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Lynn Jones' Slut Wife Sex Stories

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"Lynn's Call" ... (interr group M+F+) new  
Rick arrives home mid morning and finds Lynn in the process of finishing off the housework, when she spots him standing in the doorway she drops her duster and runs to him throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionately, “Oh How I’ve missed you” she says, “Well from what I saw on the web cam last night I didn’t think you would have had time to miss me, but it’s great to be home!”...

"The Boys Come Back For More" ... (oral group M+F) new  
Lynn and Rick arrive home and sit in the kitchen drinking coffee, it seems to early for bed but there both exhausted from the nights activities, Rick finally speaks “you ok honey, you must have had a least twenty guys tonight, are you sore or cut, “No I’m fine, Lucy got me very well lubricated after that nothing was a problem, but I think I’ll have a bath before I go to bed, I can still smell the odour of cum in my hair”. Rick pauses for a moment, then asks, “well was that what you had planned, it looked like you were as much in the dark as to what was going to happen as I was”, “hell yes, I nearly passed out when they said they were going to pierce my nipples”. They both laugh out aloud and say in unison “never again”, Rick says” I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down properly for a week, I never imagined in my wildest imagination that Lucy was going to end up sticking her whole hand up my ass, a couple of fingers is nice, but shit, I thought she was gonna split me in two!” Lynn laughs and says well at least you only had to deal with one of her hands, she had both up me”...

"The Boys First Meeting" ... (Masterbate Group MMF) new  
Lynn wakes to find herself alone, Tom, George and Bill have left the house and she is still dressed in her nurse outfit, fishnet stockings and high heels, her thighs are covered in dried on cum and the first thing she has to do is to shower and freshen up, her fishnet stockings, she has to practically peal from her legs due to the amount of dried cum on her legs and her feet and practically stuck to heels, she could remember both Tom and Bill coming over her toes but had forgotten all about it when she’d fallen asleep. The warm water of the shower helps to clear her fuzzy head, did she really fuck the three of them last night or was she dreaming, just as she turns off the shower she hers the door bell ringing, she grabs her house coat and rushes down the stairs to see who could be disturbing her Saturday morning...

"The Shopping Trip" ... (MF, pub, bd, fdom, mdom, toy) new   April 16th 2006
She pushes him back against the far wall and clips the collar of the manacle around his neck, Then she lift’s up his arms and ties the leather buckles around his wrist’s, finally she pulls his legs slightly apart and fixes the final leather strap and buckles around his ankles, she check’s that he cannot escape and steps back to admire her work.” Well I can do what ever I like now without you trying to get your hands in my knickers every five minutes, or in this place every two seconds,” she says “ How does it feel” “ Fine he says I just can’t wait until its my turn to strap you in”. He says.”You must be joking if you think I'll let you tie me up like that

"The Restaurant" ... (MF, pub) new   April 11th 2006
Lynn steps from the bath and puts on her robe, She walks from the bathroom and enters her bedroom, On the bed Rick her husband lays reading a magazine, She removes her robe and starts to dry her naked body. Rick looks up from his magazine and admires her beautiful body, her long legs, firm breasts and flat stomach, he compares her to the naked woman in the magazine, she is more attractive than any of them, She finishes drying her body and sits on a stool in front of her dressing table, She picks up the hair drier and proceeds to dry her hair. Rick is also naked, he makes no attempt to conceal his large erection which he occasionally strokes, as Lynn finishes drying her hair, Rick gets up from the bed and walks up behind her, She smiles as in the reflection of the mirror she can see only a large erect cock making its way towards her, She feels his hands on her shoulders and they massage her shoulders and slowly slid down her body towards her breasts.

"The Introduction" ... (MF, voy, solo) new   April 11th 2006
Lynn enters the room; She is wearing a black dress along with very high-heeled stiletto shoes and black nylon seamed stockings, Around her neck hangs a single large diamond from a fine gold chain, she walks to the far side of the room and picks up a video cassette which she inserts into the player and pushes the play button followed by the on switch of the adjacent television set. She turns and walks across the room to a large comfortable chair and sits down crossing her long beautiful legs, which make a swishing noise as the nylon rubs together, she gazes across to the television and waits for the film to start. The screen burst into life, the scene contains two men dressed in gray suits and a red headed woman wearing a wedding dress, it becomes apparent that the men are her new husband and his best man, The Bride says to the best man “you’ve arranged everything perfectly and the whole wedding day had been a complete success, I don’t not know how I could ever thank you for everything you’ve had done for us”.

"Photo Shoot" ... (MMMF interr group wife cuckold) new
Rick is in a world of his own as he watches Lynn remove her dress and watches as Tony positions her in numerous poses showing off her long legs and her black seamed stockings. He is brought to his senses when he hears a whisper, "Fuck me. Look at that, is she hot or what?" Rick looks behind him and sees the three men he had been talking to earlier in the day, but this time they are fully clothed. "Hi," says Rick. The three walk over to him and graphically tell him what a horny bitch Lynn looks like. From behind the lights Lynn cant see them and the cooling fan noise prevents her from hearing anything other than Tony directing her. At this point Tony has her remove her little g-string and has her seated on the couch with her legs wide open and her hand between her legs. "Now I want you to play with your pussy, make it really hot and relax so we can get some really nice photos for Rick..."

"The Hair Dressers" ... (MMMF cuckold) new
Lynn does not answer him but he watches her hands as she undoes the buttons up the front of her skirt. His eyes watch as Lynn opens up her skirt, lifts her bottom and throws her skirt onto the opposite chair. She lifts her knees up and shows that apart from her high heels and stockings she is naked below the waist. By now Bill and Rick have walked over along side George. Rick is a little shocked, as he didn't know that Lynn was not wearing any knickers. They all watch as Lynn runs her fingers between her open legs and pinches the small covering of pubic hair. She looks at the three of them in the mirror and says "Would you be good enough to shave these off, Bill, whilst George cuts my hair? I'd be so grateful..."

"Bob's Club" ... (interr group MF MF) new
He watches transfixed as the Chinese girl covers her tiny hands with massage oil and proceeds to rub it into his chest. He glances over and sees that Lynn's breasts are being caressed by the Negro. Her nipples standing to attention as they are squeezed between his black finger and thumb. The black hands work their way down his wife's body, massaging her flat stomach and finally to her thighs which he spreads open and runs his fingers between her open legs and massages her inner thigh working his way closer and closer to her fur covered pussy. Just as the Negro is about to touch Lynn's pussy his eyes close in pleasure as he feels a soft warm mouth envelope his rising cock. He looks down and the Chinese girl feeds his fat cock deeper and deeper into her throat...

"Lynn's Deception" ... (cheat wife interr job)
Tonight Lynn finally has some time to herself, she is going out without her husband for a night with the girls or so Lynn tells him. In true fact, Lynn has arranged to meet her Boss from work, the tall dark handsome bastard her husband hates so much. For the occasion Lynn has bought a new very short black skirt which only just covers the tops of her stockings, other than her skirt, stockings, and high heeled shoes Lynn wears only a black leotard which fastens at the crouch. Lynn comes down stairs from their bedroom where she had been getting ready, and walks into the living room where her husband Rick is watching television. "Well, how do I look?" Lynn asks.

"The Following Morning" ... (group MMF wife)
The following morning they get up at the usual time, Lynn gets ready for work whilst he puts on his jeans and tee shirt as he has a day off work today. He makes the breakfast whilst Lynn baths and puts on her make-up. After she has eaten her cereal and drank her tea Lynn dresses, kisses him goodbye and leaves for her day at the office. As he has the whole day to himself he decides to go into town and do some shopping. The events of the previous evening fresh in his mind he decides to put one of his fantasies into motion but needs to buy some items to make the reality possible, Lynn would never usually submit to his kinks, but now that she will do as he says for the next week he must act now or he may miss the opportunity forever.

"Let the Game Commence" ... (M F reluc bd toys wife MFF FF nc)
The next day they both have to go to work. During the day Rick has time to hatch his plans for the evenings exploits, he books a table and a room at the Hilton hotel. He then phones a number he found whilst scanning a personal contact magazine; he makes an appointment and settles down to his days work at the office. At lunchtime he goes home and writes Lynn a note: "I will meet you in the bar of the Hilton hotel at 7.30pm. Please wear your red dress, the new high heels I bought you yesterday, my favourite black seamed stockings with your black Basque and the tiny red g-string that I like so much. Don't eat, as we will be eating out. Try not to be late. Love Rick."

"Caught in the Act" ... (MF wife voy f-solo)
After breakfast, they return to their room and have another cup of coffee and read the mornings newspapers, Lynn says, "Well what shall we do today? How do you feel like going into town and we'll do some shopping." "OK, as long as you don't mind going to the cinema after lunch," Rick replies. "It's a deal," she says. "What film are we going to see?" "It's a surprise," he says. They spend all of the morning going through just about every clothes, shoe and cosmetic store in the city, but Lynn is amazed that throughout it all he has not complained once, even when she ran out of cash and started to use her credit card on their joint account. He must be up to something as he is never this patient when they're shopping.

"A Night to Remember" ... (MMM~F bd nc cuckold)
Back at their hotel they decide that a shower and a nap are in order before an evening on the town, as it will be their last night at the hotel. They are awakened by their alarm at seven o'clock and each have a wash and clean their teeth before getting dressed. Lynn is always first to get ready to go out and decides to go down to the hotel lounge and have a cup of tea and read the evening paper. "I'll wait for you downstairs," Lynn calls to him. She knows he'll be at least another half an hour before he is ready. He blows her a kiss as she picks up a key and walks towards the door. Lynn's dressed to please him again as she has put on a short black skirt with a see-through white blouse through which her wonderful breasts are clearly visible as Lynn has no bra on...

"The Hair Dressers" ... (not here yet but coming soon)

"The Photo Shoot" ... (not here yet but coming soon)



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