"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 14

Jeff turned, walked over to Deb and stood in front of her. She was again on the tips of her toes and not moving. Her eyes were open and looking down at her brother filled with questions and worry.

Jeff walked behind his sister. He reached up and grabbed the large ring on the base of the plug in her ass. He pulled down hard. Slowly the huge plug started to emerge from the severely open ass it had fully occupied. Without warning, the plug shot from the tight confines, and Deb screamed into her gag, from her burning ass ring and the shock of cold air that rushed in to take it place. Jeff removed the alignment ring attached to the dildo in Deb's cunt and let the plug hang from the nipple chains it was still attached to.

"It's time sister." Jeff spoke from behind her. "I know you can feel the tip of the metal shaft pressing hard against the top of your cunt chamber. You know where the shaft has to go."

Jeff checked the vibrator he had install previously on the shaft as he continued to talk. "Place the tip of the rod into your cervix, push down onto it and hold it there."

Deb shook her head from side to side. "MMMMFFFFFF! MMMMMFFFF! ," Jeff heard from behind her gorgeous body.

"I am going to count to 5," Jeff continued, "on 5, I'm going to step up on the platform, causing it to sink several inches, and pull you down instantly onto the shaft. If you do not place the shaft tip correctly, it will not enter your womb. If it does not enter your womb, I will still enjoy fucking the ass of your impaled body, as it jerks and spasms around my cock for the last time."

Deb's body trembled with excitement and terror as looked back over her shoulder at her brother. She needed the huge monstrous shaft deep inside her body. She knew the hellish pain that was associated with what was next. What would have been abhorrent to her a few days ago, now seemed demonically enticing.

"ONE! Your body will experience incredible pleasure." Jeff told his sister.

She moved her hips and placed the tip of the rod at the center of her puckered cervix.

"TWO! The pleasure in your body will build instantly toward the most powerful orgasm you have ever had." She heard from behind.

She squatted slightly and tried to relax her body. The tip pushed through her cervix and was stopped by the head of the dildo just below it.

"THREE! But, You will not be able to cum!" Jeff shouted.

Deb couldn't help herself. The feeling of the shaft in her cervix, the thought of the dildo shoving itself up inside her womb, while her brother stood behind her fucking her ass was just too much. Deb's whole body started to tremble. First her legs shook as she tried to hold back the surges of a powerful orgasm. She fought to keep the tip buried inside her cervix as waves after wave built and started to roll through her groin. She screamed as her fists tightened around the poles at her side.

"FOUR! Your pain tortured body will stay on the verge of an incredible orgasm, unable to reach that final glorious breach." Jeff spoke to his sister from behind.

She never heard her brother count to five. She felt the platform at her feet shift slightly, and then she was plunged down onto the shaft unmercifully. Her cervix was speared painfully open and she felt her body suspended for a moment, before her wombs entrance spread and accepted the top 3 inches of the thickening dildo.

The mental picture of what had just happened, more than the pain caused several quick contracting spasms to rock her body. Deb hips involuntarily jerked in every direction at once from both the tremendous pain and pleasure. Her body uncontrollably heightened toward a massive orgasm, regardless of the heinous pain.

"I'm There! I'm There!" She thought to herself. "YES! YES!" She was going to make it. Then agony set in, as her building spasms dissipated just as they reached the point of no return.

"NNNOOOO!" She screamed into her gag, as her body demanded more to push it over the edge. "PLEEEEEASE I just want to cum!" She said to herself knowing no one would help.

For what seemed like hours, her body had been tortured to an exquisite point tittering between heaven and hell.

Deb knew that she could have cum. Her body had demanded that it be allowed to cum. But for some reason, that she didn't fully understand, her brother's instructions had made cuming impossible.

Deb could only dream of how good it would have felt. She knew that it would have been, the hottest orgasm of her life. Instead, she was forced back to reality when the waves of pleasure suddenly stopped, ebbing away as quickly as they had begun. Deb's body required so desperately to cum. She started to bend her knees and push down on the shaft stretching the entrance to her womb and to her cunt at the same time. As she pushed she suddenly felt the tip of her brothers beautiful cock touch her still gaping ass hole. Deb stopped her pushing, shocked that she had forgotten that her brother was behind her, and waited for him to shove his cock inside her.

Unable to talk through the ball gag, Deb's mind ran wild with the thought of her brother's cock poised at her ass. "Yess Jeff. Put your cock in my ass," Deb thought. "Oh yes brother, take me with your cock. Fuck my ass as deep as you want. Use my body to cum in Jeff. I can't wait till you to shove it in my ass Jeff. I'll do whatever you want me to Jeff. Just put in me!" Deb's mind screamed.

"Yes Deb, so now you know," Her brother said. "Your body and soul have become mine to command. Your power to resist, even my smallest suggestion is gone," He continued. "Every remaining moment of your pathetic survival, will be mine to control. As my personal slave you are no longer allowed to think of your own pleasure. Humiliation and pain, are the only release your body will know," Jeff continued. "From now on your name will be "SLUT." Whoever calls you by that name, will become your master, and you shall become their slave. You will perform, willingly, whatever is commanded of you."

Deb's body trembled as she heard her brother's words. She knew that he was correct even before she had heard the words. He had complete control over her mind and body. Her pleasure came only from the degradation and shame associated with doing what he said and in obeying him completely.

"I no longer feel like exerting myself by shoving my cock up your worthless slut ass. You will instead shove your ass down onto my cock." Jeff ordered his SLUT. Jeff held the tip of his cock at her ass hole with one hand and reached around his sister's body, to pulled down hard on her nipple chains with the other.

Deb bent her knees and felt the head of her brother's cock enter her ass easily, as the dildo forced her cervix to open further. She screamed into her gag. Her tortured body was jerking so intensely from the pain that she almost stood up and allowed the head of Jeff's cock to flop out of her ass.



"If my cock falls out of your ass before I cum, I will shove a catheter in you and sew your cunt lips shut forever, SLUT!" Deb heard her brother and knew he would do it.

Deb bent her knees again and with all her weight, pushed her ass down around Jeff's cock. She could feel the top 6 inches of the dildo as it pressed into her womb. Screaming with pain, and unbelievable pleasure at the filling of her body, Deb continued her downward journey of horror.

Her legs were weak and they trembled as she heard her brother moan behind her. She raised herself only 1-inch off her brother's cock and slammed her body back down. She felt her ass ring stop, as it hit the bottom of her brother's long cock.

Jeff reached to grab each of his sister's nipples with his thumbs and fingers. He squeezed them hard and then pulled them up by the rings that pierced them. He looked over his sister's shoulder and watched as her beautiful breasts deformed from the deviously wicked torture.

Deb wanted so badly to be the best fuck her brother had ever had. The pain heightened her senses as she worked up and down on both the shafts buried inside her. She quickened her movements and circled her hips to give her brothers cock more pleasure.

To her surprise her body started to respond. Her mind blocked out all but the immediate feelings she was experiencing.

She talked to herself as though her brother could hear her. "Oh Jeff, you feel so good! The pain, the pleasure. I don't ever want it to stop. Yes! YES! AAAAAHHHH!" Deb screamed as her hips pistoned up and down with unbelievable speed. She needed her brother to cum inside her. She felt she would die if she couldn't get him to cum in her ass. She was his SLUT! Her brothers SLUT. She existed only, to obey his every whim.

Just then Jeff screamed, and Deb felt his thick cock vibrate within her bowels. She squeezed her stretched ass as tight as she could and slid slowly up and down his cock, milking the cum from his balls. Deb refused to stop, even when she felt Jeff pull his cock out of her ass and step down from the platform.

Jeff reached out and turned on the vibrator that he had attached to the shaft before. Deb moaned as the vibrator shook the entire shaft buried deep inside her.

"I want you to fuck the shaft in your womb SLUT! I need you stretched for tonight and you have a long way to go." Jeff turned up the vibrator to mid-speed and heard her scream into her gag as she tried to fuck herself moving her hips in circles on the dildo buried in her body.

The bottom 6 inch diameter was not yet fully buried inside her cunt. Jeff decided to let his sister enjoy her final stretching, as the platform continued it's downward journey. He watched as Deb's pussy turned crimson red and her thighs shook from the thudding of the large vibrator. Later, when the dildo was buried completely, he might turn the vibrator to full and watch her being racked violently on the end of the impaling shaft.

Jeff looked to the end of the barn and saw Chris's hips still fucking his sisters mouth. He turned to the stall that held little Anna, Bobby and Rex. As he entered, he saw that Rex had finished and was laying in a corner again licking himself. His head rose as Jeff entered and he whimpered as Jeff walked over and petted his head.

"Good boy Rex," Jeff said as he rubbed and scratched the dog's head.

Little Bobby was still fucking his sister's cunt from behind and looked about ready to cum. Jeff walked around the stock and saw Anna's entire face and head covered with dog cum. Her head bobbed up slightly with every push her brother gave her pussy from behind. Anna was not happy and she looked up at Jeff and told him so.

"Tell Bobby to stop Jeff! Stop him now! Don't let him fuck me any more I hate it, I hate him, I hate you!" Anna screamed at Jeff with her head turned sideways and her eyes filled with spite.

Jeff turned toward Bobby who's eyes were closed, enjoying the long fuck. "Bobby," Jeff shouted and Bobby opened his eyes, "Take you cock out of your sister's cunt and put it in her ass. When you feel you are ready to cum, I want you to shove your cock inside your sister's mouth so she can take your cum down her throat."

Jeff turned to Anna and said, "You will do as I command whither you like it our not, Anna. You will quietly allow your ass to be fucked by your brother Bobby. When your brother is ready, you will clean his filthy cock with your tongue and swallow his cum without resistance. If you refuse, if you do not swallow every drop willingly, I guaranty that you will learn to drink cum willingly." Jeff twisted Anna's head so that she looked in his eyes. "Do you understand, Anna?"

"I won't do it! I want Rex!" Anna shouted as she twisted her head out of her Uncles hand and stared downward.

Jeff grabbed her chin and twisted her head to look in his eyes again. "Do you believe me when I say, that I can make you WANT to swallow cum?"

"You can't make be swallow. I don't have to, if I don't want to!" Anna shouted defiantly.

"We will see, Anna! We will wait and see," Jeff told the young girl.

Jeff let go of her chin and stood up. Bobby had the head of his cock pushing at the entrance to his sister's ass. Jeff heard Anna scream, as he left the stall and returned to where Cathy was still being face fucked by her brother Chris.

Jeff observed how the dildo was stretched Cathy's extremely wet cunt. Her pussy lips were puffy and red. Her brother Chris was working the vibrator in and out, in time with his pumping hips. Jeff noticed the cum dripping from Cathy's mouth and down the side of her beautiful cheek. Chris had cum a few times already, but was still pumping and hard. The ring that Jeff had permanently attached to Chris's cock would keep him hard as long as there was any kind of stimulation. Poor Cathy would have to suck her brother's hard cock as long as her brother Chris wished her to. Cathy's red and swollen lips didn't seem to mind the pounding her brother was giving them. The budding 16-year old Cathy loved the taste of cum. It made her feel sexy and slutty at the same time. For the past two nights she had awakened with a strange desire to have her mouth full of sperm. From the first time the horse cum had sprayed out of her mother cunt and onto her body, she couldn't get enough. She wanted to be covered with it, have dripping from in every hole of her body. Her dreams were filled with cocks of every kind squirting her face and breasts and pussy. It didn't matter if they were horse, donkey, dog or man cocks. She wanted their cum.

Jeff walked to one of the stalls and returned with a few things. He pulled the vibrator out from the 16-year old Cathy's sopping wet cunt and dropped it still buzzing and turning to the floor.

Jeff took a 2-foot long piece of nylon string, tied with knots on 1- inch centers, and fed it through a 12-inch long balloon. It took a couple tries but, he got the string all the way to the tip of the balloon.



Jeff placed a thin, 18-inch long rod with a small hole through the center to his lips and blew through it to insure it wasn't clogged. He then wiped it with a slippery cream. He then put the tip of the rod into the neck of the long balloon and slid it all the way through until it reached the end. Jeff examined the balloon covering the rod, with the knotted string between the rod and balloon, carefully. The balloon hung loose around the rod, but not too loose. Satisfied, he tucked the balloon covered rod under his arm and picked up the plastic tube.

The clear plastic tube was 1/2-inch in diameter and about 10-inches long. Coating one end of the hollow plastic tube, he then inserted a 1/2-inch diameter,10-inch long hollow plastic tube into her gaping cunt entrance. He moved the tube around until he found the center of her cervix deep inside the youngster's cunt. Slowly, forcibly he pushed the hollow tube threw the girls cervix and into her womb. Jeff continued to push until only 1-inch of tube remained sticking out of girl's young wet cunt lips.

Cathy's body jerked as it tried to twist away from the plastic tube pushing at her cervix. Every muscle in her body tensed as she screamed onto her brother Chris's cock buried deep inside her throat. Chris had grabbed her head with both hands and held it still, as he pushed his cock down her throat slowly, and withdrew it just as slow.

To her brothers delight, Cathy continued her muffled screams as the tube broke through and continued it's journey through her cervix and into her virgin womb.

Every time Cathy screamed around her brother's cock, Chris moaned in pleasure. Holding his sisters head tight in his hands, he pushed his long cock slowly down her throat until his crotch was forced against her lips and his balls hung against her cheek. Forced into his sister's throat, Chris now held his crotch against her Cathy's face. He ground his hips against her mouth, trying to get that last fraction of an inch more of his long cock into her lips, before he started that wonderful, slow, exquisite withdraw.

Jeff took the long balloon covered rod and covered it with the slippery gel. He fed the end into the plastic tube, and easily pushed it through the tube and into Cathy's womb.

The neck of the balloon stuck out of the plastic tube about two inches. Jeff carefully pulled the long rod out, twisting it and careful not to pull out the knotted string as he did so. Jeff let the rod drop to the floor. He took the neck of the balloon and stretched it back over the end of the plastic tube that was still sticking out of Cathy's cunt about 1/2-inch.

Jeff leaned his head forward and put his mouth around the 16-year old cunt lips. Cathy moaned as her whole body surged with pleasure. Jeff closed his lips and teeth around the end of the tube, and blew through the end.

Cathy shook with terror as she felt the balloon and her abdomen expanded from the air being forced inside her womb. Jeff took his mouth off the tube and laughed as the air quickly escaped from the balloon through the end hollow tube.

Satisfied that the balloon was now inside 16-year old womb, Jeff let go of the tube and walked back to the stall. From the bench Jeff grabbed two plastic bottles of liquid and one larger empty plastic bottle and walked back to Chris and Cathy.

"Turn your sister till she's up side down and kick the wedge in to keep her there," Jeff to Chris. Chris pulled his thick dripping cock out of his sister's mouth and did as Jeff had instructed.

Jeff unscrewed the pointed stem from the empty plastic bottle. He poured the liquid from each of the other two other bottles into the empty one and screwed the plastic stem back on the top.

Jeff looked through the clear plastic bottle to see if the portions of the two liquids were correct. Satisfied, he shook the bottle for several minutes to insure the two liquids were fully mixed.

Jeff took a knife from his pocket and cut the tip off the end of the bottle's long plastic stem. Jeff pushed the end of the bottle's stem into the end of the balloon and hollow plastic tube. He squeezed the plastic bottle with both hands until the bottle was almost empty. Still squeezing the plastic bottle Jeff pinched the end of the tube and balloon to keep the mixture from coming out. He removed the plastic bottle allowing the air back inside and shook it to get the liquid down to the tip. He reinserted the bottle into the tube and squeezed the remainder of the liquid through the tube, further expanding the balloon in Cathy's young womb.

Jeff squeezed the end of the tube again and tossed the empty plastic bottle aside. With both hands' Jeff carefully tied the end of the balloon. When he was finished, the knot in the end of the balloon had the nylon string coming out of it hanging down onto the young girls stomach. Grabbing hold of the plastic tube he carefully pulled it out of the girl's cervix, sliding it along the balloon and string. Once done, the stem of the balloon contracted inside the girls cunt, leaving only the string sticking out of her delicious young pussy lips.

Cathy was sobbing as she stared up at her slightly extended tummy. There was really no pain, only an extreme discomfort. She could feel the baseball size balloon filled with something soft inside her body. It felt strange. She turned her head and opened her mouth, expecting her brother's cock again.

"Leave her like that for now," Jeff instructed Chris. "Follow me! I have something I want to do."

Chris turned to follow his Uncle, his stiff ringed cock swaying and bobbing as he walked behind his mentor. Jeff led Chris to a stall where he stood him in front of a wooden bench. Jeff reached over to one of the leather bags that filled the top of the bench and pulled it open. Reaching his hand into the bag, Jeff pulled out two glass tubes about 10-inches long each but with different diameters. Jeff took the largest tube and tried to slip it over Chris's thick cock. It didn't fit.

Jeff returned the tubes to the bag and withdrew another larger one. He forced it over the engorged head of Chris's cock and all the way to the base against the stainless steel cock ring. Satisfied he removed it and laid it on the bench.

Jeff opened another bag and removed a 6-inch long plastic sheath with long soft rubber studs covering the entire surface. Chris watched as Jeff stretched the rubber sheath onto the outside of the glass tube leaving 1/4-inch of the sheath hanging off the end. Jeff pinched the 1/4-inch sheath hanging off the end of the tube and turning it inside out he rolled it back over itself. This done Jeff again forced the glass tube onto Chris's stiff cock. Pushing the tube almost to the base of the boys cock, Jeff unrolled the end of the plastic sheath onto Chris's cock. Getting his finger under the end of the sheath Jeff held the end of the sheath and pulled the glass tube off the boy's cock.

Chris put his hand around the rubber studded collar encasing the base 6-inches of his 8-inch dick. The head of his dick was starting to swell already and Chris watched as the purple head grew twice it's normal size. Chris stroked along the studded sheath but found only the bulbous head could feel anything. The 1/4-inch long rubber spikes were relatively soft, but the sheath covered almost the whole shaft. The head of Chris's cock had stopped swelling but looked as though it was going to pop.

Chris pumped his fist hard and found that he could still excite himself but with slightly greater difficulty and only if he moved his fist very fast. Pumping his cock like a madman with his right hand, Chris's only thought was to find some tight cunt or ass to stick himself in and get relief. He wanted to go back and resume fucking his sister face, but with his newly studded instrument, he had to find an alternative. Chris knew that at the speed he was jerking himself off with, his fist and arm would soon become tired.

Chris followed Jeff back to where his sister Cathy was still hanging upside down on the wheel. Jeff felt the teenagers stomach. He pushed the palm of his hand against her budging abdomen hard causing Cathy to scream.

"Your sister Cathy," Jeff spoke to Chris. "Is a very young and beautiful girl, Chris. She has led a sheltered life till recently. Too sheltered to enjoy the experience of many different and diverse lovers. Her young cunt is small and not yet open enough to accept a real man's full length and girth."

Cathy hung upside down staring at her brother's newly studded conk and listening to Jeff's every word. She knew something was going to happen but she couldn't guess what.

"Stretching her young pliable cunt won't be very difficult." Jeff explained to Chris loud enough for Cathy to hear. "I have placed a balloon into her womb and filled it with a fast hardening rubber epoxy. Your mother is undergoing the same stretching but, from the outside working in. Cathy here will be stretched from the inside out. The hardening balloon is now the size of a baseball inside her womb. The string that you see hanging out is to help with the removal of that hardening ball."

"NNNOOOOO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! NNNOOOOO, PLEEEEESE!" Cathy scream when she realized what her uncle Jeff was saying to her brother, Chris.

"I think we better gag your sister for a while Chris." Jeff told the boy. "Go back to the stall and get the yellow ball gag on the shelf above the bench. Put it on you're sister's head. The rubber epoxy should be fully cured and ready to be removal by then."

Chris left stroking his cock to follow Jeff's instructions. Coming out of the stall he saw Jeff standing in front of his mother talking to her. He walked over to his sister and started to put the ball gag on her head. Cathy was still screaming as her brother pushed the hard rubber ball into her mouth forcing it open and her tongue back toward her throat.

Deb was enjoying herself on the embedded shaft. It had worked itself all the way up inside her cunt and womb easily, now that there was no plug inside her ass. The vibrator was on half power. Jeff watched the shaft vibrate his sister's cunt lips as she writhed on the 18-inches embedded deep inside her body.

The hissing had stopped and the platform was now resting on the blocks 4-inches above the barn floor. Deb was in a world of her own as the vibrating thudded her entire frame.

Jeff however, had not installed the vibrator for Deb's pleasure. He did not have an endless amount of time to stretch Deb's cunt and womb to the size he required. The powerful vibrator was there to help the job of opening his sister's body to it's maximum.

Now that the hard rubber shaft was fully inside her body, Jeff would turn the vibrator to full. The shaft was connected under the platform to a very stiff spring. Jeff had tested the vibrator on the shaft last night. With the vibrator on high the rod moved in a 4-inch circle so fast that the top few inches were blurred beyond recognition. Inside his sister's cunt and womb, the dildo would move so fast that it would seem like it was growing thicker and thicker.

Jeff reached between his sister's legs and slid the vibrator up one notch below high. Deb jumped up on her toes, but the dildo slid up with her on the rod. Her body shook all over from the fierce vibrating in her crotch. She could feel the shaft moving inside her so fast that it seemed to be spinning. Pain returned as her cunt and cervix were forced again to expand.

Amazed, Jeff watched the amount of vibration shaking the breasts of his sister. The nipples were jumping up and down so fast that the chains attached scraped against her torso as the heavy dildo hung and pulled them against her body.

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