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Look for the new marker to identify the most recent stories. Usually you'll find the latest contributed stories at the top of the list. But since we're now keeping story threads together when we add new writing from that author, you should make sure to scroll down the list to see new additions to existing stories too.

"Jason and his Girlfriend" ... by Jen (MMFF wife cons)  

"Our First Moresome" ... by Jen (M+,F, wife, interracial, cons)  

"House Hunting" ... by bobbie (MMMF, oral, anal)  

"Goes Black & Hubby Approves" ... by bobbie (MMMMFF, interracial, double pen.)  

"Midnight Call 1" ... by one_4_hf (MMF, Wife, Cons)  

"My Wife's child bearing hips..." ... by Noahfrog (reluctant, impreg, violence)  

"My First Threesome" ... by Jen (MMMF wife cons)  

"Secret Slut" ... by Michael (MMF wife cheat)  

"Girls Night Out" ... by Innocenttoo (M++F, Inter, anal)  

"Hot Fun With Doris" ... by CK (wife, asian, MF, FF, reluc)  

"My First Encounter" ... by Veronica (MM+F, anal, cons, wife)  

"Wife Barbara's Superbowl Show" ... by Poppa 1 (MMM+F, anal, cons, wife)  

"All Because of a Rampant Rabbit" ... by Lesley (MF, Wife, Inter, Real)  

"Married White Couples First Black Bull" ... by Cuckold Bitch (MF, dom, rough, va, interr, wife)  

"Wife Barbara's Bloomington Escapade" ... by Poppa 1 (MF, Cons, Gang, Wife)  

"The Taming of Jackie" ... by Bobjj123 (MMFF, group, Wife)  

"Wife Barbara's Blues Club Night" ... by Poppa 1 (MMF, Cons, Wife)  

"Wife Barbara Relieves Some Friends" ... by Poppa 1 (MF, Cons, Wife)  

"Lisa and Me" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, rom)  

"My Wife Barbara's Camping" ... by Poppa 1 (MF, Cons, Wife)  

"Johnny Walker Black" ... by CaroleAT (MMF, Interr, cons, wife)  

"My Wife, Barbara, Gets Fucked" ... by Poppa 1 (MMF, Cons, Wife)  

"My First Affair" ... by Jackie (MF job cheat)  

"My Loving Wife" ... by DamonX (MF interr wife group cheat anal)  

"On Loan" ... by Jack Higgs (MF, Fdom, Wife)  

"Once You Go Black..." ... by Bobbie (fffmmmmm, inter, cockhold)  

"Blast From the Past" ... by Nick (MMM+F wife group cons)  

"Party With New Friends" ... by Toaster Joe (mmfff, cons, dp, wife)  

"Essential Maintenance" ... by Mike and Pauline (wife, cheat, job, MMF, rough)  

"Part Time Job" ... by Bobbie (FMM+, Cheat, Wife, Oral, Anal)  

"Vegas Party" ... by Nick (FMM+, cons, wife, oral)  

"My Slut Wife" ... by Mr. B (MF cons cuck wife oral)  

"Dive Trip" ... by John (mmf cheat)  

"My Wife Wants To Be A Whore!" ... by Bobbie (mf, oral, anal, wifeslut)  

"Andree's Birthday Massage" ... by Alex (MMF, Wife, Cons)  

"Trouble With Paranoid Wife" ... by Rat (MF, Mdom, NC)  

"Sandra's Lesbo Gratitude" ... by Marie G (FF, Oral, Bi, Cons)  

"Directed By Scott" pt. 1 ... by Rachel T. (MMF, group, cons, dom, wife)  

"Directed By Scott" pt. 2 ... by Rachel T. (MMF, group, cons, dom, wife)  

"A Lesbian Thank You" ... by Marie G (FF, Oral, Bi, Cheat)  

"Cuckold, With Permission" ... by Bobbie (mmf, interr, wife)  

"Pay For Play" ... by Bobbie (mmf, interr, wife)  

"Neighborly Hospitality" ... by AfroerotiK (Interr, wc, bc)  

"My Wife Lisa" pt.2 ... by Bob and Lisa (FM, Fdom, Voy, Humil, Cheat)  

"My Sexy Wife" ... by Bobbie (mmmmmf, inter, wife, slut)  

"Waterboy" ... by Bobbie (mmmmf, wife, gang)  

"Holiday Fun" ... by Alex C (mmmf, cons, wife)  

"Kelly Does Chad" ... by Bobjj123 (MF, cons, cheat)  

"My Wife Lisa" ... by Bob and Lisa (FM, Fdom, Voy, Humil, Cheat)  

"Another Night With Scott" ... by Rachel T. (MMMMF, Wife, Oral, Rough, GangBang)  

"He Lost A Bet" ... by Rachel T. (MF, Wife, Oral, Rough)  

"Our Fantasy" ... by Nick (MMF, Wife, Cons)  

"The Handyman's Visit" ... by Lori Wayne (MMF,cheat, oral cons)

"Wild Honeymoon" ... by Nick (MMF, Wife, Cons)


Housewife Bangers
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"A Tutorial in Satisfaction" ... by Marie G (Fdom, M, cons, cheat, oral)

"Amazing Dreams" ... by John Everett (MF, cheat, oral)

"A Walk on the Wild Side" ... by Mike and Pauline (mmmm+ F, nc, reluc, wife, rough)

"Julie - My First Anal" ... by Julie (FMM, cheat, oral, anal, mast)

"Julie - Strawberries and Cream" ... by Julie (FM, oral, cheat, shave)

"Julie - Shopping and Play" ... by Julie (FMM, oral, cheat)

"Her Best Friend Dana" ... by A Hot Johnson (MF, wife, interr, voy)

"Her Best Friend Dana" - Pt 2 ... by A Hot Johnson (MF, wife, interr)

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"Julie - My First Threesome" ... by Julie (FMM, 1st, oral, cheat)

"New Duties" ... by CaroleAT (MF, Wife)

"For Me" ... by CaroleAT (MMF, Cons, Wife)

"Carole's Massage" ... by CaroleAT (MF Interr cons wife)

"Julie - First Time Cheat" ... by Julie (FM, Oral, Cheat)

"Marriage of 3" ... by Dpplover (Fm+, Oral, Anal, Wife)

"Lorraines Night at the Club " ... by Dave (Fm+, Oral, Anal, Wife, Interr)

"Little Brother" ... by Chubby Chinese (MF M-solo cons Fdom wife scat ms)

"Two Into One Will Go" ... by Anonymous (mmf wife)

"Wife's Joyride 01/??" ... by TDM (Mf wife interr cheat exhib oral breast size)

"The Matchmaker" ... by Close Encounters (MF cuck wife)

"Fantasy Come True" ... by BJ Girl (MMF+cons anal oral)

"The Threesome" ... by Robb (MMF wife cuck oral anal)

"The Beginning" ... by Close Encounters (MMF cuck cheat wife)

"My Wife and Jack" ... by Horatio Wolf (MF cuck MMF rom wife oral anal)

"Good For The Gander" ... by BobJJ123 (MF cuck oral)

"Black Into White" ... by David (MF cons wife interr)

"Learning" ... by Ray Smith (MF cuck slow oral)

"Helen and Matt" ... by Lincoln Parker (MFMF cuck oral anal fist)

"Mature Games" - part two ... by Stuart Nayes (MF cons wife)

"Annette's Photo Shoot" ... by Max S. (MMMF wife nc interr breasts oral)

"Darcy" ... by Jennifer Marsh (MF cuck oral voy)

"Hawaii Vacation" ... by Paul with Pam (MMF oral mm)

"Tim's Father" ... by Anonymous (MMF MF cuck oral anal interr)

"Angela In The Hamptons" ... by The Watcher (MF cuck oral)

"The Zipless Fuck" ... by Close Encounters (MMF cuck oral anal)

"My Wife Sally" ... 04/04 by curlewman (MF cuck tort)

"Mature Games" ... by Stuart Nayes (MF cons wife)
"Mature Games" - part two

"Foreign Exchange" ... by Close Encounters (MF cons interr cuckold)

"Sunday's Game" ... 04/04 by CaroleAT (M+F voy oral anal interr)

"Melanie - From A Girlfriend To A Slut" [now with photos] ... by Rexxx (F reluc anal interr)

"A Good Husband" ... by norealwriter (MF reluc interr bd wife)

"Amy's Threesome" ... by Rugger (MMF cuck oral)

"Storebought Cuckold" ... author's name withheld (MF cons wife toys)

"It All Started When..." ... by Ken Philips (MF FF wife job exhib group bi ws zoo)

"Servicing Larry's Wife" ... by Chas A Nova (MMF exhib voy oral)

"Sell Me" - part 6 ... by Loofer (MMMF beast oral)
[see parts 1 thru 5 further down the page]

"Wrapped in the Cosmic Calculus" ... by Lincoln Parker (MF BM BF interr voy cheat oral anal)

"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - part 8 ... by Mr. Tim (M+F wife interr orgy cons rape fist rough sm bd beast)
[see parts 1 thru 7 further down the page]

"The Tease" ... by CaroleAT (MMF reluc wife)

"Sunday's Game" ... 01/04 by CaroleAT (MF cheat wife)

"Sunday's Game" - 02/04
"Sunday's Game" - 03/04
"Sunday's Game" - 04/04

"Melanie's First Fling" ... by dvorov (cuckold oral)

"Slut Wife Pleases Her Wimpy-Dicked Hubby's Young Boss" ... by Bob Zimmerman (MF cuckold anal interr)

"Poker at Steve's 01/03" ... by SluggoDLuxv (MMMM+FF cons cheat anal exhib oral)

"Poker at Steve's 02/03"
"Poker at Steve's 03/03"

"Another Friday Gangbang" ... by {MiMo} (M+F, Fdom, cons, wife)

"Wendy" ... by Simon Matthews (young cuckolding mmf)

"My Wife's Transformation" ... by John Holmes (cuckold wife FDom verbal abuse spanking)
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four
Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight

"Wife Craves Big Cocks" ... by JUgg (cuckold oral anal Mdom M+F fist)

"The Hostages" ... by Chas A. Nova (MF kidnap interr reluc cuckold)

"Football Fun" by Flipper60 ... (MM+F cuckold oral anal)

"Three on a Bed" by Flipper60 ... (wife reluc MMF anal oral)

"Three Nights to Get Even" by Flipper60 ... (MMMMMMMMMMMFF anal reluc group)

"Confessions of a Cheating Wife" by author name withheld ... (slutwife cheat)

"Tim's Birthday" by Sue ... PIX (1st cuckold slut wife group)

"Lynn's Deception" by Lynn Jones ... PIX (slut wife cheat)

"The Following Morning" by Lynn Jones ... PIX (slut wife group MMF)

"Beach House" ... (slut wife cuckold)

"Slut Bride"

"My slut wife loves to cum"

"My Wife Sally" - introduction

"My Wife Sally" - part 1
"My Wife Sally" - part 2
"My Wife Sally" - part 3
"My Wife Sally" - part 4 new

"A Most Private and Painful Pleasure"

"Extra Credit"

"Slut Wife Story"

"My Wife's New Boyfriend"

"Darlene - Bahamas Vacation" ... her 1st time

"Car Trouble"

"Missy's First Porno" ... (interracial)

"Missy's Second Porno"
"Missy's Third Porno - the Army Cums Over"
"Missy's Final (?) Home Video"

"Sell Me"

"Sell Me" - part 2
"Sell Me" - part 3
"Sell Me" - part 4
"Sell Me" - part 5
"Sell Me" - part 6 (MMMF beast oral) new

"My Wife Alison"

"Alison" - part 1
"Alison's Lover"

"The Painters"

"Peggy's Story"

"Wife's Gangbang"

"The Wedding Reception"


"Old Friends"

"Slut Wife"

"Our First Threesome"



"Daddy's Little Slut"

"His Wife Our Slut"

"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 01/08 ... by Mr. Tim ( )

"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 02/08
"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 03/08
"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 04/08
"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 05/08
"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 06/08
"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 07/08 ... (MMMF Orgy B/D S&M cons beast)
"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - 08/08 ... (M+F wife orgy cons rape fist rough sm bd interr beast) new

"The Honeymoon" ... by Harry Kuntz (cuckold slutwife)

"Letter to a Cuckold" ... by Harry Kuntz (cuckold slutwife)

"Mom's Big Boy" ... by Harry Kuntz (MF Mdom m/F/f wife cuckold anal oral ws inc)

"My First Gangbang"

"Sally and My Boss"

"Sally and My Boss" 2

"Sharon's Surprise Gangbang" 4/7/00

"House Sitting"

"House Sitting" - part 2

"Rhonda and The Pizza Boy"

"Carol Takes All Of The Seamen On And On"

"Navy Wife"

"Robin's Birthday Party"


"What Happened to My Wife"

"Poker Night"

"The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn - Going Down"

"The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn" - vol 9
"The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn" - vol 8
"The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn" - vol 7
"The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn" - vol 5

"No Show"

"The Barn" ... (interracial)

"Catching Up with an Old Friend"

"Catching Up With An Old Friend" - part 2

"Wife's First Big Lover"

"Wife's First Big Lover" - part 2

"Sweetest Day"


"The Phone Call"

"The Phone Call" - part 2

"Out of Gas"

"Adventures with Kirk"

"The Milk Was Still in My Breasts"

"Wife Swings Black"

"Fucking Old Classmates"

"Vacation Present"

"My Wife Fucks the Bartender"



"My Cheating Wife"

"A Co-Worker's Cock-Crazed Wife"

"Caroline Takes on Four"

"My Wife Linda"

"Imagine the Master"

"Our Husbands"

"Our Husbands" - part 2

"Other Men's Wives - At the Beach"

"Bonnie's First Coupon"

"My Friend Terance"

"The Plan"

"Linda Makes a Trip to Florida"

"Voyeur's Vacation Fantasy"

"Can't Buy Love"

"Gangbang Confession"

"My Wife Took on All Three of Us"

"Husband's Humiliation"

"The First Time"

"I Came Early"

"Andrea's Story"

"That's What Friends Are For"

"Slut Wife Does My Friend"

"Lisa's Revenge"

"Slut Wife Friday" ... (MF interracial)

"Letter to a Husband"

"Reverse Cockold" ... (MF cheat creampie)

"I Hope Your Afternoon Was Good"

"A Letter From An Anonymous Friend"

"Linda Gets A Little Help"

"Slut Wife Party Game"

"Weekend Getaway"



"Bonnie Pays Off A Bet"

"Happy Anniversary Honey"

"Patricia's Story" ... (interracial)

"Surrogate Father" ... (slutwife mmmf)

"A Summer to Remember"

"Linda At The Theater"

"Linda's Next Day At The Office"
"Linda Pay's An Office Visit"
"Linda At The Hilton"
"Linda Becomes A Biker Mama"

"I Watched From My Wheelchair As They Fucked Her"

"Peeping Through The Window" ... (interracial)

"My Best Friend" ...wife's surprise

"The Bet" ... wife lost this time

"Camp Encounter" ... wife's camping party

"Vacation Down-Under" ... slut's beach party

"Eleanor" ... photographer's wife turned slut

"Fun In The Forest" ... a camping gangbang

"The New Life" ... (interracial)

"The Home Invasion"

"Lisa's Male Stripper"

"Church Wife"

"Cindy Gets Even"

"My Wife The Coed"

"Kate Goes Shopping"


"Strip Poker Remembered"

"At The VFW"

"Beth's Arrangement"

"Gail's Husband Gets His Wish"

"My Wife Bailed Me Out"



"Happy Birthday, Darling"

"The Bellman"

"Mike's Visit"

"The Club"

"The Creaming Of Ginger"

"The Creaming of Ginger" - part 2

"Sweet Surrender"

"Sweet Surrender" part 2

"Bill's Slutty Wife"

"Karen's Pool Party"

"That Loving Taste"

"Wife Slut Hilda"

"Feast Of Sarah"

"Sharing My Wife Linda"

"No Regrets"

"Mrs Volvo's Gangbang"



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