"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 10

The three walked over to the large stall across the barn, Mike being lead by the leash attached to his balls. Deb looked over the gate and saw her 16-year-old daughter Cathy, squatting down in front of her 14- year-old brother Bobby. Cathy had her brother's cock in her mouth and both hands busy in her own crotch. Her left hand was between her legs pumping the dildo in and out of her snatch while her left hand was behind her with two fingers stuck up inside her ass hole.

Deb watched her daughter and son moaning and moving and her own hand instantly went to her pussy lips to rub. Jeff opened the gate and walked toward Deb's son and daughter. He pulled the beautiful 16-year- old to her feet and led her by her arm to the back wall of the stall. The back wall had two padded 2x4's sticking out 8 inches long. Where they were attached to the wall and about 12 inches apart. They were braced underneath the ends with two other 2x4's at a 45-degree angle back to the floor. Jeff turned Cathy around so that her back was to the wall and sat her on the 2x4's.

It was much like a chair without a seat. The bottom of Cathy's thighs and ass cheeks rested on the boards and the legs below the knees hung down from the ends. Jeff pushed her shoulders back against the barn wall between two large rings. He hooked one end of a thick strap into the ring at Cathy's left side. Jeff pulled the strap around her left forearm, across the top her breasts, causing them to squish out under the strap, across her right forearm, then hooked it in the large ring at her right side. He pulled the buckle tight until the girl's breasts looked ready to rupture from under the strap.

Jeff walked over to the wooden box by the gate and lifted out what looked like a 3 foot long box with a motor attached and two bicycle peddles sticking out the sides. The top had two holes at the far end away from the pedals. Jeff placed the device on the floor between Cathy's legs. He pushed the long box under her ass until it hit the barn wall. He lifted each of the young girl's feet and strapped them to the pedals. He walked back to the wooden box and removed two dildos attached to two long metal shafts.

Taking the dildos over to Cathy he reached under the bound girl and pulled out the silver dildo from her cunt. Cathy groaned as Jeff let it dangle between her legs and pull on her nipple rings. Jeff placed one dildo at the entrance to Cathy's cunt and pushed it all the way up inside the young girl. When it was in as far as it could go, Jeff took the second dildo and pushed it in her ass until it also stopped. Jeff then pushed the two dildos up with such force that Cathy screamed as the pressure raised her ass up off the padded boards 6 inches.

Jeff had enough clearance now between the bottom ends of the long dildos and the top of the box. He rested the ends on the top of the box and the knocked them over to fall in the two holes in the top of the box. Cathy's ass and thighs dropped back down to the padded boards. Her pleading screams stopped but her labored breaths continued as she adjusted herself on the two dildos in her body.

Jeff opened the side of the box and attached the ends of the dildos, sticking through the holes, to the mechanism inside. Cathy sat with wide eyes looking at her mother and father at the gate. She ground her crotch around in small circles on the two long objects in her body, making the chains attached to the silver dildo swing and pull her tits left and right.

Jeff squatted down at the side of the pedals. He grabbed one peddle, with Cathy's foot attached, and moved the peddle around a circle. The two dildos pushed up and down in opposite directions into Cathy's ass and cunt as the pedals made one complete circle and stopped. Jeff reached into his pocket, produced a tube of KY jelly and covered the surfaces of the dildos, not already inside the young girl. He turned the pedal several times and watched as the two dildos spread the lubrication into each tight cavity.

Jeff let go of the pedal and watched as Cathy slowly pumped the dildos in and out of her own body. Cathy looked wide-eyed at her mother leaning over the gate and watching her.

Deb didn't seem to be able to keep her body from moving as she watched her daughter enjoying herself. Her hand was continually caressing her own cunt lips as much as it could around the lock.

Cathy increased the pace as the dildos in her kept up with the ever- increasing speed. Cathy groaned and grabbed onto her nipple chains. She pulled and tugged on them as her legs increased their speed once more.

Jeff watched the young girl enjoying herself and knew it was time for the next step. He took two wires from his pocket. Each long wire had an alligator clip at each end. Her fastened one end of each wire to Cathy's nipple chains and stretched the wires out in front of the girl so she could watch. Jeff knelt down and stopped Cathy's peddling. He hooked the other ends of the wires to the generator motor at the side of the box. He stood up and walked away from the young girl.

Cathy started peddling slowly, eager to get back to the pleasure her body had just starting to receiving, before she was stopped by Jeff. As she peddled she felt a tingling in her clit and nipples. It felt good and she moaned from the pleasure of the dildos and warm feeling. As she increased the speed of her peddling, the tingling changed to a prickling feeling and spread deeper into her breasts and crotch. Still nice and warm but she needed the dildos to move much faster to satisfy the cravings in her young frame.

Cathy pumped harder still on the pedals and suddenly was aware of the jolts of pain in her breasts and clit. She slowed slightly and noticed them diminish. She sped up and they became sharper and stronger. "NOOO PLEASSSSE. It won't let me go fast," Cathy cried as she kept up her medium pace on the pedals.

"You can go as fast as you want or as slow as you wish Cathy," Jeff taunted her. "The faster you pump, the faster the shafts move inside you and satisfy the hunger in you loins. You have noticed also, that the faster you pump the more current is produced and sent to your clit and nipples. It's an exciting feeling, pain and pleasure mixed together into one, Cathy. This is a test of your womanhood. Are you a child in a woman's frame, or are you a real woman, with dominance over her own body. Pleasure has a limit. But combine it with pain, and the amount of pleasure your body is capable of receiving is virtually limitless. Use the pain to reach a higher elevation. Become a true woman Cathy!" Jeff stood by the gate as he watched The young girl struggling with her bodies raging desires.

Cathy couldn't stand it any more. Her body was so hot and the dildos were not going fast enough to satisfy her increasingly wicked needs. She peddled faster as her nipples burned and her clit started to ache. She drove her legs on and on as the throbbing increased in her clit and her breasts shook with the current running through them. She squeezed against the dildos and was rewarded with more pain from the friction.

"YESSSSSssss." She screamed. "OOOOHHH YESSSS." Cathy felt as though somehow there was a wire running within her body connected her clit and nipples. The current made her nipples and clit pulse and flare at the both at the same time. She felt so immoral, thinking what she must look like, from her mom and dad's eyes. Her legs forcing the dildos into her body. The chains and rings were piercing her private areas. And everything exposed to both mom and dad, her brother Bobby, and Jeff her new Uncle.

Jeff walked over to Bobby who was stroking his ringed cock and balls, watching his sister ride the machine and fuck herself. He led him over to where his sister, and had Bobby straddle his sisters legs and the 2x4's they rested on. Cathy's face was level with her brother's cock. Bobby immediately fed his cock to his sister's open mouth. "FUUUCCCKKIINNGG SHIT." Bobby screamed as Cathy sucked so hard that it hurt his hard erect cock.

Bobby had been almost ready to cum just watching his older sister. And now he could feel the stirring building up in his groin. He leaned both hands against the barn wall above his sister's head and pumped his hips in and out of Cathy's wet, warm mouth.

Bobby started cumming and screamed as the head of his bound cock throbbed inside his sister's lips. He felt his balls swell and his cock jerk but nothing seemed to happen. The tight ring at the base of his cock slowed his ejaculation to a dribble. His balls fought to expel his seed and his sister tried to suck it through the tip, but Bobby felt only pain and anguish. He kept pumping in and out of the tight lips of his sister as he continued to dry cum forever. He screamed with pain, but refused to stop. His nuts swelled enormously and throbbed against the rings that held them tight.

Cathy sucked and chewed on her brother's cock as he pounded it into her throat and bruised her lips with his pelvis. Thinking of what she was doing, and of all those eyes watching her mechanically masturbate herself while sucking her brother's cock, turned her on even more than she already was. The rhythm of the dildos was bringing her towards a massive orgasm. She could feel it starting between her legs as a dull spasm now. She peddled faster, while the increasing pain flooded her young form. As the current reached higher and higher levels she started to howl as her body shook with her little brother's cock still in her mouth.

Bobby's cock continued to throb in time with his nuts. The screaming vibrations from his sister's throat rattled against his cock head in her throat and vibrated his hard shaft down to the tight ring at its base.

Cathy knew there was nothing that was going to stop her now. She didn't care if the electricity sparking her body incinerated her. She was going to cum no matter what, and she was almost there. Cathy gave one last immense effort to pumping her legs and was rewarded with an excruciating peak for her efforts. She shook as the first wave rolled through her body. Her mouth gaped without sound as her brother continued to use it for his pleasure.

Cathy's legs cramped but still continued to work the dildos at a slower and jerkier pace. Spasm after spasm attacked her young body in seizures that took control of her every muscle.

Bobby's cock still continued to dribble with every jerk of his balls. Finally tired from leaning against the wall Bobby stood up straight and pumped his own cock with his fist. His cum dripped on his sister's crotch and ran down between her legs. The boy's pain was subsiding now, but Bobby couldn't believe how long he had continued to cum, pain or no pain.



Both children were exhausted. Bobby staggered over to the wall and slid to the floor. Cathy, her eyes closed and her head hanging down to her chest, continued to force the dildos in and out at a relaxed pace, refusing to stop.

Deb was so proud of her daughter and son. They looked so devilish with their new body Jewelry. She was a little jealous of Cathy's gorgeous body, and the way it looked so tight when she climaxed. Deb was excited again and ready for more. Her children were too exhausted, her husband wasn't any help. "Jeff! Yes Where was her brother Jeff?" She turned to look for her brother. She found Jeff standing behind her with her two other children.

Without speaking, Jeff turned and walked them to another stall, opened the gate and took them in. Deb led her husband by the leash attached to his balls, down to the stall she had seen Jeff take her children. She got to the closed gate and leaned on the top rail to watch.

Jeff had positioned the petite 12 year old Anna, on her knees, bend over a saddle that stood on two posts in the middle of the stall. Jeff attached small cables to the wristbands on the little girl arms and clipped them to the bottom of the posts. He then wrapped bands above the girl's knees and pulled them apart, forcing the little girl's knees to spread wide.

Anna laid bent in half on the saddle, her legs and arms spread wide and bound in place . Deb was surprised to see the ring running through the skin, between her daughter's virgin cunt and ass hole. She reached down to her own body and rubbed the same area. Deb moaned at the feeling the rubbing produced on that tender area.

"What are you going to do to me?" Anna asked with a little fear in her voice. "Are you going to have sex with me? Will it hurt?" Jeff didn't answer. He turned and left the stall. Anna pulled at her bonds and struggled to get up.

Jeff returned with the dog and told Rex to "Sit!" in back of Anna's exposed ass and cunt. Jeff walked around the saddle and looked at Anna's long hair hanging down toward the floor. She turned her head sideways and looked at Jeff, questioning him with big blue eyes.

Jeff squatted and spoke to Anna. "I have heard the same incredible tale, by every female that lost her virginity to a dog. It is said, that something special happens to the woman. From the moment the dog takes a womans' virginity, I spoils her for human cock. It doesn't matter how large a man's cock is, or how long it is, it just isn't enough any more," Jeff retold Anna the tails he had heard over and over again during his training in Japan. He turned to the dog and raised his voice. "Rex Lick!"

Jeff continued his tale to Anna. "They speak of legends, possibly some sort of chemical secreted by the dog's cock, transforms them into a dog's bitch for the rest of their lives. Some women tell of giving only their virgin ass to a dog, and from that day forward that ass belongs to the dog alone. Today Anna, were going to let my dog Rex, take your virgin ass AND your virgin pussy."

Jeff stood and walked back to watch Rex busily lapping at the little girl's cunt. "We will learn if the tales are true. I want to see if Rex, with one fuck in each hole, can spoil you for human cock for the rest of you life. From now on Anna, you will want only dog cocks. You will do anything to get a dog cock inside you. You will try to suck and fuck every dog cock you see, snub your nose at anything else."

Anna's 16-year-old brother Chris was standing to the side stroking his cock and watching the large dog lick at his sister's cunt. Jeff turned to him and said, "Chris, when it's time, I want you to help Rex get into your sisters tight cunt. After you have done that, you may use her face and mouth any way you wish. When Rex cums in her cunt, it will take a while for him to get hard again. When he does get hard once more, I want you to help him put his cock in Anna's ass hole. Think you can do that?" Jeff asked.

"I can use her mouth while the dog fucks her?" Chris asked.

"You can use anything except her ass and cunt. After Rex has had each they will be sealed off with plugs to keep his seed inside for as long as possible. I want her desire for dog cock to be unsatiable." Jeff replied.

Anna was scared but ready. She had watched her older brothers' and sister, and even her mom, fuck and have fun while she couldn't. She felt Rex's tongue lapping her pussy and ass and hoped sex would feel as good as his tongue. Each time Rex's tongue dragged across the ring between her ass and cunt hole it sent a tingle up her spine. She felt the juices flowing inside her and knew her pussy lips were swelling with the excitement.

Anna had heard that it hurts when someone takes your cherry, at least that's what her friend had told her when her friend's dad broke it for her. But her friend told her that, "after that it feels great to have sex!"

Anna considered trying her friend's vibrator once but chickened out. Now she had no choice. She would learn what it was like to have sex at last. She had seen how Rex had made her sister very excited and how her mother had wanted Rex to fuck her in the ass. Yes she was ready. But she was scared most of all.

Jeff was waiting till Rex's licking had Anna extremely excited. He turned to Deb and said, "Deb, I'll hold on to your husband for a while. Why don't you go get Rex ready to fuck Anna's pussy."

Deb quickly handed the leash to her brother and opened the gate to the stall. She knelt down at Rex's side and looked under the dog belly. Rex's red cock was just starting to poke out of his massive sheaf. Deb rolled on her side and wiggled under the dog. She reached up and rubbed the sheaf with both hands. She lifted her head and wrapped her tongue around the tiny point sticking out.

Rex felt the woman's tongue on the tip of his dick and licked the little girl faster. He tried hard to poked the end of his tongue into the little hole that was leaking the nectar he found irresistible. He smelled the special aroma that only seemed to come with little girls. His cock was growing and it would only be a matter of time now till his master gave him the command to take the little girl bitch.

Deb heard her daughter moan as she listened to the slurping sounds of the dog's tongue on her daughter's crack. As Anna's moaning increased with each lick the dog made. Jeff walked to the side of Anna's head and lifted her face to look in her eyes. "Anna," Jeff said. "When your ready I want you to beg me to let the dog fuck you." Jeff told the little girl. "I know you can feel the pleasure of his tongue on your pussy. The pleasure of having his cock in your pussy is ten times better," Jeff coax the little girl.

Jeff pushed his hand between Rex's tongue and Anna's ass and pulled hard on the ring. Anna screamed from the sudden and unexpected pain. All the pleasure she had built up in her body the last few minutes, was gone within a second. Rex's tongue starting it's lapping again and Anna moaned as it slurped and licked the tender area around the ring.

Anna wiggled her hips and soon returned to the point she was before. She felt so good she thought she could just let Rex lick her to orgasm like her brother had done to her with his tongue. She was breathing hard and enjoying Rex's tongue when another sharp pain brought her all the way back to the beginning again.

Frustrated Anna began squirming against the Rex's tongue. She tried to push her pussy lips hard against his snout to satisfy her bodies needs. She started encouraging the dog by talking to it. At first she was embarrassed, what with everyone watching, but the incredible feelings shivering through her young body took control and she called out to the dog.

"That feels so good Rex. Yes! Lick me harder, please Rex!" Rex knew the sounds of encouragement and nipped at her pussy lips. "Ohh Rex, stick your tongue in my pussy. Lick between my pussy lips. Yess! Harder! Yesss!" Anna screamed to the dog. Anna didn't feel Jeff's hand reach her ass but felt the sharp pain to her tender region as he pulled hard on the ring, and this time held it without letting go.

Anna almost cried. She was so close. Her cunt wanted something to satisfy it. In her delirious state she thought she would die of she didn't cum soon. The pain caused by ring made her pussy open and close uncontrollably. She felt like she was cumming but not cumming. Her body was shaking but it craved for that something deep inside that just wasn't there.

Suddenly Anna wanted to get fucked. She didn't care any more she wanted the dog's cock in her. "Jeff, its O.K. You can let him do it," Anna whispered to her uncle. Jeff let go of the ring and asked Anna, "What Anna, I didn't hear what you said, can you say it again?" Jeff grabbed the ring and pulled it hard again.

The pain from the ring reverberated through the little girl's body and she almost bounced up and down on the saddle. "You can let the dog do it now," Anna screamed.

"Anna. If you want to have Rex fuck your pussy, then you have to beg me nicely to let him do it." Jeff told her as he kept constant pressure on the ring. Rex was still licking the girl's pussy around his master's hand and Anna was going crazy with the mixed feelings in her groin.

"Please Jeff, let Rex put his thing in me!" Anna pleaded.

"Anna if you want Rex to fuck your pussy then your going to have to say the words and say them loud enough that I can hear it!" Jeff scolded the little girl. Anna didn't say anything. Jeff felt her ass wiggle slightly as the feelings of pleasure returned to her body. Jeff pulled harder on the ring and said, "I can't hear you say anything Anna, don't you want Rex to fuck you."

Anna screamed as Jeff pulled hard on the ring. Suddenly Anna could think of nothing else but the dog fucking her. "Yesss. Pleeese Jeff. Please let the dog fuck my pussy. Plesssse let him fuck me!"



"Very well Anna, if that is what you want." Jeff let go of the ring. He nudged Deb to stop her sucking on the dog's fully extended cock and helped her stand up. "Chris, It's time to help Rex," Jeff spoke as he walked Deb back out the gate. She noticed that her daughter Cathy and her son Bobby were leaning on the gate watching. Bobby had his hand on his sister's cunt and Cathy had her hand on her brother's cock. "What a great family!" Deb thought.

She untied the leash from the high hook Jeff had placed it on and prepared to watch her daughter. She wondered how many mothers' got the chance to watch their daughters' loose their virginity. She wondered how many mothers' got to watch their daughters' loose their virginity to a dog! "This is so exciting," Deb said. "The entire family gets to watch little Anna get her first fuck!" Deb reached her hand down to her daughter Cathy's ass and removed the plug. She let it drop on the chains and wiggled four of her fingers into Cathy's ass hole. Cathy squirmed and pushed against her mother's fingers, and the hand of her brother on her cunt.

"Yep! This is a fabulous family!" Deb said to her daughter, and her daughter moaned back, "Ohh Mom, It's so fucking great I can't stand it!"

Deb and her daughter looked back towards little Anna when they heard Jeff shout, "Rex, Fuck!"

Rex pulled his snout away from the girl bitch's cunt. He looked at his master as his tongue swiped his nose and jowls. He wined and crouched down slightly before jumping up to place his front paws onto the saddle, each side of little Anna's small body. Stepping with his back feet he moved forward onto the back of his little girl bitch. His hindquarters started jerking as his enormous cock poked at Anna's still wet pussy lips.

Chris was at the side of his sister and the dog. He reached between them and got hold of the thick vibrating cock. It slid through his fingers as he tried to position it at his sister's virgin entrance. Chris watched as the point of the huge cock poked at the small quivering hole. He watched the tip sink in and then pull back out only to sink in a quarter inch again.

Rex was finding his mark. Once the correct location was felt, experience had taught him to try a few times before slamming home. Not for the bitch's protection but for his own. Too many times he had thought he had the mark and slammed his tender prick into something solid.

Rex was ready. His haunches moved back and he slammed forward, Digging into the saddle with his front paws, and pulling with all his animal strength. Rex hit the mark perfectly. His thick cock bore into the tight hole less than half it's incredible length. He quickly started moving in small quick jabs in and out of the warm confines of his bitch's tight cunt. When he felt his cock becoming slick, he pulled out a half inch and immediately slammed his hindquarters forward again. Rex pulled with his front legs and started his quick jabs in and out of his girl bitch once more.

Anna had felt the tip of Rex's cock hit the entrance of her pussy, and leave several times. The feeling of it excited her so much she could think of nothing except getting the rest of it inside her. Without warning, something that felt like a knife had been pushed up her cunt. She screamed, "NOOOO! Stop it. Stop it! Get it out! STOPPPP!" Her body was tense and she contracted her cunt muscles, thinking she could force the cock out by strength. She screamed again begging for someone to stop the dog from doing this to her.

Anna heard her mother scream, "Fuck her Rex! Fuck the little bitch hard!" She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was all lost? Couldn't they understand that something was wrong! This was hurting so badly that something must be wrong. At least she thought it was hurting. The pain was subsiding. There was a terrible burning, but the unbearable pain seemed to be gone.

Anna felt Rex pull back slowly and shove forward again. "Noooo !" she screamed as the pain returned. "No..oo..oo," she sobbed. Anna noticed that the sharp pain was leaving quicker than it had the first time. The burning was back but Anna could tell it was going away too. She felt the sudden quick jabs of the cock trying to get further into her body. The fire at the entrance to her hole was less now. She could feel the cock inside her pussy's entrance, and rubbing against the skin inside her pussy. It felt good rubbing her like that.

Anna felt the tip of the dog cock tickle the back of her tiny womb. She could still feel the burning of her pussy's entrance hole as it continued to stretch wider and wider. The picture of the dog's cock fucking her sister's ass exploded in her mind. She realized that the dog's cock wasn't even half way in her pussy. She started to squirm but that only made it burn more. Anna laid still and waited for what she knew would come.

Rex continued jabbing. His cock pushing to gain further entrance into the tight orifice. He stepped forward and pushed upwards with his hind legs. He felt the largest part of his cock slip past the entrance to his bitch and he paused as it slowly squeezed itself further inside.

Anna bit her bottom lip as she felt the cock expand the small area of her womb. She felt terribly full and stretched inside. She didn't think the rest of Rex's cock would fit in. Her cunt was almost bursting from the large cock now. It seemed to fill her completely. It was feeling very good now rubbing against her insides.

"Ohhh Rex, you feel good," Anna swooned. She felt someone grab her by her hair and lift her head. She opened her eyes to see her brother kneeling in front of her face. She opened her mouth to scream, but instead felt her brother's cock slip past her lips and into her mouth.

Anna's screams around her brother's cock were muffled, as it filled her lips and blocked the back of her throat. The cock pulled out to her lips and pushed slowly back in. It rubbed along her tongue as it moved in and out of her mouth. Anna closed her eyes and took short breaths through her nose.

She concentrated on the cock that was now plunging in and out of her backside. Anna felt it pushing the back wall of her insides, gaining more and more entrance with each stroke. She wanted it all in her now. She felt like a sex machine with the dog cock in her pussy and her brother's cock in her mouth.

Rex was pumping for all he was worth. Anna's body was building with intense emotions that it had never dreamed of before. Rex and her brother had gotten into a rhythm, and she felt like there was just one continuous cock was running from her cunt to her mouth. She was screaming with pleasure onto her brother's cock as Chris tried to keep pace with the speed of the dog.

Anna knew she was going to cum. Something big was going to happen. Electric chills kept building higher and higher inside her body. She wondered how high they would get before they exploded.

Anna didn't have to wait long. Title waves of pleasure erupted from inside her belly. They rippled out from her crotch, spreading until they reached every tip of her body and then started rolling back to where they came from. New waves began rolling outward and collided with the returning ones igniting from their collision and shaking her whole body.

Over and over again they cycled through her frame and then, what had seemed like an endless labored joy started to subside. Suddenly, Anna felt the cock in her pussy vibrate and swell larger. Her pussy started to cum all over again as Rex flooded her with his seed. Hot, flaming liquid, burst from the stuffed entrance of her cunt, as it spewed from the dog's balls and filled the little girl's belly beyond it's capacity. Anna moaned around her brother's cock again. She heard her brother tell her to, "take my sperm," and opened her eyes as she felt the slippery liquid spurt onto her tongue. She sucked on the end of the cock as it moved slowly in and out of her lips. Dribbles of her brother's sperm came continually from the tip and she swirled her tongue around the end to collect and swallow it all.

Chris groaned with the burning pain in his cock and balls. He put his hand around the base, squeezed and pumped it forward to force the sperm to move faster. The tip of his cock felt like it was dry heaving. He tried everything but only very small amounts moved past the ring on his dick. He felt his balls pumping and pumping with unending agony, the head of his cock longed for that burst through its length. The feeling of that final acceleration from the base to the tip. It never came, and never would again.

Chris fucked his cock into his little sisters mouth for 10 minutes while dribbling continuously until all his sperm was finally delivered to his sister's greedy tongue. His cock was sore and tired, but amazingly still very hard.

Finally appeased Rex pulled out of his bitch and went over to a corner to lick his well-satisfied cock. Anna knew she had been fucked royally and she couldn't wait till the next time. She was only a little sore, and thought, "Just a little rest and then I think I want to do it again." She turned her head to search for Rex but from her position he was no where to be seen. She wanted to hug him and hold him, but it would have to wait till latter.

Jeff walked up and shoved a small plug into Anna's cunt. He slapped her ass hard and left Anna on the saddle as he left the stall.

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