her legs to investigate. As he neared her pussy, her scent was stronger and his tongue was moving in and out of his mouth fast and then he tasted Sam’s pussy and she also felt his fork tongue on her throbbing pussy as he flickered his tongue again tasting her pussy and then she felt his tail enter her wet pussy and he slid half his body in side her now cum drenched pussy and was still going deeper, ‘Aaah yesss Slick, mmmmm unnn fuck me, ooooh slide deeper, aaaaaah,’ she moaned as Slick started to slide in and out of her pussy making her cum again and again bringing her to at least four mind blowing orgasms and then as Slick slowly slid out of Sam’s well fucked pussy, she had one last orgasm that made her arch her back and spread her legs wide as he finally came out of her pussy and slid off the bed, Sam got up and picked Slick up and put him back in his tank and then she climbed back into bed and fell off to sleep.

Sam woke up at 17h30 and had a quick shower, got dressed and went to work. When she got to the Zoo, Mr. Jameson took around quickly showing which animals to check on and then he left. Sam soon learnt that it was easy doing her job as there was no one around except her and all the animals, she really enjoyed her work. After about six months of working at the Zoo and the fact that she was a zoophile, Sam wondered what it would be like to have sex with other animals besides her two dogs, Rex and Duke who gave her the best fuck she could ever imagine and Slick her thick python who filled her pussy to the maximum. Therefore, one hot summer’s night, she wore just a blue satin thong under her jean with no bra under her tight tank top and went to work. Sam waited until 22h00 so that she knew that all the other staff had left and she was alone with the animals in the zoo. At 22h 30, she took off her jean, socks and sneakers and took a walk around the zoo in just her thong and short tank top that revealed her tummy and sat tight on her luscious breast and one could see her nipples erect and hard.

Sam, walked around and as she came near the lions she heard them roar, but in a low tone and then she saw the male busy fucking the female and she stood there and watched as the male pumped his lion cock into the female and Sam soon felt her pussy was getting wet, so as she stood there watching the lions, she slid her finger in her wet pussy and began fingering her self in order to cum, but all she achieved was to make her self more wet and horny. After watching the lions, she moved on to check on the rest of the animals and she came to the chimpanzee cage and stood close to the bars as she looked at them sitting on their tree, one chimp walked to her and sat in front of her and Sam put her finger deep in her pussy and then stretched her hand out through the bars and waited. The chimp came closer and started sniffing her finger and then he licked it, Sam then noticed his cock slowly standing and the chimp came right against the bars and wanted to feel her as he stretched his arms out.

Sam then went to the entrance of the cage, opened the door, stepped inside, and locked it again. The chimp came to her and stood in front of her while she noticed that the other three also came and stood behind the first one as she watched the first chimp, she slowly slid her tong down and spread her legs exposing her wet pussy to the chimp, who did not waste any time and started to feel her pussy and push his finger inside, then Sam got down on all fours and waited to see what would the chimp do next. The chimp went behind her and held her waist and then she felt him press his pelvis against her’s and his cock was getting hard and the next thing she knew, he began fucking her,’Ah ah ah ah mmmmm yess,’ she moaned as she humped back on his cock. The other three chimps came closer and their cocks were also erect as one came close to Sam, she managed to touch his cock and made him come closer and then she wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck him while being fucked by the first one, she sucked hard as the first chimp filled her pussy with his monkey juice and then a third chimp went behind her and held her waist and began to fuck her in her sexy butt.

‘Aaaagh, mmmmmm unnnnnnn aaaaaaahhhhh,’ she moaned as the third chimp fucked her ass and then she felt the second chimp cum in her mouth as she sucked him dry, she saw the fourth chimp walked away and sat back in the tree and when the third chimp came he filled her ass full of cum and pulled out, Sam stood up to go out of the cage and she could feel all the cum dripping out of her pussy and ass, so she walked out with out wearing her thong and then realized that the fourth chimp was a female that is why it walked away from her and the other males. As Sam locked the cage from the outside, she was feeling hot form the fucking she had and so took off her top and walked around the rest of the zoo naked. Her body was sweaty and emitting a strong sex scent around the zoo which started arousing some of the male animals. Sam made her way down a walkway that led past the farm animals, she opened the gate to the enclosure and walked inside closing the gate behind her and the key dropped from her hand. As she bent down to pick it up, she heard the sound of hooves on the floor coming towards her she raised her head and there in front of her stood a stallion with his cock fully extended and behind her came a goat that knocked her to the ground and climbed on top her and began humping, before Sam could do anything she felt the goat’s cock enter her cum drenched pussy, ‘Mmmmm aaaahh. Yesssss ummmmm, fuck me deep,’ she moaned and grabbed the horse’s cock and began sucking his tip.

Sam sucked on the horse’s cock and rubbed her hands up and down his long erect shaft while the goat fucked his cock deep into her womb, she then felt the goats cock twitch inside her and fill her up with his cum so much so that she could feel cum dripping down her legs and then the horse stamped his rear feet and he shot his load all over her, as she tried to swallow as much of his cum as she could, the stallion bathed her in his thick hot white cum, making her cum before she got up and rubbed all the cum on her body and sucked her hands clean. Sam then walked on to the wolves, as she came near their enclosure she could see that all the males’ cocks were coming out and the two females just sat on one end. Being a bit afraid, Sam first stuck her hand out to see the wolves reaction once she was inside the enclosure, all three males immediately began licking her hand and as she got into position on all fours, the larger of the three began sucking her pussy, ‘Uh uh uh uh mmmm unnnnn mmmm yesss,’ she moaned as she came and than he climbed on her back and his cock went into her pussy with one go, the wolf humped her and got his knot in and then turned as they were tied butt to butt. As she humped slowly back onto the first wolf’s cock, the second walked to them and was licking her ass and then she felt him climb over both of them and burry his cock in her ass,’Aaaaaaghhh mmmmm, yesss fuck me, fill me with your cocks, mmmm yesss, I’m in heat , I’m a horny bitch , aaaahhh mmm fuck me,’ she screamed as the second wolf got his cock in her ass and she could feel the two cocks rubbing fast against each other inside her and made her cum again. The third wolf sat down in front of her and she placed her head between his legs and sucked on his cock, she sucked him and then she felt the two cocks inside her explode and fill her with cum sending a wave of pleasure through her sexy body and making her explode into an orgasm that made her lips like a vacuum around the third wolf’s cock and he shot his load deep in her throat that she could feel the warm cum shooting down in her stomach,

After fucking with the wolves, she locked their enclosure and slowly walked out as cum oozed out of her two well-fucked holes. Sam then slowly walked to the end of the walkway that led passed the hall of King Kong, where three huge male gorillas stayed. The moment she walked in, she heard the three jumping around and beating their chests and roaring, Sam knew they could smell her and her horny sex. She walked close to the cage, and the bars were wide enough for her to squeeze inside, as she came close, the largest male stepped forward beating his chest and when he saw that she was entering the cage through the bars, he gently held her hand and pulled her slowly through and into the cage. Sam then went to lie down on a flat rock and spread her legs exposing her pussy and waited as the gorilla came closer to her. As he came closer to her, he held her sexy legs apart and slowly placed his huge cock at her pussy entrance and then pressed it in slowly as her pussy lips parted and swallowed his cock and then he started pumping his meat in Sam’s tight pussy as his cock was huge and was stretching her, ‘Aaaah, yesss mmmmm fuck me harder, mmmm haaaa,’ she moaned out aloud as the gorilla fucked his cock deep in her. Sam immediately had an orgasm with just the first two thrusts from the huge ape, as she wrapped her sexy legs around his waist pulling him deeper in her, and then she felt his cock getting harder as she shot his load in her and emptied his balls filling her pussy full of cum and making her cum once more.

The first gorilla walked away and the second one stepped up to the rock and now Samantha was on all fours facing her sexy butt to him, as she looked between her legs she saw his cock pressing against her bung hole and squeeze through making her scream, ‘Aaaaagh, unnnnn mmmmm yessss,’ as she came again and the gorilla started fucking her fast bringing her to many orgasms until he filled her ass full of his cum. Sam then stood up on the rock when the gorilla walked away, she felt all the cum gushing out between her legs and she came once more. She then went and stood against the tree trunk that was in the enclosure and placed her hands through the two openings in the trunk and with her back flush against it as the third gorilla walked up to her and placed his arms on her slender waist and began fucking her pussy. ‘Uh uh uh uh uh mmmmm yesss yessss fuck me, mmm fuck me deep,’ Sam moaned as the ape fucked this new mate and filled her up once more with all his cum mixing it with her’s and his buds and then walked away joining the others on one end, Sam was now exhausted and headed back to her office where she changed back into her clothes and rinsed her hair out in the bathroom and relaxed until it was time to go home.

As the staff started reporting for duty, Sam handed the keys to the zookeeper and left for home. On reaching her house, she ran her bath water, began stripping, and threw her cloths on the floor and she could still feel traces of cum seeping out of her ass and pussy from her night of fucking with the zoo animals. As she stood naked in her room, Duke and Rex started o lick her pussy, ‘Mmmmm, aaaahhh ooooooh yesss, my darlings, mmmmmm,’ she moan and the laid down on the floor spreading her legs wide, giving her dogs full access to her wet pussy. Both dogs brought her to a powerful orgasm and then, Sam placed some pillows under her butt to raise her pussy, while Duke placed his front paws on her sides and lowered his rear so that his cock was in line with her pussy entrance and he began humping forward until she felt his cock enter her pussy and devoured him. Duke fucked her fast making her cum over and over again until she felt him empty his cock deep in her womb filling her with his hot doggy cum, as soon as Duke was spent, he moved to clean him self and Rex stepped in and started fucking Sam into multiple orgasms. As Rex was shot his load in her, Sam screamed, ‘Aaaaaaagh, unnnnn mmmm yessss oooooh aahhhhh oh, yesss fuck me, yesss ahhhhh,’ as one last orgasm rippled through her entire sexy body causing her to twist her body up and then down, trapping Rex’s cock in her and when he pulled out, she came once more. Sam then went to the bath and had a nice hot soak and then she had some breakfast and went to bed as she had another night planned with the aquarium animals.

Sam slept right through the morning and afternoon and only woke up at 16h30, she got dressed, this time wearing a tight shorts and long baggy t-shirt. She quickly had something to eat and then headed down the street to work. She waited until 20h00 and then started her rounds and headed for the aquarium where all the sea animals were. As she entered the aquarium, she was surprised to see another young beautiful woman, ‘Uhm, hi, sorry to startle you, my name is Sam, its short for Samantha. I work the night shift here and was just doing my rounds,’ Sam said. ‘Oh, hi, my name is Janet. I work here too, I was uhmmm, uhh,’ came the reply from the woman. ‘You look hot under that white coat, are you wearing any underwear? Sam asked. ‘Why thank you Sam, and no I am not wearing anything else under this coat. As a matter of fact I was just going for a swim in the orca tank, would you like to join me Sam?’ Janet replied.’ Funny, enough, so was I. I wanted to see if I could fuck with him,’ Sam said with a smile on her face as she stripped in front of Janet. ‘You have a sexy body, I also wanted to see if he would fuck me, maybe we could fuck him together and keep this to our selves,’ Janet said as she also dropped her white coat to the floor revealing her sexy slender body to Sam. ‘Sure no problem,’ came Sam’s reply as they both jumped into the orca’s tank.

The two sexy women swam excitedly around the tank and occasionally held each other and kissed while feeling each other’s sexy bodies and fingering one another’s clean shaved pussy. While still embracing each other in an intense sensual kiss, they were suddenly interrupted by Jones, the four-year-old orca, who for his age was huge. Jones swam around his tank allowing his new playmates to touch him now and again and then without warning, he disappeared under water and as he came up again, his nose hit Sam between her legs and lifted her out of the water as he stuck his tongue out and then licked her pussy. ‘Aaaaaagh, mmmmm wow yesss,’ Sam screamed as Janet laughed and watched as Jones came back down and disappeared again under water. ‘Mmmm, his tongue is thick and it felt sooo good I came in his mouth,’ Sam told Janet. Just then Jones came back up and this time he lifted Janet out of the water like he did to Sam, ‘Oh, God yess mmm aaahh,’ Janet screamed as Jones came back down, Janet also told Sam that his tongue was great and that she also came on it.

Both women swam to the shallow platform on the side of the pool and they were all excited as they were now both horny and started kissing and then they sixty nine each other sucking on one another’s pussy making each other moan, ‘Mmmmmm aaaaah unnn yessss sluuuuurp,’ and cum. After sucking each other they noticed Jones swimming close to the platform and exposing his belly so that they could see his 20 inch whale cock, Sam gasped at his size and sat on the edge of the platform waiting for Jones to come around again, as he did, Sam held his cock on her hand and Janet joined her and both women began to lick the whales cock up and down. Sam, looked at Janet saying, ‘I want to fuck him, I want to feel his cock in me, Janet and I want him to cum in me.’ Janet smiled and then walked away and came back with a mouth oxygen tank that just fitted over your face. ‘Here, put this on. You will need it if Jones takes you under water and when you done, I’ll have a go at him,’ Janet told Sam handing her the oxygen tank. Janet continued to pat Jones and lick his cock as Sam put on the mask and then with Janet’s help, positioned Jones’s cock at her waiting pussy and slid down him taking in as much as she could and then Jones dove under water and turned to his side as he felt the warm entrance of Sam’s pussy as he pushed more of his cock in her.

Jones began to fuck Sam while he swam around his tank and Sam was enjoying being so full of cock that she had about four orgasms as Jones kept on pumping his cock deep in her until she felt his hot cum filling her womb so much she thought she was going to explode. Jones then pulled his cock out of her and Sam climbed out onto the platform all pleasured and Janet started at Sam as all the cum oozed out of her pussy and down her legs, Janet then got on her knees and licked the cum off between Sam’s thighs and started sucking the cum out of her well fucked pussy bring Sam to another mind blowing orgasm. Janet then took the mask, dove into the pool, and swam under water next to Jones as he turned on his side and slid his cock into her pussy as deep as he could and began to fuck Janet while swimming around. Janet also experienced multiple orgasms before feeling Jones filling her womb with his hot whale cum, pulled his cock out, swam to the bottom of the pool while Janet got out, and stood in front of Sam. Her body was glistening in the moon light and she was breathing heavy as cum oozed out her pussy and ran down her legs. Sam stepped closer to her and kissed her while she ran her hand up Janet’s inner thigh cupping the cum and brought her hand to her mouth and just as Sam was about to suck her hand, Janet pulled her hand to her mouth and sucked the whale cum from it as Sam licked Janet’s body moving down to her pussy and sucked all the cum out of Janet’s well fucked pussy making her cum one last time.

Both women then went back to Sam’s office after getting dressed. ‘So what time to you get off work?’ Janet asked. ‘My shift ends at 6am and then I walk home as its only three blocks from here,’ Sam replied. ‘Wow, that’s great you live three blocks down the road, I on the other live way across the other side of town. You wouldn’t be looking for a roommate by any chance?’ ‘I tell you what, why don’t you come and check out the place first as I own it and than you can decide if you want to move in with me.’ That’s great; I’ll pop around before I come to work.’ With that being said, the two kissed and Janet left for home while Sam still had to pull through another two hours. Anyway after her shift Sam headed home and round about 10am she heard the door bell, it was Janet, ‘Oh, hi come in, have a look around”, Sam said. Janet looked around the house and then she looked at Sam saying, ‘I love it, but most of all I love the sexy owner.’ And she pulled Sam by her t-shirt and kissed her as they walked to the room and stripped each other and started eating one another’s pussy.

As they rolled on the floor, Duke and Rex came into the room. Janet stood up with a fright, ‘Don’t worry, they are my boys they won’t bite and they are good fuckers,’ Sam assured her. Both of them got on all fours and kissed while Rex licked Sam’s pussy and butt and Duke licked Janet’s pussy and butt making both of them cum and both dogs began fucking their female human bitch’s in heat.

Sam was later promoted to work with Janet and Janet moved in with the Sam. The two horny, lesbian zoophile couple fucked Rex and Duke every day and also fucked each other and used to sleep in one another’s arms.

- The End -


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