"Samantha Grows Up"

      by Cobber

      (f 1st solo reluc best ws)

Sam was exactly 14 years, 3 months, and 11 days old when she decided she wasn't going to be a nice girl any more. From now on she was going to be a real bitch.

This is how it happened.

Unlike her sister Julie, who was nearly 3 years older, Samantha was a smart kid. Her school grades put her near the top of her class in every subject, except sports, where Julie excelled. Her grades were good partly because she was also strong-willed and not easily distracted. But she wasn't happy. She had a problem, or rather, a non-existent problem. A non-existent sex life problem.

To Sam, sex was a lot like sports, something other people did and were good at, which automatically meant she wouldn't be. Most of the time that was OK. She could think about it, she could read about it, she could watch it (she knew her Dad's Internet login), she could even practice it a bit (on her own of course), but the thought of actually doing it with a boy was, well, way over in left field somewhere. Until recently, that had been enough to satisfy the curiosity which increasingly pervaded her thoughts, but it hadn't done anything for the hormones that had been pervading the rest of her developing body.

In a rare moment away from her books one summer evening, she was lying on her bed contemplating nothing in particular. She'd had a shower to cool off and her glowing skin was enjoying the sensuous caresses of a warm breeze wafting through the open window. Mum and Dad were out at some Tennis Club function and only she, Julie, and their younger brother Phil were at home. And Rufus, the family's white Akita, of course.

Her fingers roamed unconsciously over her young body, taking in the various shapes and textures, while her mind drifted aimlessly, as if waiting, waiting for...something. Something that might, perhaps, persuade her to have another go at overcoming the "too sensitive" feelings that had always curtailed her explorations in the past. She became aware of Julie's voice, outside on the patio somewhere, talking on the cordless phone to one of her innumerable girl-friends. She was laughing and giggling a lot, then her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. Sam wasn't really trying to eavesdrop, well not at first anyway, until she heard Julie quite clearly use the "F" word. Her ears pricked up, that was not something either of their parents condoned. The light breeze faltered and Julie's voice faded. Sam listened, straining to catch any sound. The breeze fluttered to life once more and Julie's light tones fragmented back into the room ...

"...swear...the truth, 'n the secon... Yeh, truly...e fucked twi...ten...and...nd time...nearly...No, well not m...e was...'n 'cos we'd...for...s really wet...so good."

Try as she might Sam couldn't quite make out all the words, but her brain did a great job of filling in the gaps! She rolled over quietly and crept closer to the window, but either the wind changed or Julie moved because her voice became even more muffled. Sam could still hear her sister's laughter, but the words were lost. Nevermind, she'd heard enough. Julie had lost her cherry! It was probably Jeff, the young tennis coach she'd spent a lot of time with over the school holidays. The previous weekend the whole junior team had gone away to play in a finals series. I bet that's when it happened, thought Sam, feeling crushed, and not for the first time.

Julie's good looks, her popularity and sporting prowess had long been sore points for Sam. Even their parents, without meaning to be unkind, seemed to acknowledge Julie's sporting achievements more than the good results Sam had been getting at school. Sam was an attractive girl too, but she couldn't see it. Her budding breasts were not growing fast enough, there was still far too much puppy fat around her face and tummy and her natural silver blond hair barely rated a mention around her pubic region. She looked like a 10 year old down there! - even though she'd been having periods for more than two years. When WOULD she grow up?

Not usually given to spending long hours gazing at herself in the mirror, mainly because she didn't like what she saw, Sam contemplated going to her parents room to look in their long mirror, just in case things had changed since the last time. That was more than 3 months ago she recalled, when she'd tried on a "nearly grown up" summer dress her aunt had bought for her birthday. Dad had jokingly said it wouldn't be long before she could wear it without the detachable shoulder straps, but that was just Dad trying to be nice.

Mind made up, she got off the bed, slipped into her robe and headed for her parents room at the other end of the house. Pushing their door to behind her, she turned on the light and stood in front of the long reflection. Despite feeling self-conscious, she resolved to give herself a good honest review. She posed and turned, trying to move like a graceful model, opening and swirling the robe to catch glimpses of her bare legs and torso. So far, so good.

She turned to face the mirror and slowly slid the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall in a billow at her feet. Stepping out of it, she moved closer and examined her exposed body more critically. Turning sideways and cupping her breasts, she thought, yes, maybe they are getting bigger, and yes, her tummy was definitely looking flatter. She even seemed to be developing a proper waist line, she noticed, as she turned back towards her other self.

Her confidence boosted by these early observations and feeling a little daring, she slipped a finger into the waist band of her white panties, her only remaining article of clothing, and held her breath as she sensuously slid them off her hips and down her legs. Watching her reflection's far from dainty attempt to flick the panties into the air with a foot, she got the giggles and lost her balance. Falling backward onto the bed with legs spread wide she sat up to find she was staring straight at her mirrored pussy. It seemed to wink at her. She could see her pink titties jutting into the air beyond, and she had to admit, viewed from that angle, they did seem a lot more perky than she remembered. She felt herself flush at the thought and through transparent pubic fuzz could see pinkness spreading around her vaginal lips.

She'd only ever used a hand mirror to look at her pussy before, and although she'd tried to get younger brother Phil to join in once, he hadn't seemed very interested. He was barely 12 at the time and his penis was only just starting to develop - he'd not had much pubic hair either, even though he had Mum's dark colouring. Of course, now he was 13 1/2 things were a bit different - she'd caught him playing doctors and nurses with the little girl next door only a week or so ago, but even under threat of exposure to Mum and Dad, he still hadn't wanted to play like that with his sister! Thinking about the semi-erection Phil had been showing off at the time and how big his penis was becoming, she felt a familiar tingling begin in her groin.

She'd played with herself before, but had always stopped when she got very sensitive down there and started feeling weird. She'd never watched herself doing it though, and as she gazed into the mirror, she became fascinated by the way the fingers of that other girl stroked and caressed her skin and darted down into that secret place. It felt warm, almost hot to her, that other girl's touch, and moist too. She saw the outer lips of her vagina beginning to swell and darken.

Hesitantly she moved her/that other girl's fingers further and further into the crevice, delicately tracing the soft contours of that special place she'd only ever read about before. Her explorations simultaneously became both easier and more urgent. She could tell she was lubricating already, the probing fingers making a lovely squishy noise as they slid to and fro.



The feeling was delicious and she imagined it was someone else's hand, someone she couldn't control, someone who wanted her to enjoy the investigation. Not having to hold the mirror meant there was a hand free to separate her swelling lips so she could watch those other fingers glide over the slick cherry red surface inside. The fingers moved more and more vigorously and she was getting more and more aroused, much more aroused than she ever had before. Her clitoris was now clearly visible but she deliberately made those slippery fingers avoid it. Rubbing it, she knew, would bring an end to the game. It was always just too sensitive to touch for more than a few seconds.

Chubby fingers continued probing deeper, discovering and tracing the outline of her virginal entrance. Unable to hold back, one eventually probed deep enough to slip past her intact hymen, sliding in easily until it was nearly two joints deep inside her. Sam held her breath as she watched the finger slowly ease its way even further into her, then a stab of pain caused her to gasp, and the finger jumped back. As it pulled out and quickly curled over to re-join it's companions, a nail rasped across her clit and Sam let out another gasp at the jolt of electricity that flashed through her.

A flame had ignited down there. This was new. She'd read about it of course, and sort of thought she knew what to expect, but feeling the first undeniable twinge of a real sexual urge was still a revelation. A marvelous revelation. Of their own accord, the fingers gingerly returned to their mission, but this time began including her overheated clit in their tour of duties. Every time they made contact Sam jumped and her hips, jerking off the bed, increased the pressure and caused her to gasp again.

Gradually the gasps turned to soft moans and the pace of her masturbation increased. She blushed as the word flashed through her brain, but even a close observer would not have noticed it among the general red-shift in the light reflected from her straining and glistening body. Wondering if she could actually make herself "cum", she started rubbing and pinching her hardening nipples. She was amazed at how sensitive they were, and even more amazed at her ability to go way beyond her previous termination point.

Her breath was coming in short gulps now and she could no longer hold her head up to watch the action. Giving in to the pure physical sensation, she slumped back on the bed, instinctively drew her knees up and spread herself as wide as she could, using the whole of one hand to stimulate her swollen genitals while the other alternated between her two heaving breasts, rubbing, squeezing, teasing out the nipples, cupping and stroking again.

She closed her eyes and the outside world melted away. There existed only her taut straining perspiring mountains of breasts, her drenched, slobbering, fire-breathing cunt, and those delicious slippery hands and fingers that were everywhere at once. She whimpered with pleasure, tears of joy squeezing past her tight clenched eyelids. Her virgin hips rocked to and fro and she guessed she must be close to "coming", whatever that meant, for the first time, ever. The pleasure was...just...sooo...much. Could she really do it, could she really make it happen, could she really make herself go that far? Gritting her teeth in the determination she was known for, she pushed through one pleasure barrier after another. Way, way into uncharted territory, she plunged on, driving herself towards some unseen peak she guessed, knew, insisted, must. only. be. just. over. the. next. rise. She was right.

Fire. Ice. Water.

Hot breath, cold nose and a long wet tongue invaded her world. Rufus, his sensitive ears having picked up the distant sounds of distress from his favorite family member, had come to her rescue. His arrival coincided with the eruption of Sam's own personal orgasm monster who gathered her in, chewed her up and spat her out high into the star filled universe. In his paralyzing grip, Sam was held motionless, her hips rigidly and grotesquely thrust into the air, her hands flung wide as her whole inner being exploded through the gaping portal between her thighs. Rufus knew what to do. He caught her very essence as it escaped and using his wet tongue thrust it back from whence it came. Holding his muzzle so close his hot breath dried her saturated pubic fluff, he washed and cleaned the exposed parts of her vagina, licking out all the cream he could reach. His ministrations served only to extend, and extend, her climax, holding her at the very peak, pushing her back to the top each time she began to slide off.

Totally unaware of his presence, Sam felt only the sensation, somehow believing this is how it was meant to be. Glorious, hot, wet, permanent and all consuming. Tears streaked her face, her breath coming in great sobs as legs and thighs trembled with the strain of holding herself aloft.

Eventually, consciousness returned, and with it the knowledge that she was not alone. Her hips subsided and the chilling identity of her companion broke through the jelly that had previously been her brain. An ear-piercing scream leapt from her throat to be instantly choked off into a hoarse gurgle as her returning brain made the simultaneous connections between Rufus/Safe, Rufus's tongue/Delirious pleasure, Scream/Rescue, Rescue/Discovery, Discovery/Total disaster.

Way out of character for Sam, the words "OH SHIT!!" came to mind. Strongly.

"Stop Rufus, stop. Please! Get away, I can't take any more." With no strength left in any limbs to make him comply, Sam relied solely on his rudimentary understanding of English. Fortunately for her sanity, it was enough. His tongue withdrew and he sat, looking at her, with that lovely tilted head look of curiosity that Akitas have when they can't understand us humans.

Slowly she sat up, her lips, both sets - upper and lower, still gaping at him. He stood and moved forward again, curly tail wagging. "No, no, Rufus. Enough, enough. Sit. Good boy."

She tried to collect her thoughts and her breath, unsure of how much of what she had just experienced was of her own doing and how much was Rufus. She patted his head, wishing he could tell her, wanting to know how depraved her behavior had been, but glad too that he couldn't blab to anyone else. He turned his head and began gently licking the inside of her leg, tasting the salt that lingered there from her recent exertions. Sam found comfort in this, she was used to it, even though her mother disapproved, it was something Rufus did to anyone with a bare sweaty leg he could get to. As he turned to lick her other leg, his tongue flicked out to her still swollen clit and caught another drop of moisture. Sam gasped, "Oh Rufus, if only you knew what that does to me."

At this point Sam made the first of several conscious, life changing, decisions she was to make that day. She decided that Rufus was OK and they would have to find an opportunity, and soon, to more fully explore exactly what that DID do to her.

Looking around, Sam realized she'd made something of a mess of her parents room and set about straightening up. There wasn't much she could do about the damp spot near the bottom of the quilt cover, but figured it might dry out enough by the time her parents got home that they wouldn't notice. She could always blame Rufus and his slobber, it might even be his.

Talking of Rufus, he just sat and watched his friend moving around, content with being in her company - she smelled real good tonight. He caught another strong whiff as she bent to collect her robe from the floor, but she was too quick for him to investigate further.

Turning to leave the room, she called him and he was happy to trot along behind, following her all the way back to her own room. Passing Phil's room they could hear the blood curdling sounds of Doom IV - "The Ultimate Revenge", pumping from his game machine. The sound of running water from the bathroom suggested Julie was in the shower, probably preparing to sneak out - it was still way too early for her to getting ready for bed. Sam knew Julie often slipped out for hours at a time when their parents thought she was safely at home, but she never said anything, feeling jealous but not spiteful. She was, up to that point anyway, a nice girl. Things change.



Rufus followed Sam right into her room, something that was frowned on rather than forbidden, mainly because he shed constantly and made a mess everywhere. Realizing there would probably be evidence of his recent visit to her parents room, she decided not to go back and check, it might provide a valuable alibi if the damp spot was discovered.

Slumping face down across her bed, she called him and he came up and gave her face a lick. Scratching him behind his ears, she gazed into his big brown human-like eyes. "Oh, Rufus, what am I going to do. I want so much to be grown up, like Julie. Full of confidence, lots of friends, heaps more freedom than Mum and Dad ever give me, and someone to...fuck with. There I said it." Blushing at her own candor, she lent forward and kissed Rufus on the forehead. He didn't mind, Mum did that all the time, often leaving lipstick smudges behind. He'd got used to the notion that just because there was a sissy pink patch in the middle of the white flash between his eyes, it didn't mean he wasn't a vicious guard dog still. So there!!

Looking up into Sam's sad face, he sat with his head on one side and waited. Sensing he was still happy to be her friend, despite everything that was wrong with her, Sam slid off the bed and gave him hug. Rufus wasn't usually comfortable with close hugs, but Sam was an exception, particularly tonight as he caught another whiff of that lovely smell she was giving off.

He bent his head and began licking the tip of his penis peaking from it's hairy sheath. Sam had noticed, and not noticed, his penis before, never really connecting it with anything other than the thing he used to water every tree and post in the neighborhood on their frequent walks together. In her current state though, she was fascinated. She noticed how pink and wet it looked and watched as more of it became exposed the longer he licked. She knew about human pre-cum but didn't know if that applied to dogs, it certainly seemed to apply to Rufus.

It dawned on her that he and she had much in common. His freedom was restricted, he was entirely and obviously sexually mature, but had never been mated - well maybe once when he escaped for two days and came home exhausted - and the only people he knew well were his family. Despite all that, he seemed happy, was very loyal, and always pleased to see her when she came home - 'though that could be because she often took him with her when she walked round the block to clear her head. Other people took coffee breaks, she took doggy breaks.

Watching more and more of his penis appear, she realized it was as least as long as Phil's, a bit thinner, but much stiffer and he really seemed to be enjoying the tonguing he was giving himself. He shifted, leaning against her to give himself better access. Peering over his shoulder, Sam had a birds eye view of every lick and saw his knot as it emerged from the tight sheath protecting it. About 15cm from the tip of his doggy cock, it was covered in purple and red veins and looked like his cock had swallowed a golf ball. He must be getting quite turned on, she thought. She could even feel his rapid heart beat through the warm fur of his flank as he leaned against her naked breasts. At the thought, her nipples sprang to life, relishing the movement and texture of his coat. She was getting turned on too.

Suddenly Rufus stopped what he was doing, stood up, turned around, and looked down at Sam as she sprawled back on the floor. "Oh, Rufus!" she complained, rubbing her elbow and half sitting up. Not sure why she called his name, he acted on pure instinct, lowered his head and pushed his muzzle down toward the source of that wonderful scent his friend was exuding. Catching Sam off-guard again, she fell back flat on the floor once more and his nose and tongue zoomed in on their target. 'Slurp'

"Oh shit, Rufus, no, no."

'Slurrrppp, lick'

"Oh Rufus, oh shit, donnn...'t"

'Lick, lick. Flick, sluuurrrpp'

"Oh, oh. Oooh, Rufus"

'Snuffle, slurp, burrow, sssllluuurrrppp!'


Her resistance totally slurped away, Sam just gave in and let him go for it. What would it hurt if he helped her get off again. His tongue was like magic. No, not magic, magic wasn't real, and the one thing this was, was REAL! Real everything! She couldn't believe the sensation, she was almost instantly back at the peak she been thrown from half an hour earlier. Her nipples felt like they were going to burst out of their tight red caps at the tip of her jutting breasts, perspiration began beading all over her exposed skin, and the fire in her clitoris was like a white hot spear searing into her soul.

She could feel a mixture of her juices and Rufus's saliva running down between her vaginal lips and dripping over her puckered anus to form another damp spot on the floor. Every so often Rufus would dip his tongue down there, rasping over her tight bung hole, then, sliding back over her open vagina, flick her clit with the tip of his tongue as he lifted off before starting another stroke. Totally unable, well unwilling, to even try moving away, Sam just spread her legs wider and waited for the inevitable. Clutching her breasts and rolling their throbbing nipples between fingers and thumbs, Sam let the rising tide of passion wash over her. That Rufus was going to make her come was not in doubt, how soon and perhaps how often were the only remaining questions.

Instinctively humping her hips in time with the dogs head, it jointly took them, at most, only a few minutes to provide her first answer. The second, or so it seemed, and as it turned out, took much, much longer. Stifling a scream, though with Julie now probably over at the neighbors and Phil still wreaking havoc on level 7, only Rufus would have heard as Sam's very first externally generated climax ripped through her supple body. It began everywhere at once, and never really ended, echoing through her memory for the rest of her life. There was a feeling of suffocation, of exhilaration, of tension released, of tension built, of joy, of pain, of unbelievable delight and gratification, a gaining of wisdom, a wonderful loss of innocence and the bliss, the utter bliss of knowing she DID have the ability to experience all of that.

Rufus, privy only to the reaction of her body, pressed on, knowing that whatever it was he was doing, it was generating more and more of that wonderful scent. His tongue began to seek it's origin and pushed and probed closer and closer to her inner entrance. Sam realized he might try to push past her cherry, maybe he would even break it and the thought brought another wave of excitement. Hands now under her firm buns, she lifted herself off the floor and presented her opening to him at just the right angle for his tongue. He pushed and probed, feeling the slight resistance of her thin membrane. Already partly stretched by her previous digital explorations and now pulled tight by the spread of her thighs, the barrier began to give as Rufus worried his tongue into the small opening below it. At the taste of small blood vessels being severed, his tongue withdrew and Sam let out a sob.

She reached up and grabbed a pillow off the bed above her, folded it over and quickly jammed it under her buttocks. This served the double purpose of lifting her hips while allowing her freed hands to hold herself open. Rufus, head on one side, gazed quizzically down at her.

Silently pleading, "Do it Rufus, do it, please", Sam gave no thought to the weirdness that a scant hour ago would have shocked her to her core. She just wanted Rufus to push that fabulous tongue all the way into her, and her hymen was a physical barrier that need to be breached for him to do that.

Unable to ignore the overpowering aroma, Rufus moved closer and again his tongue snaked out, slithering and sliding into her opening. Feeling the barrier he pushed his muzzle right into her spread vagina, sniffing and nudging at it with the tip of his nose. Once, twice he made contact, his tongue still probing the small gap. Sam felt another twinge of pain. Nearly there. Rufus nudged again. Ready for him this time, Sam gritted her teeth and thrust herself forward, jabbing the tip of his muzzle into her as far as it would go. Rufus instinctively pulled back, but too late, the sudden movement had been enough. Sam felt her hymen tear and a needle stab of pain followed. She gulped air, she was open, the way was clear for that lovely divine instrument of torture to fully enter her. Rufus shook his head, but didn't move away.



"Come on, boy, come on."

Needing little encouragement, Rufus dipped his head once more and this time felt no resistance. His tongue sliding easily into the deliriously happy girls depths, finding and drawing out the nectar that his senses craved. Sam closed her eyes and let the dog's passion take over. The sensation as he delved and twisted was beyond anything she had ever contemplated. The stimulation reached down into her very soul, awakening a giant she now understood had been lying dormant, waiting for that moment when she found the confidence to let herself submit to her own desires. Totally unashamed, she reveled in her new found freedom, a freedom to enjoy without guilt, to enjoy for it's own sake, a freedom to abandon control in favor of a guided tour of places and things she would never have permitted herself to visit.

Her climax was almost continuous. Starting as a low rumble the moment the dog's tongue began it's first proper journey into her depths, it continued in the background like thunder, a continuous ebbing and flowing, a growing, rolling, growling, roar pierced by shards of light. Roiling clouds tossed and tumbled her from one crescendo to another, sometimes deafening her with exhilaration, sometimes silently wrenching her soul apart as vibration after shocking vibration wracked her to the core. It filled her universe and engulfed her. Her body, straining to feel all there was to feel, moved in unison with the dog. Rivulets of fluid ran from her body, a mix of perspiration, saliva and lubricant. Rufus could not collect it all, but he tried, valiantly.

Somehow sensing that his friend had become his bitch, to do with as he wanted, his own urges took over. His penis, now fully extended, dripped with his pre-cum. He knew what came next. With a howl he lifted his head and lurched forward, his front paws landing beside Sam's arms, pinning them to her side and trapping them against his chest. His penis banged harshly against her clitoris and his testicles slapped fingers still holding her swollen lips open for him.

Lost in the storm raging through her, Sam was, at best, only half aware the tongue had been removed and his touch was different. Yearning to be filled again, she tilted her hips as his penis jerked to and fro across her unbelievably rigid button. The movement and pressure sparked yet more lightening strikes, driving her hips further upward precisely as he humped again. In one, swift, fluid filled moment, his penis drove into the spasming hole like an arrow. He was home, sunk in her quivering flesh. A second thrust from each of them and his swelling knot squeezed through the still tight opening. A third pulled the knot savagely back then rammed it forward again. Both yowled in pain, the dog arching his back and shuffling forward to make sure all of him stayed buried in his bitches hot cunt.

For Sam, the joy and pain of being filled so well and so quickly suddenly turned to abject horror as everything finally sank in, literally! She was really fucking, or more accurately, really being fucked by, a 100% god-damn real penis - a DOG penis! The dog was actually fucking her with his cock. It felt...GOOD! Her brain spun and squirmed away. Her body twitched, but refused to follow. Feeling her slight movement, Rufus dipped his head and grunted, nipping at her breasts and leaving a trail of saliva draped across them.

Petrified at this turn of events and now truly unable to move, she felt his humping gather pace. The pressure was almost unbearable and she had an uncontrollable urge to pee. Frightened something would burst, she tried adjusting her hips to better accommodate him. He felt her shift beneath him again and let out another low growl. His back arched more and the massive strength in his haunches tilted her pelvis clear of the pillow, his penis driving even deeper. Crouching low over her, his hot panting breath seared her face while the drool soaked fur on his chest rasped unmercifully across her aching breasts.

Utterly in awe of the power he radiated she knew she could not stop him continuing the rut until he was finally spent. The only alternative was to submit. Fuck or be fucked. At the same time welcoming and recoiling from this ultimate loss of inhibition, she was unable to hold back yet another violent crescendo in her own rolling climax. It was followed immediately by a hot spurt of piss jetting from her slit. Her mind had lost all control over her body. The aroma of her wet release drove Rufus into a frenzy. His entire frame trembled and Sam guessed he was just moments away from coming inside her. Resonating to his contagious movement, her body responded in kind, readying itself for the final onslaught.

The magnitude of what was happening totally overwhelmed her. What had started out as a simple attempt to have the dog help her masturbate, had led to him licking her to countless orgasms, breaking her cherry, fucking her with his cock until she couldn't stop coming, and now, was about to end with her gladly anticipating the arrival of his seed. She was his bitch and she wanted him.

"Do it Rufus, do it. Fuck me. Come inside me." she whispered. Pushing her hips hard against him she felt a throbbing ache in her vagina that only his climax could assuage.

Her own animalistic reflexes were taking over, causing her cunt muscles to spasm and clamp tight around the poor animal's straining member. He yelped. Knowing that for a fleeting moment at least, she had control, she squeezed again. His hind quarters jerked, lifting her still higher and she sensed more than felt the stream of cum begin its release in her. Their howl was long and low. Heat spread through her entire cunt, triggering a torment of rippling muscles that tried to milk every drop from him. Rufus obliged, his swollen balls emptying more sperm into her than any man she would ever meet. Grunting with the effort, her body strained against him, draining his cock over and over again. Gradually their urgent movements slowed but still she could feel the dog seed surging down his shaft, filling every crevice inside her.

From nowhere, a small voice inside her jumped for joy, and sang "Oh what a feeling...Akita!" Sam giggled at the irreverent twist to the jingle and dreamily realized those Toyota ads would never be the same!

The heat faded slowly only to be replaced by a sensation of fullness she could not believe. His knot, swelling inside her, was locking them together. Too late she remembered how dogs could be connected for hours once that happened. Frantically trying to free herself by pulling him out of her, she felt another hot stream of piss let go between their joined genitals. Panicking now at the mess she was making, she wriggled her hips and tried dragging them down to the saturated pillow beneath her. Rufus followed. She lowered her legs and tried to squirm from underneath the calming animal but instinctively Rufus shifted and, in one easy movement, rotated until he was facing her feet, his now backward facing penis still firmly entrenched in her inflamed vagina. His twisting caused her to cry out, and another fountain of piss sprayed up over his hind quarters, staining his white fur. Locked inexorably together in a mess of sweat, saliva, lubricant, semen and urine, for who knew how long, Sam began to sob, adding her tears to the stew of body fluids already present. This was bad, very bad.

It got worse.

"Are you alright si..." Phil's head appeared round her bedroom door, his voice trailing off as his eyes, peering over his glasses, tried to take in the totally incomprehensible.

"Get out. GET OUT!" Sam shrieked. Rufus, startled by the noise, tried to get up, tearing at her insides as he dragged her with him. He yelped. She screamed. Phil froze, his mouth open in a silent "What???!!!"

"Get out! Get out! Get out!"

Gulp for air.

"Get out Phil, just get out, please. I ccc..can't ex..." Sam's stuttering voice drying up as she fought to find any words that would undo the scene that confronted her younger brother.

"Go back to your room please. I'll be fine, I just had an little ac..." words failing her for a second time.

Shaking his head in disbelief, his head retreated.

"Close the door behind you, please." she begged, but he was gone.

"Oh shit, Rufus, Oh shit. What have we done?"

A lifetime was to pass before she truly knew the answer, but that's another story, or three.

 ...continues in Samantha Makes Some Discoveries - click here to continue... 

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