"Witch Bitch-Part 2"

      by Sailor

      (F, reluc, nc, rape, best)

"Sorry I'm so early" Mandy said as she breezed in. I've been up all night with my sick friend and came straight over. Took less time than I thought it would. Bending over she put both arms around Horse who was obviously pleased at the attention. "And did my little baby enjoy servicing the bitch" she said to him rubbing behind his ears. "He did service the bitch didn't he?" she enquired turning to Cherry.

Cherry could feel herself blushing. Unable to trust her voice she gave a crooked smile and just nodded her head.

"Good" Mandy said and gave her dog a pat.

And a chill went down Cherry's spine as Mandy said "who knows, you could be lucky and find that the bitch might even be pregnant after the first mating".

"I've been on the road would you mind terrible if we had a cup of tea honey?" she enquired. "I'm so tired and thirsty.

Relieved to be able to do something Cherry mumbled an acceptance and they padded off to the kitchen. When the tea was made they sat at the kitchen table. Cherry had a large round wooden table. They sat opposite each other.

"Oh, he must really like you" Mandy commented as Horse went past her towards Cherry.

"He always sits with me" she said matter of factly.

"And I wish he would sit with you again" Cherry thought in alarm as she felt Horse walking straight to her pushing his head between her legs under the table.

Smiling awkwardly in an endeavour not to draw attention she put her free hand down and tried to clamp her legs together to stop the dog coming any further - very aware of her nakedness underneath her gown. But she stopped pushing when she felt his mouth close over her hand, biting hard enough to let her know to stop. She could feel the silent rumblings of his growl so she slowly withdrew her hand. The roles were already established.

Mandy kept talking. Not really looking at Cherry and unaware of the silent battle taking place underneath the table.

Cherry could feel Horse push her legs apart as he slowly inched towards her, then the warm breath on her sex as she involuntarily closed her legs trapping Horse's head inches from her cunt. But she just knew what it meant when she felt him turn his head and bite warningly into her leg. As she released the pressure she felt him nuzzle up to her sex. And when he started nipping the inside of her thighs she slid down the chair so that he could access her cunt.

"This can't be happening" she thought to herself as Mandy carried on with her story smiling at her.

Then she almost fell off her chair as Horse licked her cunt. An electric shock went through her as his tongue, so different to a man's, licked the full length of her slit: warm, wet, erotic. She knew she should say something to Mandy to get the dog to stop but for some reason didn't, couldn't. Then it all seemed too late. She clung to the side of the chair trying to look natural and relaxed and interested in Mandy's story as Horse sat between her spread legs giving her cunt the most sensational licking she had ever experienced.

She gave another shudder as she felt Horse sink his tongue deep inside her cunt, licking her G spot and nuzzling her clit. Her cunt was dripping from her own juices and she could feel the wetness oozing down between her ass cheeks over her puckered hole. Fortunately Mandy hadn't noticed anything unusual but Cherry knew with a growing certainty that that was going to change. She could feel the intensity of her engorged clit as he continued to lap at her dripping cunt. Never before had her clit been so sensitive; so excited. It took everything she had to stifle a cry as he nipped her clit gently with his teeth. She was practically laying on the chair now. Legs spread wide fighting a losing battle against the inevitable orgasm. She was sure that Mandy must be able to smell the sex on her by now. Her head was lolling back, all but panting and her eyes were rolling in her head in an effort to control her body as the first ripples of her orgasm started deep inside body.

Then Mandy's mobile rang.

Cherry could only nod her head fighting to control the building climax as Mandy answered the phone and said "I will just duck out that back and take this call if that's ok".

No sooner had Mandy shut the door than the most intense orgasm Cherry had ever experienced exploded through her body. She moaned in uncontrolled ecstasy as wave after wave of incredible pleasure built in her cunt then tore through her body only to be replaced by another. The nectar was flowing in copious amounts from her dripping cunt and she could feel the wetness on her gown. Then she could feel a second orgasm build and she doubled over as her muscles contracted again. She was on the verge of blacking out from the pleasure and effort when Horse decided that he had had enough and lay down at her feet. With an effort she dragged herself back into a sitting position then, with shaking hands took a couple of deep drinks of her tea. She clasped her legs together to try to stop the tremors down below. She took another drink then ran her hand through her disheveled hair.



As she felt herself gaining some semblance of control Mandy opened the door and came back in. Cherry gave her an embarrassed grin as she entered knowing that only a miracle had spared her the most embarrassing scene imaginable.

"I've got to go" Mandy said as she started to collect her things.

"My friend has had a relapse. Tell you what honey, seeing as Horse obviously likes you so much and I know how he loves to service a good bitch, I'd like to ask a big favour from you and get you to look after Horse for me for while. Only till my friend gets over her problem of course." She said.

She stood unsteadily, aware of her own wetness dribbling down the inside of her thighs as she moved. It was the last thing she wanted to hear. A wave of fear came over Cherry as she looked back at Horse. She was alarmed to see the pink tip of his doggie cock starting to protrude form its sheath. And whilst she meant to say "no, take the disgusting animal with you" she heard herself saying "yes" as she saw Mandy to the door.

The moment the front door closed she bolted for her bedroom just a few feet away intent on locking the door. But the animal was inside the room before she even had time to turn. She backed away from him and screamed as Horse reared up in front of her. Standing he towered over her and as he put his paws on her shoulders she stood momentarily, staggered under the weight then fell backwards onto the bed. She was not completely on the bed, the bed was mainly supporting her back but half of her ass was hanging over the edge. Horse was on her immediately. As if in a lovers embrace Horse took the familiar shuffle forward, poked twice before finding the soft warmth of her cunt, still dripping wet from her orgasm, and with the sound of her screaming "noooo" in his ears, buried his cock into her again and immediately started humping. It had all happened so fast.

Just the other side of the wall Mandy stopped as she heard a muffled noise from within. Within seconds she could hear another scream of "noo" and then a quick thumping noise as the bed rocked to Horse's thrusts.

Cherry tried to adjust her position on the bed to relieve the searing pain of his forced entry. But with the dog lying on top of her and a massive rampaging cock thrusting into her at 100 strokes a minute there was little she could do. Fortunately she was still wet from the orgasm and his cock slipped readily into her. With her ass hanging over the edge of the bed she maneuvered between thrusts to get the best angle so his cock was pumping as smoothly as possible into her.

"That's good" she muttered to herself as she felt his cock hit the right angle. But the right angle meant she had nine inches of cock smoothly pistoning in and out of her well lubricated cunt. To her dismay she realized that her body had not yet come down from that high. Her clit was still swollen and excited and with the dog's thrusting she could feel the passion rising again towards the inevitable climax.

Still standing outside the room searching for her keys, Mandy heard Cherry's voicing rising in volume and despair. "Get off me you bastard. It can't happen, not again, oh God please no, no, no, noooo" Mandy heard Cherry.

But to no avail. With a wail of despair she came. Trembling and jerking spasmodically, Cherry creamed around his burning, thrusting cock, every inch of her body quaking uncontrollably. She screamed incoherently at first, and then was able to create actual words. Oh my God, oh my God" she repeated. The last utterance came out as one long wail of pleasure and horror. She squirmed and shook as he continued ramming into her, her hot liquids gushing all over both of them.

But he didn't stop, didn't pause. Within minutes she was screaming again as he brought her to her third climax of the day.

This time he did stop momentarily and his cock popped out of her dripping cunt. She could feel her own fluids pouring down the crack of her ass.

She was exhausted from the combined effects of continuous orgasms along with her stomach and legs supporting their combined weight. She tried to ease her discomfort by flexing her pelvis but at that exact moment Horses cock came out of its sheath and he started poking around for her hole.

She bucked in terror as she felt his cock at the puckered entrance of her ass and started to push in; she began to shriek and thrash on the bed. Her eyes popped wide; her mouth gaped. She shook her head back and forth, tossing her curls, and her fingernails dug into his shoulders. Her sphincter resisted, but it was fighting a losing battle as this huge animal pushed forward with his hips and pulled her back with his paws. The shear girth of his member was pushing her to breaking point as his penis ground into her resisting ass.

Mandy heard the blood curdling scream as ho forced his thick meat into Cherry. The pain was excruciating as Cherry felt the head boring into her bowels. The crinkled skin of her asshole slithered wider around his fat shaft, stretching her hole unbearably. Her screams were continuous but jerked with each thrust into her torn ass.

The walls of her rectum collapsed around the dog's prick, seizing him with a thousand rippling muscles. She took him deeper with each thrust, and it felt like his cock was boring into her heart. She bucked against him in order to escape, but this just forced him deeper into her and she felt him stretch her as he slid his hard cock deep into her deflowered asshole.

After the initial assault the feel of that cock in her ass was un-real. She felt funny and full, but at the same time incredible turned on as he pulled his cock almost out and then slid back. He started pummeling her stretched sphincter with his pulsing tool. Never pausing, bringing her to an earth-shattering climax. Then she was there. Arching her back on his hard dick, she rubbed her sopping sex for all she was worth, feeling something tremendous building inside her. The incredible fullness, the incessant pressure deep inside her, it was all too much.

"Oh God, oh god .YYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS" she screamed clutching her muscles around the cock in her ass.

Spurt after spurt of his hot cum sprayed inside her ass, filling her up with his semen.

Mandy smiled as she heard the scream as she walked to her car.

"You don't mess with the witch if you don't want to become the bitch" she said out loud as she walked to her car.

"And honey, you will just love it when you realize how many times a dog can do it in a day."

As she reversed out of the drive she saw another car waiting to turn in. The young girl waved as they passed. "Same face, same hair, obviously a younger sister" thought Mandy.

And the quiet chuckle became a full laugh as she accelerated away.

- The End -

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