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"Wild Child" ... (F, Beast, Jungle)  
On Sunday, a light aeroplane piloted by Fred Simpson, CEO of Union Oil was believed to have gone down in the heart of the former Belgium Congo now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. Contact with the plane was lost after government officials received a mayday call. Mister Simpson reported engine problems in his radio transmission that lasted for a few seconds only. Travelling with Mister Simpson 34 from Dorking, Surrey was his wife Jessica 32 and their five-year-old daughter Emma. Search teams have so far found no trace of the aircraft; a six-year-old Piper Chipmunk owned by Mister Simpson. Teams have scoured the area from coordinates given shortly before contact was lost. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson who have been married for eight years, recently moved to Bumba to take up his £250K position the headquarters of Union Oil. They were travelling to Kindu on business. Mister Simpson was an experienced pilot. The search continues.

"Hotel Gangbang" ... (MMMMMF, non-cons, rough, ws, rape)new   January 26th 2006
Five people dressed in dark blue coveralls with balaclava ski masks over their heads, closely followed him. Only their eyes and mouth were visible. Anne began to scream, promising to go through several octaves until she hit top 'C'. A sharp slap to her face from the nearest of the strangers stopped the mounting crescendo in mid-climb. She stood, in the middle of a floor rug, her arms akimbo, her mouth a perfect 'O' of surprise. Anne had never been hit before. Although the blow to her face was not really painful, the shock to her system was enough.

"A Day In A Life" ... (MF, Cons)new   January 4th 2006
Bill had left for work an hour earlier. His last action before shutting the door was a perfunctory kiss on her cheek as he hurried out the door, his mind already occupied on the day's events. Again, he had missed the significance of her squeeze on his upper arm; again he missed entirely, the questioning look she gave his retreating back.

"Gill" ... (MF, Non-cons, Anal)new   January 2nd 2006
Gill was here for one thing, she was payment in kind for services rendered. Her father had defaulted a gambling loan; I had his marker now, won in a hand of poker. He would continue to default; his business was shot, crippled by union activity and a falling market share. It was true, I had kind of ensured he would fail; buying up everything around him was having a disastrous result on him. All's fair…as they say, and what goes around comes around. He had made a virtual pauper of my Daddy; I had the wherewithal to repay the deed. With no hope of repaying his debt, Gill was the best her could offer.

"Abigail" - Part's 1,2 and 3 ... (MMM+F, oral, anal, bodmod, toys, bdsm, voy, rough)new
Paul was almost sobered by the vehemence of her voice. But, more than the viciousness of the sound was her dead eyes. She looked at him, but the expression of her words didn't reach her eyes. It was as if he was looking into two pools of dead, grey water. They stared back at him, utterly lifeless, but at the same time, unfathomable in depth. He realised that she might have been pretty once, but was now emaciated, her skin sagging like curtains around the sockets of her eyes and cheeks where the fatty tissues under had been used up by her body. Her hair hung in lank strands, dirty and uncut or cared for and he became aware of her smell for the first time. Involuntarily, he shifted away from her a few inches, shuffling his bottom along the quartz of the kerbstone.

"Jemma's Torment" ... (Non-cons, MF, drugs, fetish, bondage)new
I had planned for this day; carefully tailing your movements from flat to the station. I had been timing the sequences of you kissing your girlfriend goodbye then locking the front door, getting into your car and driving to the station. It must have been a whole month I suppose, time in which to familiarise my self with your daily routine. All the time I had been planning when and where I would strike, assessing you capabilities to fight back and deciding on my methodology.

"Roman Times" ... (MF, rape, FF, fem, animals, slavery)new
With her eyes downcast, she approached her master as he lay on the slightly raised dais, covered with silks and cushions. The smell of him assaulted her nose. He had obviously pissed himself and not bothered to clean up the mess or wash. She trembled and stood at the foot of the dais with her hands clasped at her lap. She looked forlorn and her trembling was pronounced and the shift she wore accentuated her trepidation as it shivered.

"Moon Phases" ... (MF, fant, fem, werewolf, FF)new
He was alone and all that remained of the previous night's party were a few dying embers in the fire, and a few beer bottles and cans scattered around. The sea was an impossible distance away, having receded in tidal action. Littlestone is a shallow section of the shore, all sand and the sea pulls back by up to a mile in places before rushing back on the return tide. The foreshore though, is untouched by the modern demand for entertainment and retains its wild untended desolation, as nature built it over millennia. He rolled over, trying to find some shelter from the sunlight that seemed to be burning into his brain like a laser. A new pain announced its presence.

"Sal's Lover" ... (FM, Fem, Fantasy, Zoo)new
Later that same night, she trawled through her wardrobe, tossing clothing over the bed in dismissive piles. After almost emptying the cupboard and rejecting everything, she sat back on her haunches and sighed. A long overdue shopping trip was going to have to ensue if she was to make the impression she hoped for. Since his call earlier in the evening, she had flitted and flapped, unable to settle on anything. She blamed his not saying where they would go for her inability to do very much constructively, but in truth, her heart was fluttering in her chest and it was likely she would wear out the batteries in her vibe tonight, but before she could relax with her pacifier, she had to think of what to wear.

"Crystal's Maze" ... (F, Beast, Rape)new
She had to get out of the maze somehow. Crystal was sure she was almost there, but her pursuers had caught up with her and now she had the Great Dane's cock down her throat for the viewing public's pleasure while his twin had her clasped in locked forepaws while he buried his cock up to his balls in her stretched cunt.

"Genetic Modification" ... (Fantasy, Impreg, Zoo)new
Today was to be the day, all of the tests, the hypothesis and fights with ethical groups had been either worked out with scenarios considered, probed and prodded, or just discarded. Elaine, or just Laney to her group of friends, was ready. A small thrill of fear and doubt coursed through her, but she pushed it to one side and revelled in the luxury of the no expense spared comfortable room. "Hi Laney, would you like anything?" The mechanical and electronically filtered voice of Trisha came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

"Death Sentence" ... (no sex)new
The Coroner seemed to take forever as he related each graphic detail. Susan's seat belt stalk was rotted. Her throat was cut as she passed through the screen. It would have been a fatal injury in itself, but her headlong dive brought her into contact with a tree trunk causing catastrophic injuries to her head. She died instantly.

"Fairy Story" - Chapter 1 ... (Beast, fantasy, F)new
Susan is a twenty something woman. Up to now, her life has been spent in a learning environment followed by several years of self-abuse. Her qualifications were either too much or too little for serious employment, although, her efforts to establish a career hadn't really been earnest. The lure of nightclubs, music and drugs had developed a nocturnal aspect to her waking hours. Her chosen life style also brought her many affairs, some with disastrous consequences and potentially dangerous situations. After a particularly heavy binge of drink and drugs and falling asleep in a park, Susan found herself waking up in a strange world where everything was almost right, but different all the same. Serves her right.

"Fairy Story" - Chapter 2 ... (Beast, fantasy, F)new
She woke up and stretched, feeling life and vigour course through her veins. It was already warm and the sky showed clear in an azure blue that darkened at the horizon. Che was nowhere to be seen, but the ground where he had lain was still warm. She could just faintly smell his equine odour. Susan sat up and surveyed her surroundings. The fall of water terminated in the clear lagoon. Strangely, it caused no ripples or disturbance to the crystal clear water. It did however, remind Susan that she needed to pee and get a wash. Dirt from yesterday was beginning to cake on her face, hands and feet. She was acutely aware of the smell of the woollen shift she had been wearing since this all started. The bra and panties had both stayed at Che's village. The bra she could do without, but a clean pair of knickers would have been nice.

"Fairy Story" - Chapter 3 ... (Beast, fantasy, F)new
Progress might have also been quicker if they didn't have a lengthy stop to give Susan another good seeing to. Cerberus, still quite satisfied from their previous, was content to lick her pussy until she creamed herself and made a mess of his middle snout. It would have gone on to full sex, but the three heads couldn't decide between them, quite how to do it. Susan thought she might be spared the ignominy of having the two dog dicks empty inside her and was pleased at the reprise. The little grey men had other ideas though. Seeing that her clothing had once again hit the floor, they took the opportunity to have their own way with her. Susan was spread eagled on her back with her womanly charms open to investigation. Her rapid and disabling orgasm was just beginning to subside when she suddenly felt something invade her sopping wet fuck hole. Surprised and thinking Cerberus had changed his mind; she lifted her head to find one of the little guys with his fist and arm firmly shoved up her twat.

"Two's Company" - Part 1 The Day Out ... (FF, FFM, FM, male dom)new
The cavernous doors slid open and Jenni and I entered into a realm of fantasy and sexual charge, shared by every body else in the milling throng. We ditched our coats at the cloakroom and entered the halls dressed how we would love to be all the time. Jenni had a burgundy and black bustier, pushing her gorgeous tits up and together, over a very short leather skirt, under that was a spider-web body stocking that was more than open at the crotch. It would have pleased me to be wearing nothing more than a cock ring, but decency prohibits and had a pair of cut-down jeans on with a carefully ripped tee shirt.

"Two's Company" - Part 2 The Evening In ... (FF, FFM, FM, male dom)new
The house welcomed us with warmth and the promise of food; drink and a whole lot more if I had anything to do with it. Jenni took Sally and Trevor's coats and hung them in the hall. They followed me to the living room and I waved a hand, indicating that they should sit on the settee. It was gratifying, seeing the involuntary intake of breath and a slight wince as Sally's naked pussy made contact with the coldness of the leather. I wasn't certain until that point, whether she had panties on or not. Try as I might, the angle to see up her skirt had never been right.

"Alanna's Story" ... (Beast, cons, impreg, MF)new
Realisation hit her like a well-aimed sledgehammer. She had been fucked by this horse, which even now was still calming down after losing what seemed like a gallon of horse cum into her stretched cunt. Alanna felt her inner walls start to contract and adopt the usual shape of her uterus instead of the expanded accommodating tunnel that had so recently been violated by the animal. The mounting bench that she had been placed and tied on was slick with the Animals seed. A pool of the milky white fluid had collected on the floor where it had gushed from her body and still trickled down the inside of her trembling legs.

"The Lesson" - Part 1 The Train ... (Voy, MF)new
I could see her lips were parted and moist. They had become coloured slightly as they always did when she got excited. It acted like a beacon to me in our sex life, knowing that she signalled her readiness to couple in this way as well as other obvious signs. They were still talking, although I couldn't hear what was being said, but her smile and the way she studied his eyes told me that his advance was not entirely unwelcome. His hand had continued to traverse over her thigh and was now resting on her waist. Then Jenni surprised me. Her animated hands suddenly grasped his face and drew him forward into a kiss that must have done similar things to his nervous system as it was doing to mine.

"The Lesson" - Part 2 The Bed ... (Voy, MF)new
I risked a peek over the banister and watched as they ripped clothes off of each other. Jenni had her leg hooked around his waist and her mouth planted on his. Gasps and grunts punctuated their frantic efforts to kiss, screw and divest their clothing, all at the same time. He lost balance and fell to the carpeted stair with her on top of him. She giggled as he pulled her top over her head and off of her raised arms. His shirt parted from her pulling at it and dropped to the floor to join her bra and discarded top. He managed to stand again and undid the button of her shorts. They too dropped to the detritus of shed layers. He was about to yank her panties down, but she stopped him saying breathlessly, upstairs. She raced up as he followed closely behind.

"A Dog's Perspective" ... (MF, Het, Beastiality, Cons)new
It was a noise that woke him up again. The two humans had their mouths pressed together and their hands were under the clothing they insisted on wearing. The noise had been an intake of breath from her. Bruce checked them over and identified the acrid smell of raging hormones mixed with pheromones. It was obvious that they would copulate, but seemed to be in no hurry. Bruce could never understand why these animals took so long to get to the best part. His experiences with a bitch was usually to check out her readiness, take in her aroma, taste her, then go to work in an effort to impregnate her with his seed. All this preamble was boring and quite unnecessary in his thinking.

"Bernard" ... (Beast, MF, cons, M, anal, hetro)new
Unlike many of the clips I have found on the net, this animal knew how to use his equipment. No searching around for the right hole, just straight onto her back and cock right into her cunt first time. It was also obvious from the scenes that he really enjoyed getting sucked off by her luscious lips. The film was a compilation of sessions. In some of the short clips, she would be on her knees getting rammed and reamed by the animal. In others, she was giving head to the hound as he stood, swallowing him to his knot and doing her best to gulp down his emissions. There were a few of the dog laying on its back while she mounted him, but I found these to be less satisfying in the visual sense as well as for the dog.

"April" ... (Beast, Cons, Non-cons, MF, drugs, fetish, bondage)new
April then realised that she was naked. Not an unusual condition in the mornings, but along with her nakedness was a realisation that she wasn't in her own bed. In fact, she wasn't in a bed, but on the floor with some kind of fur rug under her. She unlocked her eyelids and was immediately sorry she did. The Blacksmith really began to go at the anvil inside her cranium. She closed her eyes again and groaned once more. But, not before they registered that she was in fact, lying on a sheepskin rug, face down with her wrists tied together and attached to a radiator tail.

"Cadbury In Service" ... (F, Cons, Dog)new
It wasn't her first time, but she had decided that she wanted to take it to the next level and a Friday night would give her ample time to recover if she needed it. Just the thought of her long-term lover and his experience caused her to breathe a little more rapidly and her pulse to quicken. The heat in her belly and sex rose like a furnace of desire. There would only be one way to quench the need, but she didn't want to rush it.

"Buffy" ... (FM, beast, solo, voy, exhib)new
Seeing Buffy locked with her dog, seeing her with its cum running from her, had reawakened the memories. The scene with the horse though, had me gagging to shoot a wad into my palm. I managed to climax when I rounded up the film as Robbie and I fucked the good lady. The replayed scenes came back to me as if it had been yesterday and as I gentle rubbed my shaft, hoping to be able to complete the act, the memories did indeed play in the background, complete with the smells and noises. Afterwards, I slept and relived the day again in sharp focus. My memory is as good as it ever was. The following is what happened on that magical weekend.

"Dog Adventures" ... (MF, Beast)new
Then it happened. Jenni's hand travelled to his underbelly, a way we used to settle our dog down when he got too excited. She stroked him gently, moving her hand up and down, massaging him. He didn't settle at all, instead he started to hump and became even more excited. She looked at me, silently asking whether she should give him a hand job. Had it been our old dog, I would have said yes straight away. He had been a regular partner in our sex lives, but this was a strange dog and I couldn't be sure he would allow a human to get him off. The decision was taken out of my hands.

"Dogday Afternoon" ... (Tape, Zoo)new
Her cunt was stretched beyond any limit it had been before. The dog's knot had at last been pushed into her, past her tight lips and beyond the muscle of her opening. The slightest movement of either her or the dog sent new waves of pleasurable thrill through her system and made sure she climaxed over and over.

"Do Not Fear Little One" ... (MF+, Beast, Dom, Fetish, Rape)new
"Do not fear little one. Your time with us is not to be frightened of. We would not harm you, but you must remember that you will be at our mercy. Your very soul will be ours, your body will be ours and your mind will want to be other than yours. We shall treat you well. Keep you warm and safe, feed you and clothe you. We will not falter as you will not falter. You will give of yourself, as we will give of our selves. Your sister companions will assist you and care for you as you will care for them. Remember, you are part of us as we are part of you. Nothing will harm you."

"First Experience" ... (MFF, Zoo)new
My introduction to bestiality came about purely accidentally. As these things often happen, until it occurred, I had never given a thought to including an animal in sex play, but when it presented its self, the result was to be life changing. I had been married for some time. Two children were the result of some inept sexual excursions with my wife. We had only really discovered the pleasure of each others bodies once the kids were born and we decided that two was enough. Suddenly, without the fear of pregnancy, (vasectomy), we began to experiment and explore the wants and needs of our bodies. We were a bit like school children again, giggling and fumbling our way to discoveries and developing a mutual knowledge of each other on a very regular basis.

"First Time" ... (Fem, Zoo)new
I don't know how, but her eyes took on a luminosity that I had never seen before. She stared into my eyes and seemed to bore right inside my head. Then it really got weird. She started stroking my chest and gradually worked her hand lower till she was stroking my belly. I admit that sitting as I was and receiving her stroking, I got a little aroused and as usual, my cock started to poke out. Only the tip mind you, but I guess she must have noticed, because she started to stroke lower until she had grasped my cock and began to rub it. That was it as far as my cock was concerned and pretty shortly, I had a raging hard-on and had to get up because it was uncomfortable.

"First Time II" ... (MF, Zoo)new
We settled down to wait out the storm. The females chatted while they smoked a second awful smelling cigarette and forgot about me, but that was okay, I just sat on one of the benches and listened to the howling wind and watched the smoke go out through the extractor. As often happens when I'm sitting up, my cock protrudes a little. It doesn't bother me, but the Alpha female noticed it and started to get embarrassed. She kept looking askance and getting redder by the second. She must have said something to her daughter because she looked then and started to laugh.

"Fortune's of War" ... (F, Beast)new
Her lover was being led away by his halter. The animal had no more interest in her now that he had fulfilled his need. All that remained of the grey stallion was the semen that trickled from between her ruined lips and the puddle that formed on the floor and soaked into the bare earth. His discarded cock ring had rolled to the edge of the arena and rested against the low barrier between her and the audience.

"In The Beginning" ... (MF, MFF, Zoo)new
Interspecies sex is as old as the hills. Well almost, but certainly has been happening since man began to domesticate wild animals. Wolves teamed up with humanoid hunters, using the superior brain of the biped to ensure a supply of meat and a security of existence. A partnership made in heaven for both parties. The wolf/dog benefiting from the union with regular meals and little competition, the man using the nose and hearing of his counter-point as well as its stamina to chase down and hunt prey. In such a close harmonious liaison, bonds will form, especially when far from the comfort of home and the warmth of the hearth or a mate's body. Comfort was often mutually sought between hunter and companion on cold nights under the canopy of stars on the great Steppes. Fur clothing often removed to be replaced with fur, still living and breathing in a union, more for warmth and social bonding, than sexual gratification.

"Jane's Safari" ... (F, Cons, Zoo)new
Her lightly downed snatch was inspected and smelt, as was her anus with a touch that was so slight that it took her a second or so to realise what the gorillas were doing. Suddenly, the two gorillas screamed and jumped away from her as if she was on fire. Jane thought to take her opportunity started to pull on her panties. It was just as she had one foot in, that she noticed another gorilla. This one was much bigger and she realised it was a silver-backed male. Jane realised now, why the two females had backed off of her in such a hurry. Although gorillas are not known for their ferocity, given provocation, they had the ability to rip a man in two if they wished it. Jane froze and waited to see what he would do.

"The Trouble With Linda" ... (Sado, Fist, FF, Fm, Zoo)new
It is amazing, what the human body is capable of. Given the right set of circumstances, it will adapt to many things. Take Linda for instance. Who would have thought that she would eventually accommodate a horse's cock? Who would have thought that her slight body would be able to allow something the size of her arm to slip into her body and fuck her until it shot copious amounts of Jizz into her and at such force, that it filled her womb and made her belly distend? Who would have thought that she would ever be able to take a fully-grown Rottweiler in the arse and then swallow the whole ten inches of him while sucking down his cum without spilling a drop? If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it and even now, after watching her do these wondrous feats of human rapaciousness, I still find it difficult to believe.

"Lisa" ... (MF, Zoo)new
I suppose that it was pure chance, a lucky throw of the dice, and a case of right time, right place, that I met Lisa. The circumstances were hardly usual; in fact shock was possibly the first reaction she evinced from me. Definitely shock. Intrigue and wanton lust also added to the brew of emotions that she caused. The experience of her though, was a life-changing event, one that would never ever diminish in the memory and would alter my perspective on life from that time onwards.

"Marina" ... (MF, FF, F Zoo, Fet, Bond)new
Trembling fingers undid the top three buttons of her silk blouse. Marina wanted to flinch, she wanted to draw away from the cool touch of the callused fingers, but she knew to show any weakness now would be fatal. Carefully, the questing fingers parted the open fabric and exposed her left breast. The cold damp of the night air woke the skin of her nipples, drawing blood to the area and stiffened the raised bud of dark pink. His fingers found the hardening nib and slowly manipulated and squeezed until it became almost painful. Marina wanted even more, to pull away, to escape the attentions of his hand, to open the door and run for her very life. Instead, she shifted to a more comfortable position and continued to study the rain-soaked pavements as if she had no feelings or interest in his ministrations of her flesh.

"Mated With Bruno" ... (Fem, Fantasy, Rape, Zoo)new
His powerful forelegs clamped her heaving hips in a tight embrace pulling her to his furred underbelly and preventing her release. With each thrust of his canine hips, his cock drove deeper into her belly causing her to whimper with the pain of having this monstrous dog cock search out the neck of her womb.

"Meeting Of Minds" ... (Fem, Zoo)new
Two women sat on the red leather settee. A blond haired woman, dressed in some sort of loose gown printed in gaudy colours sat nearest the door. She it was exuded the apprehension. Her discomfort was apparent in the tiny beads of sweat that broke out over her top lip. He sensed the heat of her body it wasn't a healthy temperature. The other woman was much younger, probably in her teens. Perfume masked most of her signature, but he was able to determine that she had recently ovulated, perhaps only finished this morning. Her hair looked grey to his monochromatic eyes and, like her hair, there was nothing remarkable about her to see.

"Rambo" ... (MF, Humor, Zoo)new
Betty lives on a neighbouring farm, is nineteen and smitten with Ronan Keating and Gary, in that order. Gary and Betty had known each other since they were in nappies, but both had been away at college. Their minds had been filled with alternative farming, organic crop rotation and hallucinatory drugs. But it was the filling of bodies that had been the key factor, namely, Gary now sported a nicely grown eight incher, which proudly made itself known to the world every morning. Betty had grown a nice set of thirty sixes in a d cup coupled with a thirty-four inch hip. Gary, or more importantly, Todger, his pet name for his pride and constant joy, stood no chance and love hit the neural receptors with a hammer. Gary could think of nothing else now, especially as he had actually almost got her horizontal in her dad's barn.

"Retribution" ... (MF, Zoo)new
Slowly and quietly, he turned the polished brass doorknob and pushed the door open. The scene that greeted him took his breath away and left him temporarily bereft of comprehension. April was laying face up, half on and half off of one of the Chesterfield leather settees. She was totally naked; her pert breasts pointing at the ceiling, bathed in sweat and grunting, like a pig around its food trough. Her trembling legs were parted with her feet flat on the floor. Between her knees was a chocolate spotted Springer. His rear was firmly pressed into her groin while he stood, motionless.

"Role Play" ... (MF, Femdom, Zoo)new
Occasionally, just occasionally, role play in the bedroom takes on a whole new intensity and, instead of role playing, the person becomes the role and is taken to another dimension. Occasionally, what starts out as a fantasy, stitched into a session of sex. Soon becomes a situation, where anything becomes possible. Where inhibitions are left behind and the participants are removed from the real world of stresses and strife to a place totally overtaken by the acts of present and future lust and promise of fulfillment. The following is one such event. Where the players become the played and all plans become secondary to the unfolding events. Where the scene is the lasting real part of a fictional beginning.

"Ruth" ... (Rape, MMF, Fem, Zoo)new
The catalyst had happened in her very early teens at a friend's house. During one of their frequent stopover nights, her friend Cindy's dog grasped her leg in his forepaws and humped against her white socks until she managed to wrestle the dog off. Nothing came of it at that time, but it remained with her, occasionally dropping into her mind and fuelling a wish. She had seen the size of his cock, fully exposed from its furry haven. It was red to purple in colour from base to tip and dripping precum from a very pointed end. Her fascination with the dogs cock turned into a desire as the dog licked itself clean. In her girlhood imagination, her lips were doing the cleaning. It was Ruth's first wet panty experience and she enjoyed the rush of heat to her sex and the tingle it caused.

"Torture" ... (Tort, Fem, Zoo)new
Not waiting for her reply, he slapped her pussy with the flat of his hand. The resounding smack rebounded off the whitewashed walls. She would have screamed, but the tape across her mouth allowed for a muffled murmff only. Two grease-covered fingers entered her, spreading her lips and forcing her body to receive him. More of the greasy substance was scooped out of an unmarked pot and fingered into her. She didn't know what to expect, but feared that it wasn't to be the most pleasant experience of her life. "We will start small Eh?" His voice softly asked, sounding like a kindly Uncle, "No point in ruining the fun all at once is there?" Fake concern flitted across his face as he bent over her, but the sardonic smile stayed in the background.

"Trinity" ... (MF, Fem, Zoo)new
John had introduced me to one or two of his lady friends and had even got me to play with them to the point of giving them the benefit of my tongue. Of course, it depended on how I liked them. I have to say that his choice in women had its flaws and most of them were no more than skin covered skeletons with no more life than a marrow bone. We had had some fun with some of them though and even had one or two come back for a re-run. I guess John liked his bachelor status because he rarely had them come back to our pied-et-tere more than twice.

"Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Chapter I" ... (MF, FF, Beast, violence)new
The priest had heard the door shut quietly and settled into a comfortable position, ready to hear the usual liturgy of minor transgressions that would be forgiven with his scale of "Hail Mary's" by way of absolution. Twenty minutes later, and having received an education in the emergence of one of his parishioners from drudge to the exalted woman she now was, he was, for the first time in his life, unable to dispense a suitable punishment and suspected that the occupant of the booth, was not looking for forgiveness. The story he had listened to in silence, had taken him unprepared and, in truth, had found that little private place where he kept his erotic thoughts. Father Patrick, had a hard on, but forgave himself.

"Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Chapter II" ... (MF, FF, Beast, violence)new
A bi-product of her newly attained persona was interest from the opposite sex. In her job at the Supermarket, she often came into contact with members of the public and, instead of shrinking and wilting before their questioning eyes; she looked up and faced them as an equal. Men, for some reason, find an assertive woman irresistible. Mary had the looks, which helped, but now, instead of hiding in a non-descript uniform, she openly advertised her body. Not in any overt way, but just by standing up and facing people with her chest and chin up.

"Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Chapter III" ... (MF, FF, Beast, violence)new
Feeling much better and very horny, Mary was reviewing some of the old videos they had made of sessions with Michael, Eileen and herself. She hadn't looked at them for some time and was really getting into the scenes running before her on the screen. Almost absent mindedly, she had pulled her panties to one side and had a finger rubbing her clit. She was hot and extremely wet, but an orgasm was some way off. Her mind was completely intent on the erotic scenes. She didn't notice that Defor had come into the room and was watching her with his head cocked to one side.



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