"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 13

Jeff opened the door to the cellar and walked to the room that held the rest of the family. The four children were screwing each other while Mike, the father, was watching the incestuous scene before him, stroking his still sore cock. Jeff walked over to the 16 year old Cathy and pulled her off her brother Chris. Helping her to her feet he led her through the door, locked it and proceeded up to the barn.

Cathy walked behind her Uncle Jeff, trying to keep three fingers in her ass while pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt with her other hand. Jeff led her by the nipple chains toward the end of the barn. She looked with envy, as she saw her mother spread wide above the shaft stuck up between her legs. Cathy stared as she was lead past her screaming mother and taken to the device that would "help" get ready her for tonight.

The 16 year old Cathy was stood in front of a large wooden wheel. The wheel was 9-feet in diameter and almost touched the barn floor at the bottom. It was tilted back at the top slightly. There were two small steps at the bottom edge of the wheel that Cathy knew were for her feet to stand on. Straps nailed to the bottom of the steps hung loosely down toward the floor. Cathy knew that the straps were to secure her feet to the wheel. A thick belt hung open from the middle of the wheel and at the top there were handles with straps, spread apart like the foot rests, to hold on to.

Jeff turned the wheel until one of the steps was directly at the bottom. He moved a large wooden wedge over to the bottom of the wheel and kicked it in place to prevent the wheel from turning. Jeff turned Cathy so that her back was against the wheel and lifted her foot onto the step. He strapped her foot and ankle to the step and told Cathy to step up and put her weight on that foot. Cathy put her hands on Jeff's shoulders for balance and stood on the step with her other leg hanging limply. Jeff helped her reach toward the handles for her hands.

Jeff took hold of the other foot and pulled it to the other step. Cathy's groin was stretched to its limit as her other foot was strapped securely into place. Jeff then took each of Cathy's hands and strapped them in place tying her wrists to the handles she was holding on to. He then reached up and pulled the thick strap around Cathy's chest. The thick leather strap had two small 4-inch round holes. Cathy watched as her Uncle pulled the strap over and against her left breast. Looking down she saw her left breast squashed flat with only the nipple and a small part of her breast budging out of the hole.

Holding the strap tight against the young girl with one hand, Jeff grabbed the nipple ring and pulled. Holding on to the ring in Cathy's left nipple, Jeff pulled hard, slowly moving the breast around in circles until it was drawn all the way through the small leather hole.

"AAAGGGHHH, NO NO NO STOP STOP PLEEEEASE, NOOOOOO!" Cathy screamed as her nipple was stretched and pulled straight out from her body by the ring through it. The chain scraped the bottom of her tit as it was pulled through the tight hole with her breast.

"OOOHHH GOD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP!" She cried as Jeff did the same with the other breast.

Both of Cathy's breasts stood straight out, squeezed through the 3-inch holes and budging painfully as they turned red and then a sick grey. Jeff leaned forward and licked the enlarged nipple on the swollen breasts of the young girl. He placed his lips around the entire end of her breast and sucked hard on it.

"OOOHH Uncle Jeff, Yes OOHHH Yes!" Cathy moaned at strange mixture of pain and pleasure cause by her uncles mouth on her tender young breast. Jeff stopped sucking on his nieces breast and held the wheel from moving as he kicked the wedge to the side. He let the wheel turn till the 16-year old stood upright, legs spread widely apart on the wheel before him.

Jeff left for a moment and returned carrying a milk can with a rubber hose sticking out of the top and leather straps attached to the sides. He moved the wedge to the bottom of the wheel and set the milk on it balancing the can from tipping with one hand.

Jeff strapped the milk can to the wheel between Cathy's legs. He turned the wheel slightly and kicked the wedge out from under the can. Jeff left again and returned with a rubber dildo that seemed to be a long slender shaft with a large ball at the base. A tube ran out from the bottom of the base to a small rubber plunger and Cathy watched as Jeff released the air and the ball deflated slightly. He continued to squeeze the ball until all the air was out and the ball shape had disappeared completely.

Looking into Cathy's eyes, Jeff reached between the young girls legs and pulled the silver dildo out of her flowing cunt. He slowly lowered the dildo in his hand and let it hang from the chains attached to Cathy's nipple rings. It swung between her legs but the tight leather strap squeezing her breasts prevented her from feeling the weight pulling at her nipples.

Jeff took the new rubber dildo and shoved it into Cathy's already open cunt, sliding it in and out slowly until the entire length was wet with her pussy juices. Cathy moaned and moved her hips left and right increasing the friction of the sliding invader against her burning cunt walls. Jeff watched as the sexy young girl moved her body in time with the slow thrusts of the dildo. Without warning, Jeff slid the dildo from the pussy of the moaning girl and held it barely touching Cathy's trembling cunt lips.

"Nnoooo, Please Uncle Jeff!" She begged when she felt a burning emptiness inside her dripping wet little cunt. "Please put it back in. My pussy is burning so much. Please put it inside me again. Just for a little while, please!" Cathy pleaded with her Uncle.

"O.K., Cathy," Jeff answered his niece, "But I don't want you thinking your Uncle has a soft heart now!"

Cathy moaned and closed her eyes. Her hips started to move in circles as Jeff lowered the dildo to the girls cunt. Cathy felt the tip of the shaft touch her pussy lips and slide, ever so slowly, along her wet crack toward the entrance to her cunt. Jeff paused there and watched Cathy's face as she braced herself to receive the full length of the shaft at once.

Jeff's smile widened wickedly and instead of putting it back in her cunt, he slid the tip of the slick wet dildo further back and sank half it's length into the 16-year old girls shocked ass. Cathy screamed and jerked trying to move away from the object now lodged part way in her tight ass.

Jeff ignored the young girls screams and shoved the shaft upwards until almost the entire length was buried into teenager. The now writhing body of the helpless teen jerked in an effort to move off the object in her ass. The desperately jerking of her body only succeeded in helping Jeff push the final inch inside the tightly contracted hole.

Holding his fingers against Cathy's ass hole, Jeff held the dildo from being pushed out of her ass. He grabbed the plunger, dangling from the end of the dildo and squeezed it, inflating the ball just inside Cathy's ass ring. Cathy jerked her body trying to work herself off the inflating ball, as it painfully grew inside her tight 16-year old body. Jeff stopped and dropped the plunger, letting it hang down between the teenagers outstretched legs. He picked up the rubber tube from the milk can and screwed it into a nipple inside the base of the dildo that was buried tightly in Cathy's ass.

"We will clean and stretch your ass for your birth day and tonight's use," Jeff told his niece. "My friends will expect nothing less, than for you to accommodate their every wish. Without preparation, you would not survive the first half hour, and that would not speak well for my training techniques."



"It's not my birthday," Cathy sobbed. "I turned 16 last month." Cathy told her Uncle.

"Oh I think your wrong, it is going to be your birth day in about two hours," Jeff said laughingly to the confused teenager.

Jeff turned the wheel slowly until Cathy was upside down. Cathy could feel the liquid flooding her bowels, from the milk can now above her upside down body. As she opened her eyes, she saw her Uncle kicking the wooden wedge in just inches from her forehead. She watched the heals of his shoes as they walked away and disappeared down to the cellar beneath the barn.

Jeff returned to the barn with little Anna. He led her to a stall just opposite her mother and took her inside. He stopped her and had her kneel on the thick pad on the barn floor. In front of Anna was a short wall of wood with one hole in the center, about 18-inches from the floor. Anna watched as the top half of the wooden wall hinged opened and the hole in front of her face split in two. Jeff pushed Anna forward until she was on her hands and knees with her neck rested in the bottom half of the padded hole.

Jeff brought the top down on Anna's neck and secured it in place at the end. The stock now held the helpless 12-year old in place. Anna picked up one of her hands and pressed it between her legs to play with her pussy, holding herself up with her other hand. Anna could not see what was happening behind the wooden wall. She felt something padded being slid underneath her from one side, and realized it was for her to rest her stomach on.

Not being able to see what was happening, Anna waited until the padded rest was in place to put her hand back between her legs. To the little girl's shock, she realized that the stomach rest prevented her hand from reaching her pussy. She tried to reach behind her back and get to it that way, but her arm was only long enough to reach part way down her ass cheeks.

Before Anna could try anything else, she felt straps being tightly secured around her legs, just above her bent knees. Her legs were then forced wide and secured in place so that most of her bodies support came from the padding under her stomach and her hands on the floor behind the wooden stock.

Anna heard his paws scraping on the wooden barn floor, before she saw Rex walk around in front of the wooden stock that held her head. Rex happily sat right in front of his little girl bitch, looking up at his master for a command.

"Rex, Up!" Jeff ordered the dog.

Rex jumped up so that his front paws were on the top of the stock above Anna's head. The dog's cock stuck straight out as he stood on his hind legs in front of Anna's face. Anna, lifted her head and stared straight at the dog's cock as the pink tip started to emerge from Rex's hairy sheath just inches from her lips.

Anna's hands tried again to reach her tiny little button and dripping pussy as she stared at the hardening dog cock that had taken her virginity. She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of the emerging red prick and moaned as her tongue slid against the smooth surface. The cock was growing thicker and a drop of precum emerged from the tip. Anna's tongue lapped at the end and sucked in the nectar presented to her.

"Rex, Fuck!" Anna heard Jeff shout to the dog.

Rex stepped forward immediately and started humping into the little girl's face. His cock grew thicker as he felt the girls moist lips encircle his pulsing member, and draw it inside the wet warm place. Satisfied, Jeff turned to leave the Rex and his bitch, to check on Cathy and Deb's progress.

As Jeff walked out of the stall, he saw Deb was now standing on her tip toes in an effort to get away from the impaling cock. As he got closer he could see that the first 1/2-inch was being forced inside her cunt.

"Well Deb," Jeff spoke to his gaged sister. "I guess no one told that dildo that there wasn't room for it." Jeff continued as he stared at the thick dildo entering his sister. "That absurdly thick dildo seems to be unconcerned with the lack of available space."

Jeff straightened up and looked his sister in the eye. "You have the first half inch in there. There's only another 17-1/2-inches to go!"

Deb moaned and sobbed around the ball gag. "Your holes will adapt to both of the objects. Your cunt will stretch and your ass plug will shift and allow the dildo to enter. I suggest that you don't delay the enviable and get down off your toes now. The weight of the platform combined with your own weight will pull you down around this cock wither you like it or not. Even staying up on your toes will not stop you from being impaled onto it's full length eventually."

As Jeff watched, Deb gave a long growl, closed her eyes and dropped all her body weight onto the giant shaft between her outstretched legs. Jeff saw his sisters cunt engulf 4-more inches of the dildo. He could see the tip of the dildo pushing out her stomach in the front.

"MMMMMUUUHHHHHH!" Deb screamed through her gag continuously between gasping breaths.

"Good sis!" Jeff said. "When you sink another 5-inches, you'll be at the half way point. That's when you reach the ball. That balls 4-inches in diameter and combined with the 4-inch diameter plug in your ass well, that's enough for two horses at the same time. Of course the bottom of the dildo is about 6 inches in diameter. I don't know how your going to handle that!" Deb's eyes were open wide looking at him with shock. Jeff just laughed and turned back toward Cathy

As Jeff approached the upside down Cathy, he could hear her pleading over and over "Please stop this thing, please stop this thing." Jeff walked up and raped his knuckles on the upside down milk can. It was almost half empty. Cathy's stomach looked fully distended, filled with the liquid from the can.

Jeff closed the valve and kicking the wedge out from the bottom of the wheel. He turned the 16-year old right side up. Cathy moaned with the shift of the liquid in her bowels and now felt a new pleasure. She squeezed her bowels in a vain attempt to expel the liquid inside them, but the inflated ball on the dildo and closed valve prevented release and only pain came from the attempt.

Working slow, intentionally prolonging the teen's agony, Jeff unhooked the tube from the can and put the end in a bucket. He released the valve and stood back as the pressurized liquid shot from the girls ass into the bucket. When the flow died to a trickle, Jeff squeezed something from a tube into the end of the hose, reattached it to the dildo in Cathy's ass, turned the wheel, and started the second enema.

Cathy screamed as she felt the liquid reenter her ass along with an extreme tingling/burning sensation inside her bowels. Cathy opened her eyes, upside down, and saw Jeff's shoes in front of her face. Suddenly she felt something smooth being pushed into her cunt, and then a gentle vibration within her pussy. She relaxed, closing her eyes again. She was starting to enjoy the burning sensation in her bowels.

Jeff stood looking at the upside down 16-year old teen's wide spread groin with a half empty tube of tooth paste in his hand. He knew the burning would not be unbearable and would go away with 5 minutes. He wanted Cathy to get use to discomfort and burning in her ass for the festivities tonight. Jeff had slipped a small vibrator into her cunt to further condition her body to accept pleasure from the pain. He turned back toward Deb and walked till he stood in front of her.



Deb was writhing in anticipation, tossing her head and hair back and forth, as she again stood on her toes. She could feel the pleasure waves mounting within her body.

"If I can only stay away from that pain, for a few more minutes, till my orgasm starts, . . . " She thought to herself.

She forced herself not to move down on the impaling monster, although the slut inside her longed for the two thick giants, to fill her completely. The whorish craving inside her cunt and ass screamed to be satisfied. She pushed her body further up on her toes, away from the pain to allow her orgasm to build to a peak. Deb just had to cum, and her plan was simple. She would wait till the last moment possible. Then, just when her orgasm flooded her body to the point of no return, she would drop down onto her heals and embed the monster cock into her spasm demanding cunt. Her body would explode in multiple orgasms and never stop. Pain and pleasure would fight each other within her cunt, causing orgasm upon orgasm to rip through her body endlessly.

"Just a little more," She told herself. "I'm getting there! I'm getting close! Just have to hold off one more minute! OHHH it feels so good! Just keep the pain away for one more minute!"

Suddenly, Deb felt hands placed on each her hips. "NOOO!" she cried into the ball gag as she realized in an instant what was about to happen. "Not yet, NOOO! It's too soon. I'm not ready!"

Jeff smiled as he placed his hands on his sister's hips. "I will allow you to cum sister but it will be short and unsatisfying, leaving your body begging for more." Jeff told his sister. With all his weight he forced her shaking body down off her toes and past the 4-inch thick ball in the middle of the 18-inch long impaling cock.

Deb shook uncontrollably with the searing pain the coursed through every nerve of her body. Her cunt throbbed, as tiny waves of orgasm grew toward an eruption and then stopped. Robbed of it's climax, her cunt screamed and shook on the shaft within her. Her body became one large straining muscle pulsating around the thick shaft between her legs.

When Jeff took his hands off his sister's hips, Deb immediately shot back onto her toes. The pain was too great, and stopping the dildo from pressing hard against the end of her tortured and elongated cunt chamber was urgent. As her body shot upwards, the dildo slid up along the rod, refusing to leave her cunt. To Deb's horror she found that the thick ball, in the middle of the cock, had lodged inside the entrance to her cunt.

The top 9-inches of the impaling shaft was stubbornly stuck inside her. The tip of the hard rubber cock, pushed painfully against the far wall of her cunt, stretching her inside to match it's unyielding mass. Her legs shook as she stood on the balls of her feet, so that the 1/4-inch rod was not poking the soft tissue of her upper cunt. Without thinking of why, the sound of the hissing air from the tire tube below disturbed her more than it had before.

Jeff smiled at the sight of his sister nervously standing before him. It was a something he wanted to remember for a long time. He stared at the naked woman before him, with her legs spread wide, arms to each side holding tightly onto the greased poles. Her eyes were closed as she groaned. Her body moved constantly, as it was slowly pulled down onto the thick shaft between her legs.

Jeff checked his watch and looked at the 9-inches of thick rubber cock still sticking out of his sister's cunt. In her silent pleading eyes, Jeff saw his sister's naive horror, as she realized that her brother was not going to stop the decent of the platform. She refused to believe that her brother would allow her to be pulled down further onto the massive thick cock.

"Soon now," Jeff thought to himself, "she will have no choice but to allow the rounded tip of the metal rod, into the puckered opening of her cervix." Jeff smiled as he thought of the panic that would race through her mind at the realization of the inevitable.

He walked to the side of the stall and picked up a hand vibrator and carried it back to behind his sister, Deb. He strapped the large vibrator onto the hollow metal tube just above the thumb screws so that it would not slip down. He connected the vibrator to the extension cord he had dragged from the stall. It was not time to turn it on yet, he would wait.

When Jeff returned to the stall with the kneeling Anna, Rex was lying in a corner licking himself. Anna was trying to hump and wiggling her ass, to entice the dog to fuck her. Rex was well trained and usually didn't take orders from anyone except Jeff. The only exception to this is when someone else held his leash. He was trained to accept that person as temporary master.

Anna could not see her Uncle walk up behind her and continued coaxing Rex to fuck her quietly. Jeff left to go get Bobby from the room in the cellar. He brought the 14-year old boy back to the stall and stood him behind his 12-year old sister Anna. Jeff motioned for the boy to be silent. Bobby stood looking down at the kneeling spread legs of his sister and continued to stroke his ringed cock over her exposed tight little ass.

Jeff walked over to his dog and brought him back to where he had fucked Anna's face 20 minutes ago. "Rex, Up!" Jeff instructed the dog and Rex jumped up to his previous position.

"No, please Uncle Jeff. Please let him fuck me. My pussy's on fire. I need Rex to fuck me there, please Uncle Jeff? Please?" Anna pleaded, but just then Rex's cock slapped against her cum spattered face, and all she could think about was putting her lips around it.

"Rex, Fuck!" Jeff instructed the dog. Rex smiled, that smile dog's do, and started humping his hind quarters eagerly into the girl's mouth again. Jeff motioned for Bobby to kneel down behind his sister. Bobby did so and started rubbing his cock up and down his sisters little wet snatch.

Anna screamed her defiance around the thick purple dog cock in her mouth and tried to move away from the object rubbing her from behind. Bobby reached forward and grabbed his sister's hips with both hands and held her still. With Rex's growing cock in her mouth and her brothers cock forcing entrance into her pussy, Anna was helplessly being taken at both ends. She was locked in a totally defenseless position, from which anyone who wanted to take pleasure from her body, could do so without her consent.

She wished that it were Rex's cock that was using her pussy, not someone's human cock. Human cocks were so cold and plain compared to dog cocks. Even their cum was just so little and hardly warm. Anna remembered how Rex's cum had filled her snatch with liquid fire.

"OHH, I need you in my cunny so bad Rex! I just can't cum with a small cold cock," Anna thought to herself as she sucked greedily on the smooth thick dog shaft in her mouth. It was heaven to the 12-year old girl's tongue. This time she was going to swallow every drop of cum. She had tried last time but failed. This time she was going to take Rex's cock down her throat and let him pump his thick juices into her stomach.

Jeff left the stall and returned to where Cathy was upside down on the wheel. He turned her right side up, and drained the water out of her bowels again. Cathy's pain stopped and the vibrating in her pussy made her moan with pleasure. Jeff left her there, moaning on the wheel, to go below and get her twin brother Chris.

When he returned with Chris, he turned the wheel so that Cathy was almost sideways and her mouth was level with her brother's cock. With a slight push from Jeff, Chris stepped forward and pushed his cock into his sister's mouth. Jeff returned with a long vibrating dildo and handed it to Chris. Instead of looking like a cock, it looked more like a cone. It's tip was only 1/2-inch in diameter, but it's base was 3- inches. Chris didn't see how it was going to all fit into his sister's small cunt.

"Use the vibrator to open her cunt wider," Jeff instructed Chris. "I need her cunt's entrance stretched, but I want it done slowly." Jeff then removed the small vibrator from Cathy's cunt and walked away with it.

Chris rocked his hips into his sister's mouth as he held the large vibrator in one hand and the remote attached to it in the other. He slid the switch on the remote and felt the rubber cock spring to life. He saw the tip begin to move in a slightly circular motion. Amazed at what it did, he turned the switch to full. The rubber cock almost jumped out of his hand. The vibrations were so powerful that his hand quickly became numb from trying to hold on to it. He could only guess at what it would feel like to his sister's hole.

Chris turned it off and reached to the side and held it against the entrance to his sisters wet cunt. He pushed it inside his sister, easily sliding the first half of the 8-inch length into the hot wet opening. Chris felt his sister start to moan continually, onto his swollen member. The moaning sent waves of vibrating pleasure, that rose through his cock and balls and reverberated down to his toes. He continued to work the dildo in and out gradually getting small amounts of its thickening length inside his sister's snatch. Each plunge of the dildo coincided with his own cock in her mouth. He didn't want to rush anything, there was plenty of time to enjoy. Finally after 15-minutes of teasing his sister with only part of the dildo's length, he plunged 6-inches of it's length into her waiting cunt.

Holding it inside his sister's cunt with one hand, he slid the switch to the first of 6 notches. Cathy screamed with the pleasure at the powerful vibrations and the moving tip inside her. Her moans came in sobs, as she gasped for breaths around her brothers thick cock, as it slid in and out of her hard sucking mouth and throat. The inflated plug still in her ass jumped wildly when the vibrating dildo pushed against it through the thin separating membrane wall.

Cathy felt as though she was in heaven. She sucked hard on her brother's cock trying to taste more of the delicious nectar. She was so turned on. Even the streams of sperm and saliva running down her cheek excited her. Her cunt opening burned to be so wide, but the throbbing of the vibrator made every inch of her cunt feel stimulated.

With her eyes closed, she imagined two men viciously using her body to satisfy their big sperm filled cocks. She thought of what it would feel like to have them squirt her so full that it would spill out of her holes. She imagined cupping the sperm with her hand as it leaked and rubbing it on her tits and into her cunt and ass. In her mind, every cavity of her body was filled with sperm. Her body was covered with the slippery white cum. Cathy needed to cum badly, but more than that, she needed sperm.

Across the barn, Jeff was leaning on the gate to Anna's stall, watching her, Rex and Bobby. He stood looking as the dog continued to fuck Anna's helpless mouth and Bobby pistoned his cock into her cunt from behind. Bobby was watching Rex and trying to match Rex's lunges into his helpless sister Anna, stroke for stroke, a near impossible task. Rex was like a machine, seeking only relief for himself and his swelling cock.

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