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Photos courtesy of BiRacial - click here for interracial sex of all kinds now*This section will be devoted to Interracial and mixed race rough sex stories of all kinds contributed by our visitors. Every story here was sent to us by one of our readers and we invite you to send your own inter-racial sex story to us. The stories we're looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup (basically *much* more explicit versions of the "Letters to Penthouse" type).

You can send your interracial sex story(s) to us using our online Sex Story Submission Form or check out our Writer Guidelines page to find out how to send it as an email message. You'll be given full credit for your story and your name and email address will be posted under the title (unless you prefer to remain anonymous - just let us know). know).

Feel free to submit your inter-racial sex stories at any time. We'll also post your mixed race and rough sex photos or illustrations with your stories if you send them to us as email attachments in GIF or JPEG format. Drop us a line if you have some questions too.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Naughty Press

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Interracial Sex Stories

Look for the new marker to identify the most recent interracial stories. Usually you'll find the latest contributed stories at the top of the list. But since we're now keeping story threads together when we add new writing from an author, you should make sure to scroll down the list to see new additions to existing stories too.

"Domination" ... by Stephanie Sarg (size, teen, interr)  

"Taxman's Wife-Part 2" ... by Mustanger7up (Wife, Inter, MF, Oral)  

"Taxman's Wife" ... by Mustanger7up (Wife, Inter, MF, Oral)  

"My Masseuse-Part 2" ... by PDumbledore (MF, Oral, Interr.)  

"My Masseuse" ... by PDumbledore (MF, Oral, Interr.)  

"Black Alley-Part 2" ... by Kyng Kooba (Wife, Inter, MMF)  

"Black Alley" ... by Kyng Kooba (Wife, Inter, MMF)  

"My Black Men" ... by Bobbie (MMF, oral, interr)  

"Hot Fun With Doris" ... by CK (wife, asian, MF, FF, reluc)  

"Back to Black" ... by Innocenttoo (Interr, anal, M+F, preg)  

"All Because of a Rampant Rabbit" ... by Lesley (MF, Wife, Inter, Real)  

"I Love A Crowd" ... by Kristen (fmmmmmm, interracial, cream pies)  

"Psychotica" pt. 2 ... by Ill Jugend (nc, anal, slow, toys)  

"Married White Couples First Black Bull" ... by Cuckold Bitch (MF, dom, rough, va, interr, wife)  

"Back to Black Two, No Make Three" ... by innocenttoo (Interr, anal, M+F, preg)  

"The Good Wife" ... by Big Bird (MF, rough, wife, cheat, interr)  

"Four Can Play This Game" ... by GuyJD (MF, rough, wife, cheat, interr)  

"Dirty Ho" ... by Luke (MF, cons, rough, anal, oral)  

"Hotel Gangbang" ... by Robin (MMMMMF, non-cons, rough, ws, rape)  

"Your Package Has Arrived" ... by Marty (MM, Solo, Voy, Oral, Noncons, Interr, Bi)  

"The Merger" ... by GuyJD (MF, rom, interr, cons, reluc)  

"Psychotica" ... by Ill Jugend (nc, anal, slow, toys)  

"Zoey Spear's Gang Rape" ... by John Terry (MMMg*, rape*/reluc, viol*, interr, oral)  

"Commuter Tunnels" ... by Administrative Assistant (M+F reluc public oral anal force rape)  

"Taken By A Black Again" ... by D and T (mmm+f,interr, reluc)  

"Gang Raped in a Turkish Police Cell" ... by Marie G (M+F, Interr, nc, Reluc, Rough, oral)  

"Before and After" ... by Exxteller (m++/f, nc, interracial)  

"Crazy For Black" ... by Bobbie (MF, Interr)  

"Hotel Bonaventure" ... by AfroerotiK (MMF, Interr)  

"The Rape of Marie and Elaine" ... by Marie G (MMFF, Mdom, rape, reluc, rough, voy)  

"The Taking Of Lisa" ... by Exxteller (mff, rp, nc, drug)  

"Once You Go Black..." ... by Bobbie (fffmmmmm, inter, cockhold)  

"It Started As An Innocent Kegger" ... by Flo (F+19M, Inter, Gang, Cons)  

"My Sexy Wife" ... by Bobbie (mmmmmf, inter, wife, slut)  

"Sex, Sex and More Sex" ... by Bobbie (mmmmf, Inter, oral, anal)  

"Teaching Can Be Fun" ... by Bobbie (inter, mmmmf, oral, anal)  

"A Regular Party" ... by Diomedes (MMMMMMMMM+FF, group, nc, rape, bd, viol, anal, oral, ws)  

"Two For the Show" ... by Bobbie (inter, mmmmmff, gangbang, anal)  

"When You Go Black..." ... by Bobbie (fmmm, inter, oral, anal)  

"Once You Go Black..." ... by Bobbie (fffmmmmm, inter, cockhold)  

"Glory Hole" ... by Bobbie (mmmmf, inter, oral, anal, gang, glory hole)  

"Never Too Old" ... by Bobbie (mmmmf, inter, oral, anal, gang)  

"Neighbors" ... by Bobbie (MF+, Cheat, Voy, Interr, Rough, Solo)  

"Casting Couch" ... by Bobbie (FM+, Gangbang, Interr, Oral,)  

"A Night With Patti" ... by eagle509 (MF, Interr, Wife, Oral, Rough)

"Slutting it Around Town" ... by Lucy (MMM+F, oral, anal, gangbangs, interr)

"Taken By A Black Man" ... by DandT (M+F, Interr,Anal, Oral, Wife)

"Summer Work" ... by Brokencompas (MF, interr, rough, spy)


Black Meat White Treat
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"Regime Change" ... by Roscoe (M+F+f 1st nc oral anal tort murder)

"Tit Slave 04/04" ... by TSC (caution lact zoo cuck tort sad)

"Lauren's Story" ... by Gary Clark (interr MF cheat oral anal sm)

"Revenge of the Old Boyfriend" ... by Sex Addict (MF reluc force oral)

"Amy Opens Up" ... by Titan (BM+ Wf cons size)

"Our First Interracial Liaison" ... by Dan (MF MF swing)

"Tattooing Wife" ... by Christo (M+F, group, cons, Mdom, wife, anal, enem, oral)

"My New Pool Man" ... by Sally Suckalot (MF cons inter size(male) age cuckold)

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"Kathy's Lesson" ... by Kathy BT (MF cons cheat interr preg)

"Ana's Change To Black" ... by Ana (BM WF interr reluc)

"Tit Slave" - part 1 ... by TSC (MMFF interr voy breasts)

"Tit Slave" - part 2 ... (MFF wife reluc caution oral breasts)
"Tit Slave" - part 3 ... (MMFF cuck interr oral caution breasts lac preg)
"Tit Slave" - part 4 ... (caution lact zoo cuck tort sad) new

"Shooting Pool" ... by JD (MF interr group reluc)

"Bananas or Cucumbers" ... by Sally Suckalot (MF inter size(M) cons)

"Slave Banging" ... by DJ Mello (Mf interr oral anal)

"The Education of Emma" ... by Moondog (MF interr oral)

"A Great Day" ... by Jim in Tucson (MMM oral anal interr)

"A True Story 'Bout Me" ... by anonymous (interr oral)

"True Story..." Part 2

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"A Good Husband" ... by norealwriter (MF reluc interr bd wife)

"TGIF" ... by Nutty Professor (MF interr rape oral)

"Thank You America Online" ... by Nutty Professor (MF interr oral)

"Friday Night" ... by Amy UK (M+F cheat interr anal oral ws real)

"Laundry Night" Part 1 ... by Maddogg (F solo interracial oral anal)

"Laundry Night" Part 2
"Laundry Night" Part 3
"Laundry Night" Part 4

"You Visit L.A." ... by author name withheld (3M+F interr rape nc tort caution)

"The Hostage" Chapter 1 ... by Maddog (intro nc interr violent no sex)

"The Hostage" Chapter 2 (M+/F interr nc no sex ws)
"The Hostage" Chapter 3 (M+/F interr drug oral anal)
"The Hostage" Chapter 4 (MF interr oral F/dog)
"The Hostage" Chapter 5 (MF interr oral F/dog)
"The Hostage" Chapter 6 (intro2 no sex reluc drug bd)
"The Hostage" Chapter 7 (M+/F interr oral anal)
"The Hostage" Chapter 8 (M+/FF interr oral anal)

"The Savage" ... by phadaybaz (fM reluc 1st)

"Running Into Trouble" ... by Dan Sacks (F M+ group rape reluc span va oral anal 1st coll)

"The Exchange Was Exchanged" by Wo Yo Chi ... (MF 1st interr reluc nc blackmail coerced young asian)

"Darla's Story" ... (cuckold group interracial anal oral voyeur)

"Something About Melissa" by Ekoc ... (BM wf teen reluc interr oral)

"Beth" by PurpleCat42 ... (interracial groupsex)

"The Slutress" - introduction and first episode

"The Slutress" - episode 2

"Extra Credit"

"Jenny's Gangbangs"

"It Was My Host Father's Fault"

"The Farmer's Wife"

"Hot Desert Storm Sex"

"The Caribbean Adventure Begins"

"The Lesson"

"Blonde Cheerleader's First Black Stud"

"College Fun"

"Getting Waxed"

"My Second" ... (first time interracial sex)

"Peeping Through The Window"

 Free Interracial  Hardcore Movies 

"Allison Goes Black"

"The Locker Room - The Basketball Team"

"Cheater - Mom's Black Boyfriend"

"Your Night Out"

"Our Bizarre Life Change"

"Caribbean Adventure"

"Boss Man"

"The Nude Beach"

"Wife's Evening Out" - part 1

"Wife's Evening Out" - part 2

"Happy New Year"

"Black Please" - part 1

"Black Please" - part 2

"Sheila's Love For Black Cock"

"Summer Job"




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