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Night Writer's Sex Stories

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"Night Child" ... (MF no sex vampire) new
I first saw you in shadows, hiding from the light, surrendering brief glimpses of ivory skin beneath wisps of dancing hair. Standing against him, your body betrays you, not clinging but wanting, not begging but needing. Urgent eyes darting, at him, then down, sure of what you want, unsure of who can give it. He turns away, melting into the crowd. Did he understand? Would he ever? Would anyone? You turn to look at me, suddenly, knowing that I watch you, but seeing only night, sure that I was there only a second ago. I see smooth expanses of translucent skin, following the plane of a perfect cheek, then down, to the supple neck and velvet shoulder below. From this distance, I feel the warm pulsing, increasing, faster and faster, as you search for me with your dark eyes...

"Best Served Cold" ... (MMF wife cuckold cheat voy exhib)
"So, what's this 'price' he's taking about?" I asked finally. Her smile grew wider. She ran the tip of her finger around the rim of her glass, brought it slowly to her mouth, and gently sucked the moisture from it before answering. Her eyes were glassy, her pupils large, dark wells of mystery."You had your fun. Now it's my turn." She turned toward him, pulled him close, and covered his mouth with hers. The kiss was long and deep. A minute passed, then two. She sucked at him hungrily, her tongue wrestling with his, her hands clutching him from behind his neck. I heard her moan softly as she melted away from him, then faced me again with the same smile. Stephan composed himself, took a long drink of scotch, and sighed....

"Jackstraw" ... (M+F+ oral snuff scfi)
The sun warmed her face as she tipped her chin up into the blanket of summer heat. She had closed her eyes long ago, only after his bronzed chest and shoulders finally failed to block the blazing disk that made its way across the sky above them. She stretched luxuriously under him, her hands and arms exploring the hard contours of muscle and bone. Then, as if gliding through a warm, shifting sea, she spread her arms wide, hands plunging into the warm sand just beyond the edges of the rumpled towel. "Nothing should feel this good," she thought...

"Two Blocks from the Edge" ... (MF hand-job incest noir)
A few stiff ones. There was that, too. Most nights, more than just a few. But was it my fault my dear wife decided she needed some time by herself? Out of the fucking blue. Oh, she said all the right things. "It's not you, it's me." "I just need to be alone for a little while." "No, there's nobody else, I swear." She had already rented a small apartment across town. She left after packing a few necessities. Her diaphragm was one of them. Wallowing in depression and humiliation required the proper ambience, a place as dank and black as my best mood. I didn't have to look far. The Variety fit the bill nicely. Tacked onto a short strip mall next to a tiny barbershop and a transvestite show-bar, its flickering, yellowed plastic sign caught my eye on the way home from work one particularly bad day. I parked in the back and strolled to the door, which opened diagonally onto the busy street corner, immersed in the decaying downtown blight. Across the street, a huge, rusting locomotive rested in the wide median, a forgotten monument to a time no one remembered...



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