"The Hound"

      by cee

      (F beastiality)

Not long ago we had a visit from our neighbor's Red Bone hound.

We live in the country, near the woods. Hunters are not uncommon near our place and finding their lost dogs is almost too common. The owners usually come back in a day or so looking for their animals.

I found the hound outside my door early on Saturday morning and as we usually do I put out some food and water for our tired guest. He was a long legged hound with the kind of slim athletic build not uncommon to the hunting breeds. After that I gave him little thought until the afternoon.

I was lying on a blanket on our rear deck that afternoon, drifting in and out of sleep. Because of our remote location I usually sunbathe in the nude. I was suddenly startled awake by something warm and wet on the back of my legs. It was the hound licking the sweat from my calves. I pushed him away with my foot but he stubbornly came back for more. It actually tickled a little so I lay still to see what he would do next. He continued up my legs to the backs of my thighs.

It was beginning to feel really good. As I got more excited I started to rub under his belly with my foot. As I rubbed his cock he stopped his licking. I rolled over and started to use my hand. He started to slowly swell and creep from its sheath, as I rubbed him up and down. As his cock continued to reveal itself. I was truly amazed at its size. He started to hump against my hand.

I was using my other hand to touch my now soaked pussy. At times holding it up for him to lick. I started to turn over again slowly, still grasping his swollen member. Lying on my belly with my ass in the air I reached between my legs grasping him once more. I slowly coaxed him near me. Suddenly it was as if a light came on. He mounted me in one quick movement. After a few missed stabs I felt his cock touch the entrance to my pussy, then all at once it was totally buried. I let out a moan that would wake the dead as his knot disappeared deep inside. He started to pound me like a jackhammer with a cock that felt like a fiery poker.

The friction of his knot against my cunt walls was maddening. I felt him swelling inside me as he continued to ride my back. Then his hot liquid started to pump into me. It continued for what seemed to be forever as I started to reach one climax after another. It ran down my legs mixing with my own juices. He kept pumping me until he was empty. He slowly slipped out of me and walked over to a corner of the deck to clean himself. As I came to my senses I looked back at him and to my total shock there stood my husband with the hound's owner, but that is another story.

- The End -

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