"Outcast Island" - part 3 of 3(conclusion)

      by Nightshade

      (furry iguana armadillo)

continues from part two...

She straddled him, marveling at the way his cock reached past her bellybutton. She raised up and set the head at her lips. She slowly lowered herself, and from her expressions, he could tell how she felt as her pussy swallowed his cock. Tension, surprise, relief and delight washed over her face, as she swallowed it all. She held still, looking down at him, feeling the way his penis filled her, and loving it. "Nice stick shift." She gasped, tensing rythmically on him. "You're in the drivers seat now." He grunted, holding his arms at his sides. She began to move, slowly at first, then faster. She loved the way he felt and soon she was riding him like a bronco, pounding herself down on him. She was grunting and gasping, her face suffused with pasion, her features twisted with decadence and lust. She was close, and began pumping faster. "Good! cock! deep! hard!" She was shouting. "CUMMING! CUMMING!! CUMMING!!!!" She screamed and her pussy muscles clenched down on him so hard he groaned. She gushed round his cock, yowling, her body flailing atop him. "I'M CUMMING! GOD! SO GOOD! FUCK, YES!" She stiffened and exploded again. "CUMMING AGAIN! CAN'T STOP! CUMMING! CUMMING!" He found it almost impossible to hold back, but managed it somehow. She collapsed atop him, her inner muscles still spasming, tears running down her muzzle. "So good, so good." She panted.

He held her as she jerked and spasmed in her aftershocks. She finally came down to earth and looked at him in surprise. "You didn't cum?" He shook his head. "No, and believe me it wasn't easy." She grinned wickedly. "I want you to. Cum inside me, give me your love." She began tensing her inner muscles and he groaned. "But, what about...." "Pregnacy? Don't worry, i'm not in season for another two months. Now fuck me some more and cum inside me, you glorious stud you." "Yes ma'am." he grunted, and flipped her over onto her back. He lay atop her, still deep inside. She raised her legs and locked them round his shoulders, giving him the perfect position for deep fucking.

He started very slowly, pulling out most of the way, then sliding back in again. She gasped and moaned, her eyes glazing slightly. "Oh god, that feels so good. you fill me so well." She locked her gaze with his and grabbed his buttocks. "Tenderness later, fuck now." He grinned, and rammed to the hilt in one stroke. "Aaahhh!" She yelled, bucking up to meet him. "Yes! YES! MORE!" He fucked her hard, pounding steadily, sinking to the balls each time. She tossed her head on the pillow, crying out loudly. "FUCK! FUCK! GOD! YES! HARDER!" He was beginning to sweat and it ran down his back and arms. She was about to cum again, and from her frenzied movments, it would be a big one. "FUCK! CUMMING! CUMMING! CUMMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!" She screamed and exploded beneath him. He groaned as she gripped his cock even harder than before. She grabbed his head between her hands, and pulled him down to her shoulder, screaming in his ear. "CUM! IN ME! NOW! NNNOOOWWW!!!!" That was all he needed. "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!" He roared and let himself go. His cock exploded inside her and she yowled as she felt it pour into her. They screamed together. "AAAARRRGGGHHH!!" "AAAAAIIIIIYYYYYEEEEE!!!" They bucked wildly, their bodies locked together.

After an eternity, they both stopped cumming, and collapsed on the tangled sheets. They just lay for a while, trying to catch their breath. "That was incredible." He panted. "You've sure lived up to your name." She gasped. They became aware of their somewhat awkward position and there was a certain amount of giggling and chuckles as they attempted to extricate themselves. They eventually succeeded, and cuddled for a while longer, just being there for each other. They talked of nothing much, and soon Long was aware of a gentle snoring. He turned to his beloved and smiled as she saw she was sound asleep. 'And here i thought the male was supposed to fall asleep after.' He chuckled to himself. She looked so beautiful, he joined her and they slept there, holding each other, not caring for anything else in the world.

When they awoke it was night, and the moonlight was shining through the window. He got up and stood, gazing out at the bay. She joined him, putting her head on his shoulder. He looked down at her, and she smiled up at him. "Darling," She whispered. "Yes?" "We really need a shower." He laughed and they adjourned to the bathroom.

In the shower, they laughed as they scrubbed each other clean. They made a point of cleaning certain areas even after they already been thoroughly scrubbed. When they were both squeaky clean, they toweled each other off. "I'll tell you one thing." Ally said as she dried her head. "What?" He asked, running the towel over her backplates. "I'm glad we don't have hair. What a mess it would be right now." He chuckled and kissed her. "you make a gorgeous mess." She giggled, and kissed him back.

Over the next week, they were gloriously happy. They made love every chance they got, but they also explored the island. They journeyed to the end of the caves, swam all over the lagoon, even ventured into the jungle depths.

"OH GOD! YEAH!" "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" The screams echoed through the jungle clearing as the lovers finished cumming and held each other tightly. They separated and swam to the edge of the natural pool they were in. They pulled themselves out and collapsed, panting, on the bank. She snuggled up to him, sighing as she ran her fingers across his chest. "That was wonderful. I may have to hold onto you, or some other girl will snatch you away." She giggled. He smiled and sat up. He rummaged in the pack they had brought, having planned to be out all day. He turned to her, holding out a small box. He opened it to reveal...a ring. "You won't have to worry about losing me. Allison Elizabeth Edith Margaret Backplate, will you marry me?"

Jeanie and Connie sat at the cafe table, sipping their drinks. Connie yawned. "They keep you up all night too?" Jeanie laughed. Connie nodded. "I thought I was noisy in bed. Last night I thought they were gonna break through the wall." Jeanie saw the couple approaching, and her eyes widened at the glint on Ally's finger. "I don't believe it..."



The wedding was simple and romantic. Jeanie and Connie were maids of honor, the hotel manager gave Ally away, and the bellbat was witness. They were married by the island magistrate. Long wore a borrowed suit, white of course, it was far too warm for black, and Ally wore a flowing white sundress. After the ceremony, the hotel threw a big reception bash, and practically the whole island was there to offer their congratulations to the blessed couple.

Ally collapsed on the bed in the honeymoon suite, while Long locked the door. "Whew, that was some party. I'm bushed." Long walked over to the bed, and looked down at his new bride. "Not too bushed i hope, Mrs. Long Greenscale." She giggled happily. "i could really get used to that name." They kissed, and when they pulled away, he licked her nose. She squealed and batted at him. "That tickles!" He laughed, gazing into her eyes. "And just what are you thinking, mister?" She said with a mock stern expression. He grinned wickedly. "Guess." She laughed. "I don't have to. I know." She stood up and they undressed. She stretched and Long felt parts of himself stretching too. "C'mon, i need a shower." He opened the door to the bathroom to reveal a whirlpool easily large enough for two. "And then..."

They lay in each others arms, the water bubbling round them. He handed her some champagne and they clinked glasses. She sighed. "I love you, Long." He kissed her forehead. "And i love you, Ally." She put her free hand beneath the water, then giggled. "I found something." He chuckled, knowing full what she meant, as he could feel her fondling his rapidly growing cock.

"I want to try something." he said. He lifted her out of the water and sat her on the edge, her legs spread wide. He toweled her front off, from her back to her thighs and picked up the glass. "Don't move til i say." He dribbled a little on her breasts and she squealed as she felt the cold liquid on her nipples. It trickled down her cleavage and ran in a stream to her thighs. A drop or two touched her clit and she gasped. "Oops, how clumsy of me. I guess i'll have to lick that up." He chuckled, and began to gather up the wine with long licks of his reptile tongue. She moaned as he licked round her nipples, then suckled at them. "Mustn't miss any." He mumbled round her left nipple and she nodded jerkily. She yearned to put his head where she wanted, but he had said not to move, so... he moved to her thighs and licked round her nether lips. She was squirming now, trying frantically not to move. He took a long sweep into her pussy, and she came, crying out as his teasing brought her to the breaking point. "OOOHHHH!" She gushed, and he drank it eagerly. When he lifted his head, she was clean, but his face was covered with her cum. He licked it off and grinned. "Like that?"

She lay back panting. "Oh yeah, i liked that." She eyed his now rock hard penis, and licked her lips. She slipped back into the tub, and turned round so she was leaning over the edge with her butt in his face. "I thought we'd try something new." She picked up the tube of KY jelly she had placed by the tub earlier. "I want you in my ass, darling. I want you to take my ass, right here, right now." He was dumbstruck for a moment. Then, he grinned. "Yes dear, whatever you say."

"Ooohhhh, easy, go slow." Ally moaned as Long slloowwllyy moved his KY slathered cock into her anus. "God, you're so tight." He panted, feeling her grip him, even harder than her cunt muscles. "Uuunnnhhh." She moaned as she felt his ballsac touch her cheeks. They stayed still for a moment or two, then began to slowly move back and forth. They gasped and groaned, Ally feeling every inch of his hugeness moving inside her, Long pumping as carefully as possible, both to avoid hurting his beloved new bride, and to last, as she felt so tight around him, he was very close to cumming. "I'm, close," She moaned and he felt her pussy muscles twitching beneath his staff. "Me too." He grunted, and, placing two fingers beneath her, slipped them into her pussy. He began massaging her clit and she screamed as she came. "AAAAIIIIYYYYEEEE!!!!" She howled, bucking wildly. "UUURRRGGGHHH!!" He shouted and spurted into her. His cum pulsed out in streams, and she came harder as she felt it fill her. "IT FEELS SO HOT! GIVE ME MORE!" She yowled, as she writhed and flailed under her husband. He was beyond words, his whole body concentrated at his cock. What seemed like a never-ending flow of cum was pouring into her, and when he finally finished. He slumped over her back, sweat pouring off his body, exhausted. She was pretty shagged out too, having cum almost constantly since the first time. He pulled his completely limp cock out of her and she sighed as they sank back into the tub. "Promise me something." he gasped, trying to regain his strength. "What's that darling." She asked, wiped out herself. "That was fantastic, but maybe we shouldn't do it too often. I'd like to live past the first year of marriage." She laughed, and they cuddled in the afterglow.

The day they left the island, they were loaded down with gifts and souvenirs. As the boat pulled away, they kissed and held eah other as they promised to return someday, to show their children the place where they met.

In her office, Sabrina Foxtail, owner and operator of Furry Inc Adult Film Studios, chuckled to herself as she read the wedding announcement in the paper. "Thank you Alex, you may go," She told the naked bear in the leash and harness, as he put down her coffee. "Yes mistress Sabrina." The submissive rumbled. "Angel is looking for a backrub." She called as he left. Sabrina looked at the paper, and laughed aloud. "I knew it was a good idea to sponsor that contest. I love a happy ending."

Five years later----

"Janice, time for dinner." Long called out the kitchen door and the four year old armadillo girl got off the swing set and ran to him. Long picked her up as Ally entered by the dining room entrance. "Someone is pretty dirty." She said, rubbing at the smudges of dirt on the little girls face. "Go wash up." A swat on the butt and the girl darted for the bathroom. Long put his arm around Ally's waist, holding her close, as they watched their daughter scamper off.

- The End -

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