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"Dani and Darious Meet" ... (FM, Anal, fantasy)new
She settled in the livingroom while he went in and fixed them both a drink. When he returned she had taken off her leather jacket and was sitting on the sofa. She took the drink from him and slowly sipped it, looking at him over the rim of the glass. He made a little small talk with her but it went basically no where. Finally, she put down the glass and smiled at him. "We both know you didn't want me to come here just for a drink. So why don't we get on with what we both really want."

"The End" ... (FM, Anal, Oral, Tort, Humil, fantasy)new
Darious stroked Danis' back softly but kept his eyes on Arkady. "OK, well, I am Danis' Lord and Master, her Dom. It's what she's always wanted and needed. I'm the only being that has been able to do that for her since I'm an expert at dominance. I can give her exactly what she wants and needs. Arkady, as much as you want to be with her you need to come to the realization you can never do what she wants. You don't have that personality. But she cares for you and wants to keep you as a friend. So, to get all this straight in your head, I'm not her toy, she is mine."

"Teach You To Bitch Won't It" ... (FMM, Anal, Oral, fantasy)new
She looked at him, panting, "Yes, I'm sure. Please Arkady!" She liked what Arkady was doing but preferred rougher sex, something he really couldn't do. But she knew if he shifted to full werewolf he would naturally get rougher and more animalistic. Plus there was nothing like the feeling of having his cock almost double in length and girth inside her. She laid back down and took Darious' cock back in her mouth, going back to sucking it, keeping her eyes on Arkady.

"Shawn and Diesel" ... (FMM, Mdom, Anal, Oral)new
When Shawn was done he rubbed my whole crotch with lotion to help with any razor burn I may have gotten. He then started shaving the tops and sides of my legs. When he finished he had me turn over and get on all fours. I propped myself up on my elbows and rested my head on Diesels chest. Shawn had me spread my legs as far apart as comfortable. I could feel the air from the room hit my asscrack. I could then feel him put the hot washcloth there. Diesel moved my hair over to one side so he could look at my face. He smiled at me, "This is turning you on isn't it?"

"The Return of Arkady" ... (FMM, Mdom, Tort, Oral, Anal, fantasy)new
Arkady leaned against the wall and glared at Darious. "I have figured out a way that she won't need you anymore and can be rid of you forever." He straightened up and looked Darious in the face. "Zsuzanna has been teaching me about D/s and BDSM. So, I decided I'll be her Dom." He looked at the incredulous looks on their faces then said firmly, "I think I can do it." All he could think about was being with her and getting her away from Darious. If that meant going against his nature and dominating her, maybe giving her a light spanking once in a while then so be it. He could do that.

"Punishment For Marcus" ... (FMMM, MM, Oral, Tort, Humil, Noncons, Anal, fantasy)new
He chuckled and shook his head, "Big fucking deal. It's your word against mine. Besides, everyone knows by now you are nuts so no one is going to believe anything you have to say." He took a step closer to her, eyes glued to her chest. "You're no better than I am, your just Darious' favorite because you have a cunt instead of a cock. So, tell me, is your twat still nice and tight? It shouldn't be because of all the fucking it gets."

"Playtime For Marcus" ... (FMM, Rough, Oral, Anal, fantasy)new
Darious had Dani shackled up, spread eagle and was using a whip on her back, ass and legs, leaving large, angry welts and bruises in its wake. He quit whipping her then stepped up close behind her, grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. Looking down into her eyes, he said, "Do you like that toy? Do you want more of it?"

"The Tease" ... (FM, Solo)new
She let the thong drop to the floor once it lowered past her ass. Spreading her legs wider, so he was sure to get a good view, she reached down and ran her finger up and down her still dripping and now flowered open pussy. She looked him in the eye and licked her slightly swollen lips. "Is there something that you want?" she purred.

"Together, Finally" ... (FM, Anal)new
The water was finally making both of them drowsy so they washed each other off, heightening both of their states of excitement exponentially in the process. While she was straddled over his lap, facing him, rinsing the conditioner out of his hair with the hand held sprayer attached to the tub, she looked into his eyes and just stopped. Letting the nozzle slide back into place she put her arms around his neck, leaned forward and kissed him passionately, pressing her naked body tightly to his, feeling his hard cock rub up and down slightly against her hairless slit.

"Fate" ... (FM, Fantasy)new
Truth be told, Darious was nervous too, just maybe not for the same reasons as Modega. Yes, some of the she-devils made his skin crawl. In this room was more true power than was ever in his office. And as powerfully religious as some of them were, especially Lady Raven, every hair on his body was standing on end. He was just better at hiding it than Modega. Sitting in the middle of the Pussycat, the she-devil run chain of clubs, famous "back room" where all the dark creatures congregated and no humans were ever allowed, he felt like he was on display or something. Every she-devil and werewolf in the place was staring at him and Modega. He normally wouldn't have dreamed of holding any kind of meeting here. It would have been in his office, on HIS turf, to HIS advantage. But he wanted to do business with the she-devils and they had certain rules you had to play by. One being, you dealt with them on their turf, so here he and Modega were.

"Tyson Takes Charge" ... (FMM, Rape, Oral, Anal, Noncons)new
As he stood there watching his baby brother fuck her he made the decision to join in. Whether or not she protested didn't mean anything to him since he thought of her as little more than a selective whore who had probably slept with hundreds of men. Quickly he shucked his clothes and dropped them into a pile by the door then strode into the room, his impressive 10 inch cock standing straight out in front of him, as if leading the way. Liz and Rix were too involved in what they were doing to notice him until he was standing in front of Liz. He grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth. "Ahh! That's it bitch, suck it good! I knew sooner or later I would get to nail you." Grabbing her head he started to slide it in and out of her mouth.

"The Stuffed Cat" ... (FM, Fantasy)new
He was pressed tightly against the wall at the head of the bed gaping, slack jawed at the transformation, not believing what he was seeing. The now extremely large furless animal lay still so he reached out to touch it, needing some other kind of sensory confirmation that this was real not just some kind of dream or hallucination. But before the tips of his fingers could touch the now naked animal another transformation started. At the tips of what was the animals rear paws human toes slowly started to form.

"Darious and Dani Get Together" ... (FM, Mdom, Humil, Tort, Oral, Anal, Fantasy)new
She took a sharp intake of breath and bit her bottom lip. Despite the situation she was in the sight of implements of the part of her life she kept from everyone except her closest friends, turned her on. She knew the use for everything that was arrayed before her but more to the point she knew what each of them felt like when used by someone with the proper skill and the exquisite feeling of pain mixed with pleasure that they produced. Despite not wanting to be turned on she felt that surge of adrenaline course through her veins and felt her pussy starting to drip. She tried hard to maintain the look of boredom outwardly but the struggle inside herself, the not wanting to give into this being and the want to totally abandon herself to the feelings she knew BDSM could give her was very strong.

"Barry" ... (FM, Oral, Anal)new
After a long time he moved down, removing my panties and got between my legs. He ran his fingers up and down my pussy, then he gently spread my lips apart and started to fondle my again. After that he leaned down and started to run his tongue up and down my slit, exploring. Finally, his tongue touched my clit. I groaned, "Right there." He started working his tongue on my clit, running his tongue around it in little circles and sucking on it. While he was sucking on it he started working one finger in and out of my pussy. He gradually added a second then a third. I finally came, hard. I arched my hips, pushing his face tighter up against my clit and grabbed his head tighter, groaning.

"Naughty Boy" ... (FM, tort, fdom, bdsm)new
He lay flat on his stomach on the bed with his head resting on his folded arms waiting. His thin ass and inner thighs were hot, red, swollen and covered with welts. And boy did they hurt! Mistress was very upset with him at this point so he was going to endure several hours of punishment of which the spanking was just the beginning.

"Mike" ... (FM, Virgin)new
From the smell of his breath and the way his eyes looked I could tell that he had been drinking and a lot more than usual. To put it bluntly he was bombed. I smiled at him, "Yea, we had fun. Well, I'm going to head to bed." I leaned over, kissed him on the cheek then headed to my bedroom. I undressed, grabbed my nightshirt and a clean pair of panties then went in to take a shower. When I was done I got dressed then went into the bedroom and sat down at my vanity to brush my hair out. I was letting my mind wander and didn't hear the door open. Mike leaned against the doorjamb, folded his arms across his chest, and said, "Was he any good?"

"Mickey and the Pornstar" ... (FM,Oral, Anal, rough)new
I continued to suck on him until he pulled out of my mouth. He jerked my nightshirt over my head and my panties down my legs and off. He spread my legs as far apart as they would go and sat between them starting to finger my dripping pussy. With one hand he opened my pussy lips and started to finger my clit until the juice was running out of my cunt and down the insides of my thighs. He then bent over and started to suck and lick on my clit until I was writhing all over the bed and had a screaming orgasm. He then got up into his knees and started rubbing the head of his massive cock up and down my dripping slit. "This is what you want isn't it slut? You want every inch of my big hard cock shoved all the way up your tight, hot cunt don't you? You've wanted my big cock all along. Well, now you're going to get it. Every fucking inch of it." With one thrust of his hips his huge cock was buried all the way up my hot snatch.

"Mickey and Lex" ... (FM,rough, oral, anal)new
My brother, Kevin, lost my contract to Lex Lugar. Now, I thought he was sexy but I was playing super bitch around him. Finally, one night I knew that I was pushing him to his limits. We were at his house and he said something to me and as usual I made some smart-ass comment back to him. He grabbed me by the shirtfront, shoves me up against the wall, and holds me there. Then he gets in my face and says, through clenched teeth, "You know, I think I know why you are such a bitch all the time, you aren't getting laid enough. Someone needs to get you and fuck the shit out of you on a regular basis." The whole time he is pressed up against me, I can feel his hard cock pressed into my stomach.

"Me and My Brothers" ... (FMM,MM, Oral, Anal, Solo)new
One night after one of the big shows World Class Championship wrestling threw the wrestlers and the support staff a party. My brothers Kerry and Mike are married so I usually hang with them. David and Kevin both are single, it is them that I usually travel with, but when it comes to going out or to a party I leave them alone because they cruise the ladies. But tonight I just hung around with some friends of mine because Kerry and Mikes wives were with them. I was sitting in the back, drinking a soda, watching everyone mill around or dancing. I sat by myself for quite a while then a tall man with long, bleached blonde hair and a full brown beard came over and asked of he could sit down. I gestured to the chair and he sat down. This was someone I didn't know. He smiled at me and stuck his hand out, "Michael."

"It's Kyber Sex Time" ... (FM, fantasy)new
Just when Kyber thought the tide was going to turn against them he heard a warbling war cry rent the air. The voice was obviously a werewolf but it sounded more Native American in nature. He turned to look just as a tall, lithe female figure flew passed him and threw herself into the battle, holding aloft a large double bladed axe that she immediately started to use on any Deathwalker within her reach. Quickly, several of the other Dreadmore warriors followed her into the thick of the battle. Kyber sighed in relief, his re-enforcements had arrived.

"Hey There Little Red Riding Hood" ... (FM, virgin, fantasy)new
Reds' mother packed the basket silently, unable to look at her daughter, who was gathering things for the days journey, chattering happily, not seeming to notice that her mother wasn't talking. Tears stood in the older womans eyes as she watched her daughter flit about gathering things up. Red was the spitting image of the older woman, Griselda, same strong features, same willowy figure, same tall, erect form but the most striking thing on both of them was their long, fiery red hair.

"Goodbye" ... (no sex)new
Like the needle on a record player hitting a scratch another skip, forward this time. Fifteen years old, on all fours in his bed, weak and sick. So skinny, 65lbs. Shaking badly. Arm bent back up between her shoulder blades. Bruises on her face, arms, legs and ass already swelling. Welts and cuts on her back oozing blood. His fingers between her legs working their magic. Just at the point of orgasm he punches her in the ribs, breaking them. Pain mixed with pleasure. So confused. Love isn't supposed to hurt. He says he loves me but why does he hurt me? He treats me better than dad. He takes care of me. Why does he hurt me if he loves me?

"Good Comes From Bad" ... (FM, Oral, Anal)new
Later that afternoon I was sitting down in his basement gym, watching him work out. We laughed and joked the whole time. I noticed he was getting a semi-erection, from experience I knew it was caused by the exertion of lifting the heavy weights. After he was done we went back upstairs and he went in to take a shower. I waited until I knew he was in showering then I walked into the bedroom, stripped, went into the bathroom then stepped into the shower behind him. He turned around and looked at me. I shrugged, "I figured you might like someone to wash your back. Unless you aren't interested that is."

"Good Boy" ... (FM, BDSM, Fetish, Humil, Tort)new
Standing in the doorway, awaiting her permission to enter, he could see her lounging in a chair. Dressed in a black leather cat suit that clung to her curves like a second skin and thigh high black leather high heeled boots that showed off her long shapely legs like nothing else in the world. A soft musk that was her perfume wafted over to him like a silken cloud causing his blood to surge faster and his pulse to pound. That scent was almost her signature. Whenever he smelled it he thought of her and instantly got a throbbing erection.

"For You Momma" ... (no sex)new
It's 15 years today since that man took you away from me. Fifteen long years since I've been able to see you and give you a hug, tell you how much I love you and miss you. So I thought I would do it this way, I'm sure that some how, some way you will hear me.

"Dear Mother III: Goodbye Eden" ... (no sex)new
Throughout the service and the gathering afterwards I tried to figure out where this new, and very unwelcome, feeling had come from. It wasn't until late that night while I was sitting alone, thinking about her, that I finally understood it. I wasn't relieved for myself, it was for her. Finally she was out of the pain she had been in for so long. She was finally free. That was when I finally put my face in my hands and wept.

"Darious and Dani" ... (FM,Mdom, Humil, Tort, Oral, Anal, Fantasy)new
He found her place easily enough, it was out of the way and hidden but one of her 'friends' had told him exactly where to find it. He jimmied the lock and let himself inside. He retained his human form so as not to frighten her or put her on the defensive. From what he knew and read about she-devils he knew at the first glimpse of his true form without warning she would shift and be ready to fight. The she-devils rep. was a ferocious one and he knew she was quite capable of hurting him seriously in a fight. She couldn't kill him nor him her but he knew she was quite capable of hurting him bad enough to send him back to hell. He slipped silently into her bedroom and stood there watching her sleep, amazed by her beauty and sensuality, still not believing that he found the oft heard of creature. He heard her moan and whimper softly in her sleep then turn onto her back, one leg thrust out from under the covers. Her brow furrowed as if sensing something was wrong.



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