"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 5

The morning of the third day of captivity started as usual with breakfast being slid in and devoured, as it was the only meal served. Shortly after, the trays were collected and taken away in silence.

Deb's crotch no longer felt like it had been ripped open, but she still had that terrible craving. She sat thinking constantly of her son's prick and how she still wanted it. She paced trying to think of something to distract her mind to keep her from jumping her son and sucking his masculine cock into her mouth, squeezing his balls until he was stiff and throbbing in her mouth and then pushing him on his back and taking his sperm. "God I'm so horny I can't stand it. I've got to think of something else," she thought as she paced and watched her sleeping son.

Just then the door swung open and her brother Jeff stood in the doorway. He tossed a set of cuffs in and told Deb to, "Put these on your son."

Deb got one cuff on and started with the other, "No. Behind his back," Deb heard Jeff say.

Deb hesitated for a second not wanting to take her eyes off her son's semi-rigid cock but still holding one hand she walked behind her son, pulled both his arms together and snapped the cuffs loud enough for Jeff to hear.

Jeff stepped forward and checked the cuffs behind Chris's back. Satisfied that they were secure, he cuffed his sister the same way and lead them both out the door and down the hall. "Today I feel like getting some fresh air," Her brother announced from behind them.

"Turn right and go up the stairs, when you get to the landing just push the door open and walk on out," Jeff instructed as he followed then up the stairs and out the door at the top.

Deb looked around when she came through the door and realized they were in a large barn. Jeff nudged them both and they continued to walk out of the gate of stall, to the main area in the middle of the large barn. Once there they stopped and waited for further directions.

The barn was shut off from the outside world with only thin streams of light piercing through the warped boards, of the old barn walls. The smells of new hay and animals mixed with the sounds of pigeons nervously flapping about in the rafters above.

Jeff directed them over to a very large but relatively empty stall, where Deb saw 6 tall wooden posts, each with their own set of chains. The posts were buried in the ground and stood about 5 foot tall, self supporting, about a foot away from an exterior wall. Deb and her son walked toward the far wall, and turned when they reached it. Jeff secured them both to separate posts and left. He returned shortly with her husband, her youngest daughter Anna, and Rex the dog. She noticed that her husband was wearing a large red ball gag.

After securing her husband and daughter to their separate posts, Jeff brought the dog over in front of Deb. "You know Rex don't you Deb? If there's anything you want him to do, just ask him. I'll be back in a few minutes, and if he's not busy I'll let your daughter play with him," Jeff snickered. He knew Deb wanted the dog but would be reluctant to do so with her husband watching.

Deb never noticed her brother turn and leave. She stared at the dog's enormously long wet tongue sliding in and out of his panting mouth only inches from her cunt. She tried to not say the words. She felt the eyes of her family, watching, questioning. But she feared that if she didn't tell the dog to lick her before Jeff's return, he would take Rex away. Her hips were moving involuntarily, pressing towards the dog's snout, she couldn't resist any more. "Rex, Lick!" She heard herself scream at the dog.

From somewhere in the barn she heard loud moaning, a woman's voice screaming for someone to lick harder. She realized the words were coming from her own mouth. She opened her eyes and watched as the obedient dog continued to drive his tongue between her legs. She spread her legs to allow him more access. Immediately his tongue shot up inside her and licked from her ass to the top of her pussy. She squatted down to spread her cunt open and give Rex access to her needy clit.

"Auggghhh, Rex! Your tongues so good," she encouraged him as Rex flicked his tongue, curled it at the end and stuck it up the entrance to her cunt. "OoooHohoh Rex!" she barely pronounced with a definite quiver in her voice, "Your the best pussy lapper I've ever had. Ohh Yesss, don't stop! Yes! Yes! Fuck me with it Rex. Bite my pussy, Yes!.

Jeff was back and had finished securing the two remaining family members to their posts alongside the others. The chains were long enough to allow each captor to sit on the hay below them. He watched as his sister Deb urged the dog to lick her pussy and saw the look on her husband's face as he witnessed the lurid scene.

Jeff noticed that the pussy lips of the 16-year-old Cathy were moist and knew she was remembering her first dog fuck the day before, as she watched her mother enjoying Rex's tongue. It was time to get things moving, there was a lot more training to be done with the rest of the family.

Jeff walked over and removed a tarp covering a large object that resembled a short hospital gurney in the middle of the barn. He dragged the tarp to the side and dropped it next to the side wall. The top surface of the gurney, about 2-1/2 feet off the ground, had a thick dark orange-brown padding, and had the size and shape of an ironing board. The tip of the ironing board angled down to two long padded shin rests on each side of the gurney. The stainless steel struts below the padded top crisscrossed everywhere with support to finally attach to 4 wheels at the bottom, which were secured to rails in the floor. Two large springs were secured from the floor to the far end of the gurney, designed to bring it back to it's place after it was moved forward. Jeff kicked away what little straw he saw on the rails and walked back to his sister Deb, who was still moaning and verbally encouraging Rex's ongoing tongue lashing.

"What a lovely family," Jeff said as he stood before his 6 naked captives. "Today we are going to hold a sex education class!"

Jeff raised his voice to be heard over the ranting's of his sister, still squatting on the dog's snout. "Each one of you will be given a chance to fulfil your deepest and darkest desires."

No one spoke but Jeff saw the oldest girl, Cathy, squeeze her thighs together, while both the boy's cocks were standing straight out from their crotches, and were sneaking looks at their sister's bodies on each side of them.

"I want you to open your mind, to the pleasures and desires your bodies are craving. Your bodies were made to be satisfied, and to satisfy others in so many erotic ways. Each one of you, feel the passion inside you, begging to be pleased. Your body burns for what it needs," he continued to speak as he raised his hand to Cathy's pussy and rubbed it lightly.

All eyes were on Jeff as he spoke. In a few more minutes he would have them nodding in agreement with him. "The same wonderful needs and desires are being felt by the rest of your family. It is only normal that each of you wants to give and receive pleasure. I will teach you how to give, and in return you will learn to receive," Jeff ended his speech and took his hand away from the 16-year-old pussy.

Jeff walked over to his sister Deb. "Rex, Stop!"

Jeff helped his sister up from the ground and untied her hands. He lead her over to the gurney and secured her in place. Deb was bent at the waist, her upper body was laying face down on the padded top, with her hands wrapped around the sides and secured together underneath. She was kneeling on the long pads and her calves were held in place with two straps each. Her ass and cunt were exposed to her family's view and her hips were grinding away in the air still searching for Rex's tongue. Jeff pulled a lever on the side of the gurney and the front fell to the ground, bending Deb at the waist to a 45 degree position. Deb screamed as her head stopped only inches from the barn floor, while her ass pointed up for easy accessibility.



"This is your mother's fantasy. Today, your mother is going to show us how to give pleasure to a horse," Jeff said as he smacked the cheek of Deb's exposed ass hard enough to leave a red imprint.

Jeff walked to one of the stalls and came back leading large jet-black stallion. He lead the stallion past Deb and turned the horse to face Deb's exposed ass. Jeff had very little trouble coaxing the horse to step over the bent body of his sister and Deb's eyes registered shock as she looked sideways to see the front hoofs of the horse not far from her head.

Jeff walked back to the family to untie the 16-year-old Cathy. He lead her over to the side of the horse and had her kneel down at the side of the horse, behind her mother's ass.

"I want you to caress the horse's dick and balls," Jeff instructed Cathy. "And I want you to describe to your mother what's happening and what it feels like as you doing it."

Cathy stared up at Jeff with a shocked look on her face. Jeff could tell she was on the verge of refusing him. "If you can't do this for your mother, then I'll just have to get your little sister to do it," Jeff told her as he turned an walked toward little Anna.

Cathy looked at her little sister who was shaking her head "NO" quickly, pleading with her big sister through shocked eyes.

"No! I'll do it," Cathy said with a slight reluctance.

Cathy put one hand under the massive horse dick and lifted it slightly. She was surprised at the feel and weight of it. Her right hand reached under and lifted one of the horse's balls.

Cathy cleared her throat and started, "O.K. Mom. I'm holding one of his balls in my right hand and sliding my left hand along his dick," Cathy stopped not knowing what to say next.

"Describe what the dick looks like," Jeff prompted her.

"Well, the horse's dick is really long. It's almost as long as my arm. It's thick at the back, thinner at the tip. His balls are very big and I can't even hold them both with one hand. Their so heavy and the skin around them is soft and nice to feel. When I rub his dick I can see and feel the large veins along the length. OH!" Cathy jumped suddenly. "He's growing! He's getting longer! The tip is starting to stick further out and it's a little shiny. It's all black and shinny and still growing. It's longer than my arm and feels very strong and solid."

Cathy let go of the horse's balls and wrapped both hands around the head of the horse's dick. "I'm sliding my hands up and down it and it feels very silky on the outside and hard under the skin," Cathy continued to describe to her mother.

"Cathy," Jeff interrupted the young girl. "Your mother is going to need the head of that dick to be wet and slippery to get it inside her cunt. If you care for your mother you better do something to help her."

Not completely understanding, Cathy looked up at Jeff again. Jeff opened his mouth, licked the air with his tongue and smiled at her. Cathy knew what she had to do but didn't know if she could do it.

Cathy leaned forward, closed her eyes, stuck her tongue out and wiped it on the end of the horse's dick. Shivers raced through her body as she thought of what she was doing. She licked again. She licked several more times. She opened her eyes and saw that the tip of the horse dick was covered with her saliva. She twisted her head and looked at the end of the horse's cock. Suddenly she opened her mouth as wide as she could, pushed her head forward and sucked the end into her cheeks. The size and feeling of it in her mouth drove her crazy and she reached down between her legs with one hand and rubbed her pussy.

"MMMmmmmffff!" she murmured and pushed forward on the dick a little more. Cathy took her mouth away and started talking again. "OOHH MOM! It feels so good. I put my mouth on it and tasted it with my tongue. It's so big and beautiful, I didn't want to stop. I want to taste the cum inside it. I want to hold this black cock as it cum's and feel it's balls as the sperm shoots out the end."

She stuck her mouth on the enlarged wet tip again and screamed onto it's length as it jerked in her cheeks. She ran her tongue around the circumference of the head and pulled her mouth off again.

"Oh Mom your so lucky," Cathy said. "I'm so excited I've got two fingers in my pussy and I'm dying to see this beautiful black cock inside your white cunt. I wish I was you right now," Cathy said as she fingered herself.

Cathy looked over at her mothers cunt and saw it was dripping juice down onto the barn floor.

"Let me help you some mom," Cathy said. Cathy let go of the horse's dick and put both hands on her mothers ass. She pulled her mothers cunt lips apart with her thumbs and looked at the moisture inside. She lowered her head and pushed her tongue inside. She twirled her tongue in the wetness and smeared it all over her mothers pussy lips. Deb began to moan and wiggle her ass again and the more she wiggled and moaned the faster her daughter wiggled her tongue.

"I think the horse is ready now," Jeff spoke to Cathy as he gently pulled her off her mothers cunt. "I want you to guide the horse's cock into your mothers cunt. When it's deep inside, finger your mother's clit with one hand and do whatever you want with the other."

Jeff walked to the head of the horse and gently pulled it forward. As he did so Cathy guided the end of the cock into her mothers waiting and very wet cunt. The horse stopped moving when the black head of his cock slipped into the confines of the tight white woman's pussy. As the horse continued to move slowly forward, he buried his long black cock easily inside the warm moist cunt, till at least a foot was buried and another foot remained outside.

Cathy swooned at the sight of the thick black cock entering further and further into her mothers pussy. Finally it stopped and her mother jerked forward as the gurney she was on moved slightly. Cathy watched as the horse cock withdrew and the gurney moved back. 6 inches of glistening black cock withdrew from her mothers pussy and slammed back in moving the gurney up further.

The horse's big cock was now moving the gurney so much that she couldn't keep her hand on her mothers clit. She moved both hands to circle the black cock in front of her face,letting the cock slide through them as it pumped in and out of her mother making wet squashy sounds.

Deb screamed with delight every time the huge cock was rammed into her cunt. The springs on the gurney absorbed most of the shock, of the end hitting against her inner womb.

"Oh Cath!... Oh Cathy!... I'm going... To CuM!!... So HARD!.... It Feels... So Good... So thick... So Deep... OOOOhhh... I'm..... Cummm... Mmming!" Deb forced the words out between the horse's forceful jabs into her stretching cunt.

Suddenly the horse cock jerked in Cathy's hands, pushed forward and stopped. Deb was held in place as the impaling horse cock pumped it's gooey liquid into her cunt. As quarts of cum quickly filled her womb it began to squirt out from around the tightly stretched cunt hole and the thick black cock blocking it's exit. The incredible feeling of hot cum filling her and the fantastic vibration of the long thick shaft within her, caused Deb to cum for a second time.

Cathy was sitting on her legs looking at her body covered with the warm horse cum that had squirted out of her mothers cunt. She rubbed it on her chest and on her pussy at the same time. She licked around her mouth at some that had splashed on her face and moaned at the deliciously evil taste.

Jeff backed the horse up and the long thick black cock exited Deb's cunt with a pop. More warm horse sperm spurt on Cathy and she moaned again and started to cum on her slippery fingers. She fell backwards and jammed her fingers in and out of her cunt while replaying in her mind the fucking she had just seen. She visualized herself getting fucked with that huge beautiful cock and she came.

Jeff lead the stallion back to it's stall and closed the gate. He walked the cum covered Cathy back to her family, attached her hands behind her and then to the post. As he looked back at his sister Deb, her hips continued to move in circles fucking nothing but air. Jeff could tell that Deb's training was near finished. Now Deb would eagerly help him train the rest of the family. This is where the fun would begin.

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