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"No Sex, Causes Curiosity"


      (F best*)

I am going to tell you a story of twin sisters.

Hi, I have two twin aunts.... err... I said too much... let me refraise.

Two twin sisters named Natilie and nicole, both blonde with perfect bodies, 21 years old and perky breasts... bombshells, sort-to-speak. Natilie has only had sex once, their relationship went south due to her boyfriend decided to try and steal her car. Nicole has had many boyfriends...

Natilie and Nicole sleeps in the same room but not in the same beds. Natilie has a pet dog named Dartagnon, Dart for short. Dart always sleeps with natilie and always between Natilie's legs for warmth.

Tuesday morning, Natilie wakes up and pushes her dog off her bed. Gets undressed and puts on a short skirt with a thong, bikini top and a white T-shirt. "When the fuck are you going to get dress in the bathroom or not infront of me?!" Nicole barked at her. "I have told you so many times that we are sisters, twins, we have pretty much the same bodies." Natilie corrected Nicole.

"For some reason I'm soo horny right now.." Natilie whisperred to herself. She walked to the kitchen and got herself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table to eat. Natilie was eating her bowl of cereal eroticly becuase she was so horny. She finished her breakfast and went out for the day and came back at 9pm.

Natilie went for a shower then got into her see through silk house coat. Got into bed and sure enough, Dart jumped up and layed between her legs again. Natilie was still horny that night and considering she only had one guy in her life she got curious. She started to gander at Dart's dick and then her pussy started to get wet from she was seeing. She started to play with Dart's cock and it started to sheeth out, After playing with it for a moment it was fully hard and ready to go. She had gotten Dart to lay on top of her so Dart's paws was on each side of under her arm pit and so that his head was between her breasts. Dartagnon's Cock was still hard and was touching her pussy. Natilie was exhausted from the day so she fell asleep. Luckily Nicole wasn't home and the dog wasn't on top of her. She looked at her pussy and gasped. "Oh my god I think Dart came on my stomach!" About an hour later..

"Dart! Dart! Dartagnon!" Natilie yelled out, calling for her dog. Dartagnon comes running in with his tail wiggling away. "Up!" Natilie gesturing for her dog to jump up onto her bed. Natilie lays down with her legs somewhat spread, enough room for her dog. Dart jumped up and layed down. Natilie got out of her bed becuase she remembered she had bought a couple of condoms for her dog, she had an idea when she bought them. Natilie got back into bed and started to play with Dart's cock again, then she put on a condom on her pet's dick. Natilie began to jerk off her dog's penis until it came into the condom. She took off the condom and looked at it. "Holy shit dart thats alot of jizz, gazing at it becuase the condom was so big and it was 75% full. She tied it up, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge.

Natilie layed down on her bed again and she was thinking about what she did and each time she thought about it her pussy began to drip becuase it was so wet. Dart's eyes and nose lite up and smelled it. He started to gaze at her pussy. He sniffed her cunt then licked it once. He enjoyed the taste of natilie then started to lick her clit more rapidly and then Natilie woke up.

- To Be Continued... -


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