"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 4

"Chris, son, you have to help your mother. I need you to shove this up in me. Please Chris. I'll do anything. Anything you say. Please son, just do this for your mother, pleeease," Deb sobbed as she spread her legs, offering her son room to get under her and grab the large cock. Her son refused to move and instead stared at his nude mother with the long thick black cock hanging down from between his mother's widely spread cunt lips. Cum from her recent ass fuck was wet and running down her thighs and Chris watched mesmerized as it dripped off the end of the long cock and on to the floor below.

Deb's eyes were pleading with her son as her hips unconsciously pumped slightly forward and back swinging the black cock in frustration, trying to get as much pleasure or pain as possible. Deb looked at her son and saw his stiff cock sticking out of the blanket. She remembered the first time she saw it and how it made her so hot, that she had to shove her fingers in her cunt and try to masturbate in the toilet. She wanted so badly to have her son's stiff cock shoved in her cunt now, and to feel the warmth of his sperm squirt inside her. "Oh son. If I could only fuck your cock right now. I want so much to lick it and fuck it till you cum," she said staring as his cock. "Help me take this out, so I can fuck that beautiful cock of yours."

Chris could only stand with his mouth open and his hard cock sticking out or the blanket. Deb had to do something fast. She needed to be fucked and she was helpless with her hands cuffed behind her back. If her son wouldn't fuck her, maybe he could get the cuffs off so she could rape him. Deb turned around with her back to her son.

"Chris, either help me get these cuffs off or fuck me!" Deb screamed.

Chris finally woke from his trance and first with hesitation, walked forward to examine the leather cuffs on his mothers wrists.

"Bend over a little mom," Chris told her as he stood behind her.

Deb bent forward so that her breasts were hanging down and her upper body was parallel to the floor. The dildo, still stuck a good 12 inches in her cunt, rose in the air between Chris's legs and almost smacked him in the balls. Chris saw it coming and caught it in time. He grabbed his mothers wrists and turned them slightly to look at how the cuffs were attached. The cuffs were locked on each wrist but, they were only connected together by a simple clip to a ring on each. Chris reached to unclip them and then stopped, and retracted his hand.

He realized the situation that his cuffed naked mother was in. He grabbed hold of the dildo and pulled. The dildo moved out to the point where the flare caught inside her cunt's entrance. Her son pulled again and Deb screamed.

"Oh Chris, no please that hurts," Deb sobbed to her son.

Chris pushed it in as far as he could and his mother cried, "Yess, Yess son! That feels so good! More! Do it again! Please?"

Chris couldn't believe it as he watched the hugh monster cock, easily slide 12 inches into his mothers gushing cunt. He remembered how his own cock would only go a few inches into his sister's pussy before the head hit inside and stopped.

Chris looked at his mother, bent over, hands tied behind her back, a 2 foot long dildo sticking out from her cunt, pussy juice mixed with come all over her, and then he noticed the tip of his own dick a few inches from his mothers used and still opened ass hole. Without even a second thought he moved forward till the end of his cock pushed against his mothers red ass hole.

"Mom, If your going to be such a slut then I'm going to have to fuck you like a slut deserves." Chris told his mother as he rubbed the end of his prick at the entrance to her ass, smearing his pre-cum around the opening and mixing it with Jeff's come still leaking out.

Deb shook uncontrollably as she realized the effect she must have been having on her 16-year-old son. She had longed for this, and thought about this ever since she had seen him naked a few days ago. She had fantasied about seducing her son last night while she held him in her arms only hours after watching him take his sister's virginity. Now she was enticing him to fuck her ass.

All she could think about was "Yes son. Fuck mommy's ass. Shove your cock all the way in," She spoke softly as she stood bent over in front of him.

She wanted her son's dick in her ass, but she wanted the dildo shoved in hard too. "I need your cock in my ass son, but I want more. I need you to push the dildo in my cunt as hard as you can," She felt nasty and naughty and so perverted asking her son to do this to her. She moaned and moved her hips as her son prepared to push the head of his cock past the entrance to his mother's ass.

Chris reached forward and grabbed his mothers hips. He placed the head of his cock at the leaking entrance and shoved his hips forward. His mothers ass hole resisted slightly and then spread quickly to engulf the head of his prick.

"Oh yes son," Deb cried as she felt her son's cock enter her. "Ohh, FUCK YES! All the way inside my ass. Fuck your mothers ass. Fuck me hard!"

Chris pulled hard on his mothers hips again until his prick sank all the way into her ass. He continued to pull, in an effort to get every last bit of cock shaft buried. He pushed slightly, on his mothers hips while pulling out only a inch, before ramming it back in to the hilt.

"OHHH Shit, that feels good," he said.

He reached behind him and slapped the end of the dildo to drive it deeper into his mothers cunt. His mother screamed, and Chris hit it again and again harder and harder each time. Chris grabbed the link between his mothers cuffed wrists with his left hand. He reached back slapped the end of the dildo with his right. Each time he punched the thick black shaft into his mothers cunt, she jumped forward jerking her ass off his cock. Chris would then pull her back on his cock and ram the dildo into her again watching his mother move her body on and off his cock in her ass.



The fantastic feelings and the thought of fucking his helpless mothers ass were too much for the 16 year old boy. After only a few minutes he started to come. Chris pulled hard on his mothers arms and buried his cock as far as he could in his mom's ass and held it there as he pumped his sperm till it came out around his cock. Chris reached forward and unsnapped the link between his mothers cuffs as he pulled his satisfied dick out of her ass hole. Cum spewed from her ass hole and ran down around the sides of the dildo, over the lips of her pussy and onto the floor between her legs.

"Noooo!" Deb screamed. "No not yet. I didn't cum yet," Deb whined at her son.

Frustrated and raising from her stooped position, she turned to face her son, forgetting about the 12 inches of cock sticking out of her cunt. The end of the dildo was caught in a wedge between her son's legs and hers. As she stepped to turn angrily, it pulled out of her cunt leaving the flare just within the entrance. The quickness of the turn and the force of her step caused the flare to explode from her cunt.

Screaming, Deb fell to the floor both hands reaching for her crotch in an frantic effort to ease the pain. She gasped when she felt her whole hand slip inside her open and gaping cunt. Still in pain from the abrupt exit of the dildo, and it's flared head, she eased her left hand further into her opening. Her arm wasn't long enough for her hand to reach the end of her severely stretched womb, but she brought her right hand to her clit and rubbed it gently. Although not gone, the pain was starting to subside from the caressing her hand was doing on the inside of her womb. Slowly her caresses turned to easy pumping and her right had was now working furiously on her enlarging clit.

Deb became more and more excited as she continued to pump her hand and now her wrist into her cunt. She pushed down hard and rubbed her clit with the heal of her other fist. The fantastic feelings began to return to her body. Those glorious feelings she could no longer do without. She rolled on her back with her knees up in the air, switching her hand from her clit to her nipples and then back again in time with the waves of euphoria rippling through her.

Deb could feel it building but she had reached a point that she could not get past. So close but not quite close enough. She worked harder on her cunt and squeezed her nipples. She jerked and rolled but still she was not there. She saw her son watching and without stopping, she got to her knees and walked over to where he was sitting against the wall. She fell forward with her face on his chest and wiggled down to engulf his cock with her mouth. She thought if she could just get her son to cum in her mouth she could cum too.

Her son looked down on his mother with amazement and excitement. He saw his mother on her knees, her left hand inside her cunt and her right hand alternating between her clit and nipples. Her face was forced down on her son's upright cock and her balance being awkward to say the least forced her mouth to take his whole cock down her throat. Chris liked this new feeling. It was very different from the his mother's tight ass and his sister's tight virgin pussy. Her tongue skimmed his cock as she rolled around the head. Light touches on the sensitive underside sent fingers of warmth through his groin.

"MMMmmmm, Mom that's good," he moaned. Chris started to raise his hips to move his cock into his mom's mouth at his own pace. He grabbed her head with both hands and began to move her head up and down his cock to please his own body.

"I'm going to use your face to fuck my cock mom. I'm going to cum in your mouth cause that's what you want. Isn't' it mom?" Chris said slamming his mother's head down on his thick cock.

Deb tried to mumble, "Yes."

"You love my cock don't you mom?" Chris continued.

Deb screamed a muffled, "YES," with her throat full of her son's cock.

"Your going to suck all my sperm and swallow it. Your going to drink my sperm like the slut mother you are. Your going to do anything I want cause your addicted to my cock aren't you mom?" Chris commanded, knowing he was in charge totally.

"I'm cumming mom, drink it down, suck IT ALL, AAAAHHHHHHH FUCK," Chris shouted as he jerked his mothers head up and down his throbbing cock.

Finally, with both hands, Chris forced his mothers head all the way down, driving his cock into her throat. Struggling, unable to breath Deb tried to scream around her son's cock. Even as she fought for air her hands did not stop working on her own cunt. Load after load of her son's sperm pumped down her throat as Chris continued to cum while holding her head down tight to his crotch.

Finally finished, Chris grabbed her hair and pulled her head off his still pulsing shaft, tossing her to the side. He turned and pulled the blanket over himself and went to sleep.

Deb sobbed realizing she was not going to be able to come tonight. After what seemed like hours of rubbing and fist fucking herself, she fell asleep with her hands still between her legs. Frustrated and unsatisfied she dreamed she was fucking the dog while her whole family applauded and told her what a "GREAT DOG SLUT" she was.

 ...continues in Chapter 5 - click here to continue... 

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