"Summer Fun on the Farm"

      by Mareslut

      (beast MF MM group dom)

I used to live on a big farm, it belonged to my rich father who always shipped us out to it every summer. Me and my brother were the only ones there besides the grounds keeper. She had long brown hair that she always kept back in a pony tail and couldn't have been more than twenty five. She always had us a room ready when we arrived, but never more than one room. She didn't figure that brothers and sisters should have any problem sleeping in the same room, or in the same bed. One summer when I was about seventeen and my brother sixteen. I found out a little secret not many people ever get to enjoy.

One morning I had gotten up early to fix myself some breakfast, and go for a horse back ride, I woke up my brother Jeff and went to Sara's room to wake her but she was no where to be found. Me and Jeff looked every where for Sara before finding the note "Going in to town. p.s. don't forget to feed the horses" stuck to the barn door. Well I said, Let's go feed them now and get it over with till this after noon." I walked into the first stall and put some fresh hay in the bin for the horse. Then I went into the second one only to find my brother pointing at the horse. Its big cock was hanging out. He looked at me said, "Now that is a big dick!" "Oh yeah," was my answer. I reached out and pumped my hand up an down it's length once, it slipped out even more, I did not know what to do, so I said, "Let's feed all the horses then come back and see if it's still out." I started down to the next stall, when I glanced back I saw my brother timidly reach out an touch the horses huge member! He grasped it conscientiously , exploring it's rigid length with awed curiosity, it was a firm pulsing muscle that was strangely smooth and hard, yet soft I knew. The horses cock was slick and wet as if it had been fucking a mare. I raised my hand an inhaled the musky odor that still lingered on my fingers. Pretending not to notice Jeff intimately examining the stallions masculinity, I walked on feeding the rest of the horses. He caught up with me by the time I had reached the last couple of stalls so he helped me get some more feed.

We fed the rest of the horses and returned to the second stall. It was eating the hay we had left and its cock was no where to be seen. I walked up to its head and rubbed it behind the ears. It turned its head toward me and buried its nose in my crotch, I tried to push it away and when I finally did its cock was throbbing again. What's the deal?" Jeff asked startled. I guess I got kind of well...excited when I was touching it's Aha well. I...I..aha know what you mean." Jeff said quickly. I guess it can still smell thaaAAT!" I said as the horse's tongue ran up my inner thigh an snaked up inside my mini skirt! I could see it's pulsing cock glistening wetly, as it pushed its mouth between my trembling legs. "YYYour letting him do that to you?" my brother asked. I didn't answer, instead I got a hand full of its mane and just held on. I looked back and could see Jeffs throbbing cock though his jeans, unconsciously his left hand rubbed it. Without noticing, his other hand clasped the stallion's gigantic wet salami!

"Jerk him off!" I said, surprising even myself. "I know you know how, I saw you the other day in the shower." I teased. "I...I couldn't." He protested, but his hand was already moving up an down the big slick, black fucker! He looked up at me guiltily as his fingers fumbled at his zipper, the stallion's rough tongue had me up on my tip toes. So I closed my eyes, and pretended not to notice him pulling out his raging hard-on. Reaching down I pulled my skirt up exposing all of my tingling pussy to it's ravagingly hot tongue. I could feel its powerful tongue pushing between the lips of my dripping mound. It was bigger than anything I'd ever had inside of me before. It was twice as big as my boy friend Robby's cock, or the dildo I had stolen from my mothers dresser. I looked back to where Jeff was. He had his cock in his left hand and the horses in the right. Its massive length dwarfed Jeffs own cock, but Jeff's cock was by no means small it was as large as Robby's cock had been but not nearly as big as the horses. He was stroking his own cock faster now its head was swelling to an even greater size, the dark purple veins throbbed as his hand slid back and forth. "Lick it," I said, "it'll help lubricate it." I saw him surreptitiously watching as the horse licked me, startled he looked up. "W..W..What?" He asked. "Lick it. Make it good and slick," I ordered amazing us both with my boldness. Jeff slid to his knees, and stared at the huge pulsing love muscle in his hand. "I..I never felt..er held another, I mean someone else's dick before," he whispered. I unbuttoned my blouse an rubbed my hard nipples against the stallion's arched neck. Jeff tentatively licked the huge round black cock knob, pumping his hand up an down the long sticky shaft.

I've wondered what it would be like... But I...I never thought ..I'd have the nerve to..to ...well! To jerk it off, I moaned. "Yes!" He whispered!" "To put it in your mouth and suck on it!" Jeff looked up shocked! "Go on suck it!" I hissed savagely. "I...I couldn't." Jeff whispered quietly. My body was shaking uncontrollably, as the stallion's tongue lifted me off the floor. "Do it!" I screamed. With a look of blank amazement on his face Jeff gingerly put his lips to the big round knob, I was astonished to see it disappear into his mouth! I stumbled back throwing my arms over the fence stall, the stallion stepped forward keeping it's soft mouth buried in my mound. Jeff gagged and choked, as the enormous filly fucker suddenly pushed halfway down his throat. Sagging back on the fence, I thrust my hips forward, spreading my legs open wider for my equine lover's pleasure! The delightful sensations soared through my body, as his rough tongue slithered deep into me I still couldn't believe it was doing this, that I was doing this. I mean I've never really been all that interested in sex. Jeff had been, of course and my best friend Jeannie was always going on about this guy doing this to her or what ever. "OOHHoha!" "Yes!" I moaned involuntarily. The stallions huge tongue slithered up an down my mound jarring my senses. I found myself bouncing and screaming uncontrollably as the studs huge rough tongue nearly licked my clit right off! I was breathing in short gasps, as spasms began to rack my body. "AAAHHA" I cried as the stallion's tongue scraped against my rigid clit. "I can't take anymMMORRE!" I screamed. I came right in the horse's licking mouth, drenching his soft lip's an so rough tongue with my sticky love fluid! My whole body shook uncontrollably gripped in orgasmic spasms. "OHAHA" I moaned my eye's rolling. "I feel crazy all over!" "Crazy!" Jeff echoed pulling the enormous cock head out of his throat then ramming back in! "Oh what a sweet, sweet licking beast!" I whimpered. The horse had lifted its head up high when I came in it's mouth. Staggering forward I wrapped my arms around his long arched neck. Hugging his hot sweating chest, I tried to catch my breath.

Looking back I saw Jeff had grasped the horse's big fucker with both hands pumping it ferociously. His own throbbing purple cock was dripping clear precum, as he sucked an jerked the stallion's massive filly poker. Poor little blue ball's I thought, releasing the horse's neck I eased down an grasped it gently. His prick jerked up at an angle, as I ran my hand up an down it's throbbing shaft. "MMRRPHM!" Jeff moaned around the huge black cock head buried in his throat. Slick clear precum coated my palm as I pumped faster, an gently played with his hairy balls. I remembered how much Robby had wanted me to suck his cock, and how he had writhed in ecstasy when I had. Kneeling forward, I tentatively slid my lips around the slick head of his cock. It was just as big as Robby's and pulsed even more hotly as I sucked down its entire length. With the cock down my throat I reached my tongue out and licked his soft balls, his whole body quivered in pleasure!

Jeff's hip's jerked and thrust at my face, as I hungrily sucked his massive dripping salami deeper and deeper. Glancing up I watched his mouth pull in more and more of the stallion's huge marepoker, sucking on it ravenously! Grinning I did the same to him and was rewarded with a muffled moan of pleasure! I was surprised when his cock jerked and spurted its thick load down my throat, I could only swallow as he was balls deep in my throat. He was still pulling the immense equine salami with both hands, but the head rested on his cheek. He was panting for breath his chest heaving, cum still oozing from his semi hard cock. Pushing him aside I took the huge fillyfucker, stretching my lip's as wide as I could and sucked it in. Behind me Jeff rested his head on my shoulder, watching me suck and jerk the stallion's gigantic masculinity! I thrust my head up and down the horse's cock, as I pumped my hand's along its slippery shaft. The enormous beast humped forward forcing it's colossal fucker deep down my tortured throat. Choking I desperately scooted back, something was pushing against my mound. The stallion humped forward again frantically I pushed backwards, only to find myself impaled on Jeff's hard cock.

Trapped between the two hard fuckers, I writhed the horse deep in my throat Jeff pushing deeper and deeper in my pussy. With no way to protest, I found myself fucking back on to my brother's big throbbing prick! I was stunned by how good it felt having it rammed into my hot aching body! He pumped in and out slowly almost unwillingly, his hand's hesitantly sliding up my stomach and gently cupped my breasts! "OOHhooa!" Jeff groaned his voice low and husky. "If I'd only known you wanted to do this!" he grunted. "Oh your body's so hot I've almost worn my hand out the last two summers we've been here." "If I'd just known you were thinking the same thing I was all that time!" He thought I'd impale myself on purpose, because I wanted him to fuck me. I couldn't explain, but that big cock felt so good it didn't matter. I couldn't have made myself tell him any way! I mean I know it's not right for a brother and sister to be ...well to be?!? But his cock felt sooo good in my cunt!

"OHOa You want this just as much as I do!" he panted. Taking my moans for a yes, he thrust harder running his hands all over my sweaty body. I don't know maybe it was the thought that I was servicing a huge horny beast. Or maybe it was just Jeff's enormous cock, but I was building to the most incredible orgasm I've ever had! Maybe it was the thought of being a horse's slutty little mare, or the naughty thought of being both Jeff's and the horse's fuck toy. I wondered if I was Jeff's first, I just knew I was the horse's first human filly! Without much warning, the stallion began to buck and neigh shuffling his hooves in the straw. My hand's couldn't calm him, but I wasn't about to stop sucking that magnificent salami! So I just let him hump and buck as I worked on that incredible mare fucker. Then his fucker swelled jerking and throbbing hotly in my mouth, as if it were going to explode! The feeling was fascinating, kind of like Robby, but on a much larger scale. I throated as much as I could anxious to taste the beast's hot cum on my tongue. When the stallion's cock finally erupted, I wasn't as prepared as I thought! Scalding hot equine love milk blasted the back of my throat, with such force that I began gagging and choking almost immediately.

Robby's cum hadn't even filled up my mouth, now great gobs of creamy horse cum poured down my throat nearly drowning me! Swallowing as fast as I could I tried to control the stallion's cum spurting fucker, but more and more oozed from the corners of my mouth, Pushing his chin over my shoulder Jeff watched licentiously, the sight spurring him to slam even harder and faster in to my quaking body. Pulling the huge horse salami from my throat, I let the last few spurts of creamy stud milk spray into his panting face. Still thrusting wildly Jeff leaned forward, and licked the stallion's big round cock head clean, then began on my cheek and chin! At last he rolled me over, so we were face to face. As he licked the big horses cum off me, all the time still pumping his firm cock deep into my body. I closed my eyes and lay back on the sticky straw savoring the feeling, imagining that was the massive stallion's hefty distended cock that was probing me so deeply and so well! Jeff had worked his way down to the cum that had dripped off my chin and on to my breasts! He had licked all of the cum off my right beast, and was now sucking on the firm erect nipple. It was all more than I could take I felt an orgasm rising through my thighs and up into my cunt, the warm feeling spread across my shivering body and made me thrust up against Jeff's plunging rod.



Glancing over Jeff's lurching shoulders, my heart leaped in fright. Sara was watching us over the fence rail. I opened my mouth to say...well I don't know what, but all that came out was a long low moan. Sara smiled and walked into the stall unbuckling her overalls, she let them fall then shucked off her tank top. Her lean muscular body was incredible, tanned from head to toe and perfectly hairless! The lightening of orgasm thundered through my body rolling my eye's back in my head! When I opened my eye's again, Jeff was groaning and spasming in the grip of his own powerful orgasm! I could feel his hot cum pumping deep into my tingling pussy, wheezing hoarsely he collapsed on my sticky sweaty body. As I looked up to where Sara was kneeling she turned her head towards me and said, "Look's like you're really enjoying yourselves this summer." Then without waiting for an answer she turned around to the horse in front of her and without hesitation grasp the huge fucker with both hands and began to stroke its massive length. At the sound of her voice Jeff jumped his head snapping around he goggled at her open mouthed! "I've found ol' breed here's good for two or three hard rides and he springs back real quick!" She said smiling at his amazement. The horse's huge salami almost instantly began springing back to a state of rock hardness, then as it slid farther and farther out of its sheath.

Sara leaned forward and began to suck on the head of it, pumping her hands up and down the shaft just like Jeff and I had. It was amazing the amount of its cock she could swallow, and with each in stroke it became lubricated sliding down more and more easily. "That's nice e'nuff I `spose, but this ohh this is so much better!" Then suddenly she stood, bending over at the waist she slide herself under the stallion's hairy belly. With her hands on her knees she bent over in front of its raging fillyfucker, reaching back and caught the wildly swinging horse poker and guided it to her oozing cunt. With all of the saliva and the horses own dripping precum it slid easily into her tight and now well filled hole. The horse reared up onto its hind legs and put its hoove's up on the top fence rail, with its angle just right it took her with one powerful bone rattling thrust and slamming balls deep into Sara's pussy. She let out a loud moan as it began to piston in and out of its little human mare, each of its omnipotently bestial thrusts drove its enormous cock out of sight into her quivering cunt.

I was amazed that she could take so much of that tremendous salami, when I could barely handle all of Jeff's cock. Even though he was real big he wasn't much when compared to the stallions giant fucker, I just couldn't wait to try that myself, Sara gave a long shuddering sigh. The horse had already brought her to orgasm, but she was not going to stop just when it was getting into its bestial rhythm. I looked back over my shoulder to see Jeff sitting there staring in rapt amazement at this incredibly erotic spectacle that was unfolding before him. His cock with cum still oozing out of the tip, but was once again rising to its full size. "Jeez," I thought. "He can't keep it up forever, no bodies that big a horn dog." This being his third erection in an hour, it was almost as amazing as what Sara was doing! Watching Sara writhing on the horse's huge mare rammer had really got me aroused, I was practically drenched, my inner thighs wet and slick. So I reached back and gently stroked Jeff's hard pulsing rod. He looked from me to the stallion's deep probing cock and asked," You want that?" I glanced guiltily at the horse's magnificent equine pleasure scepter. "Don't you?" He whispered accusingly. "Yeah!" I admitted, "But what about you, I mean I saw how you made love to it with your mouth." "It's...it's not like that." He muttered slowly. "It's not so much what I want, as..as well what it..er..he..the stallion needs!" I got up on my hands and knees, and said to him, "Ride me, ride me like the little fuckin pony I am, ride me like he's riding Sara." Jeff smashed his steel hard cock into my hot saturated pussy ,and started to fuck me with the same beast like ebullience the stallion was using on Sara! His big prick was so hot it felt as if he was burning me up, so hard i felt as if it'ld drive right through me. "Fuck me,' I shouted at him. "Oh Yes!" Sara screamed. "Ride me like I'm your little filly slut, come on you big horny beast!" "Fuck Me!" We wailed at the same time, urging our pulsating lovers on. The stallion screamed a high keening whinny, it's cock crushing into Sara so hard she had to brace her hands on the fence rails to keep of being driven between them! The sound of that huge cock plunging into her soaking pussy was the rhythm to the music of their passions! "Make me whinny!" Jeff grunted breathlessly. A chill of excitement ran down my spine as his word's conjured images of me taking Sara's place under the stallion's belly! Quickly I began to thrust back on to his engorged rod, which caused him to piston into me even deeper. As he fucked me with a vengeance the fire in his rock hard cock spread through my thrusting pussy and into my very core. Sara was up on her tip toes, but the stallion was humping like mad each powerful thrust lifting her whole quaking body into the air! Without warning the huge beast squealed and shot it's voluminous load deep into her! Sara was orgasming again herself, and so was caught unaware the animal's climaxing thrusts literally picking her up and driving her to her knees! Sated for the moment the big horse dropped down from the fence, and trotted over to the water barrel. Sara's head and shoulder's rested on one of the lower fence rails, her knees tucked up under her stomach, her ass high in the air. Using my long hair for reins Jeff began to ride me over towards her, each thrust pushing me a little more. It wasn't long before we were right behind her, pulling my head back Jeff rammed me forward right into her dripping cunt! Sara moaned softly and opened her thighs wider, reaching back she spread her cheeks and swollen red cunt lips! Jeff nearly broke my back as he slammed harder and harder into me, driving my face against her hot oozing pussy. Hot creamy horse cum was every where it filled my senses, the next thing I knew I was up to my eyebrows in Sara's steaming pussy! I'd never been this close to another woman, well I've certainly never licked an other woman's pussy. Oh I've fingered my best friend before, even sucked her cream off my fingers, but that's not the same as...as well having your mouth right in there. Sara whimpered and clasped the back of my head, guiding my mouth as she needed it was wild, she was all red and distended due to the battering she'd received from the stallion's enormous marepoker! I did my best to soothe her hot, bruised and swollen pussy, as Jeff did his best to put mine in the same shape!


It was about two days till I had any urge to have any form of sex at all, that one day had fulfilled me like never before. Oh Jeff kept trying to interest me, almost begging at times. It was delightfully comical. Still I wasn't all that interested as I was still so sated. I woke up early the second morning after having fallen asleep on the couch, and staggered toward the bathroom. Along the way I passed Jeff's door it was slightly open, and I couldn't miss that his cover had slid off the bed. I was about to go and cover him back up, when I saw that his huge organ was standing in the full and upright position. I slowly backed out of the room, not wanting to wake him as it was to early in the morning to be fighting off his advances. And the site of his massive fucker made me wonder if I really wanted to, so continued on down the hall to the bath room to take a shower. I turned on the hot water and slipped off my silky night gown. The hot water felt so go as it ran over my body I could feel it tickle my bush and slowly I became aware that I was becoming horny. So I slipped a finger between the hot tight folds of my pussy. Using my thumb I worked my clit back and forth building swelling to that golden bliss. I felt the orgasmic churning in my groin building in my hot pussy, my fingers worked faster trying frantically to create that colossal rush of orgasm.

Sara woke up to the sound of running water, it took her a minute to figure out where it was coming from. She rolled over and threw back the covers of her bed and stood up. Her long hair fell back down around her waist, and her large tits pushed at her tight night shirt. She opened her door and made her way down the hall, as she was passing by Jeff and Tina's room she saw that the door was open. She stepped to the doorway and glanced in. There lay Jeff all his cover thrown off and his enormous cock standing tall. She stepped into the room and bent over to pick up the blankets, she came back up she bent towards the bed as Jeff rolled over. His cock was only inches from her face, and she couldn't resist the throbbing purple fucker. Opening her mouth she gently eases her lips over it's hot pulsing head, sucking it's full length into her mouth. Her tongue playfully lapping at his soft testicles. The salty tartness of his flesh and the feel of that fiery throbbing muscle in her mouth made Sara so excited! "Hhoaahh!" Jeff groaned his eye's snapping open. "Oh Tina I've needed that so bad!" "It's been three days. I've just about died of blue ball!" "I've made up my mind, I'm not going to jerk off anymore now that we've..." "SARA!" He exclaimed as she looked up at him, his cock still deep in her throat! "I thought it was Tina who was down there!" Jeff said. Sara just looked at him and rolled him onto his back. She raised her head and said, "I bet you were dreaming about Tina. That's why you have this here big hard toy."

"Well" Jeff Sara wasn't listening she had straddled his waist and was working his giant cock head into her hot pussy. She slipped the entire shaft in and began to slowly slide it in and out of her dripping cunt. Jeff was hypnotized by Sara's magnificent swaying jugs, he reached up and grabbed one of the firm tits and squeezed a hardening nipple. "Damn!" she swore stopping her bouncing. "Sorry kid, but I guess playing around with your father's stallions have ruined me for ordinary men!" "Oh please don't stop it's so good!" Jeff whined sitting up and sucking her big brown nipple's. "Once you've had a stallion between your legs you just can never go back, you'll just never be satisfied with a man again!" "Don't worry tho' I know what we can do to even things up." she assured Jeff, pulling his throbbing manhood out of her dripping pussy, and pushing it back to her tiny puckered asshole! "This is something I could never do with a horse!" She groaned impaling herself! "AAHhahah!" Jeff groaned as the head of his prick pushed through her taut sphincter muscles. "Slowly!" Sara barked, pain in her voice. Jeff tried to stop then, but the hot tight grasp just felt to good. Gritting his teeth he rammed it home, Sara gasped and clawed at her ass cheeks trying to spread them wider! "No one who's never been fucked up the ass should ever be allowed to do it to someone else!" Sara groaned. Jeff gripped her big bouncy breasts and held her in place as he began pumping in and out of her tightly drawn anus. "You're all alike, it doesn't matter if it's you, or a stud horse. You're all mastered by your cocks!" Sara murmured between gritted teeth. "Yeah I guess you're right," Jeff panted. "Still you women keep coming back for more." "We like leading you big dumb beasts around by that thing!" She said using the muscles of her firm buttocks to give his cock a squeeze. "It's just so easy to make you sit up and beg, or do other tricks and it's so much fun!" Sara giggled as her body adjusted itself to his size, and she began to enjoy his harsh fuck thrusts. The feeling of his throbbing cock head deep inside her body sent shivers of pleasure down her spine, and the feeling of his warm hands squeezing her heavy tits nearly drove her crazy. The heat of his repeated thrusts burned along her thighs, and up into her stomach and with it came a feeling she knew all to well, which was quickly building to a shuddering climax. She neared the point of orgasm with each powerful thrust, and as it washed over her she flung back her head and squealed in delight. Jeff knew she was cumming because of all the warm juice that was covering his muscular stomach, and her heaving breaths, she collapsed against his chest.



She could feel Jeff slow his thrusting, but she had a better plan than riding him some more she was going to let him ride her like she was a horny little mare. Sara pulled away from him climbing up on her hands and knees and pulled Jeff around behind her. He slowly began to wedge his tingling cock back into her taut asshole. "Don't start going slow now big boy, get that thing back where it belongs." Sara called over her shoulders, pushing back against his hard probing fucker. Jeff his pulsing cock barely penetrating her, grabbed her hips and rammed his cock balls deep with one thrust. Sara gasped as his first thrust pushed her face down against the sweaty sheets. With each thrust pushed her closer towards the head board, burying her face in the pillows. "Try a little pillow biting you, horse fuckin' slut!" Jeff grunted pounding her tight asshole savagely! Pistoning her hot ass faster and faster his huge cock throbbing mightily with each bone jarring fuck thrust. With Jeffs pumping Sara was building to another orgasm, she knew Jeff was to so she squeezed her ass as tight as she could to increase the pleasure they both received. The orgasm came quick, but was stronger than the first she began to jerk and whine as it washed over her, Jeff himself was fast approaching his own destination. He pulled his cock out of her hot quivering asshole and laid it on her round perfect buttocks like he'd seen porn stars do. Jerking it once blew his thick scalding cum across her back. The last spurts dropping into her crack and ramming down across her dripping pussy. He climbed out of his sweaty bed and headed to the bathroom.

I turned off the shower stepped out not even bothering to towel off. I pulled on my flip flops and bath robe, knowing I need something more than fingers!" I decided I needed something long and hard, to do the job right. I found myself almost unconsciously headed out to the stables. The horses had been on my mind since Sara had shone us her passion. I entered the first stall I came to, inside was a big black stallion Sara called Antninus. I moved to his side opened my robe and brushing my soft breast against the side of his arched neck and ran my fingers down to scratch the hollow under his jaw. "HUM, I bet your sublime filly poker will hit the spot just right," I said as I reached down and caressed the wry hair of his belly. I knew perfectly well that if the stallion stood still for a little while I could tease its giant pleasure scepter out of its hairy sheath. It didn't take long to begin sliding out, so I ran my hand back to its semi-stiff member and began to caress its slick round head. The giant tool quickly grew to enormous proportions, so big in fact that I realized it was useless to attempt what I had had in mind. I turned to leave the stall frustrated that I had been denied my fun, when the stallion nickered plaintively. It was then that I realized how naughtily I had been getting the poor stud all hot and bothered! I couldn't just go off and leave him to suffer, just because I was too small for his magnificent marepumper! I thought of going and getting Sara, but having to admit my own senselessness was just too humiliating! I decided to take care of this myself, after all I was the tease who had so aroused the innocent beast! Kneeling down by his side I reached over and pulled his massive equine salami to my lips! He may have been a dumb animal, but he knew what he liked. Rearing up he hunched forward driving the huge tool down my throat, gagging and swallowing I felt the massive head going deep into my chest Gasping his slick wet shaft with both hands I pushed back until he slowly began to prance back! It was hard but I finally got his big round cock knob back up to my mouth! I could manage then, so I carefully began sucking it in and out all the time pumping my hands up and down the immense shaft! The stallion whinnied his delight, I could feel his hot breath on my shoulders. Glancing back I saw him sniffing my hair, maybe he knew I wasn't his normal filly and so really wanted to remember my scent. In case he ever got me alone again, the thought sent a chill of carnal eroticism down my spine! I guess I got carried away then, but it was just so hot. I mean being the focus of a huge powerful animal's desire, knowing that at that one moment the pleasure your giving him is all he want's in the world. Kneeling passively dominated by his all consuming passion servicing his every lust! Helpless under him, but knowing without you he would be powerless to quench his own desire's! A sharp hoove struck my thigh bruising my pale skin, I realized that at any moment he could snap my bone's or crush the breath from my body! His hoove slipped closer, the rough hair of his fetlock tricked my mound eagerly I rubbed my oozing pussy against it. He snorted a hot breath on the back of my neck as his teeth closed on my hair, it was almost like he was holding me it place! I was his now, his mare for his pleasure, I had given him no choice in his passion and he was giving me no choice in his mastery. Stallion and mare and this was our honeymoon! He grunted and puffed as I franticly yanked his mammoth fucker in and out! I felt that immense muscle tense becoming as rigid as iron, once a dribble twice a mouth full! Remembering how I'd almost drowned the last time a horse had cum in my mouth, I quickly pulled my mouth away! The stallion's hefty salami strained pulsing taut, spraying it's hot steaming lust all down my neck, breasts and belly. I leaned back letting his scorching passions spurt between my legs feeling the hot stinging cum flow over my tingling cunt! Reaching down I rubbed the thick liquid in to my throbbing pussy imagining the stallion's wondrous cock thrusting in to me. Antninus pranced around me guarding his newest mare, sniffing occasionally to see if I wanted him again. As mare's often like it more than once a day, I was feeling so good I almost offered myself to him. Once again discretion got the better of valor or perhaps desire, and I crawled out from under him and started to head back to the house.

I had just opened the door when a powerful gust of wind caught my robe, and blew it off my shoulders. It flew back into the barn wrapping around a fence rail, leaving me standing naked and face to face with the new ranch hand. Kile's mouth fell open, a look of surprise and sheepish guilt spread across his face, as he tried to cram his rigid cock back into his jeans! The big long rod just wouldn't fit in those tight pants though, he spun around stuttering. "I..I." "Were you watching me?" I asked so mad that for the moment I forgot I was standing there naked and cover with thick sticky horse cum. "Oh no, no ma'am!" Kile stammered accidental dropping his pants, he bent quickly to pull them back up. Nice ass, I thought but I was still mad and didn't believe him. "Then why were you coming in here with your cock out and so.er..excited?" I demanded. "If you weren't watching me, then what got you so excited?" "I was just going to.." He stopped suddenly shaking his head. Then I understood. "If you didn't know I was in the barn then what were you going to fuck?" I asked sharply. He gulped at that and spun back around, his face burning with embarrassment. There was only one thing in there beside's the stallion's. "You were going to fuck that little goat, you were going to fuck Nellie!" I exclaimed grinning. "He looked up and down my body, his eyes widening with shock. "Is that, I mean did you?" He stuttered. I walked right up to him. "Before you go any farther, yes it is, and yes I did!" I said gently sliding my hand into his tight jeans and cupping his soft round balls. "We both know what you were going to do, and now we both know what I just did!" "We're even." My hand slid up and grasped his big throbbing cock, and I started pulling him back into the barn. "Let's go to a little more private spot and you can show me how you use this wonderful tool!" "When we're through, you can even show me how you use it on Nellie, and I'll watch and clap!" I promised. "I..I couldn't!" He started, his whole body shivering. I pumped my hand up and down his long shaft. "Oh I think you might be surprised what all you can do, with the right encouragement!" I whispered lubricating his pulsing fucker a hand full of warm greasy horse cum. I pushed him back into ol' breeds stall, laying him on the soft straw. Scooping another hand full of horse spunk from my breasts, I rubbed it down his massive fucker. It's almost like letting Antninus have me, I thought I mean it is his cum going in first.

"OOHOHA!" Kile moaned as I grasped his gigantic, but well lubricated cock head, and knelt down ramming it into my body. "I I IEEA!" I screamed as his tremendous fucker wedged in, I had never been so completely filled! He was easily twice Jeff's size, I might have been better off letting Antnius have me, I thought wildly. Reaching up he grabbed my hips, and pulled me down driving the whole length of his enormous fucker into me! I almost fainted then. The next thing I knew I was on my back in the straw. Kile was above me, vigorously plowing his monumental cock in and out of me like a rutting beast. His lean muscular hips pounded my bruised inner thighs powerfully, with each thrust ramming his hulking fucker balls deep into me! Just for fun I gave him a little. "Nanaaa!" That was a mistake. his jarring thrust became brutal then as he lost all semblance of control. Glancing up I saw his eyes were closed tightly now and his teeth were gritted together in a grimace of feral desire as he pounded deliriously. Above us ol' breed pranced, excited by the sounds and smell of our passionate union. The big stud's corpulent equine salami was already hanging down, so I reached up and roughly started jerking on it. Surprisingly the big horse seemed to freeze in place, barely even shuffling his hooves as I franticly pulled on his magnificent fucker. The flame of orgasm was spreading through me rapidly, that delicious surge of pleasure and heat rolled the eyes back in my head! It was all happening quicker than I wanted, still I couldn't deny the gratification. I closed my eyes imagining it was ol' breed's majestic mare pumper slamming me so well! "AHUAHUA!" Kile wailed, panting hoarsely his whole body shuttering with each frenzied thrust. My arms were aching, as I pulled furiously on ol' breed's huge fucker, the pleasure of building orgasm driving me on. The big horse snorted and whickered, but didn't move as I yanked at his wonderful mare fucker. The huge throbbing love muscle swelled even bigger tensing, then it released. Thick streams of hot lust rained down as ol' breed reared and pranced above us! Kile choked and chuffed as sticky horse semen washed over his face, and filled his gaping panting mouth! He ducked his head, and I pulled it down for a hot sticky kiss, just as he shuddered to his own powerful orgasm. The smell and taste of all that equine passion, together with Kile's last frenzied thrusting pushed me over the edge into my own orgasm! It was some time before I was again aware of what was going on around me. I got up and examined the mess we had made. "Well!" I said. "Looks like you have a mess to clean up." I need another shower I thought, this horse cum is going to take some work to get off. Kile stood up his semi hard cock swinging between his legs. "I'm going to take a shower, want to come help me?" "Sure," he said wiping his sticky face on my robe. "Lead the way." We headed toward the house I took the wet sticky robe and put it on, this time not bothering to even close it. We climbed the stairs and headed down the hall towards the bathroom, as I approached Jeff's door I noticed that it was fully open. When I got close e'nuff to see in, I was shocked by the sight of Sara her sweaty naked body being ridden like a little fuck pony. Jeff was her grunting straining stallion, sucking and biting the back of her neck as he jack hammered her tight round buttocks! The sight of her swaying tits and perfect round ass being so well used by my brother, sent hot waves of energy surging through my tired, soaked loins. Well at least he wouldn't be bothering me about it so much now. I thought wearily. Kile let out a sigh as he looked at them. "Looks like were not the only ones having fun this morning." He said, as he reached out and began squeezing my firm tits. "Now how about we go and get us that shower!" He whispered, wiping a drop of creamy horse semen off his forehead with the back of his hand. "Ok." I whispered not wanting to disturb Jeff an Sara. Kile climbed into the shower stall and got the water running, as I went across the hall to the linen closet to get us some towels. Picking up about six, I turned around just in time to see Jeff walk into the bathroom. I don't know why I didn't say anything, as I saw him going toward the shower stall. I could vaguely see Kile's outline through the shower curtain, I could tell he was washing his groin. I guess Jeff thought it was me, he rubbed his spent cock, but it remained limp. Sara had really milked him. As he watched the figure behind the shower curtain caressing its loins, he licked his lips jerking his flaccid cock roughly! Making up his mind he stepped into the shower and kneeled in front of Kile. "Need some help with tha..." He started then his mouth fell open in shock as he found himself staring at something he hadn't bargain for. "I could always use some help!" Kile said happily. Jeff tried to say something, tried to explain ,but nothing would come out. What a day Kile thought, I came out here thinking maybe I would get to fuck a goat! Now every body I meet wants me to fuck them, he thought chuckling gleefully. He grasped Jeff's head, their eye's locked as he gently guided Jeff's gaping mouth onto his pulsing cock! I was astonished, when Jeff passively began bobbing his head up and down on Kile's majestic throbbing fucker!



Tho' he'd sucked on Ol' breed's huge equine salami, I never thought he'd be so acquiescent if it was another guy wanting to fuck his mouth. But he just knelt there docilely as warm wet sprayed down the back of his neck. Glancing down I noted his cock was standing up and barking, as he sucked in the full length of Kile's massive prick. "My my aren't we filthy today!" Sara growled, staring hard at the dust and straw sticking to my cum soaked body! "Get out of the way boys, the girls need in there." Sara barked dragging Jeff and Kile out of the shower stall. "Get a room if your goin ta fuck!" Sara growled pushing them toward the door. Smirking, she bent over and whispered into Jeff's ear. "Try a little pillow biting you horse suckin slut!" Shivering involuntarily with the incriminated cock still deep in his throat Jeff glanced up at us guiltily. Not waiting to see if they would do as she said, Sara pulled me under the warm spraying water. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once fondling, making advances, but at the same time scrubbing me clean! Gazing across the room I saw Jeff bent over the counter by the sink, his passive face pressing down into the pile of towels I'd placed there. Kile thumbed Jeff's cheeks apart and pushed his enormous cock head against Jeff's tiny puckered asshole! After watching him so ecstatically butt fucking Sara, I just couldn't believe Jeff was holding still for this, it just didn't seem possible! Kile's colossal cock knob slid agonizingly slowly into Jeff's tiny virgin bunghole! I was flabbergasted to see Jeff so meekly obedient, supine and submissively accommodating Kile's deviant lust! A long shining string of precum snaked down Jeff's inner thigh, as Kile maneuvered to get it in! Reaching back he docilely guided the gigantic head of Kile's cock into the most private and taboo of orifices! "Oh Yeah put it in!" Kile grunted fervently. Jeff's face contorted in pain as Kile drove his immense fucker balls deep into his convulsing body! Weh! I knew that feeling, Kiles hung like a donkey, and humps like one too! I was just glad it wasn't my asshole he was about to smash into like a horny bull. I mean my pussy's still bruised! Jeff's squeals were muffled by the bunched towels in his mouth, instead of pillows he was towel biting! "Men!" "They're all a like!" Sara snapped. "It's like I said if you've never been sodomized, you shouldn't be allowed to fuck someone else's ass!"

"Guess he's finding Out the hard way the long hard way, bet he'll be more careful in the future!" she chuckled. Kneeling in front of me she pushed my legs wide apart and slipped two fingers into my oozing cunt! Leaning back I grabbed the shower nozzle for support, as Sara buried her face in my pussy. The sound of Jeff's bare chest sliding across the counter top attracted my attention. Feeling naughty and somewhat wicked, I fiendish called. "Naaaa!" Kile closed his eye's tightly and his teeth were gritted together in a grimace of feral desire, as he pounded Jeff's ass deliriously. I knew that look. "Jeff's in for a rough ride!" I shrieked! His hand's were pressed against the wall trying to hold himself back, as Kile's powerful thrusts drove him forward! "AAHAIIEi!" Jeff whimpered. His legs were rapped around Kile's waist, and crossed behind his back, the heel's slapping against Kile's shoulder's. A long string of cloudy precum oozed from the head of Jeff's shriveling cock, running down the shiny side of the counter top! The sensation of a tremendous insertion pulled my attention back to Sara, looking down I saw her fist disappearing inside me! "This'll get you ready for a little horse play." Sara said grinning incorrigibly. "I've been...well..kind of...." "Yes dear, I know the taste of horse spunk very well, and the consequence of being under one when he cums!" Sara whispered licking my inner thighs. "Although there is a certain pleasure in being cover in that hot raunchy juice." Sara admitted. "You should feel it when a stallion blows his load inside of you!" She moaned. "OHOhhhhhaaahaaa!" Jeff sobbed as wave after wave of thick greasy cum dribbled out of his pulsing semi hard cock, and slowly oozed down the side of the bath room counter. "Oho Yaaaa!" Kile pant slamming Jeff's suddenly limp body against the wall, with one last impossibly deep thrust. Jeff grunted in pain as his face smashed against the wall, but it didn't erase the look of sensual rapture on his face! Sara punched her forearm out of sight into me, and I forgot all about the boys altogether. It wasn't long before Sara found a rhythm, still she seemed determined to pound in deeper with every jab. Sara pounded me up onto my toes, then had me slowly rotate on her deep jabbing fist! With my back to her, she had me lower myself down over her recumbent form. At last on my hands and knees over her supine body, she started punching again this time I could feel her tongue playing with my clitoris! "You remember how to use your tongue don'tcha?" Sara gasped. I remembered the only other time I ate pussy, Sara's bruised and battered pussy being forced in to my face by Jeff's pounding fuck thrusts. This time it was up to me, I wasn't sure I could make myself do it. I experimentally licked Sara's dark red distended cunt lips, getting a mouth full of hair. Her mound had been covered with thick creamy horse cum before, this time her fluffy blond pubic hair tickled my nose. Soon I lost track of everything. but the delightful glow mounting between my thighs! My own swelling desires compelled me to pleasure my pleasurer. Before I knew it I was sucking the big knob of Sara's clit, thrusting my tongue just below spearing it in as far as it would go! A sigh escaped from Sara's lips, as if she were lowering herself in to a nice hot bath. Cupping her firm round asscheeks strongly, I worked my tongue up and down the full length of her dripping slit.

"Trust me, you'll like this!" Kile promised coaxingly. "But.." Jeff began. "You liked my cock up your ass!" Kile blustered glaring intently. "Didn't you?" He inquired with an imposingly gaze. "It's not me, it's..I mean what if she doesn't.." "Don't worry she's used to it!" "I do it at least twice a week, and she never complains!" Kile assured. "Well I don't." Jeff started. "Fuck!" Kile swore hotly reaching around and seizing Jeff's semi hard cock. "Like this!" He snapped ramming Jeff's cock head into nellie's furry little pussy! Jeff sighed gustily as his cock slid into the goat's hot wet velvety vice! "Hhohoowo!" He moaned gasping, as the little goat's cunt twitched and contracted around his stiffening fucker. "Pump it!" Kile breathed. But Jeff just sat enjoying the phenomenal friction of the little nanny's captivating fuck cavity! "Alright I know what you want!" Kile hissed in Jeff's ear, watching Jeff slide into nellie's little black pussy had got him hard again anyway. So spreading Jeff's ass cheek's Kile lubricated his sore cock head with the thick slippery cum seeping from Jeff's asshole. The thought of using his own greasy spunk as lubrication really turned Kile on! Feeling Jeff's weary sphincter muscle's gripping the tip of his cock, Kile violently slammed balls deep! Kile's vicious fuck thrust's pumping Jeff's long fucker in and out of the little goat's taut pussy! Drawing a bleat of pleasure from the little nanny and Jeff alike! Jeff found himself caught between the ecstasy of the little goat's hot pussy, and the gratifying agony of Kile's deep intruding cock! It was an excellent place to be, he decided.

"Come on Tina hurry up, I `ve got a treat for you!" Shouted Sara as she walked towards the barn, I wasn't far behind her. "The new colt's old e'nuff now to understand what's going on, so I'm going to let you be his first pussy!" "I don't know if I can handle that big a cock!" I answered anxiously as Sara swung the barn door open, and led me toward the last stalls. The sight that greeted us in the back of the barn was grotesque and erotic all at the same time! Jeff was down on his knees fucking nellie, and it appeared as if Kile was once again balls deep in Jeff's accommodating ass! Both were so wrapped up in their own pleasures, they seem not even to notice our presence! "Well!" Sara Hissed in my ear. "We don't need them right now anyway." She dragged me to the very last stall, and in it stood a young pony. His red coat shone with a beautiful fiery sheen as he pranced back and forth in the sunlight streaming through the stable windows. Sara sat down on the straw littered floor under the nervous beast, seemingly oblivious to the danger of that position! Reaching up to stroke his furry belly and soft testicles, Sara began to calm the anxious animal. She commenced to fondle his now dangling organ, pulling it roughly out of his body a fistful at a time. He bucked and whinnied at this rough treatment, but didn't try to shy away from Sara's fondling fingers! At last pulling his big round pink head to her mouth, she reached up with both hands to caress his big pendulant testicles! I couldn't help myself, I had both those firm round balls in my mouth! And was rolling them around on my tongue before I realized what I was doing! Sara smiled at me from the other end of his long equine salami as she sucked it to full pulse pounding erection! When it was hard e'nuff to crack walnuts and dripping precum, Sara stood up and pulled me off his balls. "Let's see what he can do!" Sara giggled lustfully. Snapping a lead rope onto his halter, Sara gave it a little flick. With only that prompting he reared up draping his front leg's over the well padded fence rail. "Climb under his belly dear." Sara ordered. Realizing I'd come too far to stop now, even if the big pink fucker was going to kill me! I slid under the young stud, my buttocks pushed against his furry belly as his dangling fucker swung between my legs.

It was incredible having his hot straining body pressed against mine. I could feel his powerful muscles working through the fur of his belly, it made me feel incredibly naughty! With the pressure of my back against his stomach inspiring him, he started humping! His enormous throbbing fuck muscle pounded my buttocks and inner thigh's relentlessly, determined to penetrate this strange little mare! "Damn, that'll bruise tomorrow!" I shrieked. "Brace yourself!" Sara warned as she placing his big round cock head against the lips of my pussy. Thrusting at and upward angle he lifted me off my feet with his first impassioned hunch. My toes had no more than touched the ground, when his second bone rattling thrust lifted me into the air again! The pain made that first fuck with Kile seem like nothing! Then I felt his big hairy balls smacking against my cunt lips! Bending my head down I looked back, shockingly it looked like I'd grown a pair of gigantic hairy horse testicles!. "He's got it all in!" I screamed. "Yes!" Sara cheered, pulling my face to her's for a long kiss. My first orgasm was already building to a crescendo, as her tongue explored my mouth. The stallion gave another couple of humps, and the lightning of orgasm flashed through my body! Leaving me dazed and panting, his big pendulant ball sac violently bludgeoning my inner thighs. As his huge equine pleasure scepter bludgeoned my aching pussy, after that it was like a dam bursting! My body shook uncontrollably as spasm after spasm enveloped me, drowning me in pleasure! Between being repeatedly fucked into the air, and the avalanche of orgasms! I found myself reeling in vertiginous, the stallion's deep probing gyrations literaly fucking me dizzy! I lost track of time and everything else in that moment of ecstasy! Then I felt it a long spurt of liquid fire deep in my loins, then another and another and another each a little shorter, a little less powerful! I had never felt as whole as complete as I did at that moment, pushing myself back to meet each powerful thrust! "See what I mean, dear?" Sara's husky voice breathed in my ear. Suddenly the strength just seemed to flow out of my body, and I collapsed panting an trembling to the stable floor. I felt the last little spurt of his scalding hot lust spray up my back! I lay groggy and weak for some time as Sara kneeled between my legs, and licked the stud's hot spunk off my back! When I at last regained my senses, I realized I had become the center of attention. Although he was still hammering nellie's little black goat pussy, Jeff was staring at me in raptured amazement! Kile had joined Sara and was licking my bubbling cunt, and my beautiful young stud was prancing proudly and protectively around me once again fully and massively erect! Jeff drove one last vigorous thrust into Nellies tiny black cunt, and fell onto her stout back gasping and moaning softly. "Ooooohho Fuck!"

- The End -

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