"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 9

The day started with breakfast as usual. Jeff was eager to start the days training and opened the door to Deb's room. Deb was sitting on the floor with her back against the far wall. Her hands were in her crotch, pulling on the lock and examining her new jewelry. She rubbed her cunt lips on each side of the lock then down to the base of the dildo in her ass. She looked up and stared at Jeff as he entered but continued with her caressing as she watched him approach.

Jeff helped her up and led her by the arm up to the barn. Deb found it was impossible to keep her hands out of her own crotch as she was led up the stairs and across the barn.

Jeff led Deb over to the first stall. A very large golden brown horse occupied the stall. The horse was facing the rear wall of the stall where his reins to a large ring tethered him. Deb and Jeff stepped to the left side of the horse. Deb looked underneath the horse where she noticed two padded rails.

Each of the rails were supported by two short wooden posts and stood two and a half feet above the barn floor. The rails ran the same direction as the giant horse that stood above them. The padded rails reminded Deb of the parallel bars her son used in his Gymnastics meets, but shorter and closer together.

Jeff took a rolled up cable from his pocket and clipped one end of the cable to Deb's right nipple ring. He fed the other end under the horse and over the bars. Jeff walked around the front of the horse, ducked under the reins and picked up the end of the cable on the other side. Jeff slowly pulled the cable attached to Deb's right nipple forcing Deb to walk toward the horse. Deb had to duck under the horse as she shuffled sideways with her upper body between the belly of the horse and top of the padded bars.

Bent in half under the horse Deb's upper body had no choice but to lay on top of the two bars. Her elbows out to each side, her hands in front of her head, her breasts hung down inside the two bars pointing towards the floor.

Jeff walked to his sister under the horse fed the cable between the two bars and pulled it towards the front of the horse. Deb groaned but crawled forward until the bottom half of her body climbed up on top of end of the two bars. Deb now straddled the two bars with her whole body. Her shoulders at one end and her spread thighs at the other supported her. She sat on her thighs, knees forward and upper body bent forward. Her legs from the knees down dangled a foot off the floor.

Jeff attached another cable to Deb's left nipple ring. He tossed both cables toward the back of the horse. He pulled the cables around the back posts supporting the parallel bars. As he pulled, Jeff watched Deb scooted back on the bars, till she was in the correct spot. He clipped the chains together and stood up.

"This here's King. He's a special horse cause he's been bread and trained for one purpose. That soul purpose is to give women the fuck of their lives with the longest cock I've ever seen on any animal." As Jeff talked to his sister he ducked under the bars, laid down on his back, with his hands behind his head and his feet crossed and looked up at his sister.

Jeff reached back and wrapped leather cuffs around each of Deb's ankles. He fastened a leather strap to each and pulled them forward. Jeff tied the other end of each strap to the legs of the posts below Deb's down turned face. Deb was now trapped on the bars under the horse, her feet pulled forward and her breasts pull backward.

"You're going to have the time of your life Deb," Jeff said as he crawled out from under his sister.

Deb wrapped her hands around the bars and massaged her tits as she looked down at her brother below. "The trick now, is to get the horse to fuck your ass," Jeff said as he stood. "I know your dying to have something fuck you but I have a lot of things to do today and I can't spend the whole morning getting the horse hard and then helping you get it in your ass hole, can I? Now let's see, who can I get to help you with this problem? I think know just the person. You stay here sis and I'll be right back," Jeff told his sister, as he opened the gate and left the stall.

Deb lay on the bars rubbing her tits and squeezing her cunt muscles together trying to satisfy the cravings inside her body. She moaned thinking about the horse cock shoving in and out of her ass. She wiggled on top of the bars and hung her head down to look back at the horse's cock. She could see only his huge balls as she looked back under her spread thighs. She started to cream looking at the size of his sack and imagined it slapping against her body.

"Where was Jeff?" she wondered. She couldn't stand being this close and not being touched. She squeezed her nipples and almost screamed at the pain. Her cunt was dripping and running down the crack under the clit shield. "Shit, in this position I can't even rub my pussy lips together," Deb thought as she waited for her brother to return. She knew she needed help to satisfy her craving. It seemed as though Jeff had been gone for a long time. Where was he? "Fuck, I can't stand this." Deb thought as she struggled on the bars and tried to find a way to rub herself against the horse above and behind her.

Jeff returned leading Deb's husband by a leash. The leash was attached to a leather restraint tied around each of his balls. His hands were cuffed together below his chin and attached by a short chain to a leather collar around his neck. Jeff took the thin leash and passed it through Deb's right nipple ring and placed it in her right hand.

"Now Deb, you're going to have to instruct, your husband Mike, how to help you with this situation. I'm sure you two can manage without me. Just tug on the leash and I know he'll cooperate. Maybe."

Jeff turned and left Deb and her husband Mike in the stall. He closed the gate behind him headed back down to get two more of the Johnson family captives.

"Deb, let me get you out of this, we'll get the kids and go," Mike said as he stood at the back of the horse. "Let go of the leash so I can get you loose," He pleaded to Deb as he stood there naked and ashamed. Mike paused, waiting for Deb to drop the end of the leash she held in her tightly clenched hand. "Let go of the strap!" Mike whispered to his wife. "QUICK before he comes back. Deb! Quick! He might be coming back now!" Mike whispered urgently.

"Rub the horse's cock Mike," Deb spoke insistently. "Put your hands around his cock and jerk him off..." Deb started to say as though she hadn't even heard what her husband had said.

"Let go of the leash Deb," Mike insisted in a loud voice. "Let go you fucking whore or I'll....... AAAAGGGGG HHHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK," Mike screamed as Deb pulled on the leash with both hands. Mike was forced to take a step towards the horse to lessen the pain in his nuts and groin.

Deb pulled again. Mike fell back on his ass under the horse. "Fucking Bitch," Mike screamed at his wife and received a hard tug for his foul words.

"I'll pull you NUTSACK right off, you Pencil Dicked Bastard!" Deb shouted looking at her husband from underneath her body. "Now you get under that horse's cock and find a way to get it in my ass. I'm going to make you lick it, suck it, stroke it, and whatever else you have to do to get that horse to satisfy me. If you don't, this fucking bitch is going to yank those balls right off your silly ass.

"NNNOOOOooooo," Mike yelled as his wife gave a yank on the strap and continued to keep up the pressure on her husband's balls.



Mike was feeling sick. The idea of having to touch a male horse's cock and the continuing pressure on his balls was causing his stomach to turn. He looked up and saw his wife's new body chains dangling, noticing how they were attached. He scooted forward to get a closer look and lessen the pressure on his balls.

Deb's sex craving body wouldn't wait any longer. She had to get that horse cock inside her and she had to get it in now. "Mike take the dildo out of my ass. Pull it out so I can get the horse," Deb moaned at the caresses, "can get his cock in me," Deb instructed her husband. She felt Mike's hands reach up to her ass and tug on the dildo. Deb felt the large heavy plug being slowly pulled from her ass.

Mike couldn't believe the size and weight of the object as he continued to remove it from his wife's ass. It popped out and almost hit his head as it slipped from his hand. Deb screamed as the dildo fell and bounced at the end of its chain. Jeff watched the dildo jerk and swing under his wife and hearing her cries gave him an idea.

Swiftly, Mike grabbed the dildo and pulled. Deb screamed in terror as the pain shot through her clit area and tender nipples. The pain continued to increase as her husband's pulled harder on the attached plug. The intensity of the pain caused Deb's pussy to contract with powerful undulations, while her thighs vibrated on top of the rails causing her whole body to shake uncontrollably. The unbearable agony in her tits and clit was having an absurd effect on her. As the intense pain riddled her body, Deb realized that the torture was causing her to cum. Powerful jolts shot through her stiffening body as her indifference to the pain rose. She remembered the strap in her hands and her husband's tied balls and the other end.

With extreme determination, Deb summoned all her reserves. With one giant burst of energy, she jerked as hard and she could on the strap clenched tight in her hands.

Screams of horror and panic erupted from Mike's mouth as he felt his nuts and sack being stretched beyond imagination. Mike prayed he would pass out and not have to feel the pain in his groin. He couldn't tell if he was screaming or not. He let go of the dildo, letting it dangle from his wife's crotch and fell back on the floor with his knees up. He rolled left and right on his back unable to get his hands down to his crotch to stop his wife from pulling the strap. Deb's entire body, still vibrating from her intensely painful orgasm, shook as she looked down and back at her husband's balls, painfully extending from his groin by the leash in her hands.

Deb wanted so badly to yank her husband's balls off right now but, she still needed him to get the horse cock for her. Breathing heavily, Deb yelled at her husband to get up and suck the horse cock. When her husband didn't move she jerked the strap again.

Mike screamed for mercy and agreed to do anything Deb wanted. "Please I can't move yet. I'll do anything you want, just give me a minute. Please," Mike sobbed as he struggled to roll to his knees.

"FUCK YOU, YOU ASSHOLE" Deb shouted back at her husband. "Get your pitiful sorry ass up and stick that horse cock in your mouth right now before I rip your balls off!" Deb yelled at her husband, under her still jerking body.

Deb had never been so hot. She was on fire and she had to have that horse fuck her now. She would do anything to get that long thick cock in her ass. She jerked on the strap just to hurry her husband as he stumbled to get to his knees.

"I'm going to tear your balls off and let this horse stomp'um if you don't get that cock in your mouth right now! Suck on that cock till it's hard and shove it in my ass, you tiny dicked, sorry excuse for a man."

"I can't believe I put up with your puny little dick for all these years. Just look at the cock on the horse! Now that's a real cock. A cock made for a real woman. Now make it hard and get in my ass now," Deb screamed, and her husband did as she ordered.

Mike was up on his knees staring at the long cock in front of his face. He reached up and held the cock with both hands and slowly pushed his tongue out against its tip. When the moist end of his tongue touched against the tip, Mike unwillingly held it there with his mouth and eyes closed. Deb jerked the strap again and Mike groaned with his mouth closed. He slowly pushed his face forward until the cock pressed against his lips.

Deb pulled firmly on the strap to get her husband going faster on the cock. Mike moaned again and pushed his mouth around the head of the cock. He pressed his tongue against the slit in the end. Mike quickly moved his head back as the cock jerked and began to swelled in his mouth.

Deb kept constant pressure on the leash as she tried to watch what her husband was doing. She noticed her husband moving back towards her spread ass as the cock grew from Mike's sucking. "It won't be too much longer," She thought as she wiggled her ass in anticipation of the large cock.

Deb saw the dildo still swinging back and forth between her legs and felt it pulling on her nipples and cunt shield. She tried to move her hips up to get it to pull down harder but only succeeded in getting it to swing faster. "You better hurry up or I'm going to stretch those balls till they hang down to your knees," Deb told her husband. "I'm getting tired of waiting. Start sucking harder or I swear I'll rip them off your hairy ass right now," Deb shouted impatiently.

Mike was truly shaken. He could tell that Deb meant what she was saying. He closed his eyes again and started sucking the end of the horse cock as hard as he could. He pushed his mouth further onto the end and sucked as he pulled his lips off. He blocked all thoughts out of his mind and concentrated on giving the horse pleasure so that it would get hard fast, and he could take it out of his mouth. With the cock in his mouth, Mike used his hands to rub along the horse cock outside his lips.

The cock continued to grow and soon Deb felt the back of her husband's head bumping against her wide spread crotch. She saw Mike take his mouth off the cock and move to the side. "Lick the side of the cock. Lick it all along the side and jerk it off with your hands." Mike did what he was told without thinking. He couldn't take his eyes off the huge cock now only and inch away from his wife's undulating ass hole. Mike watched his wife's ass open and close in slow contractions trying to suck the growing cock inside it.

He felt a stirring in his aching groin and wanted so badly to be able to reach his own cock with his hands. He continued to lick and masturbate the long horse cock as a new excitement filled his body. He stared in amazement as the long thick cock touched the now snapping ass of his wife. He watched her excitement as her ass opened up and seemingly sucked in the huge head of the intruding thick shaft.

The horse felt the end of his cock being engulfed beneath him. He stepped forward, sinking his long rigid cock inside the tight wet aperture. He paused for a moment as his snout touched against the barn wall. After a few moments, the horse turned his head to the side, allowing himself more room, stepped forward, and pushed his cock further into the tight cavern.

Deb screamed with pleasure as the thick cock drove into her ass. "Yesss Yesss! Fuck! Ummmmph OOOH Shit! Yees! OOOH that feels good." Just as she was getting used to the 6 inches inside her, the horse leaned forward and shoved another long 6 inches into her tightly stretched ass. Her body was pushed forward on the rails and the chains attached to her nipple rings pulled unbearably at her already over stretched tits.



As Deb felt the horse cock gliding out of her ass she pushed back along the rails to relieve the pressure from the cables connected to her nipple rings. Almost instantly the horse drove his cock into her ass again. 14 inches of thick long cock slid gloriously into her craving bowels. Deb had never felt anything so thick and long and warm inside her before. The horse started jabbing his cock in and out of her ass with amazing quickness.

"OH.. OH.. OH.. OH.. Mi.. Mi.. ke.. ke..." Deb tried to shout to her husband between the trusts of the horse. "See... eee.. Wh.. Wha.. It.. it.. Ta.. a.. akes.. To.. oo.. Saa... aa... tis.. is... fy... iii.. A... a... Re... eee... eal... Wooo... man?" She shouted as each thrust almost knocked the wind out of her. Deb's ass swelled and opened wide to accept more and more of the horse's huge cock.

The horse continued to pump only the end 14 inches of his two-foot cock, in and out of the wet orifice. Deb thought she was in heaven. The incredible thrusts of the huge animal caused her body to continually creep forward on the rails and the cables stretched and pulled at her already extended nipples and breasts. She felt every ripple and bulge of the thick animal cock as it slid magnificently through her bowels. Then as the extraordinary shaft started to retreat from her body, Deb would squeeze her ass muscles and try to keep inside longer. It would pause for only a moment and then start it's glorious journey back up inside her body.

Without realizing what she was doing, Deb was slowly tugging on the leash connected to her husband's balls. Mike was screaming for his wife to stop but his screams were unheard and unanswered. As Deb pulled hand over hand on the leash, Mike scooted on his back in the direction of his wife's insistent pulling.

Deb didn't realize what she was doing until she noticed that the direction of the leash was straight down from her nipple ring. She opened her eyes and saw the leash leading from her very elongated breast, down to her husband's crotch. Mike's ass was pushed, as high as he could get it, off the ground. Deb let the strap slip and watched as Mike's balls and ass dropped to the barn floor.

Deb closed her eyes and concentrated on the thick long cock gliding in and out of her ass. Her breasts were on fire from the stretching caused by the cables attached to them. The skin around her clit was being pulled in the same manner. Every inch of the magnificent cock filled her with pleasure. But somehow it wasn't enough.

Deb was close, but nothing seemed to be able to put her over that wonderful edge. She screamed with frustration. She forced herself back against the thick cock and arched her back to increase the friction in her ass. Her nipples strained against the cables as she lifted her chest. She was almost there. "Pain." she thought. "More pain. I need more pain to make me cum." She screamed without realizing it.

Deb tried to lift her crotch higher to increase the pulling on her clit shield and her nipples at the same time. The horse cock drove into her ass at a new angle and shards of stabbing pain combined to help her body achieve the push it needed to reach that last peak.

She was going to cum now, there was no stopping it. Deb jerked and wiggled to build towards that pleasure as quickly as she could before the first spasm of orgasm began. She squeezed her elongated nipples and screamed from the self-torture that she imposed on her own body. She opened her eyes and looked back under her body as the first waves of pleasure hit her. She shook violently as the horse suddenly stopped.

Deb watched as the horse hunched his back quarters and suddenly lunged forward with all his might. The bulbous end of the horse's cock rocketed so quickly up her ass she never felt it until it stopped its 18-inch journey. She felt as though she was weightless and the only reason that she wasn't floating to the top of the barn was the cables attached to her tits and the long, thick skewer in her ass. Deb was sure that the back half of her body was being lifted by the incredible jerking of the horse's cock as it emptied it's entire load deep up into her contracting bowels.

Deb's ass jerked with every contraction of the horse's thick cock. The cables pulled painfully on her clit shield and over stretched breasts until the pain was almost too much to bear. Deb open eyes looked down and saw her husband's face below her crotch. Horse jiz was pumping from her ass and spraying in every direction in huge squirts. Deb jerked the leash up slightly.

"Open your fucking mouth," She screamed at her husband. Mike raised his head looked at his wife not understanding what she had said. Deb pulled on the leash and Mike opened his mouth with a scream. "Open your fucking mouth and keep it open. If you don't I'm going to pull these balls up until I can bite them off one by one." Mike closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

The horse cock, finally satisfied with Deb's ass, retreated from the confines of the gaping wet den. When it pulled out it fell down and just missed Mike's head as it stopped and hung a foot off the barn floor. Deb was able to adjust her position now and she aimed as best she could. As she let her ass hole relax large amounts of horse cum glopped out onto her husband's face and mouth.

Mike spit and closed his mouth until Deb, watching and anticipating, pulled on the strap hard enough to cause Mike to screamed in agony. As Mike's mouth opened his screams were choked by the thick milky liquid that totally filled his mouth and throat.

"Well I guess the horse is finished with you both," cane a voice from the stall. Jeff was squatting to one side unfastening the cable restraints to Deb's tits. "I brought up two of your children and just finished putting them in the stall on the other side of the barn. Thought you two would like to watch them. Mike, I'm afraid I'll have to use this ball gag on you. Nothing personal, but your an ass wipe and I don't want you spoiling all your families fun."

Jeff cut the clip to Deb's dildo and replaced it with a thicker and longer one. The new shiny metal cock was 2 inches thick and 10 inches long. It weighted almost two pounds. It slid easily into his sister's ass and Jeff slapped her butt cheeks hard, forcing her to instinctively squeeze her colon and hold it inside her ass. "We might have to get you a bigger one if this one falls out." Jeff released Deb from the rails and helped her stand. "Hang onto to you husband's leash while we walk over and spy on your children sis. I don't think he's going to give you any trouble though."

"Jeff, can you unlock my cunt lips please. I need so badly to put something inside my cunt," Deb pleaded with her brother. "O.K. Sis," Jeff said as he turned Deb around, bent her over at the waist, and forced her spread her legs and thighs.

Jeff took the old dildo from his pocket and squatted down behind his sister's exposed ass and cunt. He dialed the combination to the lock and removed it. He pressed the tip of the metal dildo against her opening and pushed upward. He continued until the entire dildo was completely inside her cunt and pushing painfully against the one in her ass.

Deb's legs trembled as she felt the large smooth dildo enter her womb. She felt her cunt entrance close about the shaft at the base. Then she felt her brother pull her cunt lips back together and lock them again. "OH NOOO" she thought. As she walked out of the stall the two dildos vibrated against each other and Deb swooned at the feelings running through her constantly sex-craving body.

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