"Tracy's Shepherd"

      by Sci Fi KID

      (F reluc best)

comment: This story contains beastiality sex of a reluctant nature. If you are offended then you should not be here. If not then read on.

Tracy lived alone in a small house situated on some side street in suburban America. Her neighborhood was always quiet and regularly full of average citizens, children and animals. Much like your very own neighborhood. She was attending the local community college and working part time to earn her degree. She was a petite 5'4" with reddish brown hair and bright green eyes. She had a 34b bra size that she intended to keep as firm as possible.

Her house was a loaner from a friend who was away in Aspen on a skiing trip. She was basically housesitting and got her rent for free. The only stipulation the owner had given her was she had to feed, water, and pay some attention to the owners German Shepherd, Zack, which she felt would not be a problem.

The house owner kept Zack in a fenced in yard with 4' high wood privacy fences. Just high enough that Zack could not get out, but just enough to let a breeze flow through the yard. The back yard was approximately 1 acre in size and had large maple and sycamore trees to shade the area. The area close to the house was landscaped with beautiful marigolds and azaleas and a large glass sliding door. Glass windows on either side allowed a view of the whole yard from within, and a view of the foyer and kitchen from outside.

Tracy would come home from college in the afternoon and water Zack then retire to the various rooms in the house to study. She often had a hard time getting comfortable. After a couple of hours of studying she would go to work at a local restaurant. Being a waitress was often hard work and the first thing Tracy would do when she got home was take a shower and spend the rest of the evening running around nude covered only by a plush robe provided by the owners closet. Each morning Tracy would feed Zack while wearing that robe and then change into some spandex or cotton shorts and perform her morning exercises to keep her tummy firm. Then after an hour or so she would change and head off to college.

From Zack's perspective however, there was a strange woman in his master's house, feeding him, and caring for him. However she didn't pay any attention to him like his master had. Then there was the fact that she wore the master's robe, getting her scent all over it. He could smell her odor every time she came to feed or water him and he loved it. He would jump every time she came out the door. He would sit and stare as she did her calisthenics, hoping she would pay attention to him. He lay on the doormat just waiting and hoping.

One day Tracy was taking her shower after work and could hear Zack whining as she got out. She figured he needed more water and started to take him some when the phone rang. In her rush to answer the phone she forgot to put her panties on. The house owner was on the line.

"James! How's Aspen?" Tracy asked with a smile.

"Great. I was just calling to check up on things." James questioned.

"Oh, everything is fine here." Tracy answered.

"And how's Zack?"

"He has been a doll. He doesn't bark or anything."

"Have you been paying plenty of attention to him? He likes to be played with."

"I've kept plenty of food and water in his bowl," she paused, " but I've never had a dog. What should I do with him?"

"Well I usually bring him inside and roll around on the floor with him. But he may not do that with you. Your best bet is to bring him in and pet him for a while. Tell him he's a good dog and things like that. "

"Ok James I shall try. " She paused again. "Anything else?"

"No we shall be home in a couple more weeks. Just be good to him and he will be good to you. See you later."

"Bye James."

"Bye Tracy." and they both hung up. She then felt a draft under her robe and realized she forgot her panties. She shrugged her shoulders and figured there was no one there to care, so why worry.

It was starting to get dark outside so she grabbed a water jug and headed outside to water Zack. He just stared at her with his big brown eyes, tail wagging and nose sniffing. She bent down to fill his water bowl and he came up behind her, sniffing her exposed ass and pussy. She felt his cold wet nose on her bare skin, which sent shivers up her spine. A second later she whipped around and pushed his snout away. "No Zack. bad boy." she scolded. Zack sunk back, sorry for what he did. When Tracy saw him hunch down she realized he was just curious after all and she shouldn't be hard on him. She grabbed his collar and said, "Ok boy come on." She walked him into the house and next to a couch in the foyer.

She took a seat next to him, flipped the TV on, and began stroking his hair with her nails. She began flipping channels but could not find anything to interest her. Zack was content with the stroking and flopped down on the floor hoping she would rub his tummy. As she flipped the channels her hands rubbed up and down Zack's stomach stopping just before she reached his hairy member. Soon she began to get drowsy and her arm began moving out of habitual motion, until she began stroking Zack's entire doghood.

Was she teasing him, he thought as his ears perked up., He didn't mind and in fact wanted it to continue so he reached his head down and licked her hand gently. This startled Tracy back to reality. She looked down and saw his shaft slowing emerging from its sheath. Her eyes grew big, as she realized what she had done. Flustered and red in the face, she hurried to the bedroom. She closed the door and began pacing, wondering how she could touch a male dogs thing. It just seemed gross. She opened the door and went to the bathroom and began washing her hand vigorously hoping to remove any evidence that she had touched IT.

Meanwhile Zack, wondering why she ran away so quickly, moved slowly through the house until he was in the bedroom. He could smell Tracy's scent in the air and felt teased by it as well as by her touch. He lay down on the hidden side of the bed and began to lick himself out of frustration. Then Tracy entered the room. He remained quiet. She closed the door behind her and made her way to the bed, disrobed to the floor, tossed the blankets off and lay down in bed naked. She thought to herself, James lets him stay in the house, and he will be fine until the morning. Never knowing he was in the room with her she dozed off to sleep.

Later, after Zack felt she was asleep and, wanting revenge for the teasing, began his way up onto the bed. First, the front paws while keeping a trained eye on Tracy, then a bound from his rear and he was up. The bed moved slightly and Tracy stirred. Zack remained still until he was again sure she was asleep. He moved cautiously towards her exposed pussy region, sniffing her scent. He didn't want to wake her so he was careful not to put is wet nose in her crotch. What he did however was place his rough wet tongue near the base of her crack and stroke it up till it reached her clit.



Tracy stirred feeling the warmth of the tongue. She felt she was dreaming. In her dream her favorite professor was licking her cunt over and over again. She was getting excited. Zack just licked again, paused and licked again watching Tracy carefully for any abnormal movement, his hard cock growing ever so much more. Tracy began stroking her clit with her right hand and holding her belly with the other, still dreaming. Zack could taste Tracy's juices as he licked slowly. She kept stroking and was stirring restlessly in the bed.

Zack's member was now fully extended and he was ready for more action. He moved his front legs to the outside of Tracy's arms and his hind legs inside her legs until his dick was right above her slow stroking hand. He looked down watching her eyes, knowing she may wake up any moment. He lowered his rear end positioning himself at the entrance of her hole. It was wet and ready to receive him. He plunged forward missing the hole. Tracy stirred. He backed up and plunged in again, sinking his member in 3 inches.

Tracy's eyes shot open at the intense feeling she had in her loins. She peered up out of blurry sand-filled eyes at Zack staring back at her. He plunged in again 5 inches this time. She gasped and looked down as his member pulled back and began plunging in again. She braced for the impact. 6.5 inches. "Bad Dog, " she mouthed as loudly as she could. "No Zack, No."

But Zack didn't care. All he wanted to do was bury his member up to the hilt inside this little tease. Another thrust 7.5 inches and his knot brushing the entrance to her hole. Tracy began to squirm and push up on Zack's underside. Her arms were trapped and her legs were outside his, useless. She tried to spread her arms, pushing Zack's apart. Zack lost his momentum and growled fiercely at this helpless tease beneath him. Tracy didn't know what he was capable of so she lay still until he stopped growling. Another thrust, the knot still slapping against her pussy lips. She began to cry, feeling desperate.

She raised her legs and positioned them on Zack's hind legs in an effort to push him back and off of her. Each one had to bend out and then back in causing her pelvic region to spread further open. Zack thrust hard and his knot slipped all the way in. All 9 inches were now buried deep within this slut who would not play with him, who teased him with her touch. Tracy froze, feeling so much pleasure and pain, fear and disgust all at once. She wanted it to end, but she didn't want it to end. Zack was reaching further than any man ever had. He was pushing some buttons that have never been pushed before. But he was a dog after all and this was plain gross. How would she ever be able to face her friends. And James, how would he react to the news that his dog was a rapist?

She turned her head sideways, not wanting to think about Zack on top of her. She tried to imagine it was a man taking advantage of her fresh young body, until she began to feel a new sensation. Zack's knot was growing. She could feel it like a balloon swelling up inside her. She feared how big it may get. She didn't know, this was all new to her after all. Thrust after thrust, faster and faster. She tried to pull away again. Zack didn't like that she was squirming, opened his mouth wide and took her breast in his mouth squeezing with his teeth. Tracy cried out in pain and fear. She could see drops of blood form around her breast and realized she had better lay still.

Zack continued pumping over and over again, getting faster and larger with each pump. The pressure in Tracy's loins welled up. Her body was enjoying every minute of the ride, but her mind was not. She felt her body tense up as her pussy folds contracted around Zack's member. She tossed her head back and cried out in orgasm. Zack could feel the pressure mounting inside his own loins and began releasing his hot juices all over the inside of Tracy's tender pussy walls. String after string of jizz sprayed out. Tracy could feel them within her. She didn't want them there. With all their warmth it was what they represented that she didn't want, the sperm of a dog. Oh my God she thought, could I possibly get pregnant? She tried to pull away from Zack figuring he was done with her, but she was stuck. His knot had swelled up so big it was stuck inside her. She squirmed and he whimpered at the pain. He then rotated his body so that his ass was facing Tracy. His dick still buried deep within her folds.

Every so often she would fear being stuck together forever and would try to pull away again. Little did she know that the more she moved, the longer he would be stuck inside her. After 3 hours she grew weak and just laid back to relax. After 5 hours she began to fall asleep again. After 6 hours she awoke and found Zack lying on the bed at her feet licking himself. She was free. She slowly got up not to disturb Zack. She didn't want him to try anything again. She had after all underestimated him once before. She went to the bathroom and tried to clean out every bit of Zack's cum. She found there was an unbelievable amount and had to clean up several times. Once she was done she went back to the bedroom to get her robe. Zack lay on the floor watching her prancing naked again, teasing. Tracy left the room and headed down the hall wanting to put Zack outside for the remainder of her stay. She called back to him. "Come here Zack." and whistled.

She had made it to the foyer and was moving towards the door when a bounding Zack jumped up onto Tracy's back knocking her onto the floor face first. Tracy was stunned and feeling a bit peeved. She pushed up with her hands and got her ass into the air. Just as she was about to get her legs under to get up, Zack sprang up and mounted her from behind. Tracy was forced forward with the thrust. Zack thrust his hard member into her from behind this time. He plunged into a wet and empty hole that was still stretched from his previous entry. As he pulled back he fell out and on ramming back in he rammed his member into Tracy's puckered asshole. Tracy reared up and screamed. This dog was trying to violate her again. She tried to stand but Zack's weight and position would not allow it.

She feared rolling over or changing position in any way so she lay there with her ass high in the air, staring out the window. Zack began thrusting all the way up to his knot. But her ass was too tight for him to enter fully. He didn't care and began pounding harder, his balls smacking Tracy's pussy lips with each stroke. Tracy winced in pain and sadness with each stroke.

Then she saw it. There was movement in the back yard. More like movement on the other side of the fence. If she could see them, then they could see her she thought. She tried to move away from the window, but Zack growled. She froze and he kept pumping. She looked up only to see a pair of eyes watching her through the glass of the door. Tracy felt ashamed and did the only thing she could do. She buried her head into her arms hoping whoever it was would not recognize her.

Zack continued pounding at Tracy's tender ass. Faster and faster, until his juices swelled the head of his cock up once more and he began to squirt his sperm into Tracy. Tracy began to cry and whine out loud. "Why is this happening to me?" She could feel those eyes still watching her. She wondered why the person didn't come and help her. And with them out there how would she ever be able to let Zack out.

She was now stuck inside with him ramming all of his juices into her body with no where to run and no where to hide. She felt dirty, and slutty. She had inadvertently become a dog's bitch. And she was beginning to enjoy it.

Zack pulled out having spent his load again. He crawled over to a corner and began to clean himself off. Tracy slumped to the floor with a crazy little smile on her face, crying and laughing at the same time. Her life as she knew it would never be the same.

- The End -

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