"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spears

      (best FDom no sex)

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Chapter 20

Jeff closed the huge wooden barn doors as Rex ran through the narrowing opening and as he lowered the thick wooden bar into its steel cradle, securing the barn's double doors in place. He turned toward the house, noticing the kitchen lights, still on from this morning, and started his walk across the large gravel area to the porch steps.

Jeff relaxed as he walked, entranced by the sight of the porch, bathed in the warm, soft, gentle glow of the early evening sun. He cast his eyes downward, as he walked, noticing the barn's shadow below his feet. He thought of how helpless the house must feel, watching the barn's dark shadowy emblem, move slowly, silently, unrelentingly toward its sinister dark final evening embrace of the old farm house.

Jeff's steps on the driveway were the only sounds of the impending evening. He walked unhurried towards the porch to await the arrival of Aunt Martha and Uncle Joe.

As Jeff neared the bottom of the porch steps, he heard the sound of tires as they slowed, to make the turn and start up the gravel drive toward the house. When he reached the top step of the porch, Jeff looked to the right, down the tree lined driveway towards the sound of the car. A cloud of thin dust reflected in the rays of the low angled sun as it chased the vehicle down the long driveway to the house.

Jeff turned toward the front door, fished for his keys, and unlocked it. Twisting the door knob, he let it slide from his hand, and with a slight push, it swung open to stay. Without looking, he slid his hand along the inside wall and flicked on the porch lights. Turning, he walked back to the porch steps. He glowered with the realization that the last part of his plan was falling into place.

As he reached the bottom of the porch steps he looked toward the oncoming car with intense anticipation. Jeff's smile quickly turned to a glare when he realized there were two cars instead of only the one he had expected. He stood at the bottom of the porch steps as Martha and Joe's white sedan stopped in front of him and a dust covered black van stopped on the other side of their car.

Jeff could tell through the lightly tinted glass of the sedan's front window, that the occupants were not his Aunt and Uncle. Disappointed but curious as to what was going on, Jeff watched as the car's three hooded occupants along with the driver of the van, exited the vehicles and walked slowly toward him.

Two of the figures were extremely large, the other two were smaller and all wore hooded cloaks. With the setting sun at their backs, it was impossible for Jeff to see the faces buried deep in the hoods, but he recognized the cut of the cloaks almost immediately.

"What is it that you want?" Jeff addressed all four, not knowing which one of the group would be the allowed to speak.

None of the hooded figures responded but continued to stare from unseen eyes somewhere deep within the darkness of their hoods. Jeff squinted his eyes against the low setting sun, in a effort to see a face or even a feature of any of the people inside the hoods.

"What are you doing here and where is your master?" Jeff spoke to the group again.

From behind the two large figures came a smaller one, moving slowly towards Jeff, till it stood only a foot in front of him and looked up into his face.

"Are you not happy to see me again, Slave?" A woman's voice spoke softly from inside the large dark hood.

Jeff knew instantly the voice of the cloaked woman in front of him. He reached around the back of the woman's head and slowly pulled the hood, exposing the beautiful face and icy eyes of his last Master.

Her hands reached up to her chest and slowly pulled the cloaks bow string. As if the robe was moving in slow motion, it spread open at her shoulders and caressed every curve of her body, on its downward path to her ankles. There it bunched around her lower legs forming a base at her feet, seemingly reluctant to be separated from the woman's perfect legs.

She was dressed, if it could be called it that, in three very revealing, leather patches. Two small triangles covered her nipples, and a very small triangular patch between her legs, all held in place with thin leather strings. Leather straps from her sandals crisis crossed themselves as they laced up the perfect thighs finally tied in small bows in front.

"What do you want, Annette?" Jeff spoke to her, seemingly unaffected by the extremely seductive form of the woman's body.



With the mention of her actual name, Annette eyes lashed out as if to tortuously pierce the skull of the person that spoke them. Slowly her expression returned to normal and she laughed, tilting her head back slightly.

"There is not a slave, still alive, who has ever called me anything but Master!" Annette spoke as though she was amused at the mention of her actual name by her former slave trainer. "I will tolerate your disrespect for old times sake, Trainer!"

"I am no longer your Trainer. I was given my freedom. It was witnessed by the other masters. It can not be revoked by you or anyone else unless I agree to the reinstatement of my servitude." Jeff reminded Annette in a tone that reflected neither malice or fear.

Annette nodded her head up and down slightly as she listened to her former slave trainer. She knew his words to be true. She also knew that she had lost the best trainer she had ever had when she gave Jeff his freedom. She needed him back, and she was determined she would have his agreement.

"You know Jeff, I really miss the way you trained my women." Annette looked into his eyes as she ran her hand along the inside front of Jeff's trousered thighs. "When you left, there was no one that could train my new slaves the way I was accustomed to have them trained. You spoiled me, Jeff"

"You don't need a trainer, Annette." Jeff smiled as he spoke her name again. "You need a sadist, capable of contorting the beautiful bodies of your female slaves into grotesque deformities. And for what purpose? For the sole purpose of insuring your status of being the most desirable looking woman in you and your father's slavedom."

Annette was furious at Jeff's remarks. She looked at the smaller of the three slaves. "Slave! Stand here, in front of the car, and remove your cloak!" Annette spoke, pointing to the ground beside her.

The slave moved forward and stopped on the spot commanded of her. She quickly removed her cloak and let it slip to the ground around her spread feet.

Turning to one of the male slaves Annette commanded, "Turn on the car head lights so that our former trainer can fully appreciate, my latest work."

Jeff looked at the extremely modified body of the female slave now illuminated by the car's lights in front of him. The woman wore a leather face mask, hiding her features but otherwise the rest of her body was devoid of clothing.

Looking at her masked face Jeff could see that her tongue had been pulled through a large slit in the hollow ball clenched tightly between her teeth and then pierced with a ring, preventing the tongue from being drawn back into the mouth. Saliva drooled from the woman's open mouth and dripped off the chin of her leather mask.

Her breasts had been severely banded. Jeff had used several types of banding before, but not to this extreme. Normally, a wide leather strap was secured around the base of the breast and locked tightly in place. The leather bands were soaked in an oil and as the leather slowly dried the bands shrank over a period of days, causing the skin on the breast to stretch, and the bulging end of the breast to inflate from the pressure of the band.

However, banding was not the right word for what had been done to this woman's breasts. A better word would have been "tubed".

Jeff thought about the continuous, unrelenting pain involved in getting this woman's breasts to this point. It must have taken months of constantly increasing the widths of the breast bands to form their present elongated state. Now dry, the 12-inch wide bands on each breast looked like tubes growing from her chest. At the bottom end of the tubes, swinging in tandem, were what looked like small water balloons that swung at the level of her waist. Additional leather bands had been applied to her now 3-inch long nipples, causing the same effect, only on a smaller scale.

Looking between the woman's legs Jeff could see a thick dildo exiting her cunt and entering her ass, leaving only the loop of the dildo hanging between the woman's spread legs.

"Come here Jeff," Annette said. "I want you to see the best part of my alteration to this slave."

Jeff followed Annette to the side of the woman's tortured body. "Spread your legs so that we can see your cunt, slave!" Annette commanded. "Go ahead Jeff, take a close look at her cunt. I actually had it surgically done. It took three months just to heal!"

Looking between the woman's legs, Jeff could see that the thick dildo had been permanently stitched into the skin of the woman's inner cunt walls.

"The dildo was custom made," Annette spoke as Jeff reached between the slave's legs to examine the surgeons work. "The dildo is 14-inches long with a small tube inside. The tube runs from the head of the dildo, that's in her ass, to inside her pee hole. I had it sealed in her urethra so it wouldn't come out. Now she fucks and pisses like a man, a man with a very long thick cock that is. She was so beautiful, Jeff. You should have seen her before this!"

Jeff reached up and tugged at the end of the cock sticking in the woman's ass. As he pulled harder and harder the cock finally popped from the woman's ass revealing the large ball that had held it securely in side the woman's ass ring. Jeff heard the slave moan as the long heavy cock swung freely and hung down past her knees.

Jeff stood and looked at Annette. "She'll die from infection by what you've done, then what good will she be to you or your father?" Jeff asked.

"Yes, she will die," Annette answered. "But very slowly I hope! I have a great many things planned for her before that happens."

Jeff looked at Annette and asked, "Why? What did she do that you want to torture her in this form?"

"Have you ever wondered, Jeff, why I gave you your freedom?" Annette spoke as she returned Jeff's gaze. "Have you ever known of any slave to have been given his freedom? Especially a very valuable trainer!"

Jeff remained silent. Annette's question was the same question he had asked himself, every day of his suddenly acquired freedom.

"My father was your first master." Annette said. "Do you know how you became his slave?"

Jeff knew how, but answered Annette in only silence.

"I know what you were told, that your parents sold you to my father," Annette continued, not waiting for an answer from Jeff. "It's not true, you know. Your parents didn't sell you, at least not willingly."

Jeff turned and looked accusingly into those cold eyes, trying to see weather there was truth behind them, or just the usual lies.

"Your father was a FINDER," Annette began. "He was paid by the masters, mostly my father and his friends, to find and secure slaves. Runaways, kidnaps, abandons and sometimes specific orders. The masters paid your father, and your father supplied the flesh." Annette paused and said, "You didn't know that? Of course not, how would you? You were too young!"

"Anyway," Annette continued as she walked slowly around Jeff watching him as she spoke. "My Father paid your dad front money to obtain a particular teenage girl that had snubbed him, somewhere, probably a restaurant and your dad accepted the contract and the bounty in advance."

Jeff was now turning his head to follow Annette as she continued her slow walk around him.

"It took your father a while," Annette continued having Jeff's full attention. "But he finally snatched the girl and took her to his safe place."

Annette stopped in front of Jeff and stared up into his eyes as she continued. "There are only two rules that a FINDER lives by. One, you NEVER, EVER let the flesh escape, and two, you NEVER let it see your face. Whether he let her go or she escaped, doesn't really matter. The flesh gave the police your father's description and my dad ordered your mother and father eliminated to avoid any link back to him or the other masters."

Jeff stood trembling with rage as he recalled that last day with his mother and father. "My mother and father sold me," Jeff replied in a calm voice. "I was there when they gave me to your father's men. Your story's bullshit! I don't believe a word of it!"



"Your Mother and Father weren't given a choice," Annette answered. "The men you saw in your house where there to insure the permanent silence of your parents and to collect flesh, already paid for."

"I was told by my mother to 'Go with these men, you belong to the master now,'" Jeff said.

"Of course!" Annette replied. "Your parents knew their own fate. What would you expect them to tell a 10 year old boy?" Annette asked. "My father gave the men orders that you were to be taken in exchange for the bounty and your parents were to be terminated."

Jeff was silent as he remembered sitting in the car in front of his house and hearing several loud bangs.

"That brings us back to the question of why you were given your freedom," Annette continued. "As it happens, Jeff, your mother didn't die. When the police arrived, only your father's body was found inside the house. Master was furious when he learned that your mother was missing. He vowed, and made the entire family swear, that some day, your mother, would be his slave, no matter what it cost."

Jeff was all mixed up. Could it be that the reason he had hated his parents for all these years was based in lies? "What has any of this, to do with my freedom?" Jeff asked and added, "Not that I believe a word of it, Annette!"

"The reason that you are not a slave today is that your mother made a deal to exchange herself, for your freedom." Annette stopped and stared at Jeff's face. loving the confused look in his eyes. "When I told my father of your mothers offer, I thought he was going to have me whipped for not accepting the her conditions immediately. In no uncertain terms, The Grand Master ordered me to 'Get the woman or become a slave myself,' and The Grand Master does not joke."

"Do you really think I believe you have my mother, and that she's alive, and that she sacrificed herself so that I could be free?"

"Yes, isn't that what I just said?"

Jeff's mind wouldn't stop spinning with questions. The spinning didn't stop until he heard Annette say...

"Would you like to ask her yourself?" Annette turned to the two large men slaves and spoke. "Bring the slut here, and place her right here in front of her son!"

Jeff watched as the two men turned and walked toward the van. As they stepped around the front of the car, his gut tightened, when he saw them grabbed the female slave he had examined only minutes before, and drag her to Annette's side.

"Remove the mask from the female slave." Annette ordered the two male slaves.

Jeff watched as the dark leather mask was removed revealing the tear stained face of his mother.

"Mother." Jeff spoke softly to her face. "Is it you? Mother, you should have stayed away. You should not have come back!"

Janet, Jeff's mother remained silent, staring up into her son's face. Only unintelligible sounds could be made if she tried to talk through her ball and tongue gag. It was enough just to see him again, to hear him call her mother.

"Enough chit chat! It's family reunion time!" Annette spoke in a raised voice. She walked to Jeff who had a puzzled look on his face. "Oh yes, I know about the rest of the family in the barn. I had you watched from the day you were given your freedom. I'm sure you've trained some excellent new slaves for me! Six of them, I'm told!"

"You two slaves," Annette commanded. "cuff his hands behind his back. If he resists, kill the female slave."

- will be continued in Chapter 21 soon -

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