"Sunrise Train: Lonely Hearts"

      by Horatio Wolf

      (MF-cons anal furry Scfi)

The Train bounced up and down softly as Terrace tried to fill out his paper work. Terrace had never fought in the Cat Wars, and was never really worried about any of that political bull-shit. If the Canutan Alliance and the Felanus Empire wanted to fight, that was fine by him, he didn't care, probably why he was still one of those Lonely Hearts. But the Sunrise Train was a strange place, where dreams could change and the darkest imaginations of fate could come true. The Sunrise Train was named such because wherever it was, it was always sunrise. The train moved fast enough, or slow enough, that the sun was always rising overhead. Caught in a perfect hue, the Train had become a popular destination spot for celebrities and the rich alike. Terrace was second in command; not the conductor, but something of a quasi Security chief. It was his job to take the tickets, punch them, and then give them back to the visitors as souvenirs. The Train was all high-technology and utilized the latest in Grav-sled technology, but It looked like an 18th century Terran Train, even down to a few cargo Box-Cars and a simulated clicking of rails.

Terrans, Canins, and Felanians enjoyed the Train to great extent. Another popular group that enjoyed the train were the Foxes, Terrace liked them the best, especially the vixens. That was probably the reason why he was here in the first place, always travelling; at least the girls were nice - though never nice to him. He didn't exist to them. He was just part of the atmosphere - a piece of the scenery. Terrace stood from his desk and shook his head slowly. He sighed to himself in the realization that he had to face the crowd again. He stepped away from his chair and realized that his tail was caught in a desk drawer. He couldn't reason how he hadn't noticed it, a thing like that should have sent pain spinning up his spine and into the back of his skull. He pulled out his tail and winced. He grumbled as he reached for a first aid kit and began to wrap the end of his tail in the medical gauze. He ripped the end off of the gauze and tied it so that the wrapping would stay in place around his tail. He grabbed his ticket puncher and his hat and headed off to add a little nuance to the train.

Terrace reached up and engaged the manual release on the passenger car door. He reached over and pulled the door across. It screeched as he pulled it, in this age a squeaking door was - like him - part of the decor. When the door was finally fully opened, Terrace stepped out and viewed the crowd. There were Vixens, and wolves, and Terrans, and cats, all clambering about, talking, enjoying themselves, and they were all rich. How people could get pleasure out of just sitting and staring out the window at a permanent sunrise Terrace would never understand. Maybe it wasn't a sunrise, maybe it was actually a sunset, Terrace had always thought about that.

"Tickets please, have your tickets ready," Terrace said, lifting up the ticker. The people gasped, and mothers pointed their children towards the wolf. Smiles, giggles, and all the rest rippled through the car. A beautiful vixen stood and left the car by the rear as soon as the words left Terrace's mouth, but he didn't care, since everything was paid before hand this ticket stamping was only for show. Terrace sighed again and started clicking tickets.

A few hours, and several passenger cars later, Terrace was finished. He looked down at a small bag he carried the clippings in. He looked down at it with misery and threw it into the garbage chute. A sudden clank behind him caused the wolf to spin on his heels. Probably some tourist got lost and ended up in the box car again, and there was nothing in there to see but brown hay. No reason to bother with checking it out, just a waste of his time. The sooner he got back to his office and to sleep the better. When the sound came again, it was more artificial, more hurried, as if somehow beckoning him into the boxcar. Terrace sighed again and decided that he'd best check it out; if a tourist got hurt in there then it would be his pay check bouncing for the medical bill.

Slowly, Terrace activated the control panel and the door slowly slid open. He stepped into the boxcar, piles of hay were stacked against the wall and sheets of the brown stuff covered the floor, looking fake. Light streamed in from simulated cracks in the boards of the boxcar. There was a time when tourists came back here to play cards, and pretend to be hobos or cowboys, but nobody had been back here in years.

Slowly, Terrace looked around the boxcar, searching for whatever had made the sound. Then he saw a face, watching him from behind one of the stacks of hay.

"Hey," Terrace began, "Come out from behind there, you're going to get hurt," Terrace rolled his eyes and went in after the face. He rounded one of the stacks and came across a beautiful young vixen, crouching against one of the stacks of hay, a worried look on her face. She was dressed in cheap civilian clothing, the kind you'd expect on a hobo. She had ripped open one of the hay barrels and had spread the brown stuff into a makeshift bed. "Come on then," Terrace said "Come out of there."

The Vixen stirred, and then she opened her mouth, "I don't have a ticket..." she began, trailing off at the edges. Slowly, she emerged from her hiding place and approached the wolf. Her body coming into full light; her fur was red, short, and well kept, She sported black ears and both her arms and legs were covered with the dark fur - as if gloves. Her underbelly was marked by soft white fur which ran from the tip of her snout to her pussy. Her tail, which flicked behind her, was tipped white at the end. Her head was covered by a thick brown hair, which she had tied back into a ponytail; she looked as if she had a second tail. Terrace was enthralled with this creature before him. "I need to get to new Vertofrim City," She said after giving Terrace enough time to undress her with his eyes.

Terrace sighed again, it seemed to be becoming a hobby for him, "Only paying customers can ride the train, we'll have to set you off at the next stop."

The Vixen stepped forward, her face distorted, nearly into a devious smile. "There are... other ways of paying," she reached up and kissed Terrace on the underside of his snout. "If I give myself to you, would you not tell anyone I'm back here?"

Terrace thought about that for a moment, but he wasn't about to pass up the opportunity. He reached down and gingerly took a hold of her chin and turned her face to his. She closed her eyes and allowed him to kiss her; and by that seal the agreement was made. She let herself go. She melted into the embrace, her arms falling limp to her side.

Terrace released the Vixen's snout as he placed his hands down unto her hips feeling her supple shape. She was lean and well formed, and she smelled of sweet perfume; the expensive kind you can only get off-world. Slowly, Terrace began to unbutton the dirty, brown, leather jacket from the vixen's body. Once all the buttons had been undone, he smoothed the jacket off her body leaving a clean white blouse below. The blouse was unbuttoned at the vixen's chest and Terrace noted that she wasn't wearing a bra. They stopped kissing for a brief moment, to catch their breath, but Terrace soon pounced back unto the beautiful creature's lips, forcing her into a passionate kiss, their tongues mingled in the Vixen's mouth and the creature moaned quietly with pleasure.

With a quick peck, Terrace released the Vixen and stepped back. The red and white creature never stirred, only stood longingly with her eyes closed. Terrace gripped the Vixen's blouse where it was open, and ripped the fabric open. The buttons exploded off and bounced around the cabin with sharp pings. He smoothed the remaining garment off the Vixen, the fabric rustling to the ground.

Spread before him was the Vixen's supple breasts. Her breasts were half and half - half red thinning out from her back and the rest was part of the Vixen's white underbelly. Her nipples were firm and erect, like little stones on rolling grass hills, and Terrace went right for them. He dragged his rough tongue over their pink contours.

"Oh, yes," The Vixen moaned as she suddenly drew in her stomach, arching her back. Her breasts and nipples were suddenly pushed up into Terrace; he accepted the gift and bit the small nubs gingerly with his front teeth. "Nnngh," The Vixen stifled a grunt of pleasure as she grit her teeth, her eyes remaining closed. Terrance put an arm up around the creature bracing her as she continued to arc backwards. She spread her legs in an attempt to balance herself, and a low rip could be heard from the tight fitting, ancient, genes which she wore. With his free hand, Terrace began to massage the Vixen's free breast. "Mmmmm..." She began in a low hum. Slowly, she seemed to regain control and placed her hands on top of the Wolf's head, and she began to expertly massage his ears. The enticement didn't cause a pause in Terrace, as he continued to bite and suck and the Vixen's nipples. They tasted wonderful; like strawberries.



As Terrace continued pleasuring the Vixen, he became aware of a distinct odder rising from the Vixen, cancelling out her fragrant smell. She was in heat, and the smell of her sex rose from her with a power that could overcome the sanest person. As he worked her body the smell grew even more intense. After a few moments he became aware of his own sex pushing at the inside of his uniform, but Terrace paced himself - there would be time for that later.

Slowly, Terrace gripped one of the Vixen's nipples in his teeth and pulled at it with a force that was far from ginger. The Vixen's closed eyes tightened and she bit her lower lip against the pain, but as Terrace released her, she let out a great moan of pleasure.

Sweat was already beading on the Vixen's fur, and Terrace moved from the Vixen's breasts to her stomach to enjoy the rich bounty. He lapped at her sweat, it was salty but it intoxicated him. As he moved to her navel, he noticed that there was a small golden ring pierced through it. This Vixen was full of strange contradictions; and it enthralled the wolf. Up until this moment he hadn't been allowed to partake of the fruit, but now he felt truly free.

After he had his full of the Vixen's sweet body liquids, he went for the ring, pulling at it softly. "mmmm..." She began, enticing Terrace to pull more on the ring. "Right there..." She said between pangs of joy that rippled across her body. Terrace let his other hand stop massaging the creature's breast and move up her neck. The Vixen took Terrace's index finger and began to play with it in her mouth. She sucked on his finger and upon releasing it, began to lick at his hand leaving large amounts of spit running down his arm. He smiled a quirky smile as he wiped her spit in her stomach, causing her body to glisten even brighter in the small streams of light.

Slowly, he reached down to the pants which were more then a size too small for her body. He reached a hand down to her slit, and noticed that the genes were soaking wet, she was ready. The Vixen let out a cry of pleasure at his touch, and licked her lips awaiting what was soon to come. Regaining both his hands, he undid her belt and slid off the ripped pants. A line of her juices followed the pants as they fell to the floor. Terrace was now in a crouch, and he stood so that he was eye to eye with the Vixen, whose eyes continued to stay closed. He kissed her on the cheek, but her body never moved. He placed a hand behind her back, and once again she arced. With his free hand he reached down and pushed his fingers into her slit.

"Ahhh..." She gasped as Terrace slowly worked his fingers inside her count. After a few moments he pulled them out and brought his fingers, which were covered in her juices, up to her mouth. She accepted the offering and drank in her body juices lovingly. When she released them he went back and squeezed her nub. She breathed in quick, so suddenly that if Terrace had not been there to grab her, she would have fallen into the hay. Terrace pulled at her clit and continued to squeeze it, eventually letting go and allowing his fingers to slip back into the Vixen's body. "Yes," She began, "Fuck me."

"Shssssh," Terrace said slowly as he offered her his fingers, still covered in her juices. They flowed free now, and made their way down her legs.

"Mmmm..." She said as she drank her own juices. His fingers went down for a third time, and penetrated her body, violating her, taking her, and she enjoyed every minute of it; wishing that his violation of her body was greater. As he pulled his fingers out, the Vixen lapped at her lips, expecting to receive the prize again, but it never came. Terrace wiped the juices on the Vixen's nipples, and then went in for the kill. He licked at her juice covered nipples. The sweet taste and aroma was too much, this wouldn't do.

Terrace crouched down, and keeping one hand firm on a breast and the other pinching her clit, the juices flowed freely. He pressed his snout into the Vixen's pussy and drank directly from her body. He lapped at her lower lips, his tongue flicking into her every few seconds. He gnawed at her lips, gently, lovingly, making sure not to hurt her with his sharp teeth.

Her head fell against her shoulder and she opened her mouth, "Don't stop," She said, but Terrace did stop. He stepped up, his own urges had stopped him, now at long last, he was ready.

Terrace stepped back and undid his belt buckle. As he did the Vixen caught the movement and her head snapped forward, her eyes shining a bright blue. She crouched quickly, she was on a mission. She pulled away Terrace's uniform pants and found his cock waiting beneath. It pushed out of the sheath searching for its prey, but it wouldn't have to search long. The Vixen smiled to herself, knowing that this would be one payment she would not dislike. She took the Wolf's meat into her mouth, allowing her saliva to mix with his pre-cum. Terrace grunted with her movements - she was skilled. He placed his hands upon her head and began to massage the black-tipped ears of the creature. Her head moved in beautiful movements as she sucked him off. Her tail moving back and forth as she made sounds of great pleasure; her juices pooling on the floor. She worked her head with great force and conviction; Terrace could feel it with every movement. She was in ecstasy, the large piece filling her mouth, making her juices flow even more free then before. She moved slowly at first, then picked up the pace.

"Ahhh..." Terrace said as the Vixen continued to do her job. She was moving with one purpose. Terrace tensed up and stifled a grown. He came in her mouth. The Vixen closed her eyes and muffled sounds of great enjoyment. Terrace's cock filling her mouth with his seed, but he was far from empty. He pulled out of her quickly, a line of spit and cum following from the tip of his cock to her mouth. He moved the Vixen to the bed of Hay and lay her down. Terrace pulled off his shirt, his naked body in her full view. Slowly, he got down on top of her so that his cock brushed against her pussy. She smiled with delight.

"Fuck me," She began, smiling.

"I intend to," Terrace said as he continued to tease her sex with his. His movements provoked her to waves of pleasure. She reached out and grasped at the straw and threw her head back. Slowly, her head came up again and looked into Terraces.

"Please," She pleaded, "Please, do with me as you will." She wrapped her legs around his thighs, and releasing the dried grass, looped her arms around his neck. He smiled down into her. "Please fuck me."

Terrace couldn't wait any longer, he granted her request and speared into her, hitting into her womb on the first move. She cried out in ecstasy as she clawed at Terrace's sweat slackened back. She had no claws, and her hands slid across his back as he pumped his meat inside her. Time and time again he moved against her, her pelvis automatically moving to greet each movement. In and out, out and in, he pumped inside her. The paced quickened with each movement, and then she tightened, she screamed. Terrace stifled a grunt as he speared her one last time, reaching into her honey pot, he deposited his seed deep within her.

The Vixen wasn't out of requests, "Please," She began again, her face slackened with sweat, her eyes drooping, her body convulsing and trembling, "fuck me in the ass." Terrace liked the sound of that. He helped her turn over and present her back-door to him. She wanted to be treated like an animal, and Terrace was ready to make that sacrifice.

"Brace yourself," Terrace said as he gripped unto the Vixen's tail and positioned his length at her asshole. She grit her teeth and nodded quickly indicating that she was ready for the final violation. Terrace pulled on her tail, and forced his way into her body, she screamed. Her ass was tight, and felt warm and inviting around his cock. He would enjoy this final pleasure. All things melded, he moved with her, they were one. They reached climax together, she screamed, he stifled a noise, but it escaped. He howled, and outside the train continued.

Terrace and the Vixen couldn't stand it anymore, they were exhausted. Terrace rolled to the side and his cock began to slip back into his sheath. The Vixen was already asleep, but Terrace couldn't move, he lapsed into unconsciousness and the both slept quietly with the sound of the clanking outside.

When Terrace awoke the Vixen was still asleep. She lay with her legs spread apart, and Terrace didn't want to pass up the opportunity. He moved his fingers into her slit and began to massage her clit. In her sleep she made a few muffled sounds of enjoyment. As he continued to pleasure her, Terrace's eyes fell on a duffle bag within reach. He was curious, so he opened it up. Inside was an elegant dress and many expensive jewels. Among these items was a ticket for the Sunrise Train to New Vertofrim City. He smiled happily to himself, one of those Vixens had finally paid attention to him. He clipped the ticket, and felt a new birth, now he was free. He quickly brought the Vixen off and then reached over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you," He began, as he stood, got dressed, and left the boxcar.

New Vertofrim City was a huge place, and soon the train would have to leave or it would lose the sunrise. Terrace checked his bags, everything was there. He took his old hat, and placed it into the bag, though he wouldn't need it anymore, he still wanted it. He descended from the Train, and with a puff of smoke, it began off again, on its journey chasing the rising sun.

"Sir, destination?" A wolf asked from the sideline. The Wolf was wearing a dispatchers uniform, and was directing people to there next stop.

Terrace pulled a ticket out of his coat pocket, "Catchpule Station," He said, smiling.

"Yes Sir, a good choice, third star port on the left, platform 34C-Delta. Next." He said, handing the ticket back to Terrace and waving for the next passenger. Terrace moved off heading for the platform, he looked over at the sun, and watched it rise slowly, into the sky. He had always wondered if it was actually a sunrise or a sunset but now he knew, the train lived up to its name. It was a sunrise.

- The End -

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