"Witch Bitch"

      by Sailor

      (F, reluc, nc, rape, best)

She was pissed off. It was her own fault and she knew it. Her sister's birthday and she had left it to the last minute to do the shopping - again. She really didn't want to spend ages looking for a car space, didn't have the time or patience really. So when she turned the corner and saw a car ready to leave a parking bay she put the foot down to get there quickly. She knew that the other driver had seen the car park first but barged in regardless. Guiltily she quickly got out of the car and without looking back, hurriedly rushed into the sanctuary of the shops.

The lady was annoyed as she saw the car barge in and the young girl get out and hurry into the shopping centre and, without even a backward glance, raise her middle finger as she went through the door.

"Typical" she muttered as she viewed girl disappear. She couldn't help but notice the beautiful blush of youth: attractive face, long hair, slim body and full breasts.

When the girl came out of the shops she gave a furtive glance around to see if there was any disgruntled person hanging around but the way was clear. She had never done anything like that before and was embarrassed by her actions. On one hand she would have liked to apologise, on the other she was scared of meeting the lady.

She loaded up her shopping and drove home without another thought. She didn't notice the other car parked some distance away: snappy little car with the licence plate - Bitch Witch.

Later that afternoon she answered a knock at the door. As she opened the door she saw a lady, mid-late twenties, attractive in a homely way. She wore a head scarf and was dressed in long flowing robes. But what attracted her attention was the animal with her: huge, jet black, short hair shinning where the sun caught it and when he moved his muscles rippled with undisguised power and sexuality. He was a magnificent animal. She was a dog lover and in particular Great Danes as she had a female herself so she couldn't but admire the sleek animal.

"I heard you were planning to mate your Dane" said the lady. "So I thought I might approach you to see if you wanted to use Horse here as the stud" she said.

"I wasn't er, at least I hadn't planned to breed her, well not at this time anyway" Cherry stuttered. "But, Horse? That's a strange name for a dog. Look I don't know where you heard that I was planning to breed my dog, but seeing as you are here, um why don't you come in and we can discuss it. I've never bred dogs before. I don't know what's involved"

At that the lady's face broke into a smile and she chuckled. And with a hint of a smile said "Don't know what's involved in breeding? Honey, you've got to get out more".

Cherry could feel herself blushing profusely as she stammered "I, I that's not what I meant, I "

"It's ok," said the lady laughing "I knew what you meant, pretty girl like you."

Still embarrassed Cherry invited the lady into her house.

"My name is Mandy." said the lady.

"Why don't we put Horse out the back where he can get acquainted with, Sofi, I believe your dog is called? I believe Sofi is in heat now so I thought that Horse, that's not his registered name by the way, could service the bitch."

Although she really hadn't given any thought to mating her dog Cherry felt somehow obliged to agree with Mandy's proposition. They opened the door and let Horse out into the back yard.

"Horse knows what to do so why don't we just leave them to it" she said.

Cherry felt a little uneasy as Horse ran straight over to Sofi and barrelled her over. Sofi gave a small cry and started running but Horse effortlessly caught her and bowled her over again. Sofi jumped up, her fear clear to Cherry as Horse again brought her down biting and pawing her.

"Oh, they are playing already" said Mandy smiling; they seem to be getting on so well don't you think.

It didn't seem that way to Cherry who clearly saw her beloved Sofi being bullied by Horse.

Suddenly Mandy's mobile phone rang and she turned away to answer it.

Cherry could only watch in stunned silence as Sofi, whimpering, tried in vain to escape Horse. If she didn't know better, because they are only dogs, she would have thought that Horse seemed intent on dominating Sofi: more just brutalising her for the sake of it.

Mandy finished her call.

"Honey, that call was a friend who has an emergency. I have to go out of town for a while to help her. Seeing as the dogs are getting on so well perhaps I can leave them with you till tomorrow if that's ok. Horse knows what he is here to do."

With that she gathered up her belongings and headed for the door. Cherry followed in her wake not sure that she really wanted Horse but not seemingly having any say in the matter. She heard herself agreeing to keep Horse but didn't know why. She watched as Mandy jumped into her car and drove off, she had a feeling of something familiar but couldn't place it. She noticed the licence plate "Bitch Witch" with some amusement.

"What happened there" she thought to herself. "Ten minutes ago I was alone with one dog. Now I've got two and one wants to mate."

She could hear Sofi and Horse out the back but guilt led her to ignore her dog's cries. She knew only too well how hard it was to deal with aroused males. She sat down on the sofa in her lounge room unsure of how the events had unfolded.

Suddenly Sofi came into the room. Cherry was taken back as she was sure that the door was shut and the dogs locked in the back yard. Horse padded into the room behind Sofi. Wide eyed with fear and whimpering she cowered in front of him. Cherry could see Sofi trembling as Horse moved to her.

Cherry couldn't believe what was happening. Although Sofi was already close, Horse started to herd her, growling, nipping, and pushing until she was side on and across Cherry's knees. Sofi was more than happy to be on Cherry who patted her to calm her. In this position Horse then started to walk, strut was the word that came into her mind, around the sofa. To her horror Cherry noticed that his dog cock had started to protrude from its pouch. And she now had no doubts as to why he was called Horse. She couldn't move. She knew her mouth was open in surprise and shock; it kept growing, huge, bigger than any man she had been with, much bigger, hanging down obscenely, red, thicker in the middle than at the ends and dripping pre cum. She was transfixed, terrified, aroused.

Horse padded behind Sofi and reared up, initially putting his paws on Sofi's back then dropping his body weight on her. As he wrapped his paws around Sofi his front legs reached over Cherry's legs, pulling them back and effectively locking her and the dogs together on her lap. His back legs took a few short steps forward as he positioned himself behind Sofi.

"No" cried Cherry in alarm as she suddenly realised what was about to happen. She started to push the dogs away but jumped in alarm as Horse snapped at her hands, his upper lip drawn back in a ferocious snarl. Her hands quickly withdrew in a reflex action.

Time stood still. Instinctively she knew that the moment was about control; about pack animals and their order of leadership. If she was to have control over this animal she had to assert herself now.

The moment came and went.

His face was inches in front of hers. He stayed that way for what seemed an eternity. With each passing second she felt the power of his dominance, the humiliation of her submission. The abandonment of Sofi to him.

Cherry could not tear her eyes away from Horse's as he mounted Sofi; heard the cry as much as felt Sofi squirm as he entered her. She could feel the unrelenting power of every pounding thrust of his body; his long quick strokes. Virtually a party to the act she couldn't help but see the rippling muscles, feel the power of them at work as he hunched over her dog. She also couldn't help but see the now glistening cock as it pistoned relentlessly into her dog. As much as she tried to avoid it she found her eyes irresistibly drawn to the intimacy of the mating. She was used to men cumming in a matter of minutes and felt a pang of envy wash over her as the dog showed no signs of stopping. Her immediate fear subsiding, she was ashamed as she slowly but surely noticed a warmth growing between her legs in response to the erotic nature of the mating. Her hand had involuntarily gone her breast and was gently rolling her little bud between her fingers in a way that many men had dreamed of doing - and a few had. Finally Horse gripped Sofi tighter and filled Sofi with his sperm. Unaware of dog mating habits, Cherry was amazed as Horse turned around as she could see that he was still inside Sofi. Sofi was dragged off Cherry and the two dogs, still joined lay down. Cherry didn't move. After half an hour Horse popped out of Sofi. He lay on the rug licking his balls nonchalantly.

Cherry got unsteadily to her feet, wary of the dog. Slowly she went through the house. Aware of the time she prepared her meal and fed the two dogs outside. Both dogs seemed to get along ok from there so she prepared beds for them in the laundry. With Sofi on heat there was no way she was sleeping inside and Horse, well, she was just wary of Horse. Sofi would have to take her chances.

Satisfied that the dogs were secure she went to her room and showered. She was surprised to see Horse sitting on her bed when she stepped out of the shower. Slowly she towelled herself off as she tried to remember closing the door. She was sure she had. Still, she would dress then put him away. Wrapping the towel around her she started towards her drawers to get a pair of knickers. She stopped as Horse jumped off the bed in front of her.

"Good boy" she said uncertainly and tried to step around him.

Horse took a step to the side blocking her way.

"Sit Horse" she said as she stepped the other way.

Horse took a step to the side again moving in front of her.

She stood for a few seconds trying to understand what was happening. Unsure of herself she put on her sternest voice. "Get out of the way Horse" she said with authority and moving purposefully towards the chest of drawers.



But her bravado died when Horse again took one step to the side cutting her off but this time showing his fangs; a low growl rumbling from his throat.

She stopped in her tracks; fear and uncertainty rising within her. Then without warning Horse snapped at her closest foot. She let out a yelp and jumped back.

"Good boy Horse, good boy, down" she said nervously, trying to calm the dog and her own fears.

She was scared now! Half bent over and feet apart as a basketball guard might take a defensive position she watched intently as Horse moved. She was directly between the door and the dog. He lowered his head. Again she jumped backwards in alarm as Horse snarled and snapped at her feet, his head ripping from side to side as he nipped at one foot then the other as she effectively danced terrified backwards down the corridor.

Suddenly he stopped and stood in front of her. As if attached by a cord she stopped when he did, too afraid to move, her hands spread in front of her; hands spread in futile protection.

Nothing moved. Her eyes were wide with fear, seeing nothing but the dog in front of her. She could hear her breath coming in short terrified rasps, could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her body trembling. She was unaware that she was naked, the towel having slipped to the floor, but even if she had been aware, she was too frightened to move. Her wet hair was slowly swaying, a drop of water gathering at the tips, and then falling to splash on the carpet: the same carpet in the same room where Horse had earlier taken Sofi.

Without warning Horse jumped at her, bowling her over. A small scream escaped her lips as she went over backwards, legs and arms flailing the air. As she hit the floor she immediately rolled over onto her hands and knees prepared to jump up and bolt for the door as her instincts for flight took over. But her instincts for preservation were stronger and the snarling dog's face an inch in front of hers stopped her. Not a muscle moved as she starred into the dog's eyes. They stayed that way for a full minute: an eternity. His upper lip drawn back exposing those massive fangs, the low growl more menacing in that it was constant. She didn't dare to speak, didn't dare to move, too afraid to even move her eyes from his.

She didn't have any thoughts, didn't move a muscle: she just froze. Not even when he slowly took a step back then walked around her in a complete circle did she move. While her conscious mind froze, deep in her subconscious mind a small note was taken that she had seen this before. As he walked around her the second time she didn't need her subconscious mind to tell her anything as now her eyes goggled wide open at the huge dog cock swaying obscenely between his legs.

"No" she cried as she saw his dripping meat. And in spite of her fear, the adrenalin rush burst through her body and she tensed to run. But as she rose to her feet her eyes opened wide in horror as he reared up in front of her. The silent scream froze on her lips as she toppled over backwards with the dog collapsing on top of her. Desperation again made her start to rise but she stopped on all fours as she was again confronted by his snarling face in front of hers.

The dog started to circle her again. They both knew it was a display of male dominance. He stopped in front of her as if taunting her and she saw the pre cum dribbling off his throbbing cock.

"Please God, no, please God" she heard herself praying.

"This can't be happening; please no" she whispered as the tears slowly ran down her cheeks.

She sensed as much as felt the dog behind her. Too afraid to move, too afraid to look she waited. She felt his paws touch the inside of her calf muscles and her legs instinctively parted a fraction. She was aware now of the feel of hot breath on her rear. The warmth accentuated by the well groomed pussy. She kept her pussy trimmed in a small triangle and hairless on either side of her cunt lips. His domination was complete as she knelt submissively waiting for him to mount her. And she waited. Her nerves were stretched and she could feel herself start to tremble.

"Arrrggh" she cried as the dog mounted her grasping her waist with his paws. She could feel him taking those little steps with his back legs pulling himself inexorably closer to her sex, the warm fur of his stomach on her back.

Her mind recoiled as she felt the first jabs of his cock on the back of her legs as he sought to find her cunt. Shock forced her to take the smallest crawling step forward as if trying to escape. She could feel the wetness all over the back of her legs as the precum dribbled and squirted from him. A thought flashed through her mind that he may not be able to find her cunt and may just cum over her legs. But the small movement she made altered the angles slightly and the tip of his cock touched the soft outer pouch of her sex.

She screamed in pain and humiliation as the dog took one small shuffled step forward and buried six inches of his cock in her body. The male dog lubrication allowed him to force himself inside her and he started humping immediately, withdrawing slightly then ramming another three inches inside her. It was a hard forceful entrance that left her impaled onto him, momentarily buried to the hilt. Her head flew back and she screamed again in pain at the violent intrusion. Her cunt was tight at the best of times and was now being stretched wider than it had ever been. Unlike a man who might take his time to let her accommodate him the dog was pistoning into her. Moreover, she had never had a man as big as the dog and her insides were being stretched and pummelled mercilessly as the dog pounded her. She spread her legs to accommodate him and reduce the pain and was successful to some degree but his enormous size and the speed of his thrusts didn't give her much relief.

Her magnificent breasts, the erotic fancy of many men shook with each thrust until they were bouncing wildly beneath her to their own macabre rhythm. The nipples excited by the movement puckering as a physical betrayal of her mind.

Through the eons of time the survival of each species is reliant on mating. As such, after the initial assault her body instinctively produced its own lubricant to accommodate the thrusting penis. Her cunt also stretched and the pain receded. Aware and accepting that there was nothing she could do to stop the violation of her body she leant her head forward as the dog had his way with her.

"He's fucking me. I'm being fucked by a dog." she thought.

As the humping continued relentlessly she became aware of the small things. The smooth warmth of his fur on her back; the slap of the dog's balls against her legs, the increasing trickle of fluid dribbling down the inside of her legs and inevitably, the slow spread of arousal in her lower regions.

"Please God, not that, not with a DOG for Christ's sake, no." she thought. Like most women she had never been brought to an orgasm with a man through fucking: masturbation, oral sex; yes but not through the sex act. Her cunt lips had become puffy and open like a flower in spring, she could feel the noticeable difference in the consistency of her own sexual fluid, and she could not help but notice the intense feeling in her sensitive aroused clit.

Cherry dug at the floor, clenching and unclenching her hands. Never had she been taken so roughly or by anything so large. It was making her crazy with passion and she doubted she would ever think of making love again without comparing it to this rough fuck. He was hurting her. His massive cock pounded in and out pushing against her cervix causing ripples of deep pleasure she had never felt before. Deep. Moving. Touching her insides. Stirring her. A sensation so intense it was like a warning of pain, but one that made her unconsciously push herself against him seeking more. It was a pain that she was beginning to find pleasurable; and emotionally destroying.

She fought against the rising tide of passion with increasing revulsion. She was aching to cum so badly but was reviled by the thought. Then she felt the knot and a sickening feeling took hold of her emotions. But it was too late. He had hit a rhythm, powerful, pulses on a beat, hitting her core on every massive thrust, and suddenly the tight knot of heavy pleasure came undone, and her sex, her belly, her whole body collapsed in spasms.

She had seen it with Sofi, God knows it was inches in front of her face, she couldn't not see it. Now she felt it battering her swollen cunt trying to force itself in. She tried to tighten her muscles to prevent it but her mouth formed an involuntary "O" as the dog forced the knot inside. A forlorn wail escaped her as she realized she was fully mated with him, his bitch. Numbly she recognized the quickening thrusts, the tightening of the balls, the panting (panting she thought, how apt), could feel his paws grip her more tightly then the rush of repulsive sperm as each ejaculation was forced into her unwilling body. The cry of her final humiliating submission.

All she wanted was to get him out of her but she knew that she had to stop him from turning around. She kept him on her and was rewarded 15 minutes later when with an audible "pop" he withdrew from her.

She stood up unsteadily and staggered to the shower in her bedroom. Her mind numb from the ordeal. Given the amount of cum she felt being pumped into her she was surprised but uncaring about the little that had seeped out of her cunt and down her legs. Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized that more of a man's cum would have leaked but she was too dazed to care. His cum was thicker and stickier than she was used to. Although she was relieved to note that there was no blood.

Turning the shower on as hot as she could bear she started to wash, then scrub her sex frantically as if she could somehow erase the event. The tears came before she started to sob uncontrollably as she slowly sank in a heap to the shower floor. Then she started vomiting as shock set in. She stayed that way until the water turned cold.

In a zombie like state she dried and went to bed naked, afraid to walk past the dog to her undies drawer. The tears fell on her pillow as she cried herself to sleep. In many ways crying for the physical rape but more so for the emotional rape, disgusted with herself that he had been able to control her feelings against her will. Surprisingly she slept.

When she awoke in the morning the events of the previous night came to her. A wave of nausea swept over her but was gone as soon as it came. Only to be replaced with the tears. She could feel the crusty dried sperm on the inside of her thighs and down between the crack of her ass as it leaked out of her during the night.

Numbly she got out of bed and went again to the shower. When she was finished she nervously dried herself looking all the time at Horse who was now lying on the end of the bed. When she was dry she started to inch toward the chest of drawers to get some knickers but stopped when she heard the low growl start. She took another small step towards the drawer but stopped again when the growl got louder. Horse climbed off the bed and sat between her and the drawers. Her eyes watering she backed off.

All she had was her dressing gown and she slowly reached for it. The dog didn't seem to mind that so she quickly put it on feeling some sort of security in covering her nakedness. The gown hung down to her ankles and was a wrap around style with a tie around the waist - no buttons. Slowly she edged out of the bedroom and never taking her eyes off Horse, resisted the almost overwhelming urge to run, went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Horse just sat between her and the door watching peacefully.

Just as the kettle came to the boil she heard a knock at the door.

"I've got to answer the door" she said to the dog somehow feeling as if she had to get permission as she headed in that direction. The dog, stump of his tail wagging padded to the door with her. She almost broke down with relief when she saw that it was Mandy.

- To Be Continued... -

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